Hunt's Hand-book to the Official Catalogues: An Explanatory Guide to the Natural Productions and Manufactures of the Great Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations, 1851

Robert Hunt
Spicer brothers, and W. Clowes & sons, 1851

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Pagina 417 - ... the dead march in Saul, and other solemn and pathetic strains, when executed with taste and feeling by a master a little accustomed to the touch, excited equal wonder and delight...
Pagina 164 - The flax fibre, soaked in the solution of sub-carbonate of soda, was no sooner immersed in the vessel containing the acidulated water than its character became at once changed from that of a damp, rigid aggregation of flax to a light, expansive mass of cottony texture, increasing in size like leavening dough, or an expanding sponge. This...
Pagina 74 - Thus for a very long period this beautiful colour continued to be manufactured from a mineral whose composition was unknown. It was not till the year 1733 that the Swedish chemist Brandt obtained from this ore the metal which he called cobalt, and proved that the colouring matter is the protoxide.
Pagina 82 - The principle on which all locks depend, is the application of a lever to an interior bolt, by means of a communication from without ; so that, by means of the latter, the lever acts upon the bolt, and moves it in such a manner as to secure the lid or door from being opened by any pull or push from without.
Pagina 230 - ... exceed one thousand tons burden, use anchors formed of wood ; and, taking his hint from them. Captain Vidal drew out a plan, and had an anchor constructed from it under his own inspection, which never failed us even in the severest weather that we afterwards experienced. A delineation of it is annexed, on the scale of a quarter of an inch to a foot. A Two pigs of ballast. B The stock, ring, and part of the shank of the iron anchor; that portion of the latter represented by dots passed down the...
Pagina 403 - Make a saturated solution of crystallized gallic acid in cold distilled water. The quantity dissolved is very small. Call this solution B. When a sheet of paper is wanted for use, mix together the liquids A and B in equal volumes, but only mix a small quantity of them at a time, because the mixture does not keep long without spoiling.
Pagina 403 - The paper so far prepared the author calls iodized paper, because it has a uniform pale yellow coating of iodide of silver. It is scarcely sensitive to light, but, nevertheless, it ought to be kept in a portfolio or a drawer until wanted for use. It may be kept for any length of time without spoiling or undergoing any change, if protected from the light.
Pagina 403 - Then dip the paper into a vessel of water, dry it lightly with blotting-paper, and finish drying it at a fire, which will not injure it even if held pretty near ; or else it may be left to dry spontaneously. All this is best done in the evening by candle-light : the paper, so far prepared, is called iodized patter, because it has a uniform pale-yellow coating of iodide of silver.
Pagina 35 - CRYSTALS. 35 great many small blue objects mixed with the other stones : on collecting them, I found they were turquoises of the finest colour and quality. On continuing my researches through the entire range of mountains, I discovered many valuable deposits of the same stones, some quite pure, like pebbles, and others in the matrix.
Pagina 23 - ... the coal and shale, that it is still a disputed point whether the plants contained 'in the latter actually grew upon the former, or were drifted to that position in the fluid which deposited the mineral matter. Amongst the shales are also interspersed, in many cases, innumerable stumps of...

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