enlivening influence of the Holy Spirit, Hibernian Society.

one day eininently display its fruit to'

the honour of Jesus. To the daily In the Evangelical Magazine for Dec.

duties, an evening meeting has relast, a Report from the Committee of

cently been added. One of the Village the Hibernian Society was inserted ; in is read; and the service is which it was stated, That a definite,

begun and concluded with prayer anii and very small number of Ministers are praise. Nearly 400 persons attendo known to preach the gospel in the pro- and much good appears to be going on. vinces of Connaught and Munster.

Upon the 16th of March last, menSince that period, however, informa- tion having previously been made of tion of a more agreeable nature has the laudable exertions of “ The Bri been communicated by some respecta- tish and Foreign Bible Society," the ble friends, whereby it appears that a

young persons who attend, collected much greater number of evangelical among then selves 1 l. 25. 6d. ; which ministers are actually employed in was contributed with the greatest zeal those parts of Ireland. The Committee

and cheerfulneys. rejoice to find that their first information was incomplete ; and they most

JEWS. ardently wish for the co-operation of all denominations in their endeavours

Paris, Dec. 15. The grand Sanheto improve the religious state of Ire.

drini, which was to have been opened land.”

on the roth of Otober, but which was Signed (by Order of the Committee)

postponed, will doubtless commence its S. Mills. Treasurer ;

proceedings in a few days. -- Most of J. CAMPBELL, Seeretary.

the Rabbis, chosen for the different departments of France, are now at Paris.

The Jews of Amsterdam have also Extract of a Letter from a Clergyman

elected deputies to this assembly. in Ireland.

Dec. 18. The Hebrew Assembly, it “I HAVE been going about from

is said, has passed a Decree, consisting town to town, and village to village,

of 27 articles; according to which there disposing of Bibles and Testaments;

is to be a Consistorial Synagogie in and I am happy to tell you that the

each department, which contains 2000 call for them is very great.

Many of

individuals, professing the religion of the Catholics have got them, both by

Moses. A Grand Rabbi is to be electdonation and purchase ; and although ed by the Consistorial Synagogue, the priests have obliged many to give wiose salary is to be 3000 francs. them up, yet they are no sooner returned than others get them; and many

ENGLAND. poor people are very desirons to read them, and hear them read. Indeed, July 30. Rev. W. Reynolds, was ora the opposition of the priests makes dained pastor of the Independent Conpiany individuals more anxious to ob- gregation at Barton St. David's, Somertain them. If the Lord spare me, I setshire. Mr. Herdsman, of Peiherton, mean to continue this work, until I gave the charge, from Acts xx. 19; have spread the word of life through and Mr. Cox, preached from Ephes.iv. most parts of this benighted country. 13 The other ministers çogageil were I cannot so well dispose of Tracts. Messrs. Reynolds, Harrington, PrankThere has heen a Tract written by a ar', Weston, and Paul. priest, dissuading the people from

Sept. 24. The Gloucester Indepenilreading our Tracts; and saying, that

ent Association

helil at Mr. the Irish are noi to be cheated out of

Thomas's, Cain. Three serraons were their religion. · But He, whose church

preached, by Mr. Winter, of Painswick, is his glory, will do his own pleasure, Mr. Richardson, of Frampton, and and establish his own kingdom in op

Mr. W. Williams. In the afternoon position to all the powers of Anti

was held the Annual Meeting of the Christ!”

Benevolent Society for the support of

Necessitous Ministers, their Widowg SCOTLAND.

and Orphans; when the members preA Sunday School has been conducted sent congratulated each other out the for two years past, under the patron

rising prosperi!y of the institution. age of Niessrs. Findlay and Co. of the

Oct. 2.

The Wareham and Poole Catrine Cotton - Works; and I hope passage-boat, in returning to the fora that the seed which has been so hum- mer place, sunk suddenly, in conscbly sown in that places will, under the quence of its being too deeply laden,



Of afiren persons on board, two only people, from Deut. iii. 28,“ É ricots survivedl, who providentially reached ragelim ; and Mr. Lewis, of Wottori the shore, after struggling for a lons under Edge, concluded with prayer. perioil with he waves ; the horror of Mr. Lewis has for many years preached their situation having been greatly in- a Sabbath-evening Lecture there once creased by the extreme darkness of the a fortnight. A sernion was preached in night The nelas!choly providence was the evening by Mr. Lowell, of Bristol, improved on Sabljaih evening, Oct. 12, from Isa. xxvii. 13. Notwithstanding hy Mr. Banister, of Wareham, in a dis- the unfavourable season of the year, the Course from Eccl. ix. 12. Funeral house was well filled. This Meeting discourses for several of the deceased carries its origin almost as far back as were delivered at the other places of the age of Nonconformity. Mír. Daworship in the town.

vies had been the minister for fortyOct. 22.

The Half-yearly Meeting eight years ; but his age and infirmities of the D) rset Independent Association

having, unfitted him for the duties of was held at Shaftsbury. Threc Ser

his station, he has volumtarily resigned nions were preached on the occasion, by

the charge. In a small but populous Mess. Weston, Jones, and Wheaton ;

manufacturing town, Mr. Daniell has and Mess. Banis:er, Field, Cracknell,

established a Sunday School, to which Gouid, Page, Higgs, and Keynes en

he cheerfully devotes his Sabbath aftergaged in prayer. The next Meeting

noons; and it is hoped he will reawill he beld at Warehamn, ou Wednes

lize the prospect of an inereasing conday in Easter Week.

gregation. Nov. 2.

The Baptist Meeting at Dec. 25. A neat commodious place Melkshain, Wilts, having been consider- of worship was opened at Poole, Dorably enlargod, was re-opened for wor

setshire, in the connection of the Parship. Dr. Ryland preached in the

ticular Baptists. Three Sermons were morning, froin Ps. cxviii. :5; and in preached on the occasion : Mr. Safthe afternoon, from Hleb. iii. 15. Mr. fery preached from 1 Kings ix. 3 ; Mr. Stenriet preached in tlie erenits, from

Price, of Yeovil, from Acts ix. 18; and Isa. xi. 16.

by Mr. Smith, of Batts, from John

xii. 26. Alessrs. Mansel, Reed, and Nov. 18. The Rev. T. Denny was. erdiained at Merion llampsiead.

Miel, engaged in other parts of the The

service. Ministers engaged were less. Rooker, Cope, Aller, and (iarret, of Buckfusileigh, lr. Cope preached in the

LONDON crening December 2. The Rev. J. Ingle

CONVOCATION, was ordained pastor of the Bapiist

FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. Clurch, at Ransey, in liontingconshire. Mr. Knight, of Staughton, be

Queen's Palace. Dec. 31. gan the service; Vr. Core feary dle

The following Address of the Archlivered the introductoryaliscourse'; Nr.

bisbon, Bishops, and Clergy of the Tall, of Swavecey, offered up the ordi

Province of Canterbury, in Convo. nation-prayer; Mr. Upton, of London,

cation a-sembled, was this day predelivered a charge from Acts X1. 28;

senteil to his Majesty, by the ArchMr. Cox, of Cambridge, adiressed the

bishop of Canterbury: people froin i Tires. iii. &; and Mr. Oare, of Surto), concluded wiih prayer.

" To the King's Most Excellent Tulbe eroin?, Sir. Nichols, of Kim

Majesty. hoiton, preacheú; anti Viegs. Manuing “ Most gracious Sovereign, aud Norman egged in prayer.

“We, your Majesty's dutiful subThe Rev. C. Daniel was jects, the Archbishop, Bishops, and origined pastor of the independent Clergy of the Province of Canterbury, church at hingswood, ricar llorton io Convocation assembled, beg leave to Caster Eilse. ir, Puli, of forest approach your Majesty's person with Circe', preved, oc; 1r. Bishops, of sentiments of attachment, loyalty, and (ilauxestesAccred the introductory veneration. 0:-(ark; H. Thomas, of Cam, of " It is not, Sir, without singular sabereid is the onlinion prayer; Mr. tisfaction, that we avail ourselves of Hiiter, of Painsrick (Mr. Daniell's the opportunity that the present occa(11:or) gave the inportant charge from sion holds out to us, to proffer to your I ('or. Yri. 10, For he worketh the Majesty, in our provincial character, work of tile Lord, is Lalso do;" Mr. and with all humility, our thankfulness Jones, of Chullore, preached to the for the sulicitude your Majesty hally

Dec. 2):

tary, &c.

uniformly expressed for the welfare spirit and character of the Reformand security of the Church, as by law el Church, aal which are so eminestablished; and more especially, Sir, ently calculated to promole the great to acknowledge in plainest terms our and important objects of our holy regratitude for the effectual protection ligion.' that during the wbole of your Najesty's reign (which we pray God to LONDON FEMAL! PENITENTIARY. continue and to prosper) your Majesty

AT a very Brunerous and respectable hath as uniformly afforded it. “ With this impression upon our

Meetias, held at the New London minds, it is a small thing to assure your

Tavern, on Thursday, Jan. 1, 1807, 1 Majesty, that every exertion of which Mr. Alderman Lea in the Chair, we are capable shall be directed to pro

It reas resolved inaniniously, Tha: an mote the great and important ends you'll

Institution be now forale.!, which shall Majesty haih in view, to cultivate a

he denominated The London. Finale devout and unaffected regari to our

Penitentiary; the object of which shall holy religion; to oppose every danger.

be to affori an asylum to females, ous error, and to teach every needful

Win, liaving deviated from the paths of truth; to maintain among your people virile, are desirous to be restored, that preserence to the pure and simple by means o? Christian instrnci in ani worship of the Reformed Church, which

the formation of moral and 10111s. hath hitherto so eminently distinguish

trions habits, to a reputable station in ed them; to recommend, in all matters society. of conscience, mutual forbearance and

That each Subscriber of One Guinea forgiveness ; to watch with prudent vie annually shall be a Governer: gilanee, and so far as we are able, to That cach subscriber of Ten Guincas put down, or to initigate with tempered shall be a Governer for Life: zeal, those religious excesses and wild That the mara rencant of the exextravagances, to which the mildness of

ternal affairs of the Institution, shall our laws, and the lenity of their execu- be entrusted to Thirty-six Cientlemer, tion, may occasionally give rise. lu

together with a Treasurer, à Secrethe diligent discharge of these duties, without which we have nothing to hope, That to a Committee of Twenty-four and every thing to fear, we shall look

Ladies shall be exclusively coniiled with confidence to a coniinuance of your the internal economy of the EstablishMajesty's favour and support.

ment. s We bless God for the nuinherless

A prompt: admission of applicants advantages we derive from your Nia

into a temporary ward, wili tormi a jesty's Government and example! We

very important feature in this Institudevoutly implore him to grant such

tion, while no encouragement is to be success to your arms as may secure to given to those who seek in it an asyiune us a safe and honourable peace; to from the pressure of wani, rather than vouchsafe to your Majesty a long and

from any virtuous or moral choice. a prosperous reign over a people striv- Each seinale is to sleep in it separare ing to deserve it; to shed down upon bed;-she is to be employed in some you every happiness in this world, and

work of' inanual indusíry, to receive to crown you with eternal joy here- one third proportion of the prolils of after."

her labour, and to be encouraged 10 To which Address his Majesty was good conduct by suitable incitedens pleased to return the following most

and rewards. To instruct the ponia gracious Answer :

tent in the principles, obligations, and ! My Lords and the rest of the Clergy,

duties of Christiani'y, ani to direct

her to the Suvivui, " whose blood "I thank you for this dutiful and cleanseth from all sin," wre main obloyal Address. The expressions of jects of this charity. your attachment to my Person and Go- Such generally are the nature and vernment are highly acceptable to me. design of the London Female Penia You may rely on the coutinuance of my tentiary;" and, it is presumerl, that favour and protection to the Church of from an institution of this character, England as by law established, and on no real Christina cun voluntarily willimy unshaken determination to give hold his approvation and support. everyencouragement and support to your for wat moral principle is there hat exertions in maintaining among iny peo- can influence the judynieni, what moral ple that pure and simple worship, and motive that can afect the heart and that mutual forbearance and forgive- move the hand of Benevolenc:, which pesi which so peculiariy belong to the will not here find it's appropriate wbject 92

RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCE. and gratification? Who can describe Dec. 18. The Rev. J. Atkinson, one the dinerons important advantages of the tutors of Hoxton Academy, was that iuust result from such an institu- set apart to the pastoral office over the tion, to domestic comfort, to social church and congregation assembling in happiness, to civil order, to national the chapel belonging to that institution, reputatio!), to the honor of Christ- Mr. Buck introduced the service; Mr. ianity, to the perishing body, to the R. Winter delivered the introductory imınortal spirit ? What mind can discourse ; Mr. Ford prayed ; Mr.Clayestimate the value and extent of that ton preacheit from Col. i. 7; and Mr. good which is the complete Stollery concluded. The congregation reformation of a single unfortunate has in a few years increased from 200 female? To snatch the seduced from to 1200; and three considerable en. the brink, and the more depraved from largements of the chapel have been the gulph of prostitution, and to place found necessary, It is intended in futhem under the mild discipline and ture to invite the assistance of country salutary influence of such an establish- ministers, more especially of such as ment, is to counect every sort of charity have received their education in this setogether, and to include almost every minary, as it is found by experience, good in one. To do this, is at once that while their diversi:ier gists are to “deliver the tempted,” to rescue called forth in preaching to a numerthe ensnared, and to defend the per- ous congregation, their zerl for the secuted. It is to save the perishing welfare of the Academy is kept alive, from ruin, to supply the destitute, to and their attachment to the tutors is shelter the exposed, to give an asylum strengthened and perpetuated. The to the outcast, to instruct the unin- students preach every Thursday evenformed, perhaps to reclaim the wicked, ing. – Twelve ministers have been sent and to restore her who is covered with out from the above Academy in the ignominy and contempt, to a condition course of the last year. in which she may respect herself and be jespected hy others.

Jan. 1, 1807. The Annual Collec. We hear that about 700 l. was im

tion made at Surry Chapel, for the Bemediately subscribed.

nevolent Society for Visiting the Sick The names of the Gentlemen who

and Afflicted at their own Habitations,

amounted to 159 1. ics. compose the Committee, with a further

At this meetaccount of this comniendable undertak- ing, among other remarkable relations, ing, may be expected in our next.

an account was read of a man who had Subscriptions are received by the

been one of Colonel Despard's confefollowing, bankers: Messrs. Hankey derates; but who became a remarkable and Co. Fenchurch Street; Messrs. monument of Divine Grace ; and which Down, Thornton, and Co. Bartholo. shall be laid before our readers in our mew Lane; Messrs. Forster, Lubbock, next Magazine. and Co. Mansion House Street'; Messrs. From the Methodist Magazine for fuller, Chatteris, and Co. Lonibard

November last, we learn, That the toStreet; Messrs Hoares, Fleet Street; tal number of persons in the Societies Messrs. Smish and floli, Broad Street; of Methodists, in various parts of AmeMessrs. Ransom, Morland, and Co. rica, according to the last Annual ReBail-Mall; or by the Treasurer, W. port of the Seven Conferences in that wlers, Esq. (Ilankey and Co.'s); and

country, is 139570 ; - the number. of by the Secreiary, Thomas Pellat, Esq. Itinerant Preachers is 500; – and of Fenchurch Street.

Local Preachers 2000. We learn from Holland, That Nine

The public papers state, that the Answers to the following Prize Ques

new French Government in Naples has tion of the Amsterdain Society for the

already suppressed several of the conIncrease of Religious knowledge, have

vents; and will probably abolish them been received : " How comes it, that

all: also that the ecclesiastical estates, in our dark and Sorrowful Times,

to the amount of ten millions, are ori Tusensibility is 30 great, and a sufficient

dered to be sold. Antention to the Dispensatious and His Grace the Lord Lieutenant of Judgments of (iod is so little obser- Ireland visited the House of InValle? and What are the best Means dustry in Dublin, on the roth ult. ; and most applicable, to counteract ile and laid the first stone of a building spreading of that lisensibility?” The for the reception of 1000 poor chilanswer of M. C. A. Vanderbroeck, dren of every religious denomination. preacher, at Oud-Beizerland, has ob

to té called "The Bedford iwine the prize.


It is

31 12

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Rev. Mr. Moseley and Congregation, Hanley, Staffordshire

25 J. Small and Congregation, Axminster Adilitional Collections in Sussex, by Mess. Hamilton and Buck Collections made in the Counties of Cambridge, Huntingdon, Bedford, Bucks,

and Hertford, by Rev. Mr. Frey. Rev. T. Hopkins and Congregation, Linton T. Towne and ditto, Royston

17 3 Friends at Waterbeach

5 8 Rev. Mr. IIarris and Congregation, Cambridge

43 4 Inclosed in a Letter, addressed to Mr Frey, at Cambridge Rev. T. Tall and Covgregation, Swavesay

7 12 C. Feary and ditto, Bluntisham

17 Mr. 'Scott and ditto, Godmanchester

5 !5 J.G. Panting aod (litto, St. Ive's J. Nicholls and ditto, Kimboiton

9 16 7 Congregation at Gamlingay

3 3 Rev. Nir. Castleden and Cong. Woburn, Bedfordshire 4 14 J. Hoppus and Coog. Yardley

7 Mr. Washburn and Congregation, Wellingborough

22 16 J. Renals and ditto,

ditto Mr. Hillyard and ditto, Olrey

19 C. Masline and disto, tler ford

14 II 9

235 17 7 M. B. The Legacy of Mr. B. Coles, inserted in the Magazine for last Month,

ought to have stood as below, the Executors paid the Duty: Legacy of Mr. B. Coles, late of Banerton, deceased, by

Rev. W. Goode, Ą. M. one of the Executors

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List of Lectures, &c. in and near London, for February.

7. Lord's DAY Ev. Brvad Str. Mr.

Collison ; Hare Court, Mr. W.

Smith ; Peter Str. Dr. Duncan, 2. Mon. Ev. Missionary Prayer-Meet

ing, Jewry Street. 3. Tu. M. Broad St. Mr. Goode. 4. Wed. Ev. Prayer Meeting for the

Nation, at Mr. Dan. Taylor's,

Whitechapel. 5. Th. M. Mouthly Meeting (Indep.)

at Mr. G. Clayton's, Walworih, Mr. Jennings to preach. - A due

Regard to the Offices of Christ,&c. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Stollery.

The Miracles of Christ.

Iverrey ; Orange Str. Mr. Burder;

Chapel Str. Mr. Greig. 17. Tu. M. Broad Str. Dr. Goode. 18. Wed. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the

Nation, at Mr.Hutchings's, Tooley

Street. 19. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Bapt.)

at Mr. Button's, Deao Str. Mr. Coxhead to preach. The Law

established by the Gospel. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Austin. --Jus

tification, as stated by St. James.

8. Lor's Day Ev. Chapel Str. Mr.

Stollery; Palace Str. Mr. Greig ;
Barbican, Mr. Frey; Orange Str.
Mr. Townsend ; Peter Str. Mr.

Ferris ; Hare Ct. Mr. J. Thomas, 9. Mon. Ev. Prayer Meeting for the

Nation, Surry Chapel. Io. Tu. M. Broad St. Mr. Ford. 11. Wed. Ev. Prayer Meeting for the

Nation, at Mr. Wall's, Moorfields. 12. Th. Ew. Feiter Lane, Mr. Nicol.

Isaiah's Visiou.

22. LORD'S DAY Ev. Broad Str. Dr.

Rippon ; Hare Crt. Mr. Frey;
Barbican, Mr. Knight; Palace St.
Mr. Dumn; Peter Str. Mr. Nicol-

soa; Chapel St. Mr. Brooksbank,
24. ?'u, M. Broad St. Mr. Ford.
25. Wed.(Fast DAY) Ev. Prayer-Meet-

ing for the Nation, at Mr. J. Clay

ton's, Camomile Street. 26. Th. Ev. Feiter Lane, Mr. Colli.

son. Faith exemplifieil. 27. Frid. Ev. Lecture to Young Per

sons, at Mr. Stollery's, Chapel Sır. Soho, Mr. Townsend to preach.

13. Lord's DAY Ev. Broad Sır. Mr.

Townsend; Barbican, Mr. Gore;
Hare Ct. Mr. Stollery; Peter
Str. Mr. Waruer; Palace Str. Mr.

Spa Fitlas, Mr. Glascott.
Sion Chapel, Nir. Walsh.
tluxton Chapel, Mr. Hudson, of W'est


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