gressions is bound by his hand: bereaveth ; at home there is as they are wreathed, and come death. up upon my neck : he hath 20 They have heard that I made my strength to fall, the sigh : there is none to comfort Lord hath delivered me into all mine enemies have their hands, from whom I am heard of my trouble; they are not able to rise up.

glad that thou hast done it : 14 The Lord hath trodden thou wilt bring the day that under foot all my mighty men thou hast called, and they shall in the midst of me: he hath be like unto me. called an assembly against me 21 Let all their wickedness to crush my young men : the come before thee; and do unto Lord hath trodden the virgin, them, as thou hast done unto the daughter of Judah, as in a me for all my transgressions : wine-press.

for my sighs are many, and my 15 For these things I weep; heart is faint. mine eye runneth down with water, because the Comforter

LESSON CLXVI. that should relieve my soul is far from me: my children are How hath the Lord covered the desolate, because the enemy daughter of Zion with a cloud prevailed.

in his anger, and cast down 16 Zion spreadeth forth her from heaven unto the earth the hands, and there is none to beauty of Israel, and rememcomfort her : the Lord hath bered not his footstool in the commanded concerning Jacob, day of his anger! that his adversaries should be 2 The Lord hath swallowed round about him.

up all the habitations of Jacob, | 17 The Lord is righteous; and hath not pitied: he hath for I have rebelled against his thrown down in his wrath the commandment: hear, I pray strong holds of the daughter of you, all people, and behold my Judah; he hath brought them sorrow: my virgins and my down to the ground: he hath young men are gone into cap- polluted the kingdom and the tivity.

princes thereof. 18 I called for my lovers, 3 He hath cut off in his but they deceived me: my fierce anger all the horn of priests and mine elders gave up

Israel: he hath drawn back his the ghost in the city, while right hand from before the enethey sought their meat to re- my; and he burned against Jalieve their souls.

cob like a flaming fire, which 19 Behold, O Lord; for I devoureth round about. am in distress : my bowels are 4 He hath bent his bow like troubled; mine heart is turned

an enemy: he stood with his within me; for I have grievous- right hand as an adversary, and ly rebelled : abroad the sword slew all that were pleasant to


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the eye in the tabernacle of the sucklings swoon in the streets daughter of Zion.

of the city. 5 The Lord was as an ene- 11 They say to their mothers, my: he hath swallowed up Is- Where is corn and wine? when rael, he hath swallowed up all they swooned as the wounded her palaces : he hath destroyed in the streets of the city, when his strong holds, and hath in. their soul was poured out into creased, in the daughter of Ju- their mother's bosom. dah, mourning and lamentation. 12 What thing shall I take

6 And he hath violently to witness for thee? what thing taken away his tabernacle, as shall I liken to thee, O daughif it were of a garden: he hath ter of Jerusalem ? what shall I destroyed his places of the as- equal to thee, that I may comsembly: the Lord hath caused fort thee, O virgin daughter of the solemn feasts and sabbaths Zion for thy breach is great to be forgotten in Zion, and like the sea : who can heal hath despised, in the indigna- thee? tion of his anger, the king and 13 All that pass by clap their the priest.

hands at thee; they hiss and 7 The Lord hath cast off his wag their head at the daughter altar, he hath abhorred his of Jerusalem, saying, Is this the sanctuary, he hath given up city that men call, The perfecinto the hand of the enemy the tion of beauty, The joy of the walls of her palaces; they have whole earth ? made a noise in the house of 14 All thine enemies have the Lord, as in the day of a opened theirmouthagainst thee: solemn feast.

they hiss and gnash the teeth: 8 Her gates are sunk into they say, We have swallowed the ground; he hath destroyed her up : certainly this is the and broken her bars : her king day that we looked for; we and her princes are among the have found, we have seen it. Gentiles : the law is no more; 15 The Lord hath done that her prophets also find no vision which he had devised; he hath from the Lord.

fulfilled his word that he had 9 The elders of the daughter commanded in the days of old : of Zion sit upon the ground, he hath thrown down, and hath and keep silence: they have not pitied: and he hath caused

their heads; thine

enemy to rejoice over thee, they have girded themselves he hath set up the horn of thine with sackcloth : the virgins of adversaries. Jerusalem hang down their 16 Their heart cried unto heads to the ground.

the Lord, O wall of the daugh10 Mine eyes do fail with ter of Zion, let tears run down tears, for the destruction of like a river day and night: give the daughter of my people; thyself no rest; let not the because the children and the apple of thine eye cease.

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cast up


17 Arise, cry out in the LESSON CLXVII. night: in the beginning of the watches pour out thine heart How is the gold become dim! like water before the face of the how is the most fine gold Lord: lift up thy hands toward changed! the stones of the him for the life of thy young sanctuary are poured out in the children, that faint for hunger top of every street. in the top of every street. 2 The precious sons of Zion,

18 The young and the comparable to fine gold, how old lie on the ground in the are they esteemed as earthen streets : my virgins and my pitchers, the work of the hands young men are fallen by the of the potter! sword ; thou hast slain them in 3 Even the sea monsters the day of thine anger; thou draw out the breast, they give hast killed, and not pitied. suck to their young ones : the

19 Thou hast called as in a daughter of my people is besolemn day my terrors round come cruel, like the ostriches in about, so that in the day of the the wilderness. Lord's anger none escaped nor 4 The tongue of the sucking remained : those that I have child cleaveth to the roof of his swaddled and brought up hath mouth for thirst: the young mine enemy consumed.

children ask bread, and no man 20 Judah mourneth, and the breaketh it unto them. gates thereof languish; they are 5 They that did feed deliblack unto the ground; and the cately are desolate in the streets: cry of Jerusalem is gone up. they that were brought up in

21 And their nobles have sent scarlet embrace dunghills. their little ones to the waters : 6 For the punishment of the they came to the pits, and found iniquity of the daughter of my no water; they returned with people is greater than the their vessels empty; they were punishment of the sin of Sodom, ashamed and confounded, and that was overthrown as in a covered their heads;

moment, and no hands stayed 22 Because the ground is chapt; for there was no rain in 7 Her Nazarites were purer the earth; the ploughmen were than snow; they were whiter ashamed, they covered their than milk; they were more heads:

ruddy in body than rubies; their 23 Yea, the hind also calved polishing was of sapphire : in the field, and forsook it, be- 8 Their visage is blacker than cause there was no grass. a coal; they are not known in

24 And the wild asses did the streets : their skin cleaveth stand in the high places, they to their bones; it is withered, snuffed up the wind like dra- it is become like a stick. gons; their eyes did fail, be- 9 They that be slain with the cause there was no grass. sword are better than they that

on her.


be slain with hunger : for these they pursued us upon the mounpine away, stricken through tains, they laid wait for us in for want of the fruits of the the wilderness. field.

19 The breath of our nos10 The hands of the pitiful trils, the anointed of the Lord, women have sodden their own was taken in their pits; of children: they were their meat whom we said, Under his shain the destruction of the daugh- dow we shall live among the ter of my people.

heathen. 11 The Lord hath accomplished his fury; he hath poured LESSON CLXVIII. out his fierce anger, and hath kindled a fire in Zion, and it REMEMBER, O Lord, what is hath devoured the foundations come upon us : consider, and thereof.

behold our reproach. 12 The kings of the earth, 2 Our inheritance is turnand all the inhabitants of the ed to strangers, our houses to world, would not have believed aliens. that the adversary and the ene- 3 We are orphans and fathermy should have entered into less, our mothers are as withe gates of Jerusalem.

dows. 13 For the sins of her pro

4. We have drunken our phets, and the iniquities of her water for money ; our wood is priests, that have shed the sold unto us. blood of the just in the midst

5 Our necks are under perof her,

secution : we labour, and have 14 They have wandered as no rest. blind men in the streets, they 6 We have given the hand have polluted themselves with to the Egyptians, and to the blood.

Assyrians, to be satisfied with 15 The anger of the Lord bread. hath divided them; he will no 7.Our fathers have sinned, more regard them: theyrespect- and are not; and we have borne ed not the persons of the priests, their iniquities. they favoured not the elders. 8 Servants have ruled over

16 As for us, our eyes as us: there is none that doth yet failed for our vain help: in deliver us out of their hand. our watching we have watched 9 We gat our bread with the for a nation that could not save peril of our lives, because of the

sword of the wilderness. 17 They hunt our steps, that 10 Our skin was black like we cannot go in our streets : an oven, because of the terrible our end is near, our days are famine. fulfilled; for our end is come. 11 Princes are hanged up by

18 Ourpersecutors are swifter their hand : the faces of elders than the eagles of the heaven : were not honoured.

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12 They took the young men jected us; thou art very wroth to grind, and the children fell against us. under the wood. 13 The elders have ceased

LESSON CLXIX. from the gate, the young men from their music.

O GOD, the heathen are come 14 The joy of our heart is into 'thine inheritance : thy ceased ; our dance is turned holy temple have they defiled": into mourning.

they have laid Jerusalem on 15 The crown is fallen from heaps. our head :

woe unto us, that 2 The dead bodies of thy we have sinned!

servants have they given to be 16 For this our heart is faint; meat unto the fowls of the heafor these things our eyes are ven; the flesh of thy saints unto dim.

the beasts of the earth. 17 Because of the mountain 3 Their blood have they shed of Zion, which is desolate; the like water round about Jerusafoxes walk upon it.

lem; and there was none to 18 Wherefore dost thou for- bury them, get us for ever, and forsake us 4 We are become a reproach so long time?

to our neighbours; a scorn and 19 Turn thou us unto thee, derision to them that are round O Lord, and we shall be turned; about us. renew our days as of old.

5 Wherefore should the hea20 But thou hast utterly re- then say, Where is their God?

Section III.-Prophecies of the Messiah.


desiredst of the Lord thy God

in Horeb in the day of the asMoses said unto the people of sembly, saying, Let me not hear Israel,

again the voice of the Lord my 2 Thou shalt be perfect with God, neither let me see this the Lord thy God. For these great fire any more, that I die nations, which thou shalt pos- not. sess, hearkened unto observers 5 And the Lord said unto of times and unto diviners ; but me, They have well spoken that as for thee, the Lord hath not which they have spoken. suffered thee so to do.

6 I will raise them up a 3 The Lord thy God shall Prophet from among their breraise up unto thee a Prophet thren, like unto thee, and will from the midst of thee, of thy put my words in his mouth, and brethren, like unto me; unto he shall speak unto them all that him shall ye hearken;

I shall command him. 4 According to all that thou

7. And it shall come to pass,

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