provided for us better than | kinjagh cur dooin shen share all our Works can deserve. ta er nyn son; ta dy reayll The good Lord make us shin veih Dangeyr, as t'er mindful of our Duty, that chiarail er nyn son ny share na as we often hear how we oddagh nyn Obbraghyn y hoilought to walk, and to please chin. Dy jean y Chiarn mie God, we may continue to cur orrin ve kiaralagh jeh nyn do so unto our Lives End, Gurrym, 'naght myr ta shin thro' Jesus Christ our Lord. dy mennick clashtyn cre'n Amen.

Aght lhisagh fhin gimmeeaght, as Jee y wooiys, dy vod mayd tannaghtyn dy yannoo fhen, gys Jerrey nyn Mea. Amen.





then you

Consider the Danger of going Smooinee er y Dangeyr t'ayns into an evil World, and goll magh fud drogh Heibll, will never fail

as eilht cha thig oo dy bragh to pray for the Blessing, Jhaghey dy ghoaill Padjer jon Protection, and Grace of Bannaght, Coadey as Grayse God, every Morning of Tee, dy chooilley Voghrey jeb your Life.

dty Vioys.

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HAT shall 7 Pf. cxvi. CREN Conilleening


ver - ynis the Lord, for his Mercies | Chiarn fon' e Vyghinyn, soilshit renewed unto me every Morn-orryn ass - y - noa dy chooilley ing? I will offer the Sa- Vogbrey? ---Nee'm chebbal Cucrifice of Thanksgiving, and Iraðlyn dy Hoyrt - booife, as


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pay my ; Vows

unto the , eeck -ym my Vrcearraghyn Most High

da’n Jee Smoo Syrjey.

God accept of As dy jean Jee Soiaghey my most hearty Thanks for 'yannoo jeh my Vioose finoo my Preservation and Refreth-creeoil fon my Choadey as ment, and for all the Bles- Ooraghey, as fon ooilley Banfings of the Night past, and naghtyn ny Hoie t'er n'immeeof my Life past!

aght, as my Vea t'er n'gholl

shaghey. Possess my Soul, gracious Lhieen my Annym, Yee God, with such a Sense of ghraysoil, lelh lheid yn Enthis thy Goodness, and of naghtyn jeh shoh dty Vieys my Dependance upon Thee hene, as jeh my Varrant's ort for Life and Health, and son Bea as Slaynt, as Maynrys, Prosperity and Comfort, that as Gerjagh, dy vod eh 've my it may be my Delight, as Voggey, myr te my Churrym it is my Duty and Interest, as my Vondeish, dy hirveifh oo to serve and obey Thee. as dy chur Biallys dhyt.

And that I may do this As dy voddym mhob y yanwith a quiet Mind, forgive noo lesh Aigney fhecoil

, leih me the Sins of which my douny Peccaghyn ta my Conscience is afraid, and a. Chooinfheanse goaill Aggle vert the Judgments which I roue, as chyndaa voym ny have justly deserved.

Briwnyfsyn ta mee dy cairagh

er hoilchin. Give me Grace that I Cur Grayfe dou dy voddym may continue in thy Fear tannaghtyn ayns Aggle royd all the Day long, and that fey ny Laa, as dy voddym I may live and act as ha- beaghey as jannoo, myr dy ving Thee, O God, the

God, the beagh uss aym, o Yee, kin- . constant Witness of my jagh Feanish jeh my ymmyrkConduct; and that it may ey-bea ; as dy vod eh ve flane be the Purpose of my Soul Kiarail my Annym, gyn dy never to offend Thée' wil bragh Jymmoose y ckur ort's fully.

May thy rel aining Grace Lhig da dày Ghrayfe Thietpreserve me from the Tempt talagh mish y choadey veih ations of an evil

an evil World, Miolaghyn Seihll peccoil, veih from the Frailty and Cor- Annooinid as Neu-ghlennid ruption of my own Naturė, my Ghooghys hene, as veih


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jeh my Yioin.

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and from the evil Principles | Drogh - chredjue, as Drogh. and Practices of the Age I chliaghtaghyn yn Traa t'ayn! live in! Possess my Heart with a Lhieen


Chree lelh Graih sincere Love for Thee, and firrinagh dhyt's, as da ooilley for all Mankind; and grant Sheelnaue ; as giall dy vod ve

! that I may have this com- aym yn Prowal gerjoilagh as fortable and sure. Proof of shickyr shoh jeh diy Ghraih thy Love abiding in

. abiding in me, tannaghtyn aynym,; Dy vel that I ftudy to please Thee mee dy jeean thirrey dy dty and to keep thy Command- wooiys, as dy reayll dty An

. nients.

naghyn. Give me a tender Com- Cur dou Ennaghtyn era: passion for the Wants and recishagh fon Egin as TreihMiseries of my Neighbour, ys my Naboo, dy vod uss ve that thou mayest. have Com- erreeilhagh dooys, Yee. passion upon me, o God.

In all my ways I do ac- Ayns ooilley my raaidyn ta knowledge Thee. Do thou, mee goaill rhyt. Kiartee my O Lord, direct my Paths, Chaffanyn, O Hiarn, as ynsec and teach me to guide my dou dy oardrail my ChooishAffairs, my Designs, my Designs, my yng my

my yn, my Smooinaghtyn, my Words, and Actions, with Ghoan, as , my Yannoo, lesh Charity, Difcretion, Justice, Giastyllys, Tushtey, Cairys, and Piety.

as Craueeaght. Shew me the way that I Soilshee dou yn Raad lhisin should walk in, and give gimmeeaght ayn, as cur Grayse

Grace follow the dou dy eiyrt er Coyrle dty Conduct of thy good Spirit, Spyrryd vie, dy voddym my that I may do my Duty in Churrym y yannoo ayns y that State of Life, in which Stayd then dy Vea, ayn ta dty thy Providence has placed Chiarail daunysfagh er my hoi.

aghey. ever remember, Lhig dou dy kinjagh cooin- . that the Night cometh, when aghtyn, Dy vel yn Die cheet, no Man can work ; and that tra nagh vod Dooinney erbee now is the Time, in which I gobbraghey; as dy nee nith y to provide for Eternity. Traa, dy chiarail cour y Vea

veayn. Grant, gracious God, that Giall, Yee ghraysoil, nagh

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Let me



Hear me,

no worldly Pleasures, no jean Eung erbee seibltagh, cur worldly Business may ever orrym's dy bragh y Baase y make me lose the sight of chur ass my Chooinaghtyn, ny Death, or forget the Dangers jarrood ny Dangeyryn ta cruinthat surround us.

aghey mygeayrt-y-mooin. Fill my Heart with the Lhieen my Chree leh AtDread of thy Judgements chim roish ny Briwnyffyn shen prepared for impenitent Sin- ta kiarit cour Peccee vee-arners, and my Soul with a Sense ryliagh, as my Annym lefh ny of the Blessings which will Bannaghtyn fhen vees y Leagh be the Reward of all them thickyr ocfyn ooilley ta graih. that love Thee, and obey agh ort, as cur Biallys da dty thy Laws.

Leighyn. O Heavenly Claiht rhym, 0 Ayr FlauFather, not according to nyffagh, cha nee cordail rish my imperfect Petitions, but my Accanyn giare - huhtagh, according to the Meaning agh cordail rith flane Bree yn of that holy Prayer, which Phadjer chafherick shen, ta thy beloved' Son hath taught dry Vac graihagh er n'ynsaghus.

Our Father which art in Ayr ain, t'ayns Niau :---CaHeaven : Hallowed be Therick dy row dty Ennym.---thy Name.Thy Kingdom Dy jig dey Reeriaght.....Dty come.

- Thy Will be done Aigney dy row jeant er y in Earth, as it is in Hea- | Thalloo, myr te ayns Niau.---ven. Give us this Day Cur dooin nyn Arran jiu as our daily Bread :---And for- gagh-Haa.---As leih dooin nyn give us our Trespasses, as Loghtyn, myr ta thin leih we forgive them that tres-dauelyn ta jaanoo Loghtyn pass against us. And lead nyn 'oi.--- As ny leeid Thin ayns us not into Temptation :--- Miolagh :----- Agh livrey thin But deliver us from Evil, veih Olk. --Son lhiat's y Ree

For thine is the King- riaght, as y Phogar, as y dom, and the Power and Ghloyr, son dy bragh as dy the Glory, for ever and ever. bragh. Amen. Amen.

ey dooin.


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Every thoughtful Perfon, be- Dy chooilley Phersoon taftagh, , fore be lietb down to sleep, roish my lhie eb jbeese dy will put himself under the

cbadley, vereb bene fo Protection of God, wbo Coadey lee, ta curmale giveth bis Angels Charge Ainleyn lejh Kiarail e Chloan concerning bis Elect, to pre- reibt, dy choadey ad veib serve them from the Pow

Posaraghyn o Dorraghys, ers of Darkness, from the

veib Gaueghyn ny Hoie, as Dangers of the Night, and veih dy chooilley Lbag-baghfrom all fad Accidents.




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3 and

HAT it hath pleased ON dy gooidsave lesh Jee

God to add another dy choyrt Laa elley gys Day to the Years of my Bleeantyn my Vea, as dy Life, and that he hath kept vel eh er my reayll veih Gaue

me from the Dangers of an ghyn Seihll mee-chrauee :---Sevil World :-For these Son ny Myghinyn shoh, as son

, for all his Mer ooilley e Vyghinyn veih Laa “cies from Day to Day be- gy Laa er ny ghiootal orrym,

stowed upon me, I bless his ta mee bannaghey e Ardgood and gracious Provi- chiarail vie as ghraysoil, dy dence, most earnestly be- teer jeean guee er dy leih dou seeching him to pardon my my Pheccaghyn son у

Laa t'er Offences of the Day past, n'gholl shaghey, as dy ghialand to grant that they may dyn, nagh n'irree ad dy bragh never rise up in Judgment réole ayns Briwnys m'ói. against me. Сс


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