Stories Selected from the History of France, for Children: Intended as a Companion to the Stories Selected from the History of England

Harris and Son, 1822 - 212 pagina's

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Pagina 144 - ... from that spot, ordered a tent to be pitched there, and appointed proper persons to attend him. He died, notwithstanding their care, as his ancestors for several generations had done, in the field of battle.
Pagina 198 - Overcome with sorrow, he presented himself before the minister, to whose humanity he owed that liberty which was now a burden to him. Bowing down, he said, " Restore me again to that prison from which you have taken me. I cannot survive the loss of my nearest relations ; of my friends ; and, in one word, of a whole generation. Is it possible, in the same moment, to be informed of this universal destruction, and not to wish for death '? 16.
Pagina 83 - Were the French to come as invaders or enemies, uninvited by the wishes of the people, I should oppose them to the utmost of my strength. Yes ! my countrymen, I should advise you to meet them upon the beach with a sword in one hand and a torch in the other.
Pagina 209 - ... she should never see him again. The poor little fellow embraced us all tenderly, and was carried off in a flood of tears." Mary. Ah! mamma, you did right to warn us that it was a very sad history. Mrs. M. The poor, heart-broken mother never looked up after the loss of her son. She would sit...
Pagina 198 - This general mortality, which to the rest of the world comes slowly and by degrees, has to me been instantaneous, — the operation of a moment. Whilst secluded from society, I lived with myself only ; but here, I neither...
Pagina 196 - In vain were his looks directed to all the objects around him ; he could discover nothing of which he had the smallest remembrance. Terrified, he stopped and fetched a deep sigh. To him what did it import, that the. city was peopled with living creatures ? None of them were alive to him ; he was unknown .to all the world, and he knew nobody ; and whilst he wept, he regretted his dungeon.
Pagina 202 - The king sat down ; the queen was on his left hand, Madame Elizabeth on his right, Madame Royale nearly opposite, and the young prince stood between his legs ; all were leaning on the king, and often pressed him in their embraces. This scene of sorrow lasted an hour and three quarters, during which it was impossible to hear any thing. It could, however, be seen, that after every sentence uttered by the king, the agitation of the queen and princesses increased, lasted some minutes, and then the king...
Pagina 143 - Pity not me," cried the highspirited chevalier; " I die as a man of honour ought, in the discharge of my duty: they indeed are objects of pity, who fight against their king, their country, and their oath.
Pagina 196 - ... had the smallest remembrance. Terrified, he stopped and fetched a deep sigh. To him, what did it import that the city was peopled with living creatures ? none of them were alive to him ; he was unknown to all the world, and he knew nobody : and whilst he wept, he regretted his dungeon. At the name of the Bastile, which he often pronounced, and even claimed as an asylum, and the sight of his clothes, which marked a former age, the crowd gathered round him : curiosity, blended with pity, excited...
Pagina 194 - His locks, white, thin, and scattered, had almost acquired the rigidity of iron ; whilst his body, environed for so long a time by a coffin of stone, had borrowed from it a firm and compact habit. The narrow door of his tomb, turning upon its grating hinges, opened not as usual by halves, and an unknown voice announced his liberty, and bade him depart. Believing this to be a dream, he hesitated ; but at length rose up and walked forth with trembling steps, amazed at the space he traversed.

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