An History of the Christian Church from the Earliest Periods to the Present Time, Volume 2

C. and G. Kearsley, 1795

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Pagina 175 - He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.
Pagina 306 - Wittemberg, and with great pomp, in presence of a vast multitude of spectators, cast the volumes of the canon law, together with the bull of excommunication, into the flames ; and his example was imitated in several cities of Germany.
Pagina 281 - ... he should command, for the service of religion, and without requiring any thing from the holy see for their support.
Pagina 342 - Luther was guilty, must not be imputed wholly to the violence of his temper. They ought to be charged in part on the manners of the age. Among a rude people, unacquainted...
Pagina 483 - That mankind are totally depraved in consequence of the fall ; and by virtue of Adam's being their public head, the guilt of his sin was imputed, and a corrupt nature conveyed to all his posterity ; from which proceed all actual transgressions ; and that by sin we are made subject to death, and all miseries, temporal, spiritual, and eternal.
Pagina 302 - In consequence of this event, the vicariat of that part of Germany which is governed by the Saxon laws devolved to the elector of Saxony ; and under the shelter of his friendly administration Luther...
Pagina 504 - scape, despis'd or aw'd, Rebellion's vengeful talons seize on Laud. From meaner minds, though smaller fines content The plunder'd palace, or sequester'd rent; Mark'd out by dangerous parts he meets the shock, And fatal Learning leads him to the block: Around his tomb let Art and Genius weep, But hear his death, ye blockheads, hear and sleep.
Pagina 307 - Worms ought to condemn a man whom the pope had already excommunicated as an incorrigible heretic. Such an abrupt manner of proceeding, however, being deemed unprecedented and unjust by the members of the diet, they made a point of Luther's appearing in person, and declaring whether he adhered or not to those opinions which had drawn upon him the censures of the church.
Pagina 309 - ... and he was treated with all the respect paid to those who possess the power of directing the understanding and sentiments of other men ; an homage, more sincere, as well as more flattering, than any which pre-eminence in birth or condition can command.
Pagina 24 - ... observed, that a great part of these new rites derived their origin from the various errors which the barbarous nations had received from their ancestors, and still retained, even after their conversion to Christianity. The clergy, instead of extirpating these errors, either gave them a Christian aspect by inventing certain religious rites to cover their deformity, or by explaining them in a forced allegorical manner ; and thus they were perpetuated in the church, and devoutly transmitted from...

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