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Southey is perhaps best known as the friend of Wordsworth and Coleridge in their early "Lake Poet" days who wrote some often denigrated but in my experience readable verse fantasies (the Curse of ... Volledige review lezen

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Pagina 187 - Foley," turning to the captain, " I have only one eye, — I have a right to be blind sometimes," — and then putting the glass to his blind eye, in that mood of mind which sports with bitterness, he exclaimed, " I really do not see the signal ! " Presently he exclaimed, " Damn the signal ! Keep mine for closer battle flying ! That's the way I answer such signals. Nail mine to the mast!
Pagina 254 - By this time all feeling below the breast was gone, and Nelson having made the surgeon ascertain this, said to him, " You know I am gone. I know it. I feel something rising in my breast " — putting his hand on his left side —
Pagina 111 - There is no if in the case," replied the admiral ; " that we shall succeed is certain — who may live to tell the story is a -very different question.
Pagina 85 - disdaining the parade of taking possession of beaten enemies, most gallantly pushed up, with every sail set, to save his old friend and messmate, who was...
Pagina 199 - French enough to comprehend what was said, though not to answer it in the same language ; "tell him we are ready at a moment ! Ready to bombard this very night!" The conference, however, proceeded amicably on both sides ; and as the Commissioners could not agree upon this head, they broke up, leaving Nelson to settle it with the Prince. A levee was held forthwith in one of the state rooms...
Pagina 130 - What precious moments" said he, "the courts of Naples and Vienna are losing! Three months would liberate Italy! but this court is so enervated that the happy moment will be lost. I am very unwell; and their miserable conduct is not likely to cool my irritable temper. It is a country of fiddlers and poets, whores and scoundrels.
Pagina 98 - ... served on shore with the army four months, and commanded the batteries at the sieges of Bastia and Calvi...
Pagina 260 - The death of Nelson was felt in England as something more than a public calamity ; men started at the intelligence, and turned pale, as if they had heard of the loss of a dear friend. An object of our admiration and affection, of our pride and of our hopes, was suddenly taken from us ; and it seemed as if we had never, till then, known how deeply we loved and reverenced him.
Pagina 234 - I •went on shore for the first time since June 16, 1803 ; and from having my foot out of the Victory, two years, wanting ten days.
Pagina 113 - Captain Peyton, in the Defence, took his station ahead of the Minotaur and engaged the Franklin, the sixth in the line ; by which judicious movement the British line remained unbroken.

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