* St. Luke xxü. 19. Do this; * Noo Luke xxii. ig. Feana in Remembrance of me, jee shoh ayns Cocinaghty


0 Good Saviour, I will

; Haualeagh ris neem; I ,


trooid dty. Ghrayfe, this in Remembrance of thee, y yannoo ayns Cocinag htyn jeeda and in Obedience to thy as ayns Biallys da dty Harey, Command, as well as I am cha mie as oddym. able.

I do therefore this good Ta mee er-y-fa frien yn Lad Day join in Desire and Spi- mie t'ayn jiu lhiantyn ayns rit, with every christian Yeearree as Spyrryd, rith dy Congregation in the World, chooilley Helhaght chreeftec which truly celebrates this 'fy Theihil, ta dy firrinagh holy Myitery

freayll feofe Cooinaghtyn jeh'n

Folliaght casherick ihoh. With them I join in gi- Maroofyn ta mee lbiantyn ring my devoutest Thanks ayns coyrt my Vooife fmoo to thy Almighty Father, crauee da dty Ayr Ooilley and our gracious God, who niartal, as da nyn Yec grayfu did not overlook loft Man-foil, nagh ren beg y hoiaghey kind, but fent Thee his on- jeh Sheelnaue cailjey, agh hug ly Son, to redeem us. Ufs e ynrycan Vac, dy livrey

shin. With them. I call to Re- Maroofyn ta mee gimraa er membrance what thou haft ny t'ou uss er n'yannos as er

• We do not want Examples * Cha vel fhio fegooith Sampleyta for recommending this Spiritual yo ta foiaghey roïn Vondeithya Gommienion. The learned and pi. Chrestiaght Spirydoil fhoh. Yo Af ous Bishop TAYLOR ;- The wor pick y sit as crauee TAYLOR ;- Ya thy and ingenious Author of the Dooinney feeu as toiggalagh rea Unbloody Sacrifice ;–The devout içrieu jeh'n Oural ggn foalley ;-..

.. Yn Author of the Spiritual Combat, Dooinney ren fcrieu jeh'n Chaggega &c have proposed fonie fuch Spyrrydoll, &c. ta er hoiaghey rond Help as this, for the Use and lheid y Chirvei:

hthon, fon Ymmyd Comfort of those devout Souls, as Gerjaghey ny Haomeenyn crauee who are deprived of this holy then, nagh vel oc Vondeilh y Sacra. Sacrament in the Church. And meot catherick shoh 'fy Cheeill. As to thofe we are indebted for this vouefyn ta mee er n'yosaghey yn Intimation, de,

Choýrle fhoh, &c.





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done and suffered for us ;- hurranse er nyn fon ;----Dty Thine Incarnation, a-thy laGhoaill ort nyn Ghooghys

foalley, borious Life,-thy bitter Paf- -----Dty Vea gheinagh ----Dry Jion,-thy Death and Refur- Hurranse Marroo---Dty Vaase reftion, The great Deli- as dty Irree-seose-reesht veih ny verance thou hast thereby Merriu,.--Yn Livrey-ys inooar wrought for all Mankind; t'ou liorish fhen er n'obbraghand the Obligations Thou hast ey son ooilley Sheelnaue, as ny laid upon us.

Kianglaghyn dy Aigney-mie t'ou

er choyrt fhin foue. : I acknowledge and Ta mee goaill rhyt as loiceive Thee, O Jefus, as our aghey jeed, O Teefey, myr nyn heavenly Teacher ;---as our | Ver-ynsee flaunysagh; myr uyn Example and Pattern ; as Sampleyr as Tuaryftal; myr our only Mediator and Ad- nyn ynrycan Sheealtagh as Car. vocate with God; and as rey rith Jee :---As myr Ard. the sovereign Judge of all I vriw ooilley Sheelnaue. Mankind.

With thy Church I join Ta mee goll marish dty Age in pleading the Merits of glish ayns lhiaffaghey Toilchinthy

all-fufficient Sacrifice ys dty Oural Ņane fondagh rish with thy eternal Father.- dty Ayr dy bragh beayn.---Ta I rely upon that Sacrifice mee cur my Varrant er yn Oufor the Pardon of all my ral shen. fon Leih ooilley my Sins ;--for the Asistance of Pheccaghyn ;---..--Son Cooney the Divine Grace; -for dty Ghrayle Flaunysagh ;---Deliverance from the Cor- Son Livrey-ys veih Neu-ghlenruption of my own Nature, nid my Ghooghys hene, as and from the Malice and veih Goanlys as Ribbaghyn y Snares of the Devil ; -for Drogh - Spyrryd ; ----Son Shethe Fellowship of the Holy haght y Spyrryd Noo,---as son Ghost, ---and for a blessed Irree-reesht bannit veihny Resurrection, the Lord Al- Merriu, er-yn-oyr dy vel y mighty, for thy fake, being Chiarn ooilley - niartal er dry reconciled unto me.

Ghraih's, coardit rhym. I devote my Spirits, Soul Ta mee casherickey my and Body, to Thee and to Spyrryd, my Annym as my thy Service: beseeching Thee Challin, hoods as gys dty Hirto give me Grace, never I veilh: guee ort dy chur Grayse



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7 wilfully to depart from thy | dov, syn dy bragh jeh my Laws.

Yioin dy hreigeil dty Leighyn. I join with thy Church, and Ta mee goll marifh dty Ag. plead the Merits of thy Sacri- glish, as liafraghey Toilchin. fice for all Estates and Con- ys dty Oural son dy chooilley ditions of Men t; that none Horch as Stayd dy Leih ti may deprive themselves of nagh jean feallagh erbee ad that Happiness which thou hene y ghiarey magh veih'n hast purchased by thy Death: Vaynrys then t'ou uss er chofFor all Christian Kings ney dooin liorish dty Vaase:-

. and Governors ; -For all Son dy chooilley Ree as KianBishops and

and Pastors, that neart Creestee ; ---son dy chooil. they may preserve the fa- ley Afpick as Bochill-anmey, dy cred Rites committed to vod ad freayll seose ny

Oartheir Trust ;--for all that daghyn casherick ta currit er

strive to propagate the Gof- nyn Gurrym ;-. --Son oclyn pel ; ---for a primitive Zeal ooilley ta jeidjagh ayns cur diy in all that fear thy Name; Huhtal er y hoshiaght ;---Son ---for all that fit in Dark- Graib jecan ny chied Chreelnefs, are in Error, or are teenyn ayndoofyn ooilley ta destitute of the necessary goaill Aggle roiih dty Ennym; Means of Instruction ;---for ---Son adlyn ooilley ta foie all that sincerely seek the ayns Dorraghys, ayns ShaghTruth; for all Sinners, rynys, as nagh vel oc ny Saale. that they may have Grace yn ymmyrchagh dy Ynlaghey; and Strength to break their ---Son ooilley ny ta dy crecoil Bonds ;---for all that are in shirrey lon yn Ynrickys;----Adversity ; ------for all

all that Son dy chooilley Ghrogh-yansuffer wrongfully, or that are tagh, dy vod Grayse as Niart deprived of their juft Rights ; ve oc dy vrijhey nyn Gheu. --for all that are in Pain laghyn ;-----son ooilley ny ta of Body, or Anguish of Mind | ayns Arkys ;---Son ooilley ny und Spirit ;-for all that are ta furranse dy aggairagh, ny tempted, in Danger ta giarit jeh nyn yarroo Chair;


t i Mac, xii, 1. We do re- t 1 Mac. xii. 1. Ta fhio cooiamember you in our Sacrifices and aghyn erriu ayns nyo Ourallyo as is our Prayers, as Reason is, and ayns aya Badjerya, myr ta Oyr, as as it becomes' as to think upon our myr le cheet jelh dooio dy mooinBrethren,

aghtya er nyo Mraaraghya.


of falling into Despair ;-) ---Son ooilley ny ta ayns Pian

... for all that are in Slavery, Corp, ny Angais Aigney as under Perfecution, in Prison, Spyrryd---Son ooilley ny ta fo or in Poverty ;- for all Miolaghey, ny ayns Caue tuit. Persons and Places in Dil- tym fo Mee-breishteil ;---Son trets by the Sword, Perti- ooilley ny ta ayns Bondiaght, Tence or Famine ;--for all fo Tranlaaje, ayng Pryffoon, ny that are in their last Sick. ayns Boghiynid, --Son dy chooil. nefs, that they may omit ley Phersoon as dy chooilley nothing that is necessary to Ynnyd t'ayns Seaghyn liorish y make their Peace with God; Chliwe, Paitt, ny Gortey;

for all Widower and Son ooilley ny ta ayns nyn fatherless Children ;


--for Jingys jerninagh, nagh lhig ad all that call upon God, and thaghey Nhee erbee ta ymhave none elfe to help them; myrchagh dy yannoo nyn Shee

for this Land, and this rith Jee ;--Son dy chooilley Church, that the Lord may Ven-treoghe as Cloan gyn Ayr; avert the Judgments which ---Son ooilley ny ta geamagh we justly deserve ;--for er Jee; nas nagh; vel unnane our Friends, our Relations, arragh oç dy chooney Thieu; or Benefactors, and for our ---Sony Cheer as yn Agglish

Enemies; for all that have thoh, dy vod y Chiarn chyndaa defired our Prayers, and for voin ny Kerraghyn ta thin dy the whole myftical Body of cairal dy hoiichin.;---Son nyn Chrift: - Beseeching the Gaarjyn, as nyn Slejb-maoinjeAlmighty God, the Creator rey, ny Mialtee, as son nyn Noid- . and Redeemer of all, to yn ;---Son ooilley ny t'er yeeare have Mercy upon all whoin ree ny Padjeryn ain, as fon he has made and redeemed, Mane Corp ipyrrydoil Chreeft , and 'to give unto all Grace ---Guce er Jee Ooilley-niartal, and Help, according to the yn Fer-crop as y Fer-kionnee Neceflities they labour un-lain ooilley, dy yannoo Myghin der, for thy fake, 0 orroofyn ooilley t'eh er chroo

1 Lord Jesus ; to whom, with: as er chionnaghey, as dy chur the Father and the Holy dauę ooilley Grayle as Cooney, Ghoit, be all Honour and rere yn Egin t'ad lhie fo---er

dty Ghraih's, OʻHiarn Yeefey; Hood, marilh yn Ayr as y Spyrryd Noo, dy row dy chooilley Onnor as Gloyr,


Glory, Dominion and Pow. Barriaght as Poorr, er fon dy er, for ever.

bragh. Amen.



Bun ás BREE



HEN we consider the Tocinaghtyner y Traa


dy dowiņ WHF ans are taught to say this ta Creefteenyn er nyn ynsaghPrayer, we lhall have Rea- ey dy ghra yn Phadjer fhoh, son to fear that too many bee Oyr ain dy ghoaill Aggle continue repeat it all dy vel rouyr jeu tannaghtyn their Lives, with as little dy ghra ee ooilley Laghyn nyn Consideration, Understanding, Mea, lesh chiart cha beg dy and Devotion, as they first Haltey, dy Hoiggal, as dy "learned it.

Chraueeaght, as ren ad Hothiaght y ynfaghey ee.

у This will make a short Ver shoh er Ynsaghey giare and plain Paraphrase on this as aashagh, fon Toiggal Bree Prayer both useful and ac- yn Phadjer shoh, ve chammah ceptable to such as det re vondeishagh as booisal da lheid understand what they as ta gecarree dy 'hoiggal cre

t'ad goaill Padjer er y hon.


pray for.

Our Father which art in


Ayr ain t'ayns Niau.



Befeech thee, Heaven: TA mee queen ort 0 Ayr

ly Father, not for myself Flaunyslagh, eha nee er only, but for all thy Chil. my hon hene ny lomarcan, agh dren, That we may all son ooilley dty Chloan, --Ďy live worthy of the - Relation vod mayd ooilley beaghey which we

bear to Thee : cooie jeh'n Chaardys ta thin That we may not fin, know- ayn dhyt's: Nagh gean māyd

we are accounted) Peccah, toiggal dy vet fhin benthine ; nor wilfully offend so tyn hood's ; ny jeh nyn Yibin great, so good, fo tender a jannoo-nai Aigney Ayr ta cha Father. But that we may ooalle, cha mie, as cha dooie.


ing that

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