of truth, the false system that was their reproach ; and at other times, fing back bane. I am not writing a critique or accusation, with tremendous sarcasm commentary on the Discussion that has and triumphant refutation--if all these taken place. It is needless here, to ex- qualities suppose a good controversialist, press my opinion as to wbich of the disput- then the Protestants of Ireland may reants had the advantage,-suffice it to joice in such a champion. But this say, that if one wished to observe the was not all; for at times constrained by workings, and study the tendencies of divine love, he forgot the polemic in the two rival systems of Protestantism the preacher, and burst forth from the and Popery, here he might have been controversy, as a butterfly would break amply gratified, and bere enjoyed the from its chrysalis ; and with rapturous intellectual feast of witnessing two men declamation on the glories of redeeming of great natural powers, exercising them love-on the finished work done on Calfinder as different modes, as could be vary, he mounted to bis proper sphere, and imagined. East and West, Zenith and Na- poured down such a tide of eloquencedir not more opposed, than their respec- pure, Christian, bearenly eloquence, that tive apprehensions and trains of thought. none but a priest - and a bigot priest, One man a scholar, and a finished gen- could stem the torrent, or refuse to give tleman, of considerable reading in con. himself up to the current that swept along, troversy :--and if “ bonus textuarius bearing all before it. And here it was bonus theologus” be a trutb, it might for an observer to remark, what a fatal be fully applied to him, for he seemed a system Popery is, when allowed to posperfect master of the Bible. He also, sess the spirit of a man. it seemed in stood before us, as one wbo never for the case of our Romish Disputant, as well an instant, forgot the intense solemnity as with most of his party in the room, to of the cause in wbich he was engaged; sear the heart against all feeling constill it could be observed, that though he cerning the great gospel plan of redempgrasped bis subject firnily, reasoned on it tion. The sources of spiritual discernlucidly, and clothed his arguments in all ment seemed to be dried up, and when the felicity of illustration, and modula- the Protestant Advocate on more than tions of language, be did not conde- ore occasion, broke forth and expanded scend to trammel his powers, within the bis great powers, in the display of the inprecise bounds of logical arrangement. ternal evidence of the Scriptures of God The Dialectician might complain that -when he came close to every Protesthe did not marshal bis strength within ant heart, in the grand exhibition he the limits of a syllogism, and kept not the gave of the adaptation of the doctrines order of mood and figure. But who will of the Gospel to the aspirations and nepresume to say that his arguments were cessities of fallen man,

no Romish not put forth abundantly and stated for- heart seemed to respond, and his antacibly : wbo will dare to assume that he gonist scouted at all he said, as untedid not exhibit reasoning powers of a su- nable and fanatic absurdity ; and was perior order. In due time, the authenti- pleased to assert that the anthenticity of cated Report of this controversy, will sbew the Sacred Volume resolved itself into a with whom the advantage in argument lay mere dependence on the decision of an -If then, he did not suit the requirements infallible Churcb. of a Maynooth dogmatiser- we care not If them the Papal Controversialist - we rest content--and sball desire to stood up with a well balanced mind and change our champion—when our minds body; if he shewed himself in either and dispositions alter so as to wish to take case, capable of great workings; if he from nature's lawn, an evergreen, lux- was dauntless in debate; if he seemed uriating in all the breadth of its branches, well grounded in the dogmatic theology and the pride of its foliage, and consign of Maynooth; if he shewed no mean it to the taste of a Dutch gardener, to proficiency in Ecclesiastical bistory; if trim into the finished form of a Burgo- he assumed credit to bimself for logical master's wig. But if, exceeding inge- precision, and now and then evinced an nuity, in the detecting and exposing of expertness in resorting to the subtle supthe sophisms of his opponent-if the ra- pression of an enthymem, or in assupid conception and evolution of strong ming the unconceded ground of a petipoints— if the possession of a bappy tac- tio principii. After all, a practised tic, whereby he succeeded in throwing reader of Romish controversial works, bis adversary on the defensive, when he might detect the disputant in using the bad hoped to rush onward in all the li- shot that had been discharged from old cense of offence. If to suffer sometimes artillery. His merit seemed to consist in with astonishing patience, impertinent assimilating the strength of others; and he stood before us, like a well proved represented. Their taste gratified by musket, that could be loaded, day after the manners of a gentleman; their seelday, to the muzzle, with cartridges, long ings roused by the appeals of an orator ; ago manufactured in the ordnance stores their spirituality sublimated by the conof Milner, Gother and De la Hogue. In strainings of a Christian. Their advocate truth, though possessed of tact, readiness came forward, helped, armed and fortiand clearness of apprehension in no mean fied by their prayers. He retired from degree; I would say, bis forte consisted the contest with the blessings, gratulain the unbridled effrootery, wherew.tb he tions and convictions of every good Prostill maintained, that all his adversary's testant in Ireland. arguments were mere assertions, and all And now, Sir, before I conclude this his own assumptions were sound argu- long rambling letter, let me congratulate ments; that all his own authorities (even you and the Protestants of Ireland, on when detected in misquotation,) were the result of this discussion, which has unquestionable, and niost of his oppo- been brought to a close, without any of nent's spurious ; nay, sometimes be went those evil results, which certain persons farther, and made experiments on his say they apprehend from such meetings. rival's temper, by treading on personali. It concluded in good humour, and was ties: and conclusions subversive of the carried on throughout with prudence and loyalty, moral principles, nay Christian- good temper; and it is now evinced, that ity itself of Mr. P-e were druwn, with- under similar arrangements, and under out any premises laid down, that could the guidance of prudent men, there is warrant such deductions. Moreover, we little to be apprehended from a repetition fear that candour was assumed in the pre- of such conferences. liminary arrangements, in order to dis

Perhaps, Sir, I may be allowed in a arm wariness; which candour evaporated succeeding Number of your Magazine, in the course of the controversy, and it to proceed in my sketches of the comtoo soon appeared, that as an antagonist pany that attended this very interesting he considered, " an dolus an virtus," colloquy. all was fair in war. After all, no one P.S. It is expected that no one will could deny, that in this young man, there re-publish this Article, without the perwas much metal-metal it is true, dinc- mission of the author, tile, malleable, meet for all the purposes

C. 0. of Popery—butit was BRASS, durable and tough witbal, for give him an advantage, and he seized it instantaneously, to put in a

THE REFORMATION. home blow; strike bim in turn, however We have only space to present our reahard, yet with the endurance of a Lan- ders with the following tabular abstract gan, he bore punishment without flinch. of the public Recantations that have ing- cast him down from any height, taken place since our last publication. and like a cat, he always fell on his On Sunday, 25th March, the numbers like the three-legged penny of the

in the undermentioned places, were as Isle of Man, toss bim, and throw him follows: how you would, still his motto was, Dublin.-In St. Peter's Church, 5;

quocunque jaceris stabit.I per- In St. Catherine's Church, 3. ceive, Sir, your columns cannot carry Co. Cavan. –Arvagh, 7; Ballyhaise, any more of my gossiping, concerning 9; Bailieborough, 3; Ballymachugb, 8; this controversy. Suffice it then to say Ballyjamesduff, 1 ; Virginia, 3; Killein your present Number, that each party sbandra, 4; Kildallen, I. retired, apparently well satisfied with Co. Longford.—Newtownsorbes, 1; their champion. The merry, mirth-lov- Templemichael, 1. ing, superficial Romanists, who are con- Co. Monaghan.-Carrickmacross, 2; tent to abide by their showy, deceptious Ballybay, 2. religion, may comfort themselves with the Co. Limerick.--Askeaton, 35. acquisition of a controversialist, who Sligo.- Calry Church, 10. would make an excellent actor in low Co. Roscommon.–Ballinlough, 2. comedy; who, if' in Italy, might be em- Co. Wexford.-St. Mary's Church, ployed as a capuchin, or a comedian- Enniscortby, 1; Kilcormuck, 1. as a buffo, or a preacher, with equal Co. Meath.-Painstown, 1; Ardbracclaims to popularity.

The Protestants have certainly no rea- Co. Fermanagh.Lisnaskea, 2. son to regret that their cause was assigned Co.Westmeath.-St. Peter's Church, to such an advocate as Mr. Pope; or, that Atblone, 1. beir views, feelings and systems were so Co. Carlow.-Kjledmond Church, 2.


can, 1.



On Sunday, April 1, the numbers were Co. Limerick.—Kilquane Church. as follows:

near Limerick, a lady ; Askeaton, 2. Co. Dublin.-Christ's Church Cathe. Co. Derry. --In Londonderry Cathedral, 1; St. James's Church, 2; King's dral, 2 ; in Strabane Church, 2. Hospital Chapel, 1 ; Lucan, 3.

Co. Armagh. Armagh, 2 ; Mulla, Co. Wicklow.-Bray, 12.

brack, 1. Co. Cavan.-Cavan, 1 ; Virginia, 7; Killinkere, 1; Denn, 2.

On Sunday, April 22, the number of Co. Fermanagh.—Enniskillen, 2. conformists was as follows: Co. Kildare.— Timolin, I.

Dublin.- At St. Jobn's Church, 2; Co Leitrim.-Carrick on Shannon, at Booterstown Church, 2. 6; Killenummery, 3.

Co. Cavon.-In the Church of Denn, Co. Tyrone.--Arboe, 6.

3; Killeshandra, 3 ; Virginia, 5; BallyCo. Roscommon.- Lougbglyn, 1. baise, 1 ; Bailieborougb, 1; Arvagb, 2. Co. Down.-Maghera, 1.

Co Mayo.-Ballina, 8. Co. Sligo,-Killoran, 6; St. John's Co. Galway.-Clontuskert, diocese of Churcb, Sligo, 4.

Clonfert, I. Co. Monaghan.- Ballybay, 2; three Co. Roscommon.-Balinlough, 3. others wbo had offered themselves were deferred until further examinations.

It appears that the number of persons

that have publicly renounced "Popery in On Sunday, April 8, the number of Ireland, from October 8th, 1826, to conformists was as follows;

April 22d, 1827, inclusive, amounts to Dublin. - St. Bride's Church, 1 ; St. upwards of one THOUSAND Werburgh's Church, 2,

Co. Wicklow. – Nupu's-cross, 1; Del. gany, 2.

We shall present our readers with the Co. Down.-Maghera Church, 4. following extracts from our corresponde

Co. Galway.- Clontuskert, diocese of ence, which we think will be perused Clonfert, 1, a schvol-master.

with interest. Co. Cavan. - Killesbandra, 2; Bailie- The following is from a clergyman in borough, 1; Ballyconnell, 3.

the county Westmeath:-"I have had a Co. Monaghan.-Carrickmacross, 1. Convert here last December: he was Co. Longford.- Longford 1.

assailed by his own family, and bis life Co. Leitrim.—Manor Hamilton, 2. was seriously threatened. One, how

Co. Limerick.—Newcastle, 2; Kilo ever, of his brothers, who respected his peacon, 1.

understanding, thought it right, instead

of continuing to persecute, to inquire. On Easter Sunday, April 15th, the I had some conversations with bim, of following numbers renounced Popery at which the result was, a conviction of the the undermentioned places :

errors of Popery. He was served with Dublin.-At St. Mark's Church, 5, an anonymous letter, in which his life an excellent Sermon was preached by his was threatened. The danger was imGrace the Archbishop of Dublin. Trish- minent, and I therefore sent away, at town Church, Ringsend, 1.

their own request, the two brothers, and Co. Meath. -- In Carberry Church, 1. the wife of the convert. They finally Co. Kildare.-Naas, 2.

directed their steps to Cavan; there the Co. Wexford.-In St. Mary's Church, second brother made a recantation of the Enniscorthy, 4; in the Church of St. errors of the idolatrous Church, and the Iberius, Wexford, 2.

wife of the elder is also a convert." Drogheda.-In St. Peter's Church Drogheda, 3.

Dublin.-- We bave received the fol. Co, Fermanagh.-On Good Friday in lowing letter relative to the recantations Linaskea Church, Parish of Aghalurcher, in St. Mark's Church on Sunday April 1; on the same day at Templemabary, 2; 15th, We have the fullest confidence on Easter Sunday, in Irvinestown Church, in the accuracy of the statements it con1.

tains:Co. Tyrone. --Arboe, 1; Donough- “Mr. Evitor,—There are some cirmore, l; Fintona, 1.

cumstances connected with the recanCo. Galway.—Ballymoe, 4; Ballina- tations which took place last Sunday in sloe, 72.

St. Mark's Parish Church, wbicb, perCo. Sligo.-Achonry, 4.

haps, deserve to be rescued from obliCo. Donegal.—Moneymore Church, 3. vion, and may serve as a stimulus tu

Co. Longford.-On Good Friday, 1; Protestants,who, following the opinion of on Easter Sunday, in Clonbrony Churcb,4 the bigh authorities, who have pronounc

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ed the present work of God a chimera, the Church of Ireland ; but prudential stand aloof ready to laugh at all at- motives weighed with their teachers, tempts to forward that work, while they and they were kept back until last Sunat ibe same time watch its progress, day, wben it appeared that it would be perhaps with the view of arrogating wrong to prevent them any longer: they to themselves more than an usual quan- were, with the approbation of their motum of wisdom, if it should for a time ther, permitted to come forward, and reseem to proceed tardily, or stop ; or if ceived by his Grace the Archbishop, it sbould continue, and assume a more into fellowship with the members of the decisive character, they then come sor- Established Churcb. ward, and, as has often been the case in The remarkable circumstances in this human affairs, teaze and perplex by their case are, that the father, formerly a assumptions and assiduities.

Protestant, strenuously opposed the of the Converts, the father had been change, and the mother, still a Roman a Protestant, and the mother a Roman Catholic, approved of it, and is quite Catholic: the father after bis marriage proud of her sons for the step they have turned Roman Catholic, and the entire taken. family were bred up in that belief. That she followed them all the day Lately two members of this fumily began unseen, and attended Evening Service to attend a Sunday-school, and i n the in the Church, perhaps for the first time course of reading that “ word,” which in her life, while her husband staid it has been promised “will not return away. void,” they began to suspect that they That family prayer bas been introhnd not been taught truth; this suspi. duced by one of the boys, and is regu. cion led to further examination, and larly used morning and evening among many enquiries of their teachers, and

the family. finally, to an abandonment of Popery. These are not much like the pffects They, however, did not publicly re- said to follow the Proselytizing Band, cant, but privately attended the Protest- and for their authenticity I can vouch, ant places of worship, and heard for Submitting this to your judgment, themselves; still, however, expressing

I am, &c. an earnest desire to become menibers of



Since our last publication, the most changed; but if, as report informs us. important event that has occurred in the the Marquis of Lansdowne has joined Mr. political world, has been the change of Canning's standard, that measure must Ministry consequent upon the melancholy have been made á Cabinet question. occurrence to which we alluded in our In Dublin, the important discussion belast, the sudden illness of Lord Liver- tween Messrs. Pope and Maguire, has ocpool. It is reported that Mr. Peel hav- cupied the public mind to a great degree ing declined to form a ministry, Mr. of intenseness, but the subject has been Canning undertook the office, and the treated of at large in a communication immediate result was, the resignation of wbich we have inserted in another part Mr. Peel, the Duke of Wellington, of our present Number. Lord Eldon, and many other members The religious anniversaries, as usual, of the Cabinet. What effect this may were exceedingly well attended, and have on the important question of Ca. gratified the religious public by the piety tholic Emancipation, is not yet deter- and eloquence they displayed. The mined. The objection to the measure French Cbamber has thrown out this in an exalted quarter, is said to be un. Bill for the restriction of the press.

[blocks in formation]

The excitation produced by the late Discussion has not yet subsided ;—both Protestants and Roman Catholics are looking out anxiously for the authenticated report : conning over the arguments used, and the answers returned, and considering what effect the meeting will have. We unhesitatingly reply, a good one. We feel that the discussion of the great—to Ireland, the all-important question must be for good ; and as we deem the spirit of enquiry to be all that is wanting to give Ireland her real emancipation, we rejoice at every circumstance that encourages and directs it—we rejoice even at what we anticipated, and at what Protestants have ever to anticipate, the loud, but not permanent triumph of the Roman Catholics. We remember that such triumphs took place when Luther and Eckius, Claude and Bossuet, Laud and Fisher met in intellectual contest. We remember more recently, that similar declarations were made from Kilkenny and Clonmel, and Cork and Waterford, and Carrick and Carlow, and yet that the soi disant triumphant party declined circulating the statements, but left it to the vanquished to spread the account of their defeats; and we know that the result, in all these places, was an increased cireulation of the Scriptures, and an increased freedom of inquiry. But we have another cause to rejoice-namely, that the very fact that a Roman Catholic Clergyman had actually the boldness for six days to stand up before the public, and defend the tenets of his religion; that he did so without betraying any remarkable diffidence, or manifesting any peculiar degree of shame; that he was not detected in an unwarrantable number of misquotations, or found guilty of an extraordinary number of blunders; all this is so calculated to excite the spirits of his fellows, and to rouse their emulation, that we hope soon to see similar discussions arise throughout Ireland; and that, without having the fear of certain dignitaries before their eyes, and disregarding the decree of certain learned and noble members of a certain dignified house, our clergy will

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