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18- if God don't, why should Man vill Sins 2 Σ for God determines to save sinners ... when we speak of CHRIST _recollect? B8: 6. popularity, nor antiquity, not always sure. 2. a fellonious sentiment, that merits a Gibbet, -Gods for knowledge in Unison with wery other 3.4-Contrast - Adam & Christ! _RE:

5. No Schism profile

A Judas, & squeamish Modern Divines

58 Dr. Gill. - an excellent note, & which continues on to p: 66.


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N. B. _ the Text refers to the Notes-by-a.b. c. divi vis the letter. a. : es begins at page 2 - ends. p.


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105. Christs obedience so perfect; that No Conditions of Life left for Us -114



118. Covenant, what putsovery soul w to it. 7 -original, and actual sin, Christ hore! 624 = the law to Adaon, inherited all the commands 125- origin of original sin & the very first bic. 126 - Adams Will, and Gods will, in opposition. 26_No Schism – Ib. Prefiiv.

417 All things made for and by Christ: 20 Angels the only reward for their service 25. Adam_ created male & Female, in 1 Body

34_Covenants with whom all made 40. - Prov: Xlll - 23-Speaks of XH. Haman hot 26-223-Adam & Eve. N.B. the distinction and difference-about- Body & Person

20 the Scriptures our only Reforces, t 132-3. Original Factual Sin, Christ died for Comp: with Richardsons Consolation. From Trapps, com flom: =}~ The Law cannot condemn - because they have appeare

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X. Compare with John Brines exc: Discourse "F" Christ the object of Gods Eternal Delight 12.41.29 Le & A Boines Miscetti's

diugh Broughton. 24 Tome-213-21h, will worth englaving on every mind, on the Fall-which dill certainly take 11⁄2 lace on The 6th day & not on the 7th as supposed Idam & Christ compared Vcontrasted RE: I finely asserts & substantiates how very Impossible for Mary to be without sriginal Sin, against Papists. Gundamentals in the Old Jest? well plovs, & CHRIST; the name, 684. times in the NT: Fonly twice in the old, both in Daniel

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