7 Come near ye nations to people shall come up thorns hear, and hearken ye people; and briars, yea, upon all the let the earth hear and all that houses of joy in the joyous city: is therein : the world, and all 16 Because the palaces shall things that come forth of it. be forsaken, the multitude of

8 Behold, a king shall reign the city shall be left, the forts in righteousness, and princes and towers shall be for dens shall rule in judgement. for ever, a joy of wild asses, a

9 And a man shall be as an pasture of flocks : hiding place from the wind, and 17 Until the spirit be poured a covert from the tempest: as upon us from on high, and the rivers of water in a dry place, wilderness be a fruitful field, as the shadow of a great rock and the fruitful field be counted in a weary land.

for a forest. 10 And the eyes of them 18 Then judgement shall that see, shall not be dim; and dwell in the wilderness, and the ears of them that hear, shall righteousness remain in the hearken.

fruitful field. 11 The heart also of the rash 19 And the work of righteshall understand knowledge, ousness shall be peace, and the and the tongue of the stam- effect of righteousness, quietmerers shall be ready to speak ness and assurance for ever.. plainly.

20 And my people shall dwell 12 And I will bring the blind in a peaceable habitation, and in by a way that they knew not; I sure dwellings, and in quiet rest

I will lead them in paths that they ing places. have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and LESSON CLXXVI. crooked things straight: these things will I do unto them, and The spirit of the Lord God is not forsake them.

upon me, because the Lord hath 13 For the Lord shall com- anointed me to preach good tifort Zion: he will comfort all dings unto the meek; he hath her waste places, and he will sent me to bind up the brokenmake her wilderness like Eden, hearted, to proclaim liberty to and her desert like the garden the captives, and the opening of the Lord : joy and gladness of the prison to them that are shall be found therein : thanks. bound : giving and the voice of melody. 2 To proclaim the acceptable

14 Hearken unto me, my year of the Lord, and the day people, and give ear unto me, of vengeance of our God; to O my nation: for a law shall comfort all that mourn; proceed from me, and I will 3 To appoint unto them that make my judgement to rest for mourn in Zion, to give unto a light of the people.

them beauty for ashes, the oil 15 Upon the land of my of joy for mourning, the gar


ment of praise for the spirit of of salvation, he hath covered heaviness; that they might be me with the robe of righteouscalled trees of righteousness, ness, as a bridegroom decketh the planting of the Lord, that himself with ornaments, and as he might be glorified.

a bride adorneth herself with 14 And they shall build the her jewels. old wastes, they shall raise up 11 For as the earth bringeth the former desolations, and they forth her bud: and as the garshall repair the waste cities, den causeth the things that are the desolations of many gene- sown in it to spring forth : so rations.

the Lord God will cause righte5 And strangers shall stand ousness and praise to spring and feed your flocks, and the forth before all the nations. sons of the alien shall be

your 12 For ye shall go out with ploughmen and your vine- joy, and be led forth with peace: dressers.

the mountains and the hills shall 6 But ye shall be named the break forth before you into singpriests of the Lord : men shall ing, and all the trees of the field call you the ministers of our shall clap their hands. God:

: ye shall eat the riches of 13 Instead of the thorn shall the Gentiles, and in their glory come up the fir-tree, and instead shall you boast yourselves.

of the briar shall come up the 7 For your

shall myrtle-tree: and it shall be to have double; and for confusion the Lord for a name, for an they shall rejoice in their por- everlasting sign that shall not tion: therefore in their land be cut off. they shall possess the double : everlasting joy shall be unto


8 For I the Lord love judge. Ho, every one that thirsteth, ment, I hate robbery for burnt- come ye to the waters, and he offering, and I will direct their that hath no money, come ye, work in truth, and I will make buy, and eat; yea, come, buy an everlasting covenant with wine and milk without money, them.

and without price. 9 And their seed shall be 2 Wherefore do ye spend

the Gentiles, money for that which is not and their offspring among the bread? and your labour for that people: all that see them shall which satisfieth not ? hearken acknowledge them, that they diligently unto me, and eat ye are the seed which the Lord that which is good, and let hath blessed.

your soul delight itself in fat110 I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joy- 3 Incline your ear, and come ful in my God: for he hath unto me: hear, and

soul clothed me with the garments shall live, and I will make an


shame you

known among


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everlasting covenant with you, shall the girdle of their loins be even the sure mercies of David. loosed, nor the latchet of their

4 Behold, I have given him shoes be broken. for a witness to the people, a 13 For thus saith the Lord, leader and commander to the Behold, I will extend peace to people.

her like a river, and the glory 5 Behold, thou shalt call a of the Gentiles like a flowing nation that thou knowest not, stream. and nations that knew not thee, 14 As one whom his mother shall run unto thee, because of comforteth, so will I comfort the Lord thy God, and for the you; and ye shall be comforted Holy One of Israel: for he hath in Jerusalem. glorified thee.

15 And the Redeemer shall 16 For behold, I create new come to Zion, and unto them heavens, and a new earth : and that turn from transgression in the former shall not be remem- Jacob. bered, nor come into mind.

16 He will swallow


death 7 But be you glad, and re- in victory; and the Lord God joice for ever in that which I will wipe away tears from off create : for behold, I create all faces; and the rebuke of his Jerusalem a rejoicing, and her people shall he take away from people a joy.

off all the earth: for the Lord 8 And I will rejoice in Jeru- hath spoken it. salem, and joy in my people, | 17 And it shall be said in and the voice of weeping shall that day, Lo, this is our God;

, be no more heard in her, nor we have waited for him, and he the voice of crying.

will save us : this is the Lord ; 9 They shall not labour in we have waited for him, we will vain, nor bring forth for trou- be glad and rejoice in his salble; for they are the seed of vation. the blessed of the Lord, and their offspring with them.

LESSON CLXXVIII. 10 And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will an- How beautiful


the mounswer: and while they are yet tains are the feet of him that speaking, I will hear.

bringeth good tidings, that pub11 The wolf and the lamblisheth peace, that bringeth shall feed together, and the lion tidings of good, that publisheth shall eat straw like the bullock: salvation, that saith unto Zion, and dust shall be the serpent's Thy God reigneth ! meat. They shall not hurt nor 2 Thy watchmen shall lift destroy in all my holy moun- up the voice, with the voice totain, saith the Lord.

gether shall they sing: for they 12 None shall be weary nor shall see eye to eye when the stumble amongst them; none Lord shall bring again Zion. shall slumber nor sleep: neither (3 Break forth into joy, sing

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together, ye waste places of Je- terers, and against false swearrusalem: for the Lord hath com- ers, and against those that opforted his people, he hath re- press the hireling in his wages, deemed Jerusalem.

the widow, and the fatherless, 4 The Lord hath made bare and that turn aside the stranger his holy arm in the eyes of all from his right, and fear not me, the nations, and all the ends of saith the Lord of hosts. the earth shall see the salvation 12 For I am the Lord, I of our God.

change not : therefore the sons 5 The Lord gave the word, of Jacob are not consumed. great was the company of those 13 Awake, O sword, against that published it.

my shepherd, and against the 6 The people that walked man that is my fellow, saith the in darkness have seen a great Lord of hosts : smite the sheplight: they that dwell in the herd, and the sheep shall be land of the shadow of death, up- scattered : and I will turn mine on them hath the light shined. hand upon the little ones.

7 Behold, I will send my 14 And it shall come to pass messenger, and he shall pre- that in all the land, saith the pare the

way before me: and Lord, two parts therein shall the Lord whom ye seek shall be cut off, and die; but the suddenly come to his temple, third shall be left therein. even the Messenger of the Co- 15 And I will bring the third venant, whom ye delight in; part through the fire, and will behold, he shall come, saith refine them as silver is refined, the Lord of hosts.

and will try them as gold is 8 But who may abide the tried: they shall call on my day of his coming ? and who name, and I will hear them : I shall stand when he appear will say, It is my people; and eth? for he is like a refiner's they shall say, The Lord is my fire, and like fullers' soap. God.

9 And he shall sit as a re. 16 For thus saith the Lord finer and purifier of silver : and of hosts ; Yet once, it is a little he shall purify the sons of Levi, while, and I will shake the heaand purge them as gold and sil- vens, and the earth, and the sea, ver, that they may offer unto and the dry land; the Lord an offering in righte- 17 And I will shake all na

tions, and the desire of all nå10 Then shall the offering of tions shall come: and I will fill Judah

and Jerusalem be pleasant this house with glory, saith the unto the Lord, as in the days of Lord of hosts. old, and as in former years. 18 Thus saith the Lord, the

11 And I will come near to redeemer of Israel, and his Holy you to judgement; and I will One, to him whom man despisbe a swift witness against the eth, to him whom the nation absorcerers, and against the adul- borreth, to a servant of rulers ;




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Kings shall see, and arise; thy glory: and thou shalt be princes also shall worship; be- called by a new name, which the cause of the Lord, that is faith- mouth of the Lord shall name. ful, and the Holy One of Israel, 26 Thou shalt also be a crown and he shall choose thee. of glory in the hand of the Lord,

19 Thus saith the Lord, In and a royal diadem in the hand an acceptable time have I heard of thy God. thee, and in a day of salvation T27 Thou hast ascended on have I helped thee: and I will high, thou hast led captivity preserve thee, and give thee for captive: thou hast received gifts à covenant of the people, to for men; yea, for the rebellious establish the earth, to cause to also, that the Lord God might inherit the desolate heritages; dwell among them.

20 That thou mayest say to 28 It is a light thing that the prisoners, Go forth; to them thou shouldest be my servant that are in darkness, Shew your- to raise up the tribes of Jacob, selves : they shall feed in the and to restore the preserved of ways, and their pastures shall Israel : I will also give thee for be in all high places.

a light to the Gentiles, that 21 They shall not hunger, nor thou mayest be my salvation thirst; neither shall the heat unto the end of the earth. nor sun smite them; for he 29 And I will make all my that hath mercy on them shall mountains a way, and my highlead them, even by the springs ways shall be exalted. of water shall he guide them. 30 Behold, these shall come

22 I the Lord have called thee from far; and lo, these from to righteousness, and will hold the north, and from the west, thy hand, and will keep thee, and these from the land of Siand give thee for a covenant of nim. the people, for a light of the 31 I am sought of them that Gentiles :

asked not for me; I am found 23 To open the blind eyes, to of them that sought me not: I bring out the prisoners from the said, Behold me, behold me, prison, and them that sit in dark- unto a nation that was not ness out of the prison house. called by my name.

I will 24 And kings shall be thy say to them which were not nursing fathers, and queens thy my people, Thou art my peonursing mothers : they shall ple; and they shall say, Thou bow down to thee with their art my God. face toward the earth, and lick T32 For as the new heavens,

the dust of thy feet, and thou and the new earth which I will shalt know that I am the Lord: make, shall remain before me, for they shall not be ashamed saith the Lord, so shall your that wait for me.

seed and your name remain. 25 And the Gentiles shall see 33 And it shall come to pass, thy righteousness, and all kings that from one new moon to an


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