their prayer.

meek; he casteth the wicked judgement: and those that walk down to the ground.

in pride he is able to abase. 36 The meek also shall in- 2 And the loftiness of man crease their joy in the Lord, shall be bowed down, and the and the poor among men shall haughtiness of men shall be rejoice in the Holy One of Is- made low : and the Lord alone ráel.

shall be exalted in that day. 37 For the terrible one is 3 And they shall go into the brought to nought, and the holes of the rocks, and into the scorner is consumed, and all caves of the earth, for fear of that watch for iniquity are cut the Lord, and for the glory of off :

his majesty, when he ariseth to 38 That make a man an of- shake terribly the earth. fender for a word, and lay a 4 Enter into the rock, and snare for him that reproveth in hide thee in the dust, for fear the gate, and turn aside the just of the Lord, and for the glory for a thing of nought.

of his majesty. 39 He will regard the prayer 5 The lofty looks of man of the destitute, and not despise shall be humbled, and the haugh

tiness of men shall be bowed 40 This shall be written for down, and the Lord alone shall the generation to come; and be exalted in that day. the people which shall be cre- 6 For the day of the Lord of ated shall praise the Lord. hosts shall be upon every one

41 For he hath looked down that is proud and lofty, and from the height of his sanc- upon every one that is lifted tuary; from heaven · did the up; and he shall be brought low. Lord behold the earth;

7 And the mean man shall be 42 To hear the groaning of brought down, and the mighty the prisoner, to loose those that man shall be humbled, and the are appointed to death;

eyes of the lofty shall be hum43 To declare the name of bled. the Lord in Zion, and his praise 8 But the Lord of hosts shall in Jerusalem ;

be exalted in judgement, and 44 When the people are ga- God that is holy shall be sancthered together, and the king- tified in righteousness. doms, to serve the Lord.

9 God is the judge; he put45 For the Lord is our judge, teth down one, and setteth up the Lord is our law-giver, the another. Lord is our king, he will save us. 10 A God of truth, and with

out iniquity; just and right is LESSON XXXII.

he. He is excellent in power,

and judgement, and in plenty Praise and extol and honour of justice. the King of heaven, all whose 11 The Lord, the Lord God, works are truth, and his ways is merciful, and gracious, long

suffering, and abundant in good shall be removed like a cottage ; ness and truth:

and the transgression thereof 12 Keeping mercy for thou shall be heavy upon it, and it sands, forgiving iniquity, and shall fall, and not rise again. transgression, and sin, and that

22 And it shall come to pass will by no means clearthe guilty. in that day, that the Lord shall

13 The Lord is slow to an- punish the host of the high ones ger, and great in power, and that are on high, and the kings will not at all acquit the wick- of the earth upon the earth. ed: the Lord hath his way in 23 For the day of the Lord the whirlwind and in the storm, is near upon all the heathen: and the clouds are the dust of as thou hast done, it shall be his feet.

done unto thee;

thy reward 14 He rebuketh the sea, and shall return upon thine own maketh it dry, and drieth up head. all the rivers : Bashan lan. 24 The just Lord will not do guisheth, and Carmel, and the iniquity : every morning doth Hower of Lebanon languisheth. he bring his judgement to light,

15 The mountains quake at he faileth not. him, and the hills melt, and the 25 He is the rock, his work earth is burnt at his presence, is perfect; for all his ways are yea, the world, and all that judgement: a God of truth, dwell therein.

and without iniquity, just and 16 Who can stand before his right is he. indignation ? and who can abide in the fierceness of his

LESSON XXXIII. anger? his fury is poured out like fire, and the rocks are An Lord God, behold thou hast thrown down by him.

made the heaven and the earth ( 17 The Lord is good, a by thy great power and stretchstrong hold in the day of trou, ed-out arm, and there is nothing ble;

too hard for thee : 18 He knoweth them that 2 Thou shewest loving-kindtrust in him; but darkness shall ness unto thousands, and recompursue his enemies.

pensest iniquity : the Great, 19 Our God shall come, and the Mighty God, the Lord of shall not keep silence: a fire hosts is his name, shall devour before him, and it 3 Great in counsel, and shall be very tempestuous round mighty in work: for thine eyes about him.

are open upon all the ways of 20 He shall call to the hea- the sons of men, to give every vens from above, and to the

one according to his ways,

and earth, that he may judge his according to the fruit of his people.

doings : 21 The earth shall reel to 4 With the merciful thou wilt and fro like a drunkard, and shew thyself merciful; with an

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upright man thou wilt shew thy- 16 Surely the righteous shall self upright:

give thanks unto thy name: the 5 With the pure thou wilt upright shall dwell in thy preshew thyself pure; and with the sence. froward thou wilt shew. thyself 17 And the afflicted people froward.

thou wilt save: but thine eyes 6 For thou wilt save the af- are upon the haughty, that thou flicted people; but wilt bring mayest bring them down. down high looks.

18 Thy mercy, O Lord, is in 7 Judge me, O Lord my the heavens; and thy faithfulGod, according to thy righte- ness reacheth unto the clouds.

19 Thy righteousness is like 8 Art thou not from ever- the great mountains; thy judge. lasting, O Lord my God, mine ments, are a great deep: 0 Holy One ? we shall not die. Lord, thou preservest man and

9 Thou art of purer eyes beast. than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity: where

LESSON XXXIV. fore lookest thou upon them that deal treacherously, and holdest BEHOLD; God is mighty, and thy tongue when the wicked despiseth not any: he is mighty devoureth the man that is more in strength and wisdom. righteous than he ?

2 He preserveth not the life 10 O Lord, thou hast or- of the wicked; but giveth right dained them for judgement; and to the poor. O mighty God, thou hast esta- 3 He withdraweth not his blished them for correction. eyes from the righteous : but

11 Arise. O God, judge the with kings are they on the earth: for thou shalt inherit all throne; yea, he doth establish nations.

them for ever, and they are ex12 Righteous art thou, O alted. Lord, and upright are thy judge- 4 And if they be bound in ments. Thou lovest righteous- fetters, and be holden in cords ness, and hatest iniquity. of affliction :

13 Thy righteousness also, O 5 Then hesheweth them their God, is very high, who hast done work, and their transgressions great things: O God, who is like that they have exceeded. unto thee!

6 He openeth also their ear 14 Justice and judgement are to discipline, and commandeth the habitation of thy throne: that they return from iniquity. mercy and truth shall


before 7 If they obey and serve him, thy face.

they shall spend their days in 15 I know that the Lord will prosperity, and their years in maintain the cause of the af. pleasures. flicted, and the right of the 8 But if they obey not, they poor.

shall perish by the sword, and

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they shall die without know. I shall not be moved; for I shall ledge.

never be in adversity. 9 Far be it from God that he 22 His mouth is full of cursshould do wickedness; and from ing and deceit and fraud: under the Almighty that he should his tongue is mischief and vanity. commit iniquity.

23 He sitteth in the lurking10 For the work of a man places of the villages : in the shall he render unto him, and secret places doth he murder cause every man to find accord- the innocent: his eyes are priing to his ways.

vily set against the poor. 11 Yea, surely, God will not 24 He croucheth and hum. .do wickedly, neither will the bleth himself, that the poor may Almighty pervert judgement. fall by his strong ones.

12 Behold, God will not cast 25 He hath said in his heart, away a perfect man, neither will God hath forgotten; he hideth he help the evil-doers :

his face; he will never see it. 13 They that hate him shall 26 Arise, O Lord; O God, be clothed with shame, and the lift up thine hand: forget not dwelling-place of the wicked the humble. shall come to nought.

27 Wherefore doth the wicked 14 He delivereth the poor in contemn God ? he hath said in their affliction, and openeth their his heart, Thou wilt not require ears in oppression.

it. 15 For the needy shall not 28 Thou hast seen it; for alway be forgotten : the expec- thou beholdest mischief and tation of the poor shall not pe- spite to requite it with thy rish for ever.

hand : the


committeth 16 The Lord shall endure himself unto thee; thou art the for ever : he hath prepared his helper of the fatherless. throne for judgement:

29 Break thou the arm of 17 And he shall judge the the wicked and the evil man : world in righteousness, he shall seek out his wickedness till thou minister judgement to the peo- find none. ple in uprightness.

| 30 The Lord is King for 18 The wicked boasteth of his ever and ever. heart's desire, and blesseth the 31 Lord, thou hast heard the covetous, whom the Lord abhor- desire of the humble: thou wilt reth.

prepare their heart, thou wilt 19 The wicked, through the cause thine ear to hear : pride of his countenance, will 32 To judge the fatherless and not seek after God: God is not the oppressed, that the man of in all his thoughts.

the earth may no more oppress. 20 His ways are always grie- 33 The way of the just is upvous ; thy judgements are far rightness: Thou, most upright, above out of his sight.

dost weigh the path of the just. 21 He hath said in his heart, 34 The Lord executeth righ



teousness and judgement for all a robber, a shedder of blood, and that are oppressed.

that doeth the like to any one of 35 The Lord shall cut off all these things, flattering lips, and the tongue 9 Hathoppressed thepoorand that speaketh proud things : needy, hath spoiled by violence;

36 Who have said, With our shall he then live ? he shall not tongue will we prevail; our lips live: he hath done all these aboare our own: who is lord over us? minations, he shall surely die;

37 For the oppression of the his blood shall be upon him. poor, for the sighing of the needy, 10 Now lo, if he beget a son now will I arise, saith the Lord: that seeth all his father's sins I will set him in safety from him which he hath done, and consithat puffeth at him.

dereth, and doeth not such like,

11 Neither hath oppressed LESSON XXXV. any, hath not withholden the

pledge, neither hath spoiled by The word of the Lord came unto violence, buthath given his bread me, saying,

to the hungry, and hath covered 2 What mean ye that ye use the naked with a garment, this proverb concerning the land 12 That hath taken off his of Israel, saying, Thefathers have hand from the poor, hath exeaten sour grapes, and the chil. ecuted my judgements, hath dren's teeth are set on edge ? walked in my statutes; he shall

3 As Ilive, saith the Lord God, not die for the iniquity of his ye shall not have occasion any father, he shall surely live. more to use this proverb in Israel. 13 As for his father, because

4 Behold, all souls are mine; he cruelly oppressed, spoiled his as the soul of the father, so also brother by violence, and did that the soul of the son is mine : the which is not good among his soul that sinneth, it shall die. people, lo, even he shall die in

5 But if a man be just, and do his iniquity. that which is lawful and right, 14 The soul that sinneth, it

6 And hath not oppressedany, shall die. The son shall not but hath restored to the debtor bear the iniquity of the father, his pledge; hath spoiled none by neither shall the father bear the violence; hath given his bread iniquity of the son: the righteto the hungry, hath covered the ousness of the righteous shall be naked with a garment; and hath upon him, and the wickedness of withdrawn his hand from ini. the wicked shall be upon him. quity; hath executed true judge- 15 But if the wicked will ment between man and man; turn from all his sins that he

7 Hath walkedin my statutes, hath committed, and keep all and hath kept my judgements to my statutes, and do that which deal truly; he is just, he shall is lawful and right, he shall surely live, saith the Lord God. surely live, he shall not die.

T 8 If he beget a son that is 16 All his transgressions that

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