Thou canst secure us in the , derrey yeh da'n jel elley.--Day of Temptation, and de- Foddee uss tendeil ihin ayns liver us from the Power of Laa yn Violaghey, as fhin y

у the Devil :-To Thee, to livrey veih Pooar y DroghThee alone, be the Glory to spyrryd:---Hood's, Hood's dry all Eternity. Amen.

lomarcan, dy row Gloyr son dy bragh. Amen.






Let some one of the Family, Lhig da Persoon ennagh jeh'n

that can read, say devout- Lught-thie oddys lhaih, gra ly what followeth, the rest

ny Goan shoh dy crauee, as y attending

chooid elley geaishtagh. HE Lord hath brought

A'N Chiarn er chur us fafe to the begin

fhin dy fauchey gys ning of this Day ; Toshiaght y Laa thoh;

у let us therefore give Thanks fhen-y-fa lhig dooin Booise y for this, and for all his choyrt son fhoh, as son ooilley Mercies.

e Vyghinyn. Let us pray, that we may Lhig dooin guee, dy vod live in the Fear of God, mayd beaghey ayns Aggle and continue in Love and Yee, as tannaghtyn ayns Graih Charity with our Neigh- as Gialtyllys rith nyn Naboo

. bours.

nyn. That his Holy Spirit may

Dy vod y Spyrryd Casherick direct and rule our Hearts, echeyfyn nyn Greeaghyn y teaching us what we ought leeideil as y reill, gynsaghey to do, and what to avoid. dooin cre lhisagh thin y yan

noo, as cre veih lhisagh shin

chea. That the Grace of God Dy vod Grayse Yee ve dy may ever be with us,

to kinjagh marin, dy niartaghey fupport us in all Dangers, Inien to, dy chooilley Ghaue,

and and carry

us through all | dy nyn ymmyrkey trooid dy Temptations.

chooilley Violagh. That the Lord' may bless Dy jean y Chiarn ooilley all our honest Endeavours, nyn Obbraghyn onneragh y and make us content with vannaghey, as fhin y yannoo what his Providence shall booiagh lesh Cre-erbee nee yn order for us.

Ard-chiarail echeyfyn goardrail

nyn gour: And that we may conti- As dy vod mayd tannaghtyn

his faithful Servants nyn Sharvaantyn firrinagh daThis Day, and our fyn yn Laa t'ayn jiu, as gys Lives End.

Jerrey nyn Seihli. For all which Blessings let Son ooilley ny Bannaghtyn us devoutly pray.

shoh lhig dooin dy crauee guee.



Then all devoutly kneeling, let Eisht ooilley tuittym fheese dy one say ;

imlee er nyn Ghlioonyn, lbig

da unnane.gra : O GOP by, whom the Yee, liort's ta’n Scihll ,

O whole World

govern- ooilley er ny reill as er ed and preserved, we give ny choadey, ța shin cur Booise Thee humble Thanks for inlee dhyt fon dty Chiarail thy Fatherly Care over us ; Ayroil barrin; guee ort dy befceching Thee to make us chur Tushtey firrinagh dooin truly fenfible of thy Mer-jeh ooilley dty Vyghinyn, as

( cies, and thankful for them. dy ve booisal er nyn fon.

Give us Grace, that we Cur dooin Grayse, dy vod may walk as in thy Sight, mayd gimmeeaght myr ayns making a Conscience of our dty Hilley's, leth Cooinfheanse Ways ;

and fearing to of- vie reill nyn Raaidyn; as goaill fend Thee, may never fall | Aggle dy chur Jymmoose ort, into the Sins we have re- nagh jyndaa mayd reesht SYS pented of.

ny Peccaghyn, er nyn son ta

fhin er ve arryflagh. Enable to resist the Niartee shin dy hassoo magh Temptations of the World, roi Miolaghyn y Theihil, yn the flesh, and the Devil , Eillas y Lrogi-spyrryd ;-- y

To follow the Motions eiyrt er Leeidellys y Spyrryd of thy good Spirit ; --To mie ayd’s ;--- Dy ve tastagh, as

, be


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be serious and holy in our crauee ayns nyn Mea ;----firrinLives ; — true and just in agh as jeeragh ayns nyn Ghelour dealings ; watchful o o lal ;---kiaralagh harrish ooilley ver our Thoughts, Words, nyn Smooinaghtyn, Goan as and Actions ; diligent in our Jannoo ;----jeidjagh ayns nyn Business ; And temperate in Obbyr, as Jheelt ayns dy all Things.

chooilley Nhee. May thy Blessing be up- Lhig da dty Vannaght've orPerfons, upon rin hene ---er nyn Laboraght,

, our Labours, upon

- our ---er nyn Gooid, as er ooilley Substance, and upon all that ny ta bentyn dooin! belongs to us!

Give us Grace, that we Cur dooin Grayse, dy vod may honestly improve all mayd dy onneragh yn Chooid the Talents which thou hast thare y yannoo jeh ooilley, ny committed to Trust : Talentyn t'ou er hreifhteil ora

And that no worldly rin : - As nagh jean Obbyr erBusiness, no 'worldly Plea- bee feihltagh, ny Eunyssyn fures, may divertus from feihltagh erbee thin y chleaynthe Thoughts of the Life to ey veih fmooinaghtyn er y

ta ry heet, Make

sensible and Cur orrin dy ve toiggalagh thankful for all thy Favours jeh as booisal fon ooilley dty --and mindful of the Wants Chenjallys,- -as Ennaghtyn y of others.

ve ain fon Egin ny Ymmyr

chee. By thy mighty Power de- Liorish dty Phooar niartal fend us in all the Affaults jean thin y endeil ayns dy of our Enemies : And grant chooilley Hoiaghey orrin jeh that this Day we fall into nyn Noidyn; As giall nagh

Sin, neither into duitt mayd jiu ayns Peccah any kind of Danger ; but erbee, chamoo nagh roie mayd that all our Doings may be ayns Monney erbee dy Ghaue ; ordered by thy Governance, agh dy vod ooilley nyn to do always that is righte- 9 noo ve oardrit liorish dty reills, ous in thy Siglit.

dy yannoo dy bragli ihen ta

cairal ayns dty Hiiley. May our gracious God Dy der nyn Yee graysoil give us what is needful for dooin cre-erbee ta ymmyrchus, and Grace not to abule | agh er nyn lon, as Grayle nagh




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his Favours ; and, withal, jean mayd Drogh-ymmyd y give us contented Minds! yannoo jeh e Vannagntyn; as

myrgeddin dy der eh' dooin Aignaghyn dy ve booiagh lelh

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ny ta ain!

Give us in this World

Dy der eh dooin 'fy Theihll the Knowledge of his Truth, shoh Tuhtey jeh e Ynrickys, and in the World to come as ayns y Theihll ta ry heet y Life everlasting ! Amen. Vea dy bragh farraghtyn! Amen. EAR


Lasht rooin, o Yee, cha

nee cordail rish y Tushtey Understanding, but accord- annoon ainyn, agh cordail rish ing to the full Meaning of flane Bree y Phadjer fhen ta that Form of Prayer which Yeesey Creeft er n'ynsaghey Jesus Christ hath taught us ;



H according to our weak


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Cain ; Hallowed sherick dy row dty Enbe thy Name. Thy King-nym. Dy jig dty Reeriaght.

i . dom come. Thy Will be Dty Aigney dy row jeant er y done in Earth, as it is in Thalloo, myr te ayns Niau. Heaven. Give us this Day Cur dooin nyn · Arran jiu as our daily Bread. And for- gagh-laa. As leih dooin nyn give us our Trespasses, as Loghtyn, myr ta thin leih we forgive them that tres- dauesyn ta jannoo Loghtyn nyn pass against us. And lead 'oi. As ny leeid ihin ayns us not into Temptation. But Miolagh; Agh livrey fhin veih deliver us from Evil ; For Olk. Son lhiat's y Reeriaght, thine is the Kingdom, and as y Phooar, as y Ghloyr, fon the Power, and the Glory, dy bragh as dy bragh. Amen. for ever and ever. Amen.

HE Grace of our Lord GRayfe nyn Jiarn Yereve

, as Love of God, and the Fel-Sheshaght gherjoil y Spyrryd lowfhip of the Holy Ghost Noo dy row marin ooilley er

evermore. fon dy bragh. Amen.

us all

be with Amen.


On Sunday Morning, let the Er Moghrey Jia-doonee lhig following Prayer be added to

da'n Phaujer joh heese ve er your daily Prayers.

ny ghra marilh nyn Badjer. yn fon gagh-laa.


fecrated this good Day O Hiarn, t'er chatherickey


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LORD, who hast con

yn Laa mie shoh gys dty to thy Service, give us Hirveilh hene, cur Grayse Grace so to observe it, that dooinyn myr shen dy reayll eh, it may be the Beginning of dy vod eh ve Toshiaght Shiagha happy Week to us; and tin vannee dooin; as nagh that none of thy Judge duitt veg jeh dty Vriwnyflyn

may fall upon us orrin son y vrijhey eh. Soie for profaning it. Fix in our ayns nyn Greeaghyn yn Raa Hearts this great Truth, mooar firrinaghihoh, Nagh that here we have no abiding vel ain ayns shoh Innyd-vaghee Place, that we may seriously i tannaghtyn erbée, dy vod mayd and timely provide for ano- dy creeney as ayns Traa kiarther Lite; and grant that ail fon Bea elley; as giall dy this great Concern may make vod yn Obbyr vooar shoh cur us very desirous to learn orrin ve feer aggindagh dy yna our Duty, and to do what Jaghey nyn Gurrym, as dy yan. thou requirest of us. And noo ny t'ou uss dy harey dooin. blessed be God, that we As bannit dy row Jee, dy vel have Churches to go to; Kialteenyn ain dy haaghey; that we have Time to serve | Dy vel Traa aindy hirveifh our Creator ; that we have nyn Ver-c100; Dy vel BoPaltors to teach us. The chillyn-anmey ain dy nyn ynLord prosper their Labours, faghey. Dy bilhee yn Chiarn and give us Grace to profit yn Laboraght oc, as dy der eh by them; that they ani we Grayse dooinyn dy gheddyn may enjoy an

an everlasting Vondeish lioroo; dy vod adSabbath with thy Saints in fyn as shinyn Doonaght vees Heaven, for Jesus ' Christ's dy bragh farraghtyn y chofSake, Amen.

ney, marilh dty Nooghyn ayns Niau, fon Graih Yeesey Creeft. Amen.


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