INTRODUCTION.—On the Excellency of the Holy



mine heart, that I might not sin

against thee. BLESSED is the man whom 9 I rejoice at thy word as one thou chastenest, O Lord, and that findeth great spoil. teachest him out of thy law; 10 Thy testimonies also are that thou mayest give him rest my delight, and my counsellors. from the days of adversity. 11 The words of the Lord are

2 The law of the Lord is per- pure words; as silver tried in a fect, converting the soul : the furnace of earth, purified seven testimony of the Lord is sure, times. making wise the simple.

12 The law of thy mouth is 3 The statutes of the Lord better unto me than thousands are right, rejoicing the heart : of gold and silver. the commandment of the Lord 13 Thy testimonies that thou is pure, enlightening the eyes. hast commanded are righteous 4 The fear of the Lord is and


faithful. clean, enduring for ever : the 14 I have seen an end of all judgements of the Lord are true, perfection; but thy commandand righteous altogether. ment is exceeding broad.

5 More to be desired are 15 The entrance of thy words they than gold, yea, than much giveth light; it giveth underfine gold; sweeter also than standing unto the simple. honey, and the honey-comb. 16 Through thy precepts I

6 Moreover, by them is thy get understanding; therefore I seryant warned; and in keep- hate every


way. ing of them there is great re- 17 Thy word is a lamp unto ward.

my feet, and a light unto my 7 Wherewith shall a young path. man cleanse his way? By taking 18 I have rejoiced in the way heed thereto according to thy of thy testimonies as much as word.

in all riches. 8 Thy word have I hid in 19 I will meditate in thy pre


cepts, and have respect unto thy 7 It is not in heaven, that ways.

thou shouldest say, Who shall 20 I will delight myself in go up for us to heaven, and bring thy statutes ; I will not forget it unto us, that we may hear it, thy word.

and do it? 21 Thy word is very pure, 8 Neither is it beyond the therefore thy servant loveth it. sea, that thou shouldest say,

22 Great peace have they Who shall go over the sea for which love thy law, and no- us, and bring it unto us, that we thing shall offend them.

may hear it, and do it? 23 The fear of the Lord is ģ But the word is very nigh the beginning of wisdom : a unto thee, in thy mouth, and in good understanding have all thy heart, that thou mayest do it. they that do his commandments: 10 Behold, the heaven, and his praise endureth for ever. the heaven of heavens is the

Lord's thy God; the earth also, LESSON II.

with all that therein is.

11 Thou shalt keep therefore The secret things belong unto his statutes and his commandthe Lord our God; but those ments, which I command thee, things which are revealed be that it may go well with thee, long unto us and to our children and with thy children after thee; for ever, that we may do all the and that thou mayest prolong words of this law.

thy days upon the earth, which 2 When thou goest, it shall the Lord thy God giveth thee, lead thee: when thou sleepest, it for ever. shall keep thee; and when thou 12 All my words that I shall awakest, it shall talk with thee. speak unto thee, receive in thine

3 For the commandment is a heart, and hear with thine ears, lamp; and the law is light; and 13 Beware that thou forget reproofs of instruction are the not the Lord thy God, in not

keeping his commandments, 4 What doth the Lord thy and his judgements, and his staGod require of thee, but to fear tutes : the Lord thy God, to walk in all 14 Lest when thou hast eathis ways and to love him, and to en, and art full, and hast built serve the Lord thy God with all goodly houses, and dwelt therethy heart, and with all thy soul; in;

5 To keep the command- 15 And when thy herds and ments of the Lord and his sta- thy flocks multiply, and thy siltutes, which I command thee ver and thy gold is multiplied, for thy good?

and all that thou hast is multi. 6 For this commandment plied ; which I command thee, it is not 16 Then thine heart be lifted hidden from thee, neither is it up, and thou forget the Lord far off :

way of life.

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thy God.

your soul.

| 17 Thou shalt also consi- from to the right hand or to the der in thine heart, that as a man left. chasteneth his son, so the Lord 25 But take diligent heed to thy God chasteneth thee. do the commandment and the

18 Therefore thou shalt keep law, which the Lord charged you, the commandments of the Lord to love the Lord your God, and thy God, to walk in his way, to walk in all his ways, and to and to fear him.

keep his commandments, and to 19 And thou shalt love the cleave unto him, and to serve Lord thy God with all thine him with all your heart and with heart, and with all thy soul, and all with all thy might.

26 Ye shall observe to do as 20 And these words which I the Lord your God hath comcommand thee shall be in thine manded you; you shall not turn heart.

aside to the right hand or to the 21 Thou shalt obey the voice left. of the Lord thy God, and do 27 Ye shall walk in all the his commandments and his sta- ways which the Lord your

God tutes.

hath commanded you; that ye 22 Know thou the God of may live, and that it may be thy fathers, and serve him with well with you. a perfect heart, and with a will- 28 Only fear the Lord, and ing mind;

serve him in truth with all

your 23 That thou mayest love the heart: for consider how great Lord thy God, and that thou things he hath done for you. mayest obey his voice, and that 29 Fear the Lord, and serve thou mayest cleave unto him : him in sincerity and in truth : for he is thy life, and the length and take good heed unto yourof thy days.

selves, that ye love the Lord 24 Be ye very courageous your God. to keep and to do all that is 30 Fear God, and keep his written in the book of the law, commandments; for this is the that ye turn not aside there. whole duty of man.


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Book I.-Attributes of God.

SECTION I.God the Creator.


was upon the face of the deep :

and the spirit of God moved In the beginning God created upon the face of the waters. the heaven, and the earth:

3 And God said, Let there 2 And the earth was without be light: and there was light. form, and void; and darkness 4 And God saw the light,


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that it was good : and God di- be lights in the firmament of the vided the light from the dark. heaven, to divide the day from

the night: and let them be for 5 And God called the light, signs, and for seasons, and for Day, and the darkness he called; days and years. And let them Night: and the evening and the be for lights in the firmament of morning were the first day. the heaven, to give light upon

6 And God said, Let there be the earth : and it was so. a firmament in the midst of the 15 And God made two great waters, and let it divide the wà. lights: the greater light to rule ters from the waters,

the day, and the lesser light to 7 And God made the firma- rule the night : he made the ment; and divided the waters stars also. which were under the firma- 16 And God set them in the ment, from the waters which firmament of the heaven, to give were above the firmament: and light upon the earth : and to it was so.

rule over the day, and over the 8. And God called the firma- night, and to divide the light ment, Heaven: and the evening from the darkness : and God and the morning were the se- saw that it was good. cond day.

17 And the evening and the 9 And God said, Let the wa- morning were the fourth day. ters under the heaven be ga- 18 And God said, Let the thered together unto one place, waters bring forth abundantly and let the dry land appear: the moving creature that hath and it was so.

life, and fowl that may fly above 10 And God called the dry the earth in the open firmament land, Earth, and the gathering of heaven. together of the waters called he 19 And God created great Seas: and God saw that it was whales, and every living creagood.

ture that moveth, which the wa11 And God said, Let the ters brought forth abundantly earth bring forth grass, the herb after their kind, and every wing, yielding seed, and the fruit-tree ed fowl after his kind : and God yielding fruit after his kind, saw that it was good. whose seed is in itself, upon

the 20 And God blessed them, earth : and it was so.

saying, Be fruitful, and multi12 And the earth brought ply, and fill the waters in the forth grass, and herb yielding seas, and let fowl multiply in seed after his kind, and the tree the earth. yielding fruit, whose seed was in

21 And the evening and the itself, after his kind : and God morning were the fifth day. saw that it was good.

22 And God said, Let the 13 And the evening and the earth bring forth the living creamorning were the third day. ture after his kind, cattle, and

14 And God said, Let there creeping thing, and beast of the


earth after his kind : and it was ing and the morning were the

sixth day. 23 And God made the beast 29 Thus the heavens and the of the earth after his kind, and earth were finished, and all the cattle after their kind: and host of them. every thing that creepeth upon 30 And on the seventh day the earth after his kind : and God ended his work which he God saw that it was good. had made: and he rested on

24 And God said, Let us the seventh day from all his make man in our image, after work which he had made. our likeness : and let him have 31 And God blessed the dominion over the fish of the seventh day, and sanctified it: sea, and over the fowl of the because that in it he had rested air, and over the cattle, and from all his work, which God over all the earth, and over every created and made. creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

LESSON IV. 25 So God created man in his own image, in the image of The heavens declare the glory God created he him ; male and of God, and the firmament shewfemale created he them.

eth his handy-work. 26 And God blessed them, 2 Day unto day uttereth and God said unto them, Be speech, and night unto night fruitful, and multiply, and re- sheweth knowledge. plenish the earth, and subdue 3 There is no speech nor lanit, and have dominion over the guage, where their voice is not fish of the sea, and over the fowl heard. of the air, and over every living 4 Their line is


out thing that moveth upon the through all the earth, and their earth,

words to the end of the world. 27 And God said, Behold, I 5 In them hath he set a ta. have given you every herb bear- bernacle for the sun; which is ing seed, which is upon the face as a bridegroom coming out of of all the earth, and every tree, his chamber, and rejoiceth as a in the which is the fruit of a tree strong man to run a race. yielding seed, to you it shall be 6 His going forth is from the for meat: and to every beast of end of the heaven, and his cir. the earth, and to every fowl of cuit unto the ends of it: and the air, and to every thing that there is nothing hid from the creepeth upon the earth, where- heat thereof. in there is life, I have given 7 The earth is the Lord's and every green herb for meat: and the fullness thereof; the world, it was so.

and they that dwell therein. For 28 And God saw every thing he hath founded it upon the that he had made, and, behold, seas, and established it upon the it was very good. And the even. floods.

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