suffer in this, in Submission yn Aigney faunysfagh echey. to his Will,

syn, dy vod Jee, as dy jean eh, Lhiaflaghey fondagh y yannoo 'fy Vea ta ry hect, fon dty E. gin, as dty Hurranse, ayns y

Vea shoh. Lastly, Your Duty is to be Er-jerrey, Yn Currym ayd thankful to God. The Way eh, dy ve booifal da Jee.-.-Yn to be so, is to look upon Aght dy ve myr shen, ta dy every Mercy you receive as yeeaghyn er dy chooilley. Vyghin the Gift of God;------Every t'ou feddyn myr Gioot veih Danger you escape, as owing Jee ;---Dy chooilley Ghaue t'ou to his Care and Providence ; thaghney, myr lhiaftyn da'n Every good Thought, every Arrey, as da'n Chiarail flaunysgood 'Purpose, every Occasion of fagh echeyfyn ;--Dy chooilley doing Good, as the Effect of Smooinaghtyn mie, dy chooilley his good Spirit.

Chiarai) vie, dy chooilley Chaa son jannee mie, myr Obbyr y

Spyrryd mie echeyfyn. Think, and act, and pur- Smooinees as jean, as kiare pose thus:---And it will be myr shoh:----As bee eh cha as natural to thank God for dooghyflagh dhyt dy chúr all the Dispensations of his Booise da Jee son ooilley Oar. Providence, as it is for you daghyn e Ard - chiarail, as te to beg any Blessing from dhyt dy yannoo Aghin huggey him, which you stand most in fon Bannaght erbee, smoo

ymneed of.

myrchagh dhyt. Stop a while until you Nith fuirree ort čammylt--have considered these Things, derrey vees oo er smooinaghand until you have expressed tyn dy dowin er ny reddyn your Sense of them in the shoh, as derrey vees oo er hoilfollowing Prayer.

shaghey yn Ennaghtyn t'ayd

jeu ayns y Phadjer ihoh. The P R A Y E R. Yn PHAD JE R. is first HOH jarroo yn

as and Command, To yn SareyDy chur love thee, O God, with all Graib dhyts, 0 Yee, lesh ooilley our Heart ; for on this de.' nyn Gree'; Son er ihoh ta'n


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pends our Salvation. But e-Saualtys ain lhie. Agh shoh ven this must be the Gift of hene shegin da vé Gioot jeh thy Grace :---For this Grace 1 dty Ghraysys :~Son y Grayse now apply to Thee, to make thoh ta mish nish jannoo Agha my Love and Fear of thee the in, hoods, dy yannoo my governing Principle . of my Ghraih ort, as my Aggle royd, whole Life : That I may Ard-leeideilagh my Vea :--Dy always do what I believe will voddym kinjagh jannoo fhen please Thee :

--That I may ta mee credjal nee uss y wooiys: carefully avoid what I know ---Dy voddym dy kiaralagh will offend Thee :-----And that chea veih fhen ta fys aym ver I may

live as having Thee Jymmoose ort :--As dy vodthe constant Witness of my dym my Vea y leeideil myr dy Thoughts, Words and Ac- beagh uss aym fon Feanish kintions.

jagh jeh my Smooinaghtyn,

my Ghoan, as my Obbraghyn. Give me a stedfast Faith in Cur dou Credjue firrinagh thy Word and Promises ; a ayns dty Ghoo as dty Ghialfirm Trust in thy Power.dynyn; Treifhteil fhickyr ayns Let the Fear of thy Justice dty Phooar.---Lhig da Aggle keep me from Presumption, roish dty Chairys mish y reayll and a Sense of thy Goodness veih Daanys, as Ennaghtyn jeh from Despair. Defend me dty Vieys veih Mee-hreifhteil. from all those bewitching --- Jean m'y endeil veih ooilley Snares which destroy our Love ny Ribbaghyn cleaynagh fhen for Thee;

: from worldly ta stroie nyn Ghraih ort ;---Cares; from all sensual and veih Kiarailyn feihltagh; veih sinful Pleasures; from Evil dy chooilley Eunys foalley as Company; from foolish Di. peccoil; veih drogh Heshaght; versions, and from every veih Gammanyn ommijagh, as

, thing that may make me for- veih dy chooilley Nhee oddys get, that Thou alone art wor- cur orrym jarrood, dy nee ufs thy to be feared and loved : dty lomarcan ta feeu Aggle vé. Grant me these Mercies for goit royd as thy Son Jesus Christ his fake; choyrt dhyt: Giall dooys ny

-whose Love and Death we Myghinyn lhoh er Graih dry are going to commemorate. Vac Yeesey Creest;

Lyn Amen.

Ghraih as y Baase echey tà fhin goll dy reayll ayns Cooinaghtyn. Amen.


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Your Duty to your Neigh-Dty Churrym gys dty NABOO BOUR and YOURSELF.


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"HIS is the second great

HOH yn nah Ard Sarey, Command, and will re- as bee eh dty Churrym quire the most solemn Resolu. dy yannoo, ny

ny Gialdynyn tions you can make before s'trolhey oddys oo, roish my you go to the Lord's Supper. hed oo gys Shibber y Chiarn.

Consider therefore whether Smooinee rhyt hene er-y-fa you can fincerely resolve as fhen yod oo dy shickyr goaill follows:

ort dy yannoo, myr t'ayns

shoh currit royd: I dare not, I will not, be in- Cha lhoys dou, ny cha different how I lead my Life. bee'm

meerioofagh, kys nee'm I know what God has my Vea y lecideil. Ta fys commanded me, and I purpose aym cre ta Jee er harey dou, sincerely to do it.

as ta mee kiarail dy firrinagh y chooilleeney eh.

у I will, in the first Place, be Bee'm, ayns y chied Ynobedient to the lawful Com- nyd, biallagh da ny Saraghyn mands of my Superiors, and lowal ocfyn t'er my skyn, as erespecially to those who watch skyn ooilley dauefyn ta curmit for my Soul. I do sincerely lejh Kiarail my Annym.—Ta purpose in all my Dealings to mee dy fhickyr kiarit ayns remember the Command given ooilley my Ghellal dy chooinme by my Saviour,--.--Thou aghtyn er y Sarey ter ny fhalt love thy Neighbour as thy- choyrt dou liorish my Maualfelf.And therefore I will tagh,–Ver on Graih da dty make a Conscience of doing Naboo myr dhyt hene.--.-As the leaft Wrong to any Man; then-y-fa cha lhig my Chooin

of using any Deceit, or fheanse dou yn Aggair Noo y Fraud, or Oppression; or of yannoo da Dooinney erbee ;taking Advantage of the Igno- dy yannoo Foalfaght ny Molrance, Mistakes, or Necessity of teyraght, ny Tranlaafe ; ny my Neighbour; knowing af-goaill Vondeifh jeh Mee-hushsuredly, that he who wrongs tey, Marranys, ny Immyrch, his Neighbour does the great- I my Naboo ; dy thickyr toig.

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est Injury to himself. And, gal, dy vel elyn ta jannoo Ag. if at any time I am convinced, gair da e Naboo, jannoo yn that I have done him any Aggair smoo_da hene.- As Wrong, I will make him Sa- my yioym ec Traa erbee Toigtisfaction, as far as I am able, gal firrinagh, dy vel mee er without being forced by Law, n'yannoo veg yn Aggair da, --To do unto others what I nee'm Lhialfaghey da gys Rere would they should do to me. my Phooar, tegooish ve eginit

liorish y Leigh,Dy yannoo rish feallagh elley myr baillym ad

dy ryannoo rhym. To this End, I will endea. As dy yannoo shoh, nee'm vour to live peaceably and cha. my chooid Thare dy veaghe ritably with all People; a- ayns shee as Giastystys rish dy voiding all Malice, and Re- chooilley Ghooinney ;-shagh. venge, and Evil-speaking, and ney wheesh as oddym dy Contention, as much as possibly chouilley Ghoanlys, as Cooilleen I can.And I will speak the Olk fon Olk, as Cooyl-chasid, as Truth at all times: and especi- Anvea.--- As loayr-ym yn Irrin- . ally when I am called to my ey ec dy chooilley Hraa: as Oath, whether it be for orerskyn ooilley tra vee'm eït against my worldly Interest.

gys my Loo, edyr eh ve leso ny

noi my Chosney seihltagh. As TO THE DUTY I OWE ER SON Y CURRYM TA TO MYSELF,--...) am vinced, that-----my first and Hen E,---Ta mee credjal ayns great Concern ought to be my Chree ---Dy lhisagh eh 've To take care of my Soul.

. yn chied as y Chiarail vooar

aym,.--Dy ghoaill Kiarail jeh

my Annym bene. I do therefore stedfastly pur

Shen-y-fa ta mee dy shick, pose to lead a forious Life, as yr kiarail dy leeideil Bea chrauone under the Sentence of ee, myr lhisagh Fer fo Briw. Death ought to do,---To be nys baaish ---Dy ve sheelt, fockSober, Temperate, and Chaste; yragh, as glen ayns cree; tra that, when I die, I may be ad-yioym Baasę, dy voddym ve mitted into the Paradise of goit stiagh ayns Pargeiys Yee, God, where no unclean Thing raad nagh vel Nhee erbee neumust enter.

ghlen goit stiagh. To this End, I resolve to Er-yn-oyr fhoh, ta mee kiaF2


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con- | MEE




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ny Eua

keep a Watch over myself,| rail dy reayll Arrey orrym pene, that I may avoid all such Com- dy voddym shaghney ooilley pany, such Pleasures and Di. lheid y Chelhaght, lheid versions, as may make me lose nylyn, as ny Gammanyn Then, the Remembrance of Death, as oddys cur orrym jarrood my and the Account I must give. Vaafe, as yn Coontey t'orrym

dy choyrt. I will endeavour to be con- Nee'ın y chooid share dy tent with my Condition, not ve booiagh lesh my Stayd coveting what is another hene, cha nee troo mysh Stayd Man's, neither envying the Ghooinney elley, chamoo Profperity, nor taking Pleasure mooaraghey Maynrys, ny goaill in the Calamities, of my Neigh- Boggey ayns Seaghyn, my Nabour,

boo. And forasmuch as a Life of As fon wheesh as dy vel Bea Idleness and Luxury is hateful litcheragh, as Soạilid, dwoaito God, I will strive to do my agh gys Jee, nee'm streeu dy Duty in the State of Life, in chooilleeney my Churrym, which his Providence has pla- ayns y Stayd Bea fhen, ayn ta ced me; not flattering myself, e Ard-chiarail er my hoiaghey; that I do no Evil, when I do no cha'nee dy volley mee hene leih Good in my Generation, ---- Smooinaghtyn, nagh vel mee left the Sentence upon the un- jannoo veg yn Olk, tra nagh vel fruitful Tree be passed upon mee jannoo veg y Vie ayns my me ---Cut it down, why cum- Heeloghe, er - aggle dy bee bereth it the Ground?

Briwnys y Villey neu - veffoil currit

orrym,--Giare heefe eh, cre'n-fa te goaill feofe room Hal

looin? These Duties I will endea- Ny Curmyn fhoh neem's vour to perform, as a Proof of streeu dy chooilleeney, myr the Love and Reverence I Prowal jeh'n Ghraih, as jeh'n bear to God, who is so good Arrym ta mee cur da Jee, eh as to accept of my Repentance, ta cha mie as dy yannoo Soiand a sincere, tho' imperfect O. aghey jeh my Arrys, as jeh my bedience.

Viallys giare agh ynrick. And if through Weakness,

As my haghyrys dou trooid Tenptation, or sudden Surprize, Annooinid, trooid Miolaghey, ny I thall be so unhappy as to for- Doal - taittym, ve cha meen get any of these Resolutions, vaynrey as dy yarrood veg jeh


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