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mate courage and coolness in danger are discussing the merits of various systems. already well known to readers in western | Taking a “ Berdan," with which the Europe. Let me add one or two. On troops were latterly armed, from a soldier, the day before the assault on the Green he undid the treech and lock and ex. Hill,redoubt at Plevna, I was with him on plained the mechanism with the precision a vine-covered ridge which commanded a of a gunsmith. Returning the rifle to view of the Turkish position. Scobeleff the soldier, he turned, and walking up to was making preparations for the assault. a sentry a few paces distant, he said: He had from personal inspection made a “Let me see your rifle” extending his plan of the surrounding ground, and was, hand as he spoke. The man salured and quite in view of the enemy, making a replied: “I cannot, your Excellency.” series of sketches of the exact points and "But I want to see if it is clean," per. the ground leading to them which were to sisted the general. “I cannot, your Exbe the objects of attack by each of his cellency," again said the sentry, as firm battalions. The Turks opened fire: at as a rock. Scobeleff smiled, pulled bis firstathe shells were short, then they flew ears, and walked on. I asked an explanaoverhead, but suddenly two shrieked un- tion, whereupon he said that a rule of pleasantly near. One burst within a few war with: him was that no sentry on duty yards of where Scobeleff was sitting on a was on any account to give up possession camp-stool, drawing, and he and his paper of his arms – not even to the czar him. were covered with the friable soil of ihe self. • But,” said I, “suppose the sentry vineyard. Without a word or a wince he had given up his rifle when you were simply shook the soil off the paper and seemingly so serious in asking it. What finished the preparation of his plans, or- then?” “ He would have been shot,” dering his staff, when he observed that quietly replied the general, “ for disobethe fire continued exact, to find cover dience to orders in time of war." under a sloping bank some twenty yards In many quarters in the course of the off. At the battle of Senova - and I refer last few weeks it has been said that Gento this engagement frequently because eral Scobeleff was the enemy of England. the details of it are alınost wholly un- In no sense do I think was this a truthful known in England - Scobeleff, mounted description of the man. He was an aron his white charger, went out alone to dent admirer of England and of English reconnoitre the Turkish position. Of institutions, though he did not believe course he was the mark for a pretty hot that the latter were adapted for his own fusilade from both infantry and artillery. country. It is true that before and after Suddenly a shell appeared to strike the the signature of the Berlin Treaty he ground right beneath his charger and ex- bluntly expressed his hatred of the policy ploded. Thousands thought his temerity of the Beaconsfield government. This is had at last brought the death he seemed his exact language as noted at the time:

But when the smoke cleared “Cannot you see how this policy should away the white charger was observed stir us so ? For two years we have plunging gallantly onward, and his rider, deluged this land (Bulgaria) with our unharmed, soon afterwards rejoined his blood. Our brothers are slain, our coun. own troops. Scobeleff told me that when try has made enormous sacrifices, widows the sheil exploded he was almost suffo. mourn, children weep, and fathers lainent cated with the sulphurous smoke, and the loss of promising sons. All this we that for a moment he actually believed would have borne with the patience which his hour was comie. The plunging of his God gives, had the full freedom which we horse, as it were, awoke him from the had won for our brothers in race and reli. shock, and he was able to finish his survey gion, in language and faith, been accorded unnerved. It would be wearisome to mul- to them. But accursed diplomacy steps tiply instances of his escapes or of his in and says, “No; only the smaller half

of them shall be free, and the greater As a disciplinarian he was firm and number shall be again handed over to the strict. No point was too minute to be tender mercies of the Turks.' You know overlooked. Scobeleff's vedettes, were yourself what the Turks have been, and never caught napping. His knowledye of are, and ever will be; and placing yourself the detail of military duty was universal in our position, would you not also be - even to sounding all the bugle calls. consumed with wrath that our sacrifices An illustration of the discipline of his are to be in vain, and that the men over corps occurs to me. I had been talking whose graves we are now treading should with him of military breech-loaders and I have died for nought?” More especially

to court.



Scobeleff, with many other influential | International Law," bas called the "dele. Russians, complained bitterly of the clause gation of power," as contradistinguished in the Berlin Treaty: providing for the from constitutional methods of governgarrisoning of the Balkans. Such a meas. ment. For the development of Russia he ure, it was declared, could only weaken looked to the growth of a purely Slavonic the Bulgarian principality, and place civilization based on Slavonic ideas, and eastern Roumelia at the mercy of the it was this sentiment which led to his military pashas. I believe that had the hatred of and by a certain section of GerEnglish government persisted, in 1879, in man politicians. These latter, through demanding the literal fulfilment of this their oryans and the press, have unblushpart of the treaty, war would have been ingly rejoiced over the death of General declared once more by Russia. And it is Scobeleff, as the removal of a living force an open secret that the Russians were which would have excited not only Ruswell prepared for it. The whole of the sia, but the Slavonic world generally, to male population of eastern Roumelia had fight against “ Germany and that civilizabeen organized by General Scobeleff into tion which Russia can only get from the a well-drilled, fairly equipped militia ; West.”. while that of the principality of Bulgaria Panslavism, as understood by Scobeleff had been similarly organized by Prince and by thousands more of the enlightened Dondakoff Kotchakoff, governor of the sons of Russia, means the principle of principality previous to the election of nationality. And why in the name of Prince Alexander. And in view of such equity should not there be a legitimate a contingency as a new war, General | Slavonic ideal, if it be right and proper Scobeleff had prepared the most elaborate that there should be a Teutonic ideal, a plans of the campaign. He himself had Gallic ideal, and even an Anglo-Saxon ridden over almost every mile of Turkey ideal? And it is an historic fact that from Constantinople to the Danube, had much of the trouble in Russia during the surveyed every position capable of de. past two hundred years is due to the atfence or attack, and a new military map tempted enforcement of Germanic ideas had been constructed. I have no doubt of civilization upon an unwilling Slathat the plan of the campaign, which em- vonic people. Scobeleff was only giving braced several volumes of sketches, is utterance to the sentiments of the majornow in the archives of the Russian Warity of the Russian nation and of the SlaMinistry ready for future eventualities. vonic race when he said at Paris : “ If

Scobeleff had no belief that Russia and Russia does not always show herself England need necessarily come into hos. equal to her patriotic ideas in general, tile conflict in Asia. I was with him to- and to her Slav rôle in particular, it is wards the close of the British campaign because both within and without she is in Afghanistan, and discussing the ques- beld in check by a foreign influence. We tion, he frankly stated that Afghanistan are not at home in our own house. The was without the sphere of Russian con. foreigner is everywhere and his hand in quest, which he recognized was confined everything. We are the dupes of his polto the northern division of the great con- icy, victims of his intrigues, the slaves of tinent of Asia, and did not extend to his power.” India. “But,” he added, “had Russian Prévost Paradol, in one of his famous ambition stretched towards Hindostan, orations, said that“ France and Germany the invasion of Afghanistan under the were like two locomotives on the same Beaconsfield and Lytton administrations, line of rails, going at full speed in oppo. and the proceedings which followed there- site directions, and bound to collide at upon, was a policy than which a better some point.” History proved the truth could not have been devised to subserve of his forecast. And it needs but little supposed Russian views. It would throw prescience to assent to Scobeleff's predicthe Afghans into the arms of Russia.”tion that “a struggle between the Slav As a soldier, he admired the conduct of and the Teuton is inevitable; and it will the Afghan campaign.

be long, sanguinary, and terrible; He seldom spoke on what may be though we may somewhat doubt his patermed the home politics of Russia. In triotic self-assurance, “that the Slav will a sense he might be said to have been a triumph.” Staunch Imperialist. In other words, he Scobeleff's equally famous speech at seemed to think that the genius of the Warsaw expressed not a new sentiment, Slav race was adapted for what my friend but was simply an echo of a proposal Professor Loriiner, in his “ Institutes of | made in the sixteenth century by a sover.

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eign of Poland. “I wish,” said Scobeleff, store clerks and society men - bummers “the best to the Poles, and sincerely de. we call 'em t'associate with. Ye never sire that they may form one body with us, saw such a change in all your life. I'll as Servia and Bulgaria should do. Are be dog if the women's half as pretty as we not all brethren?” About 1580, they were.

Hell! 'Tain't no sort of a Stephen Batthory, king of Poland, thus place to what it used to be. No, sir.” addressed the Russian ambassador to his Nevertheless, to the stranger it will court: “ Let us abandon vain quarrels. seem that a spirit of princely extravaAre we not brothers? What matters gance still characterizes the inhabitants some slight differences in religious be- of the Golden City. With his last ten. lief? Why should we not have the same dollar piece the trúe San Franciscan will flag, the same chief?” Panslavism is, dine sumptuously, take a box at the theatherefore, not a thing of this day, and tre, or a drive out to the Cliff House. Scobeleff knew it; he only wished to His last twenty-five cents will be invested give it vitality. So far as I could judge in a good cigar. The veriest" dead beat from the conversations I had with him, who asks you for money in the street Scobeleff's ideal future for the Slavonic would feel'insulted by a tender of coprace appeared to be — (1) The federal pers. The Californian will starve rather union of the different Slav States under than pinch. Fortunately, he has only to a democratic-imperialistic government; work to be rich. There is no fight for and (2) that this democratic-imperialistic existence there. No man need jostle bis government in each of the States should neighbor. Such being the case, men acbe based and developed on the lines of cept greater risks and experience losses the mir— the Russian system of commu- with less concern than is the case in Eunal peasant proprietary

which seems to rope. be approved by, and adapted for, the gen- Returning to San Francisco after an ius of the Slav people. Into whatever absence of twelve months, I discovered forın his opinions may have ripened it is that several men who during my previous needless here to speculate. His eloquent visit had appeared to possess bottomless voice shall be no more heard forever; his purses, had vanished from the club circle. sword is sheathed in the tomb. Requies. “ Where is A.?" I asked. cat in pace. W. KINNAIRD ROSE. A. ? Oh, he's got a mine down in

Arizona. When the bottom tumbled out of that Pole Star silver mine, A. had to skin out of this."

" And what has become of B.?" From The Nineteenth Century.

“Well, one of the boys met him pro

specting down in New Mexico the other SAN FRANCISCO is rapidly forsaking day., Said he was carrying his own pack, the “ dandy rig” of the gambler, and as dead broke. B. will be up again thougir. suming the sober garb of commercial He's a ruffler. You'll hear of him soon." propriety: Stocks have gone “all end- “ Has C. gone too?” ways.” The old times when fortunes “Yes. Soon after you left, they knocked were made and lost in a day, when a man Golcondas higher'n a kite.

C. was a might go to bed a pauper and wake a mil- large holder. They do say he's prospectlionaire, or wake a millionaire and go to ing a new mine down in Toombstone bed a pauper, have vanished. Nor is it country, and it's likely to turn out a Boprobable that they ever will return. Those nanza. Hope it will, anyhow." were times! Refer to them in the pres. Amongst these incogniti was a prince ence of any one who knew them in their of good fellows, at whose hands I had golden prime and mark how his eyes will formerly experienced the warmest hospi. glisten. How eagerly will be launch forth tality. I determined to go south and visit upon a sea of anecdote! how he will revel him at his new mine in Sonora. In due in the train of recollections thus induced ! course the Southern Pacific Railway land

' Dog gone if I now the place !” said ed me at Tucson. Thence the journey an old fellow to me when I was last there. I had to be continued by stage. I was “Ye never see a shot fired from year's driven to the Metropolitan Hotel, to the end to year's end now. No, sir. Why, it proprietor of which, Mr. Maloney, I had isn't often ye even hear a champagne cork a message of introduction. drawn. 'Stead of the chink of gold, ye “What time does the stage start for hear nothing but the scratching of pens. Magdalena?" was my first inquiry: All the boys are gone, and there's only " Magdalena? Well, I guess you'll


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have to wait here till Saturday now. I tently inquire how far those assertions Stage went out this morning at eight have been verified and those intentions o'ciock," said the bar-keeper. It was nine fulfilled. Having posted himself up to o'clock on Tuesday. I had seen enough the latest date in all that concerns the of Tucson en route from the station to victim of his curiosity, he proceeds in prompt an impolite apostrophe to my ill return to furnish him with biographical luck. The bar-keeper' did not seem to sketches of such later passages in the realize any misfortune in a delay of four lives of his friends as may have escaped days at Tucson.

his knowledge. Take a drink?" said he. ** Thar's Returning to the hotel I found that Mr. worse places than Tucson. Thar's places Paul Maloney had arisen. I also found a where you can't get a drink."

card of invitation from (I think it was) the I took a drink. The bar-keeper joined Union Club, awaiting me. Being some

what dubious as to the nature of a club in "Is Mr. Maloney in ?" I inquired. Tucson, I interrogated Maloney on the

“Mr. Maloney has not long gone to subject. bed. The boys was having a little game Do you care to play monte ?" he of “freeze out' last night. I guess he'll asked, weighing the card in his hand. be about again at midday.”

* Not particularly." I was assigned a bedroom, or rather a

" Well." loose box, in the quadrangle of bedrooms That “well,” drawled out and sustained, at the back of the saloon. After break- and the look that accompanied it, told me fasting, I strolled out to look at the town. quite as much about the club as I desired Until, twelve months previously, the rail. to know. Paul and I cemented our acway reached it, Tucson was an unimpor. quaintance with cocktails. tant dobe village. Now it is growing Conversation at any time, on any topic, rapidly. Edifices of brick are springing or with any person in Tucson, invariably up. Practically it is the gateway betwixt led to this ceremony. Cocktail-drinking Alexico and the Western States, and in a has a peculiar charm of its own which lifts few years it will be a considerable town. it above drinking as otherwise practised.

Under the shop awnings in the main Your confirmed cocktail-drinker is not to street loitered a crowd of handsome, be confused with the ordinary sot. He is bearded, bronzed miners from the neigh- a true artist. With what exquisite feeling boring mining districts. To and fro fit- will he graduate his cups, from the gentle ted a few busy store.clothed storekeepers

" smile

of early morn to the potent and clerks. Here and there a knot of "smash” of night. The analytic skill of men might be seen examining some spec- a chemist marks his swift and unerring imen of quartz. Here and there a couple detection of the very faintest dissonance of leather-breeched cowboys, ostenta- in the harmony of the ingredients that tiously “heeled,”* rode past on their compose his beverage. He has an antiMexican-saddled bronchos. Yonder a dote to dispel, a tonic to induce every chain-and-ball

gang of convicts slowly ad- mood and humor that man knows. End. vanced, sweeping the dusty road. less variety rewards a single-hearted de

In a place of this kind the barber's votion to cocktails; whilst the resinement shop, next to the drinking.saloons, is the and artistic spirit that may be displayed chief place of resort. The barber, in in such an attachment, redeem it from io. importance, ranks second only to the temperance. It becomes an art. It is artistic mixer of cool drinks. He is hail. drinking etherealized, rescued from vulfellow-well. met with every one. Espe- gar appetite and brutality, purified of its cially cheery and amusingly ceremonious low origin and ennobled. A cocktail hath is Figaro if he happens to be a colored the soul of wit, it is brief. It is a jest, a His memory is prodigious. Men bon-mot, happy thought, a gibe, a word of

, enter that he has not seen for months, and sympathy, a tear, an inspiration, a short with whom he is perhaps only slightly ac- prayer. A list of your experienced cockquainted. Yet will he resume the conver- tail-drinker's potations for the day forins sation precisely where it was terminated. a complete picture, fraught with every He will remind his visitor exactly of what nuance of delicate shading. Nothing is he said and what his projects were when so delightful in nature as the effects he last was shaved, and he will persis. created by liquid. Why should this not

be so in buman nature too?

At length the four days passed, and

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• Armed.

seated in the corpulent, dropsical old | scalp was raw, and every angle I poscoach with its team of four wheelers and sessed was bruised. four leaders, we rumbled slowly out of Stage-travelling in Mexico, if this was a Tucson.

fair sample of it, is neither luxurious nor The passengers were a Mexican dame speedy. Owing to the irregularity with with a baby, a Mexican man, a miner, and which the coach is conducted, it is imposmyself. There was a coachman, and a sile for relays to be in attendance. Not second whip who sat beside him, with a until the coach arrives is a man sent out short but powerful weapon. Thus arıned to drive in fresh horses from the country. he made short excursions from the box. As they roam free over the broad mesas, seat to the ground, whilst the coach was they may be miles from home, conse. in motion, and fought it out with any re- quently it is no unusual occurrence for fractory member of the team as he ran the best part of a day to be wasted before along... Collecting a pocketful of the they are found. Outward bound, we were wickedest stones he could find, he would singularly fortunate in this respect. On then return and pelt the bronchos from the return journey our delays were all his proper elevation. Another of his du prolonged, in some cases exceeding even ties was to disentangle the team when, as five or six hours. The wattled sheds and not unfrequently, occurred, so many of huts at which these intervals are passed the leaders faced the wheelers that fur- are of the filthiest description. ther progress became impossible. It also Some of the teams were curiously fell to his lot to tie the coach together mixed. One consisted of three dookey's, when its dissolution was iiniinent. In two mules, and three bronchos. Most of the performance of his various duties, them were partly composed of mules. this individual displayed considerable agil- Some were poor, others remarkably good. ity, ability, and resource.

Particularly noteworthy was the performThe Mexican dame was frightful. It ance of a level team of sturdy bronchos, was evident that the baby was her own. that we picked up late in the afternoon, Nor was the family likeness the only and that of a fine team of mules which proof of their relationship.

It was

a took us into Magdalena on the following musical baby. Mother and insant left us morning. The stages were about sixteen at the end of the first stage. The male and eighteen miles respectively. With Mexican slept all day. Towards evening the exception of a few short stoppages he awoke and reduced himself to a state occasioned by trouble with the harness, of complete intoxication with mascal. these distances were covered at full gallop, The miner never opened his lips until the notwithstanding which, the teams pulled following morning, just before we entered up almost as fresh as they started. Magdalena, when we happened to pass a In one instance a deficiency of stock jackass rabbit.

necessitated the lassoing of a horse that “Next jackass rabbit we see, I'll be bad never been broken. He fought galdog durned if I don't shoot him," said lantly, and an exhibition of singular bruhe.

tality ensued which lasted nearly half an He forthwith produced one of the larg: hour. In the corral,* however, there was est Colt's revolvers that is made and no escape for him, and eventually he was cocked it. But we did not see another thrown half-strangled on the ground, when rabbit, so I missed this exbibition of his the lasso was loosened, and a few min. skill. He subsequently proved to be an utes were given him for recovery: Not Englishman.

until these tactics had been thrice res By the pace at which we proceeded peated did he allow himself to be har. during the night, I judged that the Mexi- nessed. Once in the collar, he had to go can's bottle of mascal was not the only with the rest. I must do our driver the one we had on board. The jolting was justice to say that he handled the ribbons terrific. Besides encountering the regu- with admirable skill and audacity. To lar ruts and inequalities in the ground, we add to the interest of the trip, it was ex. struck every now and then full gallop pected that we should be stopped by cowagainst a loose boulder, or the projecting boys. These knight-errants had lately surface of a rock, the shock of which "gone through " the coaches with great brought our heads in stunning contact regularity, and in anticipation of an enwith the brass-capped nails that studded counter our driver and his aide were the roof of the coach. I was sometimes armed to the teeth. Fortunately, neither in doubt whether my neck was broken or not. When Magdalena was reached my

* Pound or enclosure.

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