shalt not fear; and from ter- and ready to forgive; and plenror, for it shall not come near teous in mercy unto all them thee.

that call


thee. 26 And even to thine old age, 5 Who is a God like unto I am He, and even to hoar hairs thee, that pardoneth iniquity, will I carry thee; I have made, and passeth by the transgresand I will bear, even I will carry, sion of the remnant of his heriand will deliver thee.

tage? he retaineth not his anger 27 Yea, I have loved thee for ever, because he delighteth with an everlasting love; there- in mercy. fore with loving-kindness have 6 He will turn again, he will I drawn thee.

have compassion upon us; he 28 Wilt thou not from this will subdue our iniquities; he time cry unto me, My father, will cast all our sins into the thou art the guide of my youth ? depths of the sea.

29 Will he reserve his anger 7 He healeth the broken in for ever? will he keep it to the heart, and bindeth up their end?

wounds. 30 Thus saith the Lord thy 8 For we must needs die, and Redeemer, the Holy One of are as water spilt on the ground, Israel ; I am the Lord thy God, which cannot be gathered up which teacheth thee to profit, again: which leadeth thee by the way

9 Neither doth God respect that thou shouldest go.

any person; yet doth he devise 31 O that thou hadst heark- means that his banished be not ened to my commandments ! expelled from him. then had thy peace been as a 10 Thou, O Lord, art a God river, and thy righteousness as full of compassion, and grathe waves of the sea :

cious; long-suffering, and plen32 For I have satiated the teous in mercy and truth. weary soul, and I have reple- 11 Thou art a gracious God, nished every sorrowful soul. and merciful; slow to anger, and

of great kindness, and repentest

thee of the evil. LESSON XXIX.

12 Thou, O Lord, art our If thou, Lord, shouldest mark father, our redeemer, thy name iniquities; O Lord, who shall is from everlasting. stand ?

13 Return, for thy servants' 2 But there is forgiveness sake, the tribes of thine inheriwith thee; that thou mayest be tance. feared.

14 The good Lord pardoneth 3 Thou art a God ready to every one that prepareth his pardon, gracious and merciful, heart to seek God, the Lord slow to anger, and of great kind- God of his fathers.

15 For the Lord your God is 4 For thou, Lord, art good, gracious and merciful, and will not turn away his face from you, the Lord hath comforted his if ye return unto him.


people, and will have mercy 16 If thou shalt seek the Lord upon his afflicted. thy God, thou shalt find him, 28 And 'therefore will the if thou seek him with all thine Lord wait that he


graheart, and with all thy soul : cious unto you, and therefore

17 When thou art in tribu- will he be exalted that he may lation, and all these things are have mercy upon you : for the , come upon thee, even in the Lord is a God of judgement; latter days, if thou turn to the blessed are all they that wait Lord thy God, and shalt be obe- for him. dient unto his voice,

29 Ye shall weep no more : 18 (For the Lord thy God is he will ce very gracious 'unto a merciful God,) he will not for- you at the voice of your cry; sake thee, neither destroy thee. when he shall hear it, he will

19 If thou seek him, he will answer you. be found of thee; but if thou for- 30 And though the Lord give sake him, he will cast thee off you the bread of adversity and the for ever.

water of affliction, yet shall not ( 20 Despise not the chasten- thy teachers be removed into a ing of the Lord; neither be corner any more, but thine eyes weary of his correction :

shall see thy teachers : 21 For whom the Lord loveth 31 And thine ears shall hear he correcteth, even as a father a word behind thee, saying This the son in whom be delighteth. is the way, walk ye in it, when

22 Behold, happy is the man ye turn to the right-hand, and whom God correcteth: there when ye turn to the left. foredespise not thou the chastening of the Almighty :

LESSON XXX. 23 For his anger

ndureth but a moment; in his favour is I COMMUNED with mine own life: weeping may endure for a heart, and my spirit made dilinight, but joy cometh in the gent search. morning.

2 Will the Lord cast off for 24 Let Israel hope in the .? and will he be favourable Lord ; for with the Lord there no more? is mercy, and with him is plen- 3 Is his


for teous redemption.

ever? doth his promise fail for 25 And he shall redeem Israel evermore? from all his iniquities.

4 Hath God forgotten to be 26 The Lord is gracious, and gracious ? hath he in anger

shut full of compassion : slow to up his tender mercies? anger, and of great mercy. 5 And I said, This is my in

27 Sing, O heavens; and be firmity : but I will remember joyful, O earth; and break forth the years of the right hand of into singing, O mountains : for the Most High.


6. I will remember the works in victory; and the Lord God of the Lord : surely I will re- will wipe away tears from off member thy wonders of old. all faces; and the rebuke of his 7 I will meditate also of all people shall he take away

from thy work, and talk of thy off all the earth: for the Lord doings.

hath spoken it. 8 Thou hast forgiven the in- 20 And it shall be said in iquity of thy people, thou hast that day, Lo, this is our God; covered all their sin.

we have waited for him, and he 9 Turn us, O God of our sale will save us : this is the Lord ; vation, and cause thine anger we have waited for him, we will towards us to cease.

be glad, and rejoice in his sal10 Wilt thou be angry with vation. us for ever? wilt thou draw out 21 And in that day thou shalt thine anger to all generations ? say, O Lord, I will praise thee :

11 Wilt thou not revive us though thou wast angry with me, again, that thy people may re- thine


is turned away, and joice in thee?

thou comfortedst me. 12 Shew us thy mercy, O 22 Behold, God is


salvaLord, and grant us thy salva- tion; I will trust, and not be tion.

afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is 113 I will hear what God the my strength and my song; he Lord will speak : for he will also is become my salvation. speak peace unto his people, 23 Therefore with joy shall and to his saints : but let them ye draw water out of the wells not turn again to folly.

of salvation. 14 Surely his salvation is nigh | 24 I will mention the lo. them that fear him; they shall ving-kindnesses of the Lord, pray unto God, and he will be and the praises of the Lord, acfavourable unto them; and they cording to all that the Lord hath shall see his face with joy : for bestowed on us; and the great he will render unto man his goodness towards the house of righteousness.

Israel, which he hath bestowed 15 He looketh upon men,

and on them, according to his merif any say, I have sinned, and cies, and according to the mula perverted that which was right, titude of his loving-kindness. and it profited me not;

25 For he said, Surely they 16 He will deliver his soul are my people, children that will from going into the pit, and his not lie : so he was their saviour. life shall see the light.

26 In all their affliction he 17 Lo, all these things work- was afflicted, and the angel of eth God oftentimes with man,


presence saved them in his 18 To bring back his soul love, and in his pity he redeemfrom the pit, to be enlightened ed them, and he bare them, and with the light of the living. carried them all the days of old. 19 He will swallow up death

27 But they rebelled, and


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vexed his holy spirit: therefore Lord caused him to rest: so he was turned to be their ene- didst thou lead thy people, to my, and he fought against them. make thyself a glorious name.

28 Then he remembered the 32 Make us glad according days of old, Moses and his peo- to the days wherein thou hast ple, saying, Where is he that afflicted us, and the years wherebrought them up out of the sea? in we have seen evil. where the shepherd of his flock ? 33 Let thy work appear unwhere is he that put his holy to thy servants, and thy glory spirit within him?

unto their children. 29 That led them by the right 34 And let the beauty of the hand of Moses with his glorious Lord our God be upon us : and arm, dividing the water before establish thou the work of our them, to make himself an ever- hands upon us, yea, the work lasting name?

of our hands establish thou it. 30 That led them through 35 Doubtless thou art our the deep, as an horse in the wil- father, though Abraham be igderness, that they should not norant of us, and Israel acknowstumble ?

ledge us not: thou, O Lord, art 31 As a beast goeth down in- our father, our redeemer; thy to the valley, the spirit of the name is from everlasting.


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5 O let the nations be glad

and sing for joy : for thou shalt The Lord liveth, in truth, in judge the people righteously, judgement, and in righteous- and govern the nations upon ness : and the nations shall bless earth. themselves in him, and in him 6 Thou, even thou, art to be shall they glory.

feared, and who may stand in 2 The Lord cometh, he com- thy sight when once thou art eth to judge the earth: he shall angry judge the world with righteous- 7 Thou didst cause judgeness, and the people with his ment to be heard from heatruth.

ven; the earth feared, and was 3 The Lord shall judge the still, people : judge me, O Lord, ac- 8 When God arose to judgecording to my righteousness, ment, to save all the meek of and according to mine integrity the earth. that is in me.

9 The Lord trieth the righ4 O let the wickedness of the teous; but the wicked and him wicked come to an end; butesta- that loveth violence his soul blish the just: for the righteous hateth. God trieth the hearts and reins. 10 For the righteous Lord every work.

loveth righteousness; his coun- mourn may be exalted to safe. tenance doth behold the up- ty. right.

23 He disappointeth the de. 11 I said in mine heart, vices of the crafty, so that their God shall judge the righteous hands cannot perform their enand the wicked; for there is a terprise. time for every purpose and for 24 He taketh the wise in

their own craftiness; and the 12 He shall judge the poor counsel of the froward is carof the people, he shall save the ried headlong. children of the needy, and shall 25 They meet with darkness break in pieces the oppressor.

in the day-time, and grope in 13 O love the Lord, all ye the noon-day as in the night. his saints: for the Lord pre

26 But he saveth the poor serveth the faithful, and plen- from the sword, from their tifully rewardeth the proud mouth, and from the hand of doer.

the mighty. 14 Verily there is a re- 27 So the poor hath hope, ward for the righteous : verily and iniquity stoppeth her mouth. he is a God that judgeth in the | 28 Happy is he that hath earth.

the God of Jacob for his help, 15 The Lord is known by whose hope is in the Lord his the judgement which he executeth : the wicked is snared 29 Which made heaven and in the work of his own hands. earth, the sea, and all that

16 And the heavens shall de- therein is ; which keepeth truth clare his righteousness : for God for ever : is judge himself.

30 Which executeth judge17 For the word of the Lord ment for the oppressed, which is right; and all his works are giveth food to the hungry. done in truth.

31 The Lord looseth the pri18 He loveth righteousness soners. and judgement: the earth is 32 The Lord openeth the full of the goodness of the Lord. eyes of the blind : the Lord

19 Let the sea roar, and the raiseth them that are bowed fullness thereof; the world, and down : the Lord loveth the they that dwell therein. righteous.

20 Let the floods clap their 33 The Lord preserveth the hands : let the hills be joyful strangers; he relieveth the fa. together before the Lord : for therless and widow: but the he cometh to judge the earth : way of the wicked he turneth

21 With righteousness shall upside down. he judge the world, and the 34 A father of the fatherless, people with equity.

and a judge of the widows, is 22 To set up on high those God in his holy habitation. that be low; that those which 35 The Lord lifteth up the



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