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Νήνεμος Αία.

Νήνεμον ζητούμεν αίαν· τίς πρόεισιν ηγεμών; εσπέρα μελαντέροισι νέφεσι συσκιάζεται, πανταχή δ' έρρωγεν ακτή ναυτικούς ερειπίοις· νηνεμον τίς ημίν εις γην πρευμενώς ηγήσεται; νηνέμους ποθούμεν έδράς, παντελείς, ατέρμονας, άφθίτων καλών θ' έώα πνευμάτων ονείρατα δς γάρ έν βίου μάχαισιν έμπεδον στήση πόδα, νηνεμον φέρει προς αίαν ελπίδος φίλον γάνος χαίρε γαλα χαίρ'· ο γάρ τοι πάσι τοις δυσαθλίοις ήπιώτατος βροτοίσιν εκ θεών πεπρωμένος προσκαλεί κήρυξ, σταθείς τε δαδ' άνω κάτω τρέπων χειρί μαλθακή προφαίνει πρευμενώς ηγούμενος των πάλαι κλεινών ες ακτής νηνέμου τ' αίας πέδον.


Amantis Votum.

Somnus in tua lumina,
Pax tibi fluat in sinum :
Somnus ipse forem lubens,
Ipse Pax, ita mellea

Dum qviete potirer.


The Primrose.

Ask me why I send you here
This firstling of the infant year;
Ask me why I send to you
This primrose all bepearl'd with dew;
I straight will whisper in your ears,
The sweets of love are wash'd with tears.

Ask me why this flower doth show
So yellow, green, and sickly too;
Ask me why the stalk is weak,
And bending, yet it doth not break;
I must tell you, these discover
What doubts and fears are in a lover.

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Hark, hark, the lark at heaven's gate sings,

And Phæbus 'gins arise,
His steeds to water at those springs

On chaliced flowers that lies :
And winking marybuds begin

To ope their golden eyes;
With every thing that pretty bin;
My lady sweet, arise.


Primula Veris.

Qvaeris cur tibi muneri

Sic anni dederim primitias novi, Cur hic flos tibi venerit,

Primi veris honos, roribus emicans ?

Qvas dat delicias Amor,

Illas, crede mihi, fletubus inrigat.Qvaeris cur ita pallidus

Aegrescat viridi lumine flosculus;

Culmo cur tenero nimis

Flectatur, neqve adhuc fractus humi cadat? Haec te, crede mihi, docent Ut spes inter Amor pendeat et metus.


Surgere iam Tempus. Audisne ? caeli iam canit ad fores Alauda : iam sol deseruit torum, Et flore sub clauso latentes

Suadet eqvos reserare fontes.

Iam semiapertos pandere calthulae
Gaudent ocellos : qvidqvid amat Venus
Iam surgit: O tandem morantes
Discutias, mea vita, somnos.

R. S.

To the Redbreast.

Unheard in summer's flaring ray,

Pour forth thy notes, sweet singer,
Wooing the stillness of the autumn day;
Bid it a moment linger,

Nor fly
Too soon from winter's scowling eye.

The blackbird's song at eventide,

And her's who gay ascends,
Filling the heavens far and wide,
Are sweet; but none so blends

As thine
With calm decay and peace divine.



B. This is no answer, thou unfeeling man,

To excuse the current of thy cruelty. S. I am not bound to please thee with my answer. B. Do all men kill the things they do not love? S. Hates any man the thing he would not kill ? B. Every offence is not a hate at first. S. What, wouldst thou have a serpent sting thee twice?


Ad Rubeculam.
O qvae muta sedes, sol ubi fervidis
Aestivum radiis occupat aera,
Nunc, arguta volucris,
Desuetum repara melos,


Auctumniqve diem compositam tuis
Capta carminibus, ne nimium cito
Torvae lumina brumae

Formidans fugiat retro.

Sub noctem merulae suave sonant modi;
Nec non suave sonant illius illius,
Qvae summas petit auras

Et lati spatia aetheris
Inplet laetitia: neutra tamen mihi
Tam morti placidae consona, tam piae
Concordare videtur
Paci qvam tua carmina.

Β. Β.


Β. Αλλ' ουδε τούτο τούπος, ώ σκληρόν κάρα,

λύει σε μη ουχί λήμαθώπευτον κλύειν. Σ. ου δεί με φωνείν πάντα σοι προς ηδονήν. Β. έκτεινε γάρ τις ευθέως α μη φίλ' ή; Σ. ήχθηρε γάρ τις ταύθ' & μη κτείνειν θέλει και Β. ου πάν γε νεϊκος εις άπαξ έχθραν φύει. Σ. δις γάρ συ πληγείης αν εξ όφεως εκών;

T, C. B.


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