Englische Kaffeehäuser als Sammelpunkte der literarischen Welt im Zeitalter von Dryden und Addison

Frommann, 1924 - 90 pagina's
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Pagina 63 - All accounts of gallantry, pleasure, and entertainment, shall be under the article of White's Chocolate-house; poetry, under that of Will's Coffee-house; learning, under the title of Grecian; foreign and domestic news, you will have from St. James's Coffee-house; and what else I shall on any other subject offer, shall be dated from my own apartment.
Pagina 84 - The Character of a Coffee-house : wherein is contained a Description of the Persons usually frequenting it, with their Discourse and Humours ; as also the admirable Vertues of Coffee : by an Eye and Ear-witness.
Pagina 45 - As I remember said the sober Mouse, I've heard much talk of the Wits Coffee-House. Thither, says Brindle, thou shalt go, and see Priests sipping Coffee, Sparks and Poets Tea ; Here rugged Freeze, there Quality well drest, These bafling the Grand-Seigniour ; those the Test.
Pagina 84 - Consideration the Grand Inconveniences accruing to their Sex from the Excessive Use of that Drying, Enfeebling Liquor.
Pagina 5 - Jacob, a jew, opened a coffee-house at the Angel, in the parish of St. Peter in the East, Oxon, and there it was by some, who delighted in novelties, drank.
Pagina 45 - Who does i' th' darkness of his glory sit ; And as the moon who first receives the light, With which she makes these nether regions bright, So does he shine, reflecting from afar The rays he borrowed from a better star ; For rules, which from Corneille and Rapin flow, Admired by all the scribbling herd below, From French tradition while he does dispense Unerring truths, 'tis schism, a damned offence, To question his, or trust your private sense.
Pagina 6 - I have also discovered his hand-bill, in which he sets forth, " The vertue of the coffee-drink, first publiquely made and sold in England, by Pasqua Rosee, in St. Michael's Alley, Cornhill, at the sign of his own head.
Pagina 9 - The Women's petition against Coffee," 1674, they complained that " it made men as unfruitful as the deserts whence that unhappy berry is said to be brought : that the offspring of our mighty ancestors would dwindle into a succession of apes and pigmies ; and on a domestic message, a husband would stop by the way to drink a couple of cups of coffee.
Pagina 83 - The Nature of the Drink Kauhi, or Coffe, and the Berry of which it is made, Described by an Arabian Phisitian (Oxford, 1659); Pasqua Rosee, The Vertue of the Coffee Drink (London, ca.
Pagina 66 - ... greater freedom when I was not under any impediment of thinking: I therefore threw myself into an assembly of ladies, but could not for my life get in a word among them ; and found, that if I did not change my company, I was in danger of being reduced to my primitive taciturnity. The coffee-houses have ever since been my chief places of resort, where I have made the greatest improvements...

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