were admitted into the Con- dry ghoaill stiagh ayns Shegregation of Christ's Flock, aty ghoaill

Chréeft,--trogwere restored to the Favour of git reesht gys Foayr Yee,--as God; -and had the Holy Spirit Bree yn Spyrryd Noo er ny communicated to you, for a choyrt dhyt fon Undin as ToPrinciple of a new and spiritu- fhiaght dy Vea noa as fpyrrydal Life ; in order to awaken oil'; dy ghreinnaghey oo, as dy you, and to direct and assist leeideil as dy niartaghey yn Rethat natural Reason, with foon dooghyfsagh fhen, lesh ta which God has endued all Jee er choamrey ooilley SheelMankind.

naue. But forasmuch as you have Agh fon wheesh as dy vel oo done many Things contrary er n'yannoo ymmodee Reddyn to the Promise made in your noi yn Ghialdyn va jeant ayns Name, when you were bap- dty Ennym ec dty Valhtey,--tized,--and will stand in need as dy bee oo feme towse smoo of greater Degrees of Grace dy Ghrayse as dy Chooney, dy and Asistance, to enable you niartaghey oo dy hafsoo magh to resist the Temptations of the noi Miolaghyn y Theihll, yn World, the Flesh, and the De- Eill, as y Drogh-spyrryd, as dy

y vil, and to do your Duty in yannoo dty Churrym ayns y that State of Life, unto which Stayd fhen dy Vea, huggey nee the Providence of God shall Ard-chiarail Yee geamagh ort: call you :-You are therefore -T'ou nifh er-y-fa shen er dty now called upon to be Parta- chuirrey dy ghoaill Ayrn jeh'n ker of the other Sacrament,- Sacrament elley, SACRAThat of the LORD'S SUPPER; MENT SHIBBER Y CHIARN; by which, upon your sincere liorish fhen my nee oo Arrys Repentance, you may obtain firrinagh y ghoaill

, foddee oo the Pardon of all your past Leih y gheddyn son ooilley ny Sins, and such other Graces as Peccaghyn t'ou rieau er n'yanyou stand in need of, to bring noo, as lheid ny Grayseyn you to eternal Life and Hap- elley ta feme ayd orroo, dy piness.

leeideil oo gys y Vea veayn as

Maynrys dy bragh farraghtyn. Take care therefore, that Shen-y fa gow Kiarail, dy you understand what you are hoiggal chammah as oddys oo called to as well as you are [yn Oardaghey Calherickjfhen able, and God expects no huggey t'ou er dty eam, as ny more,

Imoo cha vel Jee dy hirrey.


For if you go to the Lord's Son

my t'ou goll gys ShibSupper without considering the ber y Chiarn fegooish Toiggal Reason of that Ordinance, and cooie ayd jeh'n Oardaghey the very great Concern you then, as y Cosney feer vooar ta have in it, without seeing ayd liorish,-gyn tastey ayd jeh the Necessity and Blessing of a Ymmyrch as Bannaght berRedeemer, you will go with In- kionnee, lied oo gys y Chreese difference, and return without tiaght lesh beggan Scansh, as fuch Benefit as you might o- chyndaa-ee oo veih fegooish therwise hope for.

lheid y Vondeilh as oddagh oo

er aght elley treifhteil er y hon. To prevent this you should Dy haghney fhoh lhisagh og feriously consider what Ac-fmooinaghtyn dy dowin er y count the Holy Scriptures Coontey ta Goo Casherick Yee have given us of the Condition er chur dooin jeh'n Stayd ta we are in, both with respect to fhin ayn, chammah 'sy Vea this Life, and the Life which | shoh, as jeh fhen ta ry-heet, is to come.

That is,That we are by Ta shen dy ghra, Liorish Nature Sinners : and that, as Dooghys dy vel shin Peccee : such, God cannot take Plea- as myr ta thin Peccee, nagh vod fure in us :~And that if we Jee Taitnys y ghoaill aynin: die, before we are restored to As my yiow mayd Baase roish his Favour, we shall be sepa- my jig mayd ayns Foayr rish, rated from him, and miserable dy bee mayd er nyn scarrey

veih, as ayns Treihys er fon dy

bragh. This will lead you to in- Leeidee shoh oo dy vriaght, quire, how the Nature of Man kys haink Dooghys Dooinney came to be thus disordered, gys y Stayd varvaanagh shoh, and prone to Evil ; for you as aggindagh er Olk; fon cha must not imagine, that God, nhegin dhyt smooinaghtyn, dy who is infinitely good, created ren Jee, ta erskyn-earroo mie, Man in such a State of Corrup- Dooinney y chroo ayns Iheid y tion, as you now see and feel Stayd pheccoil, as t'ou nifh fubim to be in ; but that he must kin' as gennaghtyn eh nish dy ve have fallen into this wretched ayn; agh dy nhegin da ve er Condition, since he came out huittym ayns y Stayd hreih of the Hands of his Creator.


lurg da v'er jeet ass Lauee

yn e Er-crợo. B 2


for ever.


Fall :


And so the Scripture in- As myr shen ta Goo Yee forms us.--In the third Chap- ginlh dooin.Ayns y trass ter of Genesis, we have this fol-Chabdil jeh Lioar Genesis, ta’n lowing Account of the State Coontey fhoh ain jeh Stayd of Man, Before, and After the Dooinney, Roish, as Lurg da

tuittym ayns Peccah : That Adam and Eve, from Dy row Adam as Aue, jeu whom sprang all Mankind, rug ooilley Sheelnaue, er nyn were created in the Image of groo ayns Caflys Yee; ta fhen, God; that is, holy and inno- casherick as gyn - loght, lesh cent, having a perfect Know- Tushtey firrinagh jeh nyn Gurledge of their Duty, a Command rym, lesh Smaght harrish nyn of their Will and Affections, and Aigney as nyn Yeearreeyn, as a Power, through the Grace Pooar trooid Grayse Yee, dy of God, to do what they saw fit yannoo fhen heeagh ad cooie dy to be done.

ve jeant. In this Condition they were

Ayns y Stayd shoh v'ad soit placed in Paradise, in a State ayns Pargeiys,er-chee dy phrowof Trial, with a Promise of im al ad,lelh Gialdyn jeh Bea veayn mortal Life and Happiness, it as Maynrys, my yinnagh ad tanthey should continue to Fear, naghtyn dy ghoaill Aggle roish, to Love, to Honour and Obey dy chur Graih, Ooashley as Bitheir Creator; as also, with an allys da nyn Ver - croo; lesh exprefs Warning of the dread- Raaue geyre myrgeddin jeh'n ful Consequence of their Diso- Jerrey atchimagh harragh er bedience.

nyn Mee-viallys. Notwithstanding which Warn- Agh fon ooilley yn Raaue ing, they, through the Temp- shoh, ren ad, trooid Miolaghtation of the Devil, transgrefl- ey yn Drogh-spyrryd, Saraghed the Commands of God; yn Yee y vrijhey; as liorish and by doing so, they did not then y yannoo, cha ren ad

ny only forfeit all Right to the lomarcan coayll dy chooilley Promise of eternal Life and Chairys gys y Gialdyn jeh Bea Happiness, but also contracted as Maynrys dy bragh farraghsuch a Blindness in the Under- tyn, agh ren ad myrgeddin tuitStanding, such a Disorder in tym fo lheid y Deillid ayns nyn their Will and Affections, as all Dushtey, fo lheid y Vee-reiltys their Posterity feel to their ayns nyn. Aigney as .nyn YeearSorrow; and became subject reeyn, as ta ooilley nyn Sluight to Sin, and the Punishment of gennaghtyn gys nyn Drimlhey;


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Sin, which is Misery and, as haink ad dy ve fo Reill as Death,

Kerraghey Peccah, quoid ta

Treihys as Baase. Concerning the Nature and Mychione Dooghys as Greatness of this Sin, we are Mooadys y Pheccah lhoh, sheto judge of it by the Great- gin dooin briwnys, liorish ness of the Punishment inflict- Mooadys y Cherraghey hie er ed upon them and their pof- cur orroo hene as nyn Shee. terity :

loghe:---Son cha voddagh Jee, For God, being infinite- ta erskyn earroo Cairal as Cashe1 ly Just and Holy, could not in- rick, Kerraghey s'trimmey y chur

flict a Punishment greater than orroo na va nyn Beccah er hoil. their Sin deserved.

chin. Now this was the Occasion Nish shoh va Oyr as Bun of that universal Corruption ooilley yn Olk as y Vee-chraueeand Wickedness, which you see aght shen fey-ny-cruinney, t'ou and hear of in the World, and fakin as clashtyn jeh ayns y

which you cannot but, in some Theihll, as shoh cha vod oo agh 1. Measure, feel in your own Na- gennaghtyn, ayns Ayrn, ayns ] ture:- For, as the Scripture dty Ghooghys hene:-----Son

informs us, Gen. v. 3. Adam myr ta Goo Yee ginlh dooin begat his Children in his own ayns Lioar Genefis v. 3. Hooar Likeness ; that is, with such a Adam e Culoan ayns e Chaslys depraved Nature as his was bene; ta fhen, lesh lheid y then become.

Dooghys peccoil as v'eh hene

nish ayn.

And now consider into what As nith smooinee uss dy a sad Condition these unhappy dowin er, cre’n Stayd hrimOffenders had brought them- shagh va ny Peccee mee-vaynfelves, and remember that this rey shoh er hayrn ad hene ayn,

, is your own Condition, and the as cooinee dy nee shoh dty Stayd Condition of all their Posterity. hene, as Stayd ooilley nyn Shee

loghe. The Law of Nature and Va Leigh Dooghys as ReReason was still in Force, and foon foast ayns slane Bree, as could not possibly be dispensed cha voddagh eh er aght erbee with. At the same Time ve currit dy lhiattee. Ec y they found by fad Experience, Traa cheddin dennee ad liorish That, as St. Paul describes the Prowal hrimshagh, myr ta’n fallen State of Man, there was Noo Paul cur Coontey jeh Oltyn ac

e Law in their Members war. Stayd Dooinney ayns Peccah, ring against the Law of their Dy row Leigh ayns ny Mind; so that the Good which caggey noi Leigh nyn Aigney ; they would, they did not ; but myr ben yn Vię bailliu, len cha thé Evil that they would not, ren ad; agh yn Olk nagl bgitthat they did, Rom. vii. liu, Men ren ad, Rom. vii.

There could not sure be a Son shickyrys cha yoddagh Condition more deplorable Stayd s’trimshee na fhoh y ve: than this :-To live only to ----Sy Vea loh ynrycan dy

'shoh contract evil Habits ; and by gheddyn drogh Qalbyn ; as doing so, To increase their lioroo fhen ---Dy vishaghey Guilt,-- To displease their Cre- nyn Beccah ----Dy chur Jymator,-and, To leave an Off- moose er nyn Ver-croog----28, spring as miserable as them- Dy aagail fluight nya yei cha felves,

treih roo hene. This therefore gave Occa- Shoh er-y-fa fhen hug Qyr fion to God to manifest ano- da Jee dy hoilshaghey [da'n ther of his most glorious Per- Theihll] Ayrn elley jeh @ fections, that is, his infinite Ghooghys (moo gloyroil, ta Goodness and Mercy.

fhen, e Vieys as e Vygbin erskyn,

earroo. For God foreseeing this la- Son myr honnick Jee ro-laue mentable Condition into which yn Stayd hreih lhoh, ayn v'ad they had fallen by departing er huittym liorish nyn Mee-vi, from their Obedience, his allys, va’n Vieys echey er chia. Goodness had provided fych a rail lheid y Saase shen dy Hau

у Remedy, as that neither they, altys, nagh blhiass edyr daue nor any of their Posterity, hene, ny da veg jeh nyn Shee. should, on account of their Fall, logłe ve ayns I reihys dy bragh be eternally miserable, except farraghtyn, kyndagh rish yn through their own Fault. Peccah oefyn, agh trooid yn

Foill oc hene. He, therefore, in Consider- Shen-y-fa er coontey Feration of a Redeemer, one of kionnee, Dooinney jeh suight y the Seed of the Woman, who Ven, yinnagh Lhiallaghey ilane Mould make full Satisfaction da Cairys Yee fon nyn Beccah, to the Divine Justice for their as vroough Kione, ny vrishagh Tranfgression, and who should Pooar, yn Ard-nieų fhen (yn bruise the Head, or breaķ the Jouyl) ren ad y violaghey gys Power, of that Serpent, (the Peccah ;-Er coontey’n Sluight

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