tended so earnestly about what was appa- remarkable circumstance that occurred at rently so indifferent. They told me, the recantation of N. -n, of which you that each party was afraid of having published an account in your Number their friend put down last: the conse- for April. The anxiety he then maniquence of wbich would be, that whoever fested for his wife has been gratified, and was last, would be drawing water to the she has since renounced 'popery, together souls in Purgatory, until some corpse with her daughter, fan intelligent girl, at was interred.'

Rathbarron in this county: the child's There is a village about five miles from education nt a scriptural school, was the Limerick, called Patrick's-well. It de. first thing that directed the attention of rives its name from a well dedicated to her parents to the Bible.- Mrs. Fry when the titular saint. Over the well a slab is here had an interview with some of the erected with the usual likeness of St. Pa- converts; Mr. Gurney and she, catechitrick on it. If you stay in this village sed them at length, as to their knowledge for a little time, you will see numbers of of Scripture, and the origin of their people bend themselves in a posture of doubts as to the truth of popery-their profound reverence and adoration oppo- answers surprised and delighted all presite the slab, when they pass and repass sent: altogether, it was a scene such as on the road. These are facts to attest is rarely witnessed:-“Friends, ” Me. what the genius of popery is : they are thodists, Churchmen and converted Romentioned to shew how much a reform is manists, -- Englishinen and Irishmen, still wanting in the Church of Rome, meeting on a subject so interesting, and notwithstanding all we have heard in the under circumstances so uncommon, in present day of her comparative purity. any but an age of similar wonders, would Limerick.

VIATOR. have been remembered long. Mr. Gur

ney, in a discourse, delivered about an Sligo. The following is an extract of hour after the above interview, ata religia letter just received from a correspondent ous public meeting, spoke of his delight at in Sligo_" The work is going on here, what he had witnessed.

The clergy although of course, it will

be slow for á of this town are preaching courses of time: the Scripture Readers' Society controversial sermons which are well atgoes on well- and by the way, it may tended; and a similar course is soon to be worth mentioning that this Society is be commenced at Rathbarron; the mithe first of the kind established in Ire. nister of that place has invited the priest land, having been before the Reformation to send his flock, and promises in turn, Society at Cavan Schools are the most to advise his people to go to chapei to powerful agent. You may recollect the hear controversy."

VIEW OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS. The public attention has been much mine whether the Ministry have calcuengaged by the completion of the Minis- lated justly on the Royal strength. In terial arrangements. It has at length our own country, the Reformation probeen announced that they are finally ceeds, though without attracting as much settled; and as Lord Lansdowne and of the public attention as at an earlier many others of his side of the House bave period-on this we had always calculated. joined Mr. Canning, a larger proportion Dublin has been a good deal disturbed by of Whig principles seems to be infused the circumstance of the College Election. into the Ministry, than appears to bave Mr. Croker, the Secretary of the Admibeen previously contemplated. We con- ralty, has been returned as representfess, while we disclaim party spirit, that ative for the University, in opposition we would regard any event depriving to Mr. North and Sergeant Lefroy. the country of the advantages of Mr. Without meaning to impugn the Peel's talents and zeal, as a public mis- respectability of that gentleman, we fortune, and we trust an arrangement by must confess our regret that Trinity Colwhich he may again be devoted to the lege has selected an absentee in preferservice of his country, is not far off. We ence to a resident, and one unacquainted are glad to find be has not deserted the with, and apparently indifferent to the important line of duty which he had progress of Religion, and Scriptural Educhosen for himself, that of a reform of cation in Ireland, rather than one who the Criminal Law. The affairs of the has watched over their interests, and deContinent are still disturbed. Portugal fended them with eloquence and zeal. is the scene of fresh conspiracies, and in Both of the unsuccessful candidates have France the spirit of insubordination and evinced their regard for the great work opposition seems to be drawing to a which is in progress in this country, and crisis. The measure of disembodying which more especially concerns the Unithe National Guard will probably deter- versity, and its representative






On Types

van, &c.

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21 Ireland in 1826

1 Query respecting a passage in MilCauses of the singular State of

ner's Church History

ibid Ireland

Answer to do.

177 Political Exertions of the Roman American Consecration Sermon 90 Catholic Priesthood

3 St. Paul's Apostolical Journeys, The Jubilee 5 No. II.

96 Causes of the Conversions at Ca- The Apostolic Fathers compared

7 wiib the Church of England .. 167 The Reformation in Treland 81 On Ministerial Absolution

171 Expedition of the Roman Catho- On Preaching Christ

179 lic Prelates to Cavan

82 Thoughts on the Rejection of Christ 251 Means of accelerating the Re- Bishop Ridley's Prayer

259 formation


Form for admitting Converted Ro. Trinity College

161 man Catholics into the EstaComparison with the English Uni

blished Church

260 versities 162 God's Great Question

338 Advantages of Oral Examination 163 Friendly Address to the Roman CaThe non-residence of Students

tholic Converts

342 considered ibid Clerical Associations

345 The Religious Societies

245 The Rev. Jobn Howe on Christian Great Moral Effects already pro


348 duced by them

246 | Address from a recent Conformist Commission of Education Inquiry 323 to bis Roman Catholic brethren 404 Rapid Progress of Education 324 The Power of the Keys

407 The Foundling Hospital

325 Letter from M. de Sere to his PaThe Belfast Institution

330 rents on bis Conversion from The Discussion


. 411 Its anticipated effects

400 Advice to Protestant Advocates ibid MISCELLANEOUS COMMU. Qualifications of the late Contro

NICATIONS, versialists

401 Causes of the Failure of Romish The Scriptures the grand bulwark



Missions (continued) of Protestantism

ibid Xavier's Account of the Nativity Improvements in the Divinity

of Christ

ibid Course at the University re

Character of the Jesuits

25 commended 402 Absurdities of Popery

115 Xavier's fictions

117 RELIGIOUS COMMUNICATIONS. State of Protestantism in Hungary 26 How to Die

13 Tolerant Character of Joseph II. 27 Derry Discussion 16 Modern Persecutions

28 The Commination Service

17 Irish Antiquarian Researches Biblical Criticism, Gen. xlix. 10 20 Nowell's Catechisms,

Matt. x. 4. Mark On the Celibacy of the Roman Ca. iji, 18.

tholic Clergy--Letter IV. 31

29, 265 30, 109




PAGE. History of Popery in Ireland since Suggestion for a Lending Library the Reformation 42 of Divinity Works

271 Romish emissaries maintain the Usserian MSS.On Waldensian Affairs 354

Temporal Supremacy of the On Education, Music, Dancing, &c. 357

44 Rabbinical Notes on certain passages Excommunication of Queen Eli

of the Psalms

373 zabeth

45 Authority of the first Four General Forbearance of the Queen ibid Councils

415 Macbinations of the Priests

46 On the Table of the Offices and Con. Religious War in Ireland 48 ditions of Men

416 Spanish Invasion defeated

49 Waldensian Confessions of Faith in Opposition to James's Govern

the Library of Trinity College 418 ment

50 | Biblical Reading from the Book of Controversy about King James's.

Oath of Allegiance
51 History of Conferences

423 Intrigues of the Priests

121 Disputation at Leipsic between Petition of eleven convicted priests

Carolstadt and Eckius

424 to the Pope


between Luther and Influx of Priests into Ireland 123 Eckius

ibid Case of Lawlor, Vicar General Discussion at Basle

425 of Dublin

124 Grand Conference at Berne 427 Character of the Romish Clergy Its astonishing effects

429 at this period

Discussion at Geneva

ibid Quarrels between the Regular Renunciation of Popery by Chapand Secular Clergy 127 pusius

ibid Predominating influence of the Celebrated Colloquy at Poissy 430 Priesthood

197 Ancient Conference with the Albi. Their success at the Elections 198

genses-at Montreal

432 O'Sullivan's Description of the

Meeting of Parliament . ibid REVIEW. Violent contentions between the The Irish Pulpit

55 Protestant and Popish Members 199 Sermons of the Rev.H. Woodward 56 Vast sums levied by the Clergy ibid

Rev. P. Roe .. 60 Effects of the Policy of the House

Hon. and Rev. of Stuart


Archd.Packenhum 61 Arrogant Assumptions of the Ro.

Rev.Dr.Elrington 62 mish Hierarchy


Rev. Dr. Nasb .. 131 Conspiracy against Protestantism

Rev.B.W.Mathias 132 in the Court of Charles I. ibid

Rev. C. Bardin .. 134 Correspondence of Panzani 365

Rev.M.O'Sullivan 135 Contentions between the rival

Rev.S.O'Sullivan 139 Churches in Ireland


Rev. Arcbd. Barton 141 Riot in Dublin


Rev. W. Higgin ibid Strafford's Administration


Rev. G. Hamilton 142 Organization of the Rebellion of

Rev. Dr. Singer 143 1641

370 Henderson's Biblical Researches and Gleanings from Asia

53 Travels in Russia (continued) 65 Horæ Rabbinicæ, No. IV. 102 Pultava- Charles XII.

66 On the Chaldæan Christians 107 Kief-the Petcherskoi Monastery ibid Query on the form of receiving Ro

Moldavian Villages

69 man Catholics 112 Gypsies

69 Account of Innismurry ibid Greek Emigrants

70 King's Inns-street School

113 Kherson-Tomb of Howard 72 Original Letters on the Irish Con

The Crimea, Illustration of Scrip. vocation in 1717

180 ture The Examiner Examined 189 The Don Cossacks

73 Letter from Dr. Elrington to the


203 Editor 193 The Kbazars—Jewish King's

ibid The Divinity of the Pope 196 Karass—the Caucasus

204 Suggestions for the promotion of Ossetinians—the Ingush

205 Theological Studies 284 Kazbek-Tiflis

208 List of Works on the Roman Ca

The Russo-Greek Church

ibid tholic Controversy

267, 350




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PAGE. German Colonists

211 Russian Translations of the Scriptures

212 State of the Jews'

213 The Homilies considered in a letter

by the Bishop of Limerick to

Dr. Elrington
Vindication of the Judgment of the

Tract Committee respecting the
Homilies—by a Member of the

The Homilies re-considered by the

Rev. R. H. Graves, in a Letler

to the Bishop of Limerick Remarks on the Rev. Mr. Graves's

Letter, by Dr. Elrington 216,292,434 Letter from the Bishop of Limerick on the Homily Controversy

386 Memoirs of Moses Mendolsohn, the Jewish Philosopher

273 Peyrani's Defence of the Waldenses

or Vaudois Jackson's Remarks on the Vaudois

of Piedmont Sismondi's History of the Crusades against the Albigenses

283 Faber's Difficulties of Romanism 376 Hardy's Pleasures of Piety

.. 382 Horne's Compendious Introduction

to the Study of the Bible
Horne's Deism Refuted
Notices of Books.
Specimens of Sacred and Serious

.. 384

PAGE, the Netherlands-New Religious Order

237 Novenna for the Perils of the Church-Jews

312 Piedmont. -The Waldenses 152 SPAIN

151, 313 Barcelona.-Popish Intolerance 151 Segovia.--Assassination of the Bishop

313 Madrid. Influence of the Court

of Rome-Translation of Le


235, 312 Lucerne.- Toleration of Protes

tants—Conference respecting the Bishoprick of Basle 235 Churches and Monasteries in Switzerland


235 Stockholm.- Introduction of Methodism


235, 311 Reichenbach. - Baptism of a Jewish Physician ..

235 Bavaria.-Restoration of Abbeys

--New Protestant Catechism ibid Innovation in the Protestant Church

ibid Dresden.-Symbolical Books of the Lutheran Church

237 Encouragement of Converts to Popery

311 Stade. Prohibition of Foreign Missionaries

ibid Austria.-Law affecting Protes

tants Wiesbaden. -The Jubilee 464 Bamberg. - The Jews


236, 237, 311 Silesia.-Letter of the Romish

Clergy praying for Reformation
in the Church

Continued sensation on the sub-

461 Berlin.-Legal Proceedings against

Clergymen who refuse the New

237 King of Prussia's Letter to the Prince of Salm Salm

311 Elberfield.- Bible Society ibid HUNGARY

237 Erlan.-- Papal Jubilee


ibid St. Petersburgh.—Death of the

Roman Catholic Metropolitan ibid FRANCE

237, 312, 461 Paris.-Conversion of a Priest of Notre Dame

237 Singular Trial for Sacrilege 312 Expected Conversions from Po. pery

461 Chalons.-Private Church of the Jesuits


311, 462

147 Carson on Figures of Speech 148 Jones's Hebrew Grammar

ibid Mayers’Account of the Zobarite Jews 233 Flyn's Greek Grammar

ibid NOTICES OF FOREIGN Books. Rosenmuller on the Pentateuch 388 Koeppen's Philosopby of Christianity ibid Schwabe's Extracts from Clerical Conferences

ibid Leiberman's Catholic

ibid Rose on the State of the Protestant Religion in Germany

ibid Fuhrmann's Lexicon of the Christian Religion

389 Niemeyer on the Study of Religion and Church History

ibid Willkomm's Young Female in Communion with God

ibid Savnier on the Gospel of St. Mark jbid Klefeker's Sermons

ibid Wilmseln's Life of Jesus Christ 390



149, 237, 312, 464 Naples.-Coronation of the Image of the Virgin

149 Festival of the Madona del Arco 464 Rome.- Proposed Concordat with


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.. 153

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PAGE. Strasburgh.- Indulgences 312 New Church at Ballymacaret, 156 Lyons.-Numerous Conversions Death of the Bishops of Oxford from Popery 461 and Lincoln,


314 Mount Lebanon.—The Papal Ju




78, 243 Upper Canada.- Converted In- Annual Divinity Fxaminations, 78 dians ibid Quarterly Examinations,

213 United States.- Proposed Reform GERMANY. among the Jews

465 Leipzig.- Book Fair.- German American Protestant Episcopal

and French Book Trade. 314 Church

466 Stutgard.—Complete Edition of INDIA 153 the Works of Goethe.

ibid Bishop Heber

ibid List of German Universities, 391 CHINA

ibid | ITALY. Number of Christians

ibid Rome. - Extinction of the GiorSouth SEA ISLANDS

nale Ecclesiastica.--DenunciRarotonga. Establishment of

ation of Craniology:-EstabChristianity ibid lishment of Copy-rigbt,


FRANCE. DOMESTIC RELIGIOUS INTEL- Paris, – Statistical account of LIGENCE.

French Literature,

ibid Progress of the Reformation in Ire- POLAND.

316 land 74, 154, 238, 316, 390, 468 Warsaw.-Number of Churches, Meeting of the Church Missionary

Universities, &c. in Poland.-
Association at Fethard

75 Popi-h Periodical Literature,Letter to the Roman Catholic Pre

Public Institutions,

ibid lates at Cavan


SWITZERLAND. Discussion at Derry

155 Geneva.--- Report on Public InBaptism of a Jew at Sandford Cha


390 pel, Dublin

156 Meeting of the Education Society,


240 Tbreatened hostilities between Communications from Sligo 318, 470 Spain and Portugal,

79, 157, 243 Account of the recantation of the

Coniests in France, betwcen the Rev. Mr. Murphy and his Fa

Jesuits and Liberals,

79 mily at Christ Church, Dublin 319 Disbandment of the National Characteristic Ske:ch of the Discus.

Guard, sion between the Rev. Messrs.

Death of the Duke of York, 243 Pope and Maguire


State of England, Recantations in Westmeath

397 Progress of the Reformation, in Letter respecting the Recantations

79, 157, 244, 322, 470 in Mark's Church, Dublin ibid Violence of the Roman Catholic Unitarianism in Dublin

468 Association, Fanaticism at Patrick's Well, Co.

Rejection of the Roman CathoLimerick 469 lic Claims,


Change of Ministry,

398, 470 James Digges Latouche, Esq. 76 The Religious Anniversaries,

ibid Mrs. Grier

156 College Election,


79, 244



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