for the poor.


31 Thou, O God, didst send gracious, slow to anger, and a plentiful rain, whereby thou plenteous in mercy. didst confirm thine inheritance 9 He will not always chide : when it was weary.

neither will he keep his anger 32 Thy congregation hath for ever. dwelt therein : thou, O God, 10 He hath not dealt with hast prepared of thy goodness us after our sins ; nor rewarded

us according to our iniquities. 33 Mercy and truth are met 11 For as the heaven is high together ; righteousness and above the earth, so great is his peace have kissed each other.

mercy toward them that fear 34 Truth shall spring out of him. the earth; and righteousness 12 As far as the east is from shall look down from heaven. the west, so far hath he re

35 Yea, the Lord shall give moved our transgressions from that which is good; and our land shall yield her increase. 13 The mercy of the Lord

36 Righteousness shall go is from everlasting to everlastbefore him; and shall set us in ing upon them that fear him, the way of his steps.

and his righteousness unto chil

dren's children ; LESSON XXV.

14 To such as keep his co

venant, and to those that re. BLESS the Lord, O my soul; member his commandments to and all that is within me, bless do them. his holy name.

15 The Lord hath prepared 2 Bless the Lord, O my soul; his throne in the heavens; and and forget not all his benefits : his kingdom ruleth over all.

3 Who forgiveth all thine 16 Bless the Lord, ye his aniniquities; who healeth all thy gels, that excel in strength, that diseases ;

do his commandments, heark4 Who redeemeth thy life ening unto the voice of his from destruction; who own word. eth thee with loving-kindness 17 Bless ye the Lord, all ye and tender mercies ;

his hosts; ye ministers of his, 5 Who satisfieth thy mouth that do his pleasure. with good things; so that thy 18 Bless the Lord, all his youth is renewed like the ea- works, in all places of his domi.

nion: bless the Lord, O my soul. 6 The Lord executeth righ- 19 Fear not, O land; be glad teousness and judgement for all and rejoice: for the Lord will that are oppressed.

do great things. 7 He made known his ways 20 Be not afraid, ye beasts of unto Moses, his acts unto the the field : for the pastures of children of Israel.

the wilderness do spring, for 8 The Lord is merciful and the tree beareth her fruit, the



fig-tree and the vine do yield 22 And the floors shall be their strength.

full of wheat, and the vats shall 21 Be glad then, ye

children overflow with wine and oil. of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord 23 And ye shall eat in plenty, your God : for he hath given and be satisfied, and praise the you the former rain moderately, name of the Lord your God, and he will cause to come down that hath dealt wondrously with for you the rain, the former you: and my people shall never rain, and the latter rain in the be ashamed. first month.

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iniquity, that thou hast trans

gressed against the Lord thy Thus saith the Lord, The hea. God. ven is my throne, and the earth 8 For thus saith the high is my footstool: where is the and lofty One that inhabiteth house that yebuild unto me? and eternity, whose name is Holy; where is the place of my rest? I dwell in the high and holy

2 For all those things hath place, with him also that is of a mine hand made, and all those contrite and humble spirit, to things have been, saith the Lord: revive the spirit of the humble, but to this man will I look, even and to revive the heart of the to him that is poor and of a con

contrite ones. trite spirit, and trembleth at my 9 I will not contend for word.

ever, neither will I be always 3 For I know the thoughts wroth: for the spirit should fail that I think towards you, saith before me, and the souls which the Lord; thoughts of peace, and I have made. not of evil, to give you an ex- 10 For the iniquity of man's pected end.

covetousness was I wroth, and 4 Then shall ye call upon smote him : I hid me,



and pray wroth, and he went on frowardly unto me, and I will hearken in the way of his heart.

11 I have seen his ways, and 5 And ye shall seek me, and will heal him: I will lead him find me, when ye shall search also, and restore comforts unto for me with all your heart. him, and to his mourners.

6 Return, thou backsliding 12 I create the fruit of the Israel, saith the Lord; and I lips ; Peace, peace to him that is will not cause mine anger to far off, and to him that is near, fall upon you: for I am mer- saith the Lord; and I will heal ciful, saith the Lord, and I will him. not keep anger for ever.

13 But the wicked are like 7 Only acknowledge thine the troubled sea, when it cannot

and was

me, and

unto you.

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rest, whose waters cast up mire lawful and right, he shall surely and dirt.

live, he shall not die. 14 There is no peace, saith 25 All his transgressions that my God, to the wicked. he hath committed, they shall

15 If his children forsake my not be mentioned unto him : in law, and walk not in my judge- his righteousness that he hath ments;

done, he shall live. 16 If they break my statutes, 26 Have I any pleasure at all and keep not my command- that the wicked should die? saith ments;

the Lord God; and not that he 17 Then will I visit their should return from his ways, transgressions with the rod, and and live! their iniquity with stripes.

18 Nevertheless, my loving- LESSON XXVII. kindness will I not utterly take from him, nor suffer my

faith- SEEK


the Lord while he may fulness to fail.

be found, call ye upon him while 19 My mercy will I keep for he is near. him for evermore, and my co- 2 Let the wicked forsake his venant shall stand fast with way, and the unrighteous man him.

his thoughts : and let him re20 Even from the days of turn unto the Lord, and he will your fathers ye are gone away have mercy upon him ; and to from mine ordinances, and have our God, for he will abundantly not kept them : return unto me, pardon. and I will return unto you, saith 3 When the wicked man turn. the Lord of hosts. But ye say, eth away from his wickedness Wherein shall we return? that he hath committed, and 21 Cast


all doeth that which is lawful and your transgressions whereby ye right, he shall save his soul have transgressed, and make alive. you a new heart and a new 4 Because he considereth, spirit; for why will ye die, O and turneth away from all his house of Israel?

transgressions that he hath com-, 22 For I have no pleasure in mitted, he shall surely live, he the death of him that dieth, shall not die. saith the Lord God; wherefore 5 I will be his father, and he turn yourselves, and live ye. shall be my son; if he commit

23 Turn ye unto me, saith iniquity, I will chasten him with the Lord of hosts, and I will turn the rod of men, and with the unto you, saith the Lord of stripes of the children of men. hosts.

6 But my mercy shall not 24 If the wicked will turn depart away from him. from all his sins that he hath T 7 Come now, and let us reacommitted, and keep all my son together, saith the Lord : statutes, and do that which is though your sins be as scarlet,


they shall be as white as snow; and I delivered thee: I answerthough they be red like crimson, ed thee in the secret place of they shall be as wool.

thunder. 8 If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of LESSON XXVIII. the land :

9 But if ye refuse and rebel, Tuus saith the Lord God, the ye shall be devoured with the Holy One of Israel; In returnsword : for the mouth of the ing and rest shall ye be saved, Lord hath spoken it.

in quietness and in confidence 10 Remember these, (O Jacob shall be your strength : and ye and Israel,) for thou art my would not. servant, I have formed thee : 2 But ye said, No; for we thou art my servant, O Israel; will flee upon horses; therefore thou shalt not be forgotten of shall ye flee: and we will ride

upon the swift; therefore shall 11 I, even I, am he that they that pursue you be swift. blotteth out thy transgressions 3 My people hath been lost for mine own sake, and will not sheep : their shepherds have remember thy sins.

caused them to go astray, they 12 I have blotted out, as a have turned them away on the thick cloud, thy transgressions, mountains : they have gone and, as a cloud, thy sins : re- from mountain to hill, they have turn unto me; for I have re- forgotten their resting place. deemed thee.

4 They shall return even to 13 The Lord thy God in the the Lord, and he shall be enmidst of thee is mighty : he will treated of them, and shall heal save, he will rejoice over thee them. with joy; he will rest in his 5 And I will give them an love, he will joy over thee with heart to know me, that I am the singing.

Lord, and they shall be my peo14 Though I have afflicted ple, and I will be their God: for thee, I will afflict thee no more. they shall return unto me with

15 For now will I break thy their whole heart. yoke from off thee, and will 6 And I will cleanse them burst thy bonds in sunder. from all their iniquity whereby

16 Thus saith the Lord they have sinned against me; God of Israel :

and I will pardon all their ini17 Because thine heart was quities whereby they have sintender, and thou didst humble ned, and whereby they have thyself before God, and hum- transgressed against me. bledst thyself before me, and 7 I will heal their backsliding, didst rend thy clothes, and weep I will love them freely. before me, I have even heard 8 And I will give them one thee also, saith the Lord. heart, and I will put a new spi

18 Thou calledst in trouble, rit within them: and I will take

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the stony heart out of their 16 Therefore hear now this, flesh, and will give them an thou afflicted : heart of flesh :

17 Thus saith thy Lord the 9 That they may walk in my Lord, and thy God that pleadeth statutes, and keep mine ordi- the cause of his people, Behold, nances, and do them : and they I have taken out of thine hand shall be my people, and I will the cup of trembling; thou shalt be their God.

no more drink it again. 10 I will put my law in their 18 For a small moment have inward parts, and write it in I forsaken thee, but with great their hearts; and will be their mercies will I gather thee. God, and they shall be my peo

19 In a little wrath I hid my ple.

face from thee for a moment, but 11 And they shall teach no with everlasting kindness will more every man his neighbour, I have mercy on thee, saith the and every man his brother, say- Lord thy Redeemer. ing, Know the Lord: for they 20 For this is as the waters shall all know me, from the of Noah unto me: for as I have least of them unto the greatest sworn that the waters of Noah of them, saith the Lord : for I should no more go over the will forgive their iniquity, and earth; so have I sworn that I I will remember their sin no would not be wroth with thee,

nor rebuke thee. 12 Thus saith the Lord, which 21 For the mountains shall giveth the sun for a light by day, depart, and the hills be removed; and the ordinances of the moon but


kindness shall not deand of the stars for a light part from thee, neither shall the by night, which divideth the covenant of my peace be resea when the waves thereof moved, saith the Lord, that hath roar; The Lord of hosts is his mercy on thee.

| 22 Oh thou afflicted, tossed 13 If heaven above can be with tempest, and not comforted, measured, and the foundations behold, I will lay thy stones with of the earth searched out be- fair colours, and lay thy foundaneath, I will also cast off all the tions with sapphires. seed of Israel for all that they 23. And I will make thy winhave done, saith the Lord. dows of agates, and thy gates of

14 Oh that there were such carbuncles, and all thy borders a heart in them, that they would of pleasant stones. fear me, and keep my command- 24 And all thy children shall ments always, that it might be be taught of the Lord, and great well with them, and with their shall be the peace of thy chil. children for ever!

dren. T 15 Thus saith the Lord, I 25 In righteousness shalt liave heard thy prayer, I have thou be established: thou shalt seen thy tears :

be far from oppression, for thou



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