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have received, URG dhyt v'er ghoaill y and are returned to your Chreestiaght, as er hynSeat, you may (as you have daa gys dty Seat, foddee oo, Time) continue your De (myr ta Traa ayd) goll er dty votions.

hoshiaght lesh dty Phadjeryn. And remember, that now As cooinee, dy nee niso y is the proper Season to beg of Traa cair dy ghuee gys Jee fon God the Graces and Blesings ny Grayseyn as ny Bannaghtyn you most desire ; whether for smoo t'ou dy yeearree; edyr Yourself,for your Friends, Dhyt hene ----da dty Chaarjyn,

--or for your Enemies, who ny da dty Noidyn, ad lhisagh dy should always have a Place in kinjagh v'er nyn enmys ayns your Prayers.

dty Phadjeryn. And be not

As ny bee ayns veg yn ImConcern for suitable Words nea fon Goan cooie dy hoilto make known the Desires shaghey Yeearreeyn dty Chree. of your Heart.God is our She Jee nyn Ayr, as toiggee eh Father, and will understand Smooinaghtyn e Chlienney, ga his Childrens Meaning, how-, nagh vel eh cheet lhieu dy floaoil ever imperfectly expressed. dy ockley magh ad.--Ta fys ayd .... You know how the humakys va'n Publican imlee er ny


under any

ble Publican was heard, tho' chlafhtyn, ga nagh dooyrt eh he said no more than-----God arragh agh---Dy row Jee mygh. be merciful unto me a Sinner. inagh dooys my, Ghooinney

peccoil. The following Scriptures, Nee ny Scriptyryn ta mee and the Meditations upon nish cur royd, as yn Ynsaghey them, may help your Devo- cheet voue, cooney lelh dty tions, either now, or at any Phadjeryn, edyr nith ny Traa other Time, to obtain the erbee elley, dy chofney ny Graces you stand in need of; Grayseyn ta Feme ayd orroo ; ---To preserve in your Heart ---Dy reayll ayns dty Chree a Spirit of Piety ; ------Or to Spyrryd dy Chraueeaght ;----keep in your Mind the Vows Er-nonney dy chummal ayns that are upon you.

dty Aigney ny Breearraghyn t'ou foue.

A short Form of Thankf- Aght

giving to

ghiare dy Hoyrt.

Booise *

i Theff. v. 18. In every thing 1 Thess. v. 18. Ayns dy chooil. give Thanks ; for this is the ley Nhee cur-jee Booise ; fon Will of God.

she shob Aigney Yee. O

Lord and Father, I am Hiarn as Ayr, cha vel

not worthy of the least of mee feeu jeh'n Chooid all the Mercies which thou floo jeh ooilley ny Myghinyn haft shewed thy Servant ; nei- t'ou er hoilshaghey er dty Har.. ther can I render due Thanks vaant; chamoo oddym Booise

+ If Christians would but accuf. * Dy jinnagh Creesteenyo agh ad tom themselves to tender to God the hene y chliaghtey dy choyrt da Jee Glory of his Mercies ;--To take Gloyre Vyghinyo ;---Dy ghoaill TalNotice of, and to give him Thanks tey jeh, as dy chur Booile da son, ny for, the many Favours, Deliverances, ymmodee Foayryn, yo Livrey-ys, dy Vifitations, or Chastisements they every Kerraghyn, nyd Smaghtaghey, ta dagh Day meet with, they would molt Laa cheet nya Raad, yinoagh ad er surely engage the Divine Goodness fon Shickyrys colaey er Mieys as Ardand Providence to multiply thole chiarail Flaunysfagh Yee dy vilhaghey Biellings upon them, which they put orroo ny Baonaghtyn Then, t’ad dy a Stop to by their Ingratitude. Thiettal voue bene liorilh aya Neu.



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and Praise for them ; but, o as Moylley cooie y choyrt er God, accept of this my Sacri- nyn fon; agh, ò Yee, jean

0 fice of Praise and Thanksgi. Soiaghey 'yannoo jeh ihoh ving.----For this, and for all my Qural dy Voylley as dy thy known and unobserved Hoyrt-booise.---Er son shoh, as Favours of Nature and of er fon ooilley dty Chenjallys Grace, I bless thy good Pro. er-fys as gyn-yss dy Ghooghys vidence; beseeching Thee to as dy Ghrayle, ta mee cur pardon 'my Ingratitude, and Bannaght da dty Ard-chiarail that I have passed so many vie; guee ort dy leih dou my Occasions without observing Neu-vooise, as son dy vel meę

and without acknowledging thy er lhiggey shaghey whilleen great Goodness to thy un-Kayrt fegooish Geill, y. choyrt worthy Servant. For when da, as fegooish Goaill-risb, dty I consider my Dependence upon Vieys vooar gys dty Harvaanç Thee. --for my Lifc,-----for neu-feeu.-----Son tia ta mee my Preservation ---for my finooinaghtyn dy nee ort ta my

, Redemption, and for the varrant,---fon my Vioys ---son Means of Grace and Salva- my Choadey,---fon my Livreytion which thou hast afforded lys veih Peccah,----as son ny me, I cannot but be very Saafeyn dy Ghrayse as dy Hauthankful.----- Ås long therefore altys t'ou er stowal orrym,

cha as I live, I will praise Thee---- voddym gyn ve feer vcoisal.--Glory be to God my Crea- Shen-y-fa choud as vee'm bie, tor, Glory be to JESUS nice’n 00 y voylley---Gloyr dy my. Redeemer,---Glory berow gys Jee my Er-crooge-----to the Holy Ghost my Gloyr dy row gys YE E SE Y my Sanctifier, my Guide, and Haualtugh.---Gloyr dy row gys Comforter. All

All Love, all y SPYRRYD Noo ta dy my Praise and Glory bé to God caskerickey, dy my lceideil, as Most High. Amen. dy my zhorjaghey.---Dy chooil

ley Ghraill, dy chooilley Voylley as Gloyr dy row gys y jee smoo Syrjey. Amen.

St. John xvi. 23. Verily, ve- Noo Ean xvi. 23. Dy fir

rily, I say unto you, What- rinagh, firrinagh, ta mee gra focver ye shalt of the Fa- riu, Cre-erbee hirrys shiu er yn ther in my Name, He will! Ayr ayns yn Ennym ayni's, dy give it your

der eh diu eh.









N all Humility, o Heaven | Adyr Flaunyssaglı, ta

YNS chooilley Injillid, ly Father, I lay Claim to this 'thy Son's most faithful mea cur stiagh fon Cairys gys Promisë, confirmed by his y Ghialdyn smoo firrinagh shoh Oath-In his Name, and jeh dty Vac, jeant shickyr dooin for his fake, I beseech Thee liorish e Vreearrey.----Ayns yn to give to me an Heart tru. Ennym echeyfyn, ly senâble of his great Love Ghraih, ta mee guee ort dy in paying the Debt due, by chur dou Cree leth Ennaghtyn

to thy divine Justice; firrinagh jeh e Ghraih vooar and grant that the Merits of ayns geeck y Feeaghyn, va orhis Death and Sacrifice may rym's dy eeck, da dty Chairys not be lost upon me. faunysfagh; as giall 'nagh bee

Toilchinys y Vaase as yn Oural

echey caillit orrym's. Give me a saving Faith Cúr dou Credjue as Tushtey and Knowledge ; -X sincere oddys my hauail ; Graih firLove for thee, and for thy rinagh orts, as er dty Ghoo holy Word ;---An hearty De-catherick ;---Ieearree creeoil dy fire to please Thee ;---A Fear dty wooiys ;--- Aggle dy chur of offending Thee ;----A Zeal Jymmoose ort ;---Graih jeean for thy Glory; and a great da dty Ghloyr; as Arrym Regard for every thing that mooar da dy chooilley Nhee belongs to thee.

ta bentyn dhyt. • Give me such a Love for Cur dou lheid y Ghraih da my Neighbcur as thou hast my Naboo as t'ou er harey : commanded : a due Regard Arrym cooie dauefyn t'er my for my Betters, and an utter skyn, as Dwoaie firrinagh da Abhorrence of all manner of dy chooilley Vonney dy VolteyrFraud, Injustice and Wrong. y's, dy Vee-chairys, as dy Aggair. Give' me' a a tender Con

Cur dou Ccoirfiscanje veigh, science, a meek and quiet Spi- Spyrryd mecn as feagh, Aigney rit, a charitable, an hunible, ghiastyllagh, imiee, as buviag 42 and a contented Mind.

1cjh iny Stayd lene.
Give me
a just Serse of

Cur dou Ennagktyn firrinaz ! my own Infirmities, a Dread jeh my Annocin.dyn liene, atof Sensual Pleasures, a Pow- chim roish Eurzyslyn ny koaler over my Appetites, and a ley, Pocar harruin


YecarFear of the World an. its reeyn, as Aigle jeh yn. Seilill, Idols.

as e Yallonn.


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Leave me not to my own Ny faag mee dy reih er Choices Keep me from my hon hene ---Freill mee veih Pride, and from presumptious Moyrn, as veih Roonid Peccah; Sins ; — From wicked Prin- ---Veih Drogh - chredjue,

| ciples, and wicked Company ; Drogh-hejbaght; as veih Pecand from the Vices of the caghyn y Theibll, as yn Ynnyd Age and Place I live in. raad ta mee cummal..

Make me ever mindful of Freill mee kinjagh ayns my latter End, and of the Cooinaghtyn jeh my Laa jerAccount I must one Day rinagh, as jeh'n Choontey give of my Life and of the shegin dou un Laa y choyrt Talents with which Thou shalt jeh my Vea as jeh ny Talentyn entrust me. And grant t'ou er hreifhteil orrym.---As that I may lead an innocent giall dy voddym Bea gyn-loght and a useful Life, by doing as vondeishagh y leeideil, lioGood in my Generation. rish Mie 'yannoo ayns my

Heeloghe. Take Poffeflion of


Gow my Annym ayns dty Soul, until I am restored to chummal, derrey vee'm reesht thy divine Image, from which er ny chaghlaa gys y Chaslys I am fadly fallen.

faunysfagh ayd's, veih ta mee

dy trimshagh er duittym. For these, and for all the Er nyn fon oc shoh, as son Graces I stand in need of, dy chooilley Ghrayse ta femoil I plead thy gracious Good- dou, ta mee pleadeil gys dty ness, and my Saviour's Me- Vieys ghrayfoil, as gys Toilrits and Promise to all that chings as Gialdyn my Haualtagh alk in his Name: And I dauefyn ooilley ta gecarree know thou wilt not deny ayns yn Ennym echeylyn: As me, because the very Will to ta Fys aym nagh jean oo mith ask these Mercies is from y obbal, son dy vel yn eer AigThee, and thy good Spirit. ney dy birrey ny Myghinyn Amen.

fhoh cheet void's, as veih dty Spyrryd mie. Amen.

Rom. viii. 32. He that spared Rom. viii. 32. Elyn nagh ren

not his own Son, but de- e Vac hene y haghney, agh livlivered Him up for us all, rey eh seoje eh er nyn fon ooilhow shall be not with him ley, kys nagh der eshyn dooin


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