an account of or tell the story of the Tred-an, to walk-tread, treadle; trade; letters in a word); spell-bound; gospel tradesman, trade-win. (= God's spell).

Truwa, good faith- true, truth, troth, beStearc, stiff-stark; strong (a nasalised troth.

form of stark); string (that which is Twá, two-two, twin, twain; twelve (=

strongly twisted); strength; strangle. two + Tufan, ten); twenty ; between; Stede, a place—stead, instead, homestead, twig; twiddle; twine, twist, etc.

ing; steady; steadfast; be. Waci-an, to be on one's guard – wake, stead ; Hampstead.

watch (two forins of the same word); Stic'i-an, to stick-stick, stitch (two forms awake, wakeful.

of the same word), stake, stock, stock. Wad-an, to go-wade; waddle; Watling ade; stock-dove; stock-fish (fish dried Street (the road of the pilgrims). The to keep in stock); stock-still.

Eng. word waule is of the same origin as Stig-an, to climb-stair; stile; stirrup the Lat. vade in evade, invaule, etc.

(= stigráp, or rope for rising into the Wana, a deficiency-wan, wane; want, saddle); sty (in pig-sty).

wanton; wanhope (the old word for desStow, a place--bestow; stowage, stowa pair).

way; Chepstow (= the place where a Wef-an, to weave-weave, weaver ; web, cheap or market is held); Bristol (the webster (a woman-weaver); cobweb; land w being interchangeable).

woof, weft (v, b, and f, being all labials). Stýr-an, to direct-steer, stern; steerage. War, a state of defence-war, wary, aware Sundri-an, to part — sunder; sundry ; (= on one's guard); warfare (going to

asunder. (Compare sever and several.) war); ward, guard (a Norman - French Sweri-an, to declare--swear, answer (= doublet of ward); warden, guardian

andswerian, to declare in opposition or (the same). in reply to), forswear.

Wit-an, to know-wit, to wit; wise, wisTaec-an, to show-teach, teacher : token dom; wistful; witness ; Witena-gemote

(that which is shown); taught (when (= the Meeting of the Wise); y-wis (the the hard c reappears as a gh).

past participle, wrongly written I wis). Tell-an, to count or recount-tell; tale,1 Wraest-an, to wrest — wrest, wrestle ; talk; toll ; teller.

wrist. Teoh-an (or teón), to draw — tow, tug Wring-an, to force-wring, wrong (that

(two forms of the same word, the hard which is wrung out of the right course). guttural having been preserved in the Wyrc-an, to work-work, wright (the r one); wanton (= without right upbring shifts its place). ing). Compare wanhope despair ; Wyrt, a herb or plant-wort; orchard (= wantrust = mistrust.

wort-yard); wart (on the skin); St Thaec, a roof-thatch ; deck.

John's wort, etc.


Those words with (F.) after them have not come to us directly from Latin ;

but, indirectly, through French.

Acer (acris), sharp; acrid, acrimony, vine- | Ago (actum), I do, act; act, agent, agile, gar (sharp wine, F.), eager (F.)

agitate, cogent. Ædes, a building; edifice, edify.

Alo, I nourish; aliment, alimony. Æquus, equal; equality, equator, equi- Alter, the other of two; alternation, subnox, equity, adequate, iniquity.

altern, altercation. Ager, a field; agriculture, agrarian, pere. Altus, high; altitude, exalt, alto (It.), grinate.


1 “And every shepherd tells his tale (= counts his sheep)

Under the hawthorn in the dale."-MILTON: Il Penseroso.

Ambulo, I walk; amble, perambulator. Cerno (cretum), to distinguish; discern, Amo, I love; amity, amorous, amiable (F.), discretion, discreet. inimical.

Cingo (cinctum), I gird; cincture, sucAngulus, a corner; angle, triangle, quad. cinct, precinct. rangle.

Cito, I call or summon; citation, recite Anima, life; animal, animate, animation. (F.), excite (F.), incite (F.) Animus, mind; magnanimity, equan. Civis, a citizen ; city (F.), civic, civil, civimity, unanimous, animadvert.

ilise, civilian. Annus, a year; annual, perennial, bien. Clamo, I shout; claim (F.), clamour, renial, anniversary.

claim (F.), proclamation. Aperio (apertum), I open; aperient, aper. Clarus, clear; clarify, declare, clarion, ture, April (the opening month).

claret (F.) Appello, I call; appeal, appellation, ap Claudo (clausum), I shut; clause, close pellant, peal (of bells).

(F.), exclude, seclusion. Aqua, water; aqueduct, aquatic, aqueous, Clino, I bend; incline, decline, recline. aquarium.

Colo (cultum), I till; cultivate, arboricul. Arcus, a bow; arch, arc, arcade (Fr. It.) ture, agriculture. Ardeo, I burn; ardent, ardour, arson Cor (cordis), the heart; courage (F.), cor(F.)

dial (F.), discord, record. Ars (artis), art; artist, artisan (F.), arti. Corona, a crown; coronet, coroner, corofice, inert.

nation, corolla. Audio, I hear; audience, audible, audi- Corpus, the body; corps, corpse (F.), cortory.

pulent, corporation. Augeo (auctum), I increase; augment, Credo, I believe; credibility, credence (F.), author, auctioneer.

miscreant (F.), creed, creditor. Barba, a beard ; barb, barber, barbel (all Creo, I create; create, creation, recreathrough F.)

tion, creature. Bellum, war; rebel, rebellious, bellig. Cresco, I grow; increase, decrease, increerent, bellicose.

ment. Bis, twice; biscuit, bissextile, bisect, Crux (crucis), a cross; crucial, crucifix, bicycle.

cruise (F.) Brevis, short; brevity, abbreviate, brief Cubo, I lie down; cubit, incubate, recum(F.), breviary, abridge (F.)

bent. Cado (casum), I fall ; casual, accident. Culpa, a fault; culprit, culpable, exculCædo (cæsum), I cut, kill; precise, exci. pate, inculpate. sion, decide.

Cura, cure; curate, curator, accurate, Candeo, I shine; candidus, white; can. secure, incurable. did, candidate, candle.

Curro (cursum), I run; current, recur, Cano (cantum), I sing; cant, canticle, excursion, cursory, course (F.), occur. chant (F.), incantation.

Decem, ten; decimal, December, deci. Capio (captum), I take; captive, accept, mate. reception (F.), capacity.

Dens (dentis), a tooth; dentist, dental, Caput, the head ; capital, captain, cape, indent, trident. chapter (F.)

Deus, God; deity, deify, divine. Caro (carnis), flesh; carnal, carnival, car. Dico (dictum), I say; verdict, dictionary, nivorous, carnation.

dictation, indictment, ditto. Causa, a cause; causative, accuse (F.), Dies, a day; diary, diurnal, meridian. excuse (F.)

Dignus, worthy ; dignity, dignify, inCavus, hollow; cavity, cave, excavate, dignant, deign (F.) concave.

Do (datum), I give ; date, data, donor, Cedo (cessum), I go, yield; proceed (F.), tradition. ancestor (F.), secede.

Doceo (doctum), I teach ; docile, doctor, Centrum (Gr. Kevtpov = a point), centre; doctrine.

centralise, centripetal, eccentric. Dominus, a lord ; domineer, dominion, Centum, a hundred ; century, centurion, dominant, dame (F.), damsel (F.), cent.

madame (F.)

Domus, a house ; domestic, domicile. Gravis, heavy ; grave, gravity, grief (F.), Dormio, I sleep ; dormitory, dormant, aggrieve (F.) dormouse.

Habeo (habitum), I have; habit, able, Duco (ductum), 1 lead ; induct, educa exhibit, prohibition. tion, duke (F.), produce.

Hæreo (hæsum), I stick; adhere, adherDuo, tuo; dual, duel, duplex, double (F.) ent, cohesion. Emo (emptum), I buy; exeinption, re- Homo, a man; homicide, homage (F.), deem.

human, humane. Eo (itum), I go; exit, transit, circuit (F.), Ignis, fire; ignite, igneous. ambition, perish (F.)

Impero, I command; imperative, imperial, Erro, I wander; err, error, aberration. empire, emperor (F.) Facies, a face; facial, facet (F.), super. Initium, a beginning ; initiate, initial. ficial.

Insula, an island; isle, insular, peninsula. Facio (factum), I make; manufacture, Jacio (jectuin), I throw; adjective, pro

factor, faction, fashion (F.), feature ject, injection, object, subject. (F.), fact, feat (F.)

Judex (judicis), a judge; judgment (F.), Fero (latum), 1 carry; infer, suffer, refer judicial.

ence, difference; relative, correlative. Jungo (junctum), I join ; junction, juncFido, I trust; confide, diffident, infidel. ture, conjoin (F.), adjunct. Filum, a thread; file, defile, profile, fillet Jus (juris), right; justice (F.), jury, in(F.)

jury. Finis, the end ; finish, finite, infinite, in- Labor (lapsus), I glide; lapse, relapse, finitive.

collapse. Firmus, firm; infirm, affirm, confirm. Lapis (lapidis), a stone; lapidary, dilapi. Flecto (flexum), I bend; inflect, inflection, dated. flexible.

Laus (laudis), praise; laud, laudable, laud. Flos (floris), a flower; floral, flora, flori. ation, allow (F.) culture.

Lego (lectum), I gather, read; collect, Fluo (fluxum), I flow; fuent, fluid, flux, elector, select ; lecture (F.), legend, affluent.

legible. Folium, a leaf; foliage, foil (F.), portfolio, Lego (legatum), I send ; legate, delegate, trefoil (F.)

legacy. Forma, a form ; form, formal, reform, Levis, light; levity, alleviate, relief (F.), conformity.

lever, leaven. Fortis, strong; fortify, fortitude, fortress, Lex (legis), a law; legal, legislate, legitiforce (F.)

mate. Frango (fractus), I break; fragile (F.), Liber, free; liberal, liberty, libertine.

fragmentary, infraction, infringe. Liber, a book; library, librarian. Frater, a brother; fraternal, fratricide, Ligo, I bind; ligament, religion, oblige friar (F.)

(F.), liable (F.) Frons (frontis), the forehead; front, frontal, Linquo (lictum), I leave; relinquish, relict, frontier, frontispiece.

relics. Fugio, I flee; fugitive, refugee, subterfuge. Litera, a letter; literal, literary, literaFundo (fusum), I pour; fount (F.), foun ture. dry, funnel, fusible, diffusion.

Locus, a place; local, allocate, dislocate, Fundus, the bottom; foundation, profound locomotive. (F.), founder.

Loquor (locutus), I speak; loquacious, Gens (gentis), a race, people; gentile, elocution, colloquy. genteel (F.), gentle, congenial.

Ludo (lusum), I play; elude, illusion, in. Gero (gestum), I bear, carry; gesture, terlude, ludicrous. suggestion, indigestion.

Lumen, light; illuminate, luminous, lumGradus, a step; gradior (gressus), I go; inary.

grade, degrade, graduate; progress (F.), Luna, the moon ; lunar, sublunary, lungradient.

асу. Gratia, favour, pl. thanks ; gratitude, in Luo (lutum), I wash; ablution, dilute, gratiate, gratis.


Lux (lucis), light; lucid, elucidate, pelo | Noceo, I injure; noxious, innocuous, inlucid.

nocent. Magnus, great; magnitude, magnify, mag. Nomen, a name; nominal, cognomen, no. nificent, magnanimous.

mination. Malus, bad ; malady, malice (F.), malaria, Novus, new; novel, renovate, novelty, malevolent.

innovation. Maneo (mansum), I remain; manse, man Nox (noctis), night; nocturnal, equinocsion, permanent.

tial, equinox. Manus, the hand; manuscript, manual, Nudus, naked ; nude, denude, denudation. manufacture, amanuensis.

Numerus, a number; numeration, inMare, the sea; marine, mariner, maritime. numerable, enumerate. Mater, a mother; maternal, matricide, Octo, eight; octave, octagon, October. matron, matriculate.

Omnis, all; omnibus, omnipotent, omMaturus, ripe; mature, immature, pre niscient. mature.

Opus (operis), work; operation, co-operMedius, the middle; medium, mediate, ate, opera. immediate, Mediterranean.

Ordo (ordinis), order; ordinal, ordinary, Memini, I remember; memor, mindful ; ordinance.

memory, memoir (F.), commemorate, Oro, I pray; oration, orator, peroration. immemorial.

Pando (pansum or passum), I spread ; exMens (mentis), the mind; mental, de pand, expanse, compass, pace. mented.

Pareo, I appear; appearance, apparent, Mergo (mersum), 1 dip; emerge, immer apparition. sion, emergency.

Paro (paratum), I prepare ; repair (F.), Merx (mercis), goods; merchandise (F.), apparatus, comparison (F.) commerce (F.), merchant (F.)

Pars (partis), a part; particle, partition, Miles (milites), a soldier ; military, mili partner, parcel (F.) tant, militia.

Pasco (pastum), I feed; pastor, repast, Miror, I admire; admirable, miracle, pasture. mirage (F.)

Pater, a father; paternal, parricide (F.), Mitto (inissum), I send ; commit, missile, patrimony. mission, remittance.

Patior (passus), I suffer; impatient, pas. Modus, a measure; mood, modify, accoin. sive, passion. modate.

Pax (pacis), peace; pacify, pacific. Moneo (monitum), I advise ; monition, Pello (pulsum), I drive; repel, expel, exmonitor, monument.

pulsion, impulsive. Mons (montis), a mountain; amount (F.), Pendeo (pensum), 1 hang; pendant, de

dismount (F.), promontory, ultramon pend, suspend, suspense, appendix. tane.

Pes (pedis), the foot ; pedal, impede, pedMors (mortis), death ; mortify, mortal, estrian, biped. immortality.

Peto (petitum), I seek; petition, petulant, Moveo (motum), 1 move; mobile (F.), compete, appetite. promote, motor, motive.

Planus, level; plan (F.), plane, plain, exMultus, many; multitude, multiple, mul. plain. tiply.

Plaudo (plausum), I clap the hands; apMunus (muneris), a gift; munificent, re plaud, plausible (F.), explode. munerate, municipal.

Pleo (pletum), I fill; complete, compleMuto, I change; mutable, transmute. tion, supplement. Nascor (natus), to be born; nascent, natal, Plico (plicatum), I fold; complicated, plinativity, nature.

able (F.), reply (F.), display (F.), simple. Navis, a ship; navy, naval, navigate, Pona, punishment; penal, repent, pennave.

alty, penitent, penance. Necto (nexum), I tie; connect, connec Pono (positum), I place; deponent, position, annex.

tion, imposition, post. Nego (negatum), I deny; negative, nega Pons (pontis), a bridge; pontiff, transpon. tion, renegade (Sp.)



Porto, I carry; export, deportment, re Servio, I serve; service (F.), servant, serport, portmanteau (F.)

geant (F.) Possum, I am able; potens, able; pos- Signum, a sign; signify, significant, dessible, potency (F.), impotent.

ignation, ensign (F.) Prehendo (prehensum), (Fr. prendre, Similis, like; similar, similitude, resemble

pris), I take; prehensile, comprehend, (F.)

apprise, comprise, apprentice (F.) Socius, a companion; social, society, as. Primus, first; primary, mitive, priin. sociation,

Solus, alone; solitude, sole, solo (It.) Probo, I try, prove ; probe, probable, im Solvo (solutum), I loose; dissolve, resolve, prove (F.), approve (F.)

absolute, resolution. Proprius, one's own; proper, property, Specio (spectum), I see; aspect, spectator, appropriation.

specimen, spectre. Pungo (punctum), 1 prick; pungent, ex. Spero, I hope ; despair (F.), desperate. punge, punctual, poignant (F.)

Spiro, I breathe ; inspire, aspire, con. Puto (putatum), 1 cut, think; compute, spiracy.

count (F.), amputate, reputation. Statuo, I set up; sto (statum), I stond ; Quatuor, four; quadra, a square; quart, statue, statute, stature, institute. quarter, quarry (F.), quadrant.

Stringo (strictum), I bind ; stringent, Radix, a root; radical, eradicate, radish constrain (F.), district. (F.)

Struo (structum), I build; structure, conRapio (raptum), I seize ; rapture, rapine, struct, obstruct, construe. surreptitious.

Sumo (sumptum), I take; assume, conRego (rectum), I rule; rex (regis), a king; sume, assumption.

regal, regulate, regent, rector, interreg- Tango (tactum), I touch; tangible, tan

num, royal (F.), realm (N.-Fr. réal). gent, contact, contagious. Rideo (risum), I laugh; ridicule (F.), de- Tego (tectum), I cover; integument, deride, ridiculous (F.), risible.

tect, tile (F.); from Lat. tegula. Rogo (rogatum), I ask; rogation, interro- Tempus (temporis), time; temporal, congation, derogatory.

temporary, extemporé. Rota, a wheel; rotary, rotation, rotund Tendo (tensum), I stretch ; contend, ex--contracted into round (F.)

tend, attend, tense (F.), tendon. Rumpo (ruptum), I break; rupture, erup Teneo (tentum), I hold ; tenant, tenet, tion, disruption

tendril, detain (F.), retentive. Sacer, sacred ; sacrament, sacrilege (F.), Terminus, an end, boundary; terminate,

sacerdotal, sexton (contracted from term, interminable. sacristan).

Terra, the earth; subterranean, terrestrial, Salio (saltum), I leap; sally (F.), assail Mediterranean. (F.), salient, salmon.

Terreo, I frighten ; terror, terrify, deter. Sanctus, holy; sanctuary, sanctify, saint Texo (textum), I weave; textile, text, (F.)

texture, context. Scando (scansum), I climb; scala, a lad- Timeo, I fear; timid, timorous.

der; scan, scale, descent, ascension. Torqueo (tortum), I twist; torture, torScio, I know; science, scientific, con ment, contortion, retort. science, omniscient.

Traho (tractuin), I draw; traction, subScribo (scriptum), I write ; scribe, scrib tract, contraction, tract.

ble, scr ture, inscription, postsc Tres (tria), three; trefoil, ident, trinity. Seco (sectum), I cut; bisect, dissect, in- Tribuo, I give; tribute, tributary, consect, section.

tribution. Sedeo (sessum), I set, sit; sediment, sub- Tumeo, I swell ; tumulus, a swelling or

side, see (F.), residence (F.), insidious. mound ; tumult, tumour, tomb (F.) Sentio, I feel; sense, sentiment, sensual, Unus, one; union, unit, unite, uniform, scent (F.)

unique (F.) Septem, seven ; septennial, September. Urbs, a city; suburb, urbanity, urbane. Sequor (secutus), I follow; sequence (F.), Valeo, I am strong ; valour, valiant (F.), sequel, consequent, prosecute.

prevail (F.)

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