Let one standing read, or say Lhig da Persoon hasoo as lhaih

devoutly what followeth, ny gra dy crauee ny Goan the rest of the Family at- poh, as y Chooid elley jeh'n tending

Lught-thie geaishtagh.
Y the Favour of God, Iorish Foayr Yee ta shin

to the

er heet gys Toshiaght ny Evening of this Day ; Hoie ihoh; as ta shin and we are so much nearer wheesh fhen sniefsey gys nyn our latter End.

Laa jerrinagh. Let

us seriously consider Lhig dooin shoh y ghoaill this, and pray God to fit us gys nyn Gree, as guee er Jee for the Hour of Death. thin y yannoo aarloo fon Oor






y Vaailh.


and pray

Let with penitent Lhig dooin lesh Creeaghyn Hearts beseech him to par- arrysfagh guee ersyn dy leih don our Sins; and to de dooin nyn Beccaghyn, as dy liver

us from the Evils livrey fhin veih ny Huilk shen, which we have justly deserved |ta fhin dy cairagh er hoilchin.

Let us resolve to amend Lhig dooin goaill ayns Lauc where we have done ani's, dy Lhiallaghey Cre-erbee ta

God that liis Thin er n'yannoo ass y Raad, Grace may ever be with us. as Padjer y yannoo gys Jee dy

vode Ghrayle've kinjagh ma

rin. And that

As dy vod mayd ve fauchey fafe , under his Protection, fo yn Choadey echeyfyn, odwho alone can defend us fr. m dys ny lomarcan nyn vendeil the Powers of Darkness. veih Pooaraghyn y Dorraghys.

For all which Blellings let Son ooilley ny Bannaghtyn us devoutly pray.

Jihoh ihig dooin dy crauee Padjer y ghoaill.


may be


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Then all devoutly kneeeling, Eisht ooilley tuittym sheese er nyn det him say,

Ghlioonyn, lhig da gra, O LORD, and Heavenly Fagh, talhin goaill - rila ,

Hiarn as Ayr FlaunysFather, we acknow

O ledge thy great Goodness to dty Vieys vooar hooin, ayns us, in sparing us when we gymmyrkey lhien, tra ta thin deserye Punishment; in gi- toilchin Kerraghey; ayns cur ving us the Necessaries of dooin Cooid nyn Ymmyrch 'fy this Life ; and in setting before Vea shoh; as ayns foiaghey us the Happiness of a Bet-roin Maynrys Beá fhare

The merciful God pardon Dy leih yn Jee myghinagh our Offences; correct and nyn Loghtyn dooin; dy /maghamend what is amifs in "us,' tee eh, as dy lhiasee eh cre-er

we grow in Years, bee ta foiljagh aynin, myr 'ta we may grow in Grace ; |fhin gaafe ayns Eash, dy vod and the nearer we come to mayd gaase ayns Grayse ; as our latter End, we may be myr sniessey ta fhin tayrn gys the better prepared for it. y Jerrey 'ain, dy bee 'mayd

wheesh shen smoo aarloo er y

hon. In the midst of Life we

Ayns mean nyn Mea ta fin are in Death. Lord; grant ayns Baase. Hiarn, giall dy that these Thoughts may der y Smooinaghtyn soh or

, make us careful how we rin 've kiaralagh jeh nyn

Ymlive, that we may escape the myrkey - bea, dý vod maya bitter Pains of eternal Death. Pianyn sharroo yn Vaaish ta

dy bragh farraghtyn y hagha

ney: Take from us all Igno- Gow voïn dy chooilley rancë, Hardness of Heart, and Vee-huj: tey, Creoghys Cree, as too much Carefulness for the rouyr Imnea fon Nheeghyn y Things of this Life. Vea thoh. Make

Houshold Cur orrin ve nyn Lught-thie fearing God, submitting our- cummal ayns dty Aggle's, o selves to thy good Pleasure, Yee, biallagh gys yn Aigney and putting our whole Trust bannit ayd's, as cur nyn llane in thy Mercy

Treifhteil ayns dty Vyghin. May God, whose Kingdom Dy jean Jee, ta’n Reeriaght въ


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ruleth over all, bless our echey reill harrish ooilley, bangracious King, and such as naghey yn Ree graysoil, as adare put in Authority under fyn t'er nyn goyrt ayns Pooar Him, that they may govern fo, dy vod ad reill lelh Ynwith Truth and Justice, and rickys as Cairys, as dy vod that we, whose Duty it is thinyn, ta'n Currym ain dy to obey, may do it for Con-chur Biallys, fhen y yannoo er science-fake.

Graih Cooinfheanse. Grant that true Religion Giall dy vod Credjue firrinand Piety may be secured agh as Craueeaght ve er ny and countenanced amongst hickyraghey as cummit seofe us ; and that Impiety, Pro- ny mastain ; as dy vod Meefaneness and Infidelity, may chraueeaght, Mce-arrym da effectually be discouraged, Jee, as An-chreeftiaght, ve dy that thy Judgements may bollagh

may bollagh currit sheese,' nagh not fall upon

this finfal )jean dy Vriwnyssyn tuittym er Nation.

yn Alhoon pheccoil shoh. Continue to us, and to Freill dooinynas da dy all the Reformed Church, chooilley Agglish ta er lhialthe Means of Grace and faghey nyn Gredjue, ny Saase. Salvation. Cause that the yn dy Ghrayse as dy Haualtys. saving Truths of the Gospel Cur er Firrinys faualtaghy may be received in all the Tufhtal dy ve er ny chredjal World, and that Christians trooid ooilley yn Seihll, as may not content themselves nagh jean Creesteenyn ad hene with Shadows of Religion, y volley lesh Scadoo dy Chredbut endeavour after that jue, agh streeu dy roshtyn gys Holiness, without which no y Chasherickys fhen, n’egooifh Man must' fce the Lord. cha vod Dooinney erbee yn

Chiarn y akin. Remember, gracious God, Cooinee Yee ghrayfoil son for good all those that are o- nyn Voays, orroofyn ooilley ta ver us in the Lord, who watch harrin ayns y Chiarn, ta freayll for our Souls as they that Arrey er ny Anmeenyn ain, must give an Account ; myr adlyn fhegin Coontey y that they may give it with choyrt; dy vod ad fhen y yanJoy. We commend unto noo lesh Gerjagh. Ta shin thy tender Compaflion all I chymney gys dty Erreeifh

! . that are in Error, and fin- veigh adsyn ooilley ta fo Shaghcerely seek the Truth : -rynys, as dy creeoil briaght

All tion ;

All such as are destitute of fon yn Ynrickys :---Ooilley ad. necessary Means of Instruc- fyn nagh veloc ny Saaseyn


that are en- ymmyrchagh fon Ynsaghey; gaged in


Courses, ---Ooilley adsyn ta geiyrt er that they may have Grace Cooishyn peccoil, dy' vod and Strength to break their Grayse as Niart y ve oc dy Bonds : All that labour vrijhey nyn Gheulaghyn :--under Trials and Afflictions: Ooilley adfyn ta laadit fo Mio-All sick and dying Per- laghyn as Seaghyn ;------Dy fons, that they may omit chooilley Phersoon ching as nothing that is necessary to t'ayns raad y Vaaish, nagh jean make their Peace with Thee ad Nhee erbee y lhiggey shagh. before they die :---And all ey ta ymmyrchagh dy yannoo such as never pray for them- nyn Shee rhyt's, roish my vow selves, that they may fee, ad Baase :---As ooilley adfyn before it be too late, the nagh vel dy bragh goaill PadDanger of living without jer er nyn son hene, dy vod ad God in the World. Vouch- fakin my bee eh ro - anmagh,

an Interest in the yn Dangeyr dy ve beaghey fePrayers of thy holy Church gooish Jee ayns y Theihll. Dy throughout the World, which gooidsave lhiat Vondeilh y chur

у have been this Day offered dooinyn jeh. Padjeryn dty Agto the Throne of Grace. glish catherick trooid magh y

Theihll, ta’n Laa t'ayn jiu er ve chebbit gys y Stoyl-recoil

dy Ghrayse. Let thy Blessing, O Lord, Lhig da dty Vannaght, O be with us :

-Defend us Hiarn, ve marin :---Freill fhin from all Perils and Dangers veih dy chooilley Ghrogliof this Night : And grant haghyrt as Gaue jeh'n Wie

| " that when we depart this noght: As giall tra aagys shin Life, we may rest in Peace, y Vea fhoh, dy vod mayd Fea and' in Hope of a blessed y gheddyn ayns Shee, as ayns Resurrection, through Jesus Treifhteil jeh Irree-seose-reelht Christ our Lord. Amen. bannit veih ny Merriu, trooid

Yeesey Creeft nyu Jiarn.

safe us

HEAR us, comerciful E Aifht rooin, Xce vysch,

God, not according to


our weak Understandings, rish y Tushtey annoon ainyt, but according to the full agh cordail rith flane Bree yn meaning of that Form of Pray- Phadjer foen, ta Yeefey Creeft er which Jesus Christ hath er n'ynsaghey dooin : taught us : Our Fatber which art in Hea- Ayr ain t'aynis Niau, Gr.

ven, doc.

HE Grace of our Lord G Racerent, as Graih Yee, a


Jesus Christ, and the

Love of God, and the Shelhaght gherjoil y Spyrryd
Fellowship of the Holy Ghost, Noo, dy row marin ooilley er
be with us all evermore. fon dy bragh. Amen.



On Sunday Evening, let the Er Faltyr Jia - Doonee ibig following Prayer be added da'n Phadjer sbob heeje ve to your daily Prayers. er ny ghra marish nyn Bad

jeryn fon gagh-laa. Lmighty God, by whom EE Coilley-niartal, liort

all Things were made, va dagh Nhee er.ny and are preserved, give us chroo, as er ny choadey, cur Hearts to know, and Grace dooin Creeaghyn dy hoiggal

consider this, that we shoh, as Grayse dy ghoaill eh may chearfully commit our- gys nyn Greeaghyn, dy vod felves, and all that belongs mayd dy arryltagh sin hene to us, to thiy merciful Care, as ooilley ny ta bentyn rooin that we may ever look to y hymney gys yn Ard-chiarail Thee for what we want ; vyghinagli ayd's; dy vod be thankful for all thy Fa- mayd dy bragh jeeaghyn feofe

never resist thy hood's lon ny ta fhin feme, ve Dealings with us, or neglect booifal fon dty Vannaghtyn, the Means of Grace which gyn dy bragh ihassoo noi ny thy Providence affords us. i'ou dy oardagh my-nyn-gione,

Blessed be God, who ny Mee-rioose y yannoo er ny giveth us what is ever best Saaseyn dy Ghrayse, ta’n Ardfor us ; who keepeth us chiarail ayd's fordrail dooin.from Dangers, and

and hath | As bännit dy row Jee ta dy

vours :


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