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HAT you may profit by

Y vodoo Vondeish

у the following Asistan- gheddyn liorish y Choon.

y ces, be advited to read the ey ta nifh chebbit dhyt, bee Communion Service, with coyrlit dy lhaih Shirveish v the Directions and Meditationis, Chreeffiaght, marith ny Coyrlesome time before you go to yn as ny Smooinaghtyn crauee ta the Sacrament, that you may aynjée, Laghyn my jed oo gys attend to every Part of the y Cirectiaght, dy vod oo goll public Service without Dil- marith dy chooilley Ayrnjeh'n traction.

Chirveish chasherick ihoh fe

gooish veg y Rouail. Whenever you have Time Tra vees Caa ayd son goaill for your private Devotions, dty Phadjeryn er - Iheh, lhig let them be so secret that daue ve cha follit nagh bee nobody may be disturbed by Persoon erbee boirit liort. you. And if, instead of repeat

As ayns Ynnyd goll harrish ing the Prayers, and other ny Padjeryn, as ny Ayrnyn el

. Parts of the Service, after ley jeh'n Chirveith geiyrt er y the Minister, as the Manner Tazzyrt, myr ta Cliaghtey of too many is, to the rouyr dy eallagh, myr shoh Disturbance of such as are boirey adfyn ta er-gerrey daue; near them; if instead of do- ayns Ynnyd then, dy niarragh ing so, you would secretly oo Amen rhyt hene, ec Jerrey fay Amen, at the End of dy chooilley Accan, yioghe oo every Petition, you would shoh dy ve yn eer Aght share find this the very best Way dy reayll dty Aigney foit er to keep your Mind intent dty Phadjeryn. upon your Devotions.

If any Person, who is or- My nee Persoon erbee, ta dained to adininifter this Sa- pointit dy hirveith yn Sacracrament, shall think fit to fient fhoh smooinaghtyn eh


cast his Eye upon this feeu dy lhaih yn Lioar shoh, Book, I would beseech him ghueein's dy jeean er dy to consider seriously, how ma- Imooinaghtyn dy creeoil as dy ny Communicants there are, dowin, cre'n earroo dy eallagh who have no ordinary way ta cheet gys y Chreestiaght, of coming to the Knowledge nagh vel Aght erbee arragh of this great Duty, or other oc dy heet gys Tushtey jeh'n Help to their Devotion, be-Ard-churrym shoh, ny Cooney fides what the Church haserbee elley oc lesh nyn Grauee- . provided for them in this Of-aght, cheu-mooie jeh' ny ta’n fice; that therefore in Com-Agglish er chiarail nyn gour passion to such, this Service ayns y. Chirveifh fhoh; thenought to be performed with y-fa ayns Chymmey da nyn the greatest Deliberation as iheid, lhisagh yn Chirveith well as Devotion, that the shoh ve cooilleenit lesh goaill Unlearned, who are generally lane Traa, chammah as lesh y the greatest Number, may be Chraueeaght smoo, dy vod adedified as well as instructed. fyn nagh vel Injaghey oc (ta dy

mennick yn Earroo smoo dy Leih) Vondeilh y gheddyn liorish, chammah as ve er nyn ynfaghey.


The Order for Administration of the LORD's


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First Rubrick.

Observations upon it. many as intend to be I che

T is with great Reason that the Partakers of this holy

Church has given this Order; Communion mall fignify

therefore do not neglect it.

You will have the Comfort of their Names to the

knowing either that your Paftor hath Curate, at least fome time the nothiog to say against you ; Or if he Day before.

has, you will have the Benefit of his Advice, and a good Blessing will attend

your Obedience to the Church's

Second Rubrick.


And if any of those be an

If you are conscious to yourself, open and notorious evil Liver, it) that your Life has been such as

[tho’ your Pastor should not know or have done any Wrong to hath given Offence or Scandal to your his Neighbour by Word or Christian Profeffion, do not go to Deed, so that the Congrega- the Sacrament, until you have given tion be thereby offended; the fome plain Proofs of your RepentCurate

a having Knowledge ance, and Purpose of leading a new thereof, ball call him, and

But then, as you hope for God's advertise him that in any Grace and Mercy, do not put off wife he presume not to come to the doing of this one Moment, lest the Lord's Table, until he has you provoke God to leave you to openly declared himself to have yourfelf; for then you never will

repent. truly repented and amended his former naughty Life, that the Congregation may thereby be satisfied, which before was offended ; and that he hath recompensed the Parties to whom he hath done Wrong ; or at lealt declare himself to be in full Purpose fo to do, as foon as he conveniently may,


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Yn chied * Rubrick.

In Ynsaghey.
Hilleen as ta kiar. Selina.cor choyrt, ya Qardagh

HE lesh Resoon mooar ta'n
ail dy ghoaill Ayrn

jeb'n Chreeftiaght hoh; fhen-y-fa ny lhig eh thaghey.

Bee'a Gerjagh ayd dy gheddyn chusherick loob Fys eddyr nagh vel vegec dey Voshegin daue nyn Ennym y chur chill Anmey dy ghra dtor; Erstiagh gys Taggyrt yn chooid nonney my ta veg ecney dy ghra, Joo keayrt ennagh yn Laa roie. yiow Vondeifh yn Choyrle echey,

as hig Bannaght mie er y Viallys

ayd gys Oardaghyn ny Hagglish, Yn nah Rubrick.

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my vees unnane erbee jeu My ta dty Chree hene ginsh dhyt sooh Peccagh ta lecideil Drogh- Anmey) dy vel dty Vea er ve lheid

(ga dy vel eh gyn-yss da dty Vochill. vea ayns Aght foshlit as naarey- as t'er choyrt Oltooan ny Scamnıylt da dagh, ny er n'yannoo Aggair oty Chredjue Creektee, ny gow gys erbee rish e Naboo liorish Goo y Chreestiaght, derrey t'ou er choyrt ny Jannoo, myr shen tayrn Prowallyn ennagh forh lit jeh dty ArScammylt er y Cheshaght Chreef- leeideii Bea noa.

rys, as jeh dty Chiarail thickyr dy tee ; lurg da'n Saggyrt wer Agh éiskt myr t’ou treifhteil son gheddyn Toiggal jeh jhob, the Grayse as myghin Yee, ny lhig gin da geamazh er, as Raaue haghey dy yannoo shoh er-y-chooyl, y chur da nagh gow eh er er-aggle dy brafnee oo Jee dy aagail Aght erbee yn Daanys er dy bragh Arrys.

00 dhyt hene, fon eiht cha gow dy heet gys Boayrd y Chiarn, derrey vees eh dy foshlit er hoil. Jhaghey dy vel eh er ghoaill Arrys firrinagh as er byndaa veih é gbrogh Vea, lioriih hen jannooo Lhiafjaghey da’n Agglish, da v'eh róże ny Scammelt; as dy vel eh er n'yannoo Cooilleen dauefon ren eh 'Aggair ; er-nonney ec y chooid foo dy hoilshaghey eh hene dy ve dy fane kiarit shen y yannoo, cha leah as oddys eb.

* Order ny Haggli kys dy ymmyrkey shin hene ayas goll trooid dagh Ayra jeh Sirveith dy Killagh. ру


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