thy holy Word:-Never to | ayns dty Ghoo cafherick ;----wrong or deceive him :-Ne-Gyn dy bragh Aggair y yannoo ver to grieve him, or with- da ny volley eb: -Gyn dy out a Caufe to create him bragh Trimfbey chur er, ny Trouble ;-Never to treat gyn oyr dy hayrn Seaghyn er; him with Contempt and Scorn;---Gyn dy bragh beg y hoiaghey -Never to be pleafed with jeh, ny Faghid y yannoo er ;--his Misfortunes and Faults :-Gyn dy bragh goaill Boggey ec But to rejoice in his Happi- Drogh-haghyrt erbee, ny Foilnefs, and help him in his chin dty Naboo: Agh dy Wants,-Give me, O Lord, ghoaill Boggey ayns e Vaynrys, a Proof of my having paffed as dy chooney lefh ayns e Eme. from Death unto Life. -Cur dooys, O Hiarn, yn Prowal fhoh dy vel mee er my chaghlaa veih Baafe gys Bea.

Gal. iii. 13. Ta Creeft er livrey fhin veih Mollaght y Leigh, eh-hene jeant ny Vollaght er nyn fon; ta fhen dy ghra, Va Kerraghey currit er myr er Fer fo Mollaght y Leigh, Leigh, Deut. xxi. 23.

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Gal. iii. 13. Chrift hath redeemed us from the Curse of the Law, being made a Curfe for us; that is, He was treated as one under the Curfe of the Law, Deut.

xxi. 23.

Bleffed God, how great Yee bannit, cre wheefh và was our Mifery? How great nyn Dreihys? Cre wheesh va was thy Mercy? when no- dty Vyghin's? tra nagh voddagh thing could fave us from Ru- Nhee erbee, fhin y hauail veih in, but the Death of thy Toyrt-mow, agh Baafe dty Son!I fee by this, how Vac!-----Hee-ym liorifh fhoh, hateful Sin is to Thee.- cre cha dwoaiagh as ta Peccah Make it fo to me, I befeech dhyt.----Myr fhen dy row eh Thee. May I never flat- dooys, ta mee guee ort.---Ny ter myself, that thy Mercy lhig dou dy bragh brynnoil will fpare me, if I continue rhym pene, dy jean dty Vyghin Sin, when thou fparedft in lhiggey lhiam, my nee'm not thine own Son, when he tannaghtyn ayns Peccah, tra put himself in the Place of nagh ren oo higgey lesh dty Sinners!May I never pro-Vac hene, tra hug eh eh-hene voke thy Juice !----May I ayns Ynnyd ny Peccee !----Ny never forget thy Mercies, lhig dooys dy bragh dty Chairys y vrafnaghey !---Ny lhig dou


for me!

and what thy Son has done dy bragh jarrood dty Vyghinyn, as cre ta dty Vac er n'yannoo er my hon!

Tit. ii. 14. Hug eh eh-hene er nyn fon, dy voddagh eh fhin y eayley veih dy chooilley Veechraueeaght, as casherickey da bene Pobble reiht, jeean ayns Obbraghyn mie.

Bleffed be God, that I was Bannit dy row Jee, dy vel united to this People by Bap-mish jeant unnane jeh'n Phobtifm! Grant that I may ne- ble fhoh liorish Bafhtey! Giall ver difgrace Thee, or my nagh jean-ym dy bragh meeChristian Profeffion, by an un-hene neu-feeu jeed's ny jeh my godly Life.Ọ Thou, who Chredjue Creestee, liorith Bea haft redeemed us from Sin vee-chrauee.--O ufs, t'er vé nyn and Death, cause me to un-Ver-kionnee veih Peccal as veih derstand, to value, and ever Baafe, cur orrym dy hoiggal, dy remember thy great Love, and yannoo Ard-foiaghey jeh, as to fhew that I do fo by a dy bragh dy chooinaghtyn er Life confecrated to thy Ser- dty Ghraih erfkyn-earroo, as dy hoilfhaghev dy vel mee jan. noo fhen liorifh Bea er ny chafberickey gys dty Hirveith.


Tit. ii. 14. He gave -himfelf for us, that he might redeem us from all Iniquity, and to purify unto himself a People zealous of good Works.

2 Tim. ii. 12. If we deny bim, He alfo will deny us.

How many deny Thee, O Jefus, without Thought, and without Dread! Do they know what they do, who lightly turn their Backs upon this Ordinance? Who make a Mock of Sin, which coft Thee thy Life? Who are afhamed of Thee, and of thy Gofpel, out of regard 'to Men?Who by their unchristian Lives do renounce thy Service? Do they con

2 Tim. ii. 12. My ta fhin gobbal cfbyn, nee eshyn myrgeddin shiny obbal.

Cre whilleen ta gobbal uss, O Yeefey, gyn Tort, as gyn Aggle! Vel fys oc cre t'ad dy yannoo, ta cha neu-haftagh chyndaa nyn Ghreeym rish yn Oardaghey fhoh? Nagh vel jannoo agh Craid jeh nyn Beccaghyn, choft dhyt's dty Vios? ---Ta goaill Nearey jeed's as jeh dty Hufhtal, ayns Ammys Gheiney?---Ta iorith nyn Mea neu-chreeftee treigeil dey Hirveithys? Vel Toiggal oc cre te


fider what it is to be denied | dy ve obbit liort's?----Cre_te gyn veg y vondeish y ve oc liorifh dty Vaafe, dty Hurranfe, as dty Phleadeilys er nyn fon? ---Yee ghrayfoil, livrey mifh veih'n Peccah as y Kerraghey atchimagh fhoh.

by Thee?---What it is to have no Interest in thy Death, thy Merits, and Mediation?---Gracious God, deliver me from this dreadful Sin and Judg

Noo Mian xxvi. 35. Dooyrt Peddyr, ga dy beign dou goll dy Baafe mayrt, cha nobbin co.


St. Matt. xxvi. 35----Peter faid, Tho' Ihould die with Thee, yet will I not deny Thee.


Preferve me, gracious Freill mish, Hiarn ghrayfoil, Lord, from a prefumptuous veih Smooinaghtyn daaney, as Opinion, and Dependence on Treifhteil foalley er my Niart my own Strength, without hene, fegooifh Kemmyrk dty the Aids of thy Grace: Let Ghrayfe: Ayns y Vac-foyley me fee, in this fad Inftance, trimfhagh fhoh, lhig dou fakin my Weakness without thy Af-my Annooinid fegooifh dty sistance, and my Ruin without Niart, as my Hoyrt-mow fethy Help. gooifh dty Chooney's.

St. Luke xxii. 61, 62. And Noo Luke xxii. 61, 62. As the Lord turned and looked hyndaa yn Chiarn, as yeeagh eh upon Peter, and Peter remem-er Peddyr, as chooinee Peddyr er bered the Words of Christ,----- Goan Chreeft,---as hie eh magh and went out and wept as cheayn eh dy fharroo. bitterly.

O Jefus, look upon me with the fame Eye of Compaffion, whenever I fhall do amifs, that I may fee my Fault, and forthwith return to my Duty Let this Inftance of thy Mercy be our Comfort, fince fo great and repeated a Crime did not exclude this Penitent from thy Mercy; but let not this make us fearless of offending Thee, left we never repent.


O Yeefey, jeeagh orrym's lefh y Tooill cheddin dy Hymmey, cre-erbee yn Traa nee'm afs y Raad, dy voddym my Oill y akin, as er-y- chooyl chyndaa gys my Churrym :---Lhig da'n Cowrey shoh jeh dty Vyghin ve yn gerjagh aym's, fakin nagh ren Foill wheefh as cha mennick jeant_giarey magh yn Arryfagh fhob veih dty Vyghin; agh ny lhig da fhoh fhinyn y yannoo mee-agSt.

glagh dy vrafnaghey, er-aggle
nagh gow mayd dy bragh

St. Luke xxii. 3, 4, 5. Then
Noo Luke xxii. 3, 4, 5.
entered Satan into Judas, and Eifht hie yn Drogh - fpyrryd
he communed with the Chief stiagh ayns Yuaale as ghow th
Priefts, how he might betray. Coyrle rish ny Ard - faggyrtyn
him unto them:And they co- mychione eh y vrah daue :-----
venanted to give him Money, as ren ad Conaant dy chur Ar-
gid da, &c.



If I fhould provoke Thee, My yinnin's ufs y vrafnaghO God, by refilting thy Holy ey, O Yee, diorith fhaffoo magh Spirit, to leave me to my noi dty Spyrryd Noo, dy aaown natural Corruption, and gail mee gys Neu-glennid my to the Power of Satan, I Ghooghys hene, as gys Pooar y fee, in this wretched Man, Drogh-spyrryd, ta mee fakin, what Wickednefs I am capa- liorish y Dooinney mollee thon, ble of. --Lord God, abandon cre'n Vee-ch auceaght oddin me not to my own Choices: ve kyndagh jeh.-iarn Yee, -Shut my Heart against that ny faag ufs mith da my YeearCovetousness, which was the reeyn hene:-Dooin my Chree Root of fo great a Sin. noi yn Taynt then, va Fraue Keep me from prefumptuous jeh lheid y Peccah eajee. Freill Sins, left they get the Dominion mee veih Peccaghyn dy Ghaanys over nie; and fecure me un-er dty Vyghin, nagh vow ad der the Conduct of thy Ho-| Varriaght orrym; as freill mee ly Spirit, for Jefus Chrift's fo Leeideilys dty Spyrryd Noo, fake. er graih Yeefey Creeft.


Deut. xvi. 16. Cha jig ufs.
lefb Laue follym fenifh y Chiarn:
ver dy chooilley Ghooinney rere
e Fort, corail rish Bannaght y
Chiarn dty Yee, t'eh er choyrt

Deut. xvi. 16. They fhall not appear before the Lord empty every Man fhall give as he is able, according to the Bleffing of the Lord thy God, which he hath given thee.

Shall I appear before thee, O God, worse than a Jew?

Jig-yms ayns dty Enifh, O Yee, ny fmetley na Hew?Can I give any thing Voddym Nhee erbee y choyrt to thy Poor, but what I have da ny Boghtyn ayd's, agh nya received from thee? How mee er gheddyn void's? Kes can I fay that I love Thee oddym gra dy vel mooarane




much, if I give fparingly to them, whom thou haft appointed in thy Place to receive our Alms? Alms? Give me an Heart, O God, to give according to thy Bleffing upon me, and as I expect thy Blefling upon myself and Subftance..

I Pet. iv. 10. As every Man hath received the Gift, even fo minister the fame one to another, as good Stewards.

O God, who has taught us, that we are all but thy Stewards Keep me from that great Injuftice of defrauding thy Poor of their Right Give me Grace to moderate all my vain Defires and Expences, that I may have to give to them that need, and that the Measure of thy Bleffings to me may be the Measure of my Charity to


Graih aym ort, my ta mee fhirveish cha gortagh orroofyn, t'ou ayns dty Tnnyd hene er phointeil dy ghoaill nyn Yeirk? Cur Cree dooys, O Yee, dy ve giaftyllagh corrym rith dty Vannaght orrym pene as er my Chooid.

1 Peddyr iv. 10. Myr ta dy chooilley Ghooinney er gheddyn y Gioot, dy jarroo myr shen fhirveifb-jee yn chooid cheddin yn derrey yeh er y jeh elley, myr Stuurtyn mie.

O Yee; t'er n'ynfaghey dooin nagh vel fhin ooilley agh Stiurtyn foyd---Freill mish, ta mee guee ort, veih'n Veechairys vooar fhen dy volley dty Voghtyn's jeh nyn Gair: Cur Grayfe dou dy fmaghtaghey ooilley my Yeearreeyn fardalagh, as my Vaarail, dy vod ve aym dy chur dauefyn t'ayns Feme,---As dy vod y Towse jeh dty Vannaghtyn dooys, ve yn Towfe jeh'n Ghiaftyllys aym's da feallagh elley.

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