DOE's Fiscal Year 1994 Budget: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Energy and Power of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives, One Hundred Third Congress, First Session, April 21, 1993, Volume 4


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Page 17 - Interest from private industry in commercial applications is evolving but no formal proposal has been made. President Clinton stated in "A Vision of Change for America" that: The FY 1994 budget proposal eliminates the research and development funding support and related facility funding for nuclear reactors that have no commercial or other identified application. Therefore, future DOE funding for the current Exploration Mission Power Requirements and Issues William L.
Page 12 - The gentleman from Florida, Mr. Stearns, is recognized. Mr. STEARNS. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
Page 29 - Department, ind will reimburse the Department for the cost of administering the lease. The Department will also retain ownership of the Advanced Vapor Laser Isotope Separation and alternative enrichment technologies unless and until the corporation decides to commercialize the technology. In the Interim, the Department will conduct work only as requested by the Corporation on a reimbursable basis. Environmental cleanup activities related to previous enrichment operations conducted by the Department...
Page 16 - President's three key elements: "economic stimulus to create jobs now while laying the foundation for long-term economic growth; long-term public investments to increase the productivity of our people and businesses; and a serious, fair, and balanced deficit-reduction plan to stop the government from draining the private investments that generate jobs and increase incomes.
Page 68 - The hearing is adjourned. [Whereupon, at 12:35 pm, the hearing was adjourned.] [Responses to subcommittee questions follow:] RESPONSES TO SUBCOMMITTEE QUESTIONS BY ROBERTO SALINAS, ACADEMIC DIRECTOR, CENTER FOR FREE ENTERPRISE RESEARCH 1. Question.— You have heard the concerns of the US auto parts industry over Mexico's "Trade-Balancing...
Page 16 - Secretary of Energy US Department of Energy FY 1993 Appropriations Hearings Hr. Chairman and members of the Committee, I an pleased to appear before you today to present the FY 1993 budget for the Department of Energy. This budget Is responsive to the recent major shifts in the Nation's nuclear defense posture, strongly supports the goals of the National Energy Strategy, provides for continued growth In environmental restoration and waste management activities, and maintains our scientific and technological...
Page 8 - Mr. Moorhead from California. Mr. MOORHEAD. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I want to commend you for holding this timely hearing on the Department of Energy Budget.
Page 25 - ... other light and heavy duty vehicle demonstration programs to help introduce AFVs into the marketplace. The FY 1994 request for conservation grants to States is 31 percent above the amount enacted in FY 1993. The Weatherization grant program provides funds to States to help pay for home weatherization improvements for low-income citizens. The proposed initiative of increased funding of $60.0 million in FY 1994 and $100.0 million per year through FY 1998 would be distributed differently than the...
Page 16 - Energy before the Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Power US House of Representatives June 9, 1993 Introduction Thank you Mr.

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