LESSON CLIX. LORD, thou hast been favour

Destruction of Jerusalem. able unto thy land : thou hast Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, brought back the captivity of and sound an alarm in my holy Jacob.

mountain: let all the inhabitants 2 When the Lord turned of the land tremble: for the day again the captivity of Zion, we of the Lord cometh, for it is nigh were like them that dream. at hand;

3 Then was our mouth filled 2 A day of darkness and of with laughter, and our tongue gloominess, a day of clouds and with singing: then said they of thick darkness, as the mornamong the heathen, The Lord ing spread upon the mountains: hath done great things for them. a great people and a strong;

4 The Lord hath done great there hath not been ever the things for us; whereof we are like, neither shall be any more glad.

after it, even to the years of 5 Turn again our captivity, o many generations. Lord, as the streams in the south. 3 A fire devoureth before

6 I was glad when they them; and behind them a flame said unto me, Let us go into burneth: the land is as the garthe house of the Lord.

den of Eden before them, and 7 Our feet shall stand within behind them a desolate wilderthy gates, 0 Jerusalem.

ness; yea, and nothing shall 8 Jerusalem is builded as a city that is compact together : 4 The appearance of them is

9 Whither the tribes go up, as the appearance of horses ; the tribes of the Lord, unto the and as horsemen, so shall they testimony of Israel, to give run. thanks unto the name of the 5 Like the noise of chariots Lord.

on the tops of mountains shall 10 For there are set thrones they leap; like the noise of a of judgement, the thrones of flame of fire that devoureth the the house of David.

stubble, as a strong people set 11 Pray for the peace of Je- in battle array, rusalem : they shall prosper that

6 Before their face the peolove thee,

ple shall be much pained : all 12 Peace be within thy walls, faces shall gather blackness. and prosperity within thy pa- 7 They shall run like mighty laces.

men; they shall climb the wall 13 For my brethren and com- like men of war; and they shall panions' sakes, I will now say, march every one on his ways, Peace be within thee.

and they shall not break their 14 Because of the house of ranks : the Lord our God I will seek 8 Neither shall one thrust thy good.

another; they shall walk every

escape them.



one in his path: and when they them to fall by the sword befall upon the sword, they shall fore their enemies, and by the not be wounded.

hands of them that seek their 9 They shall run to and fro lives : and their carcases will I in the city; they shall run upon give to be meat for the fowls of the wall, they shall climb up up- the heaven, and for the beasts on the houses; they shall enter of the earth. in at the windows like a thief. 5 And I will make this city

10 The earth shall quake be- desolate, and an hissing ; every fore them; the heavens shall one that passeth thereby shall tremble: the sun and the moon be astonished and hiss because shall be dark, and the stars shall of all the plagues thereof. withdraw their shining :

6 And I will cause them to 11 And the Lord shall utter eat the flesh of their sons and his voice before his army: for the flesh of their daughters; and his camp

is very great: for he they shall eat every one the flesh is strong that executeth his of his friend in the siege and word: for the day of the Lord straitness, wherewith their eneis great and very terrible; and mies, and they that seek their who can abide it?

lives, shall straiten them.

7 The high places also of LESSON CLX.

Aven, the sin of Israel, shall be

destroyed : the thorn and the Son of man, eat thy bread with thistle shall come up on their quaking, and drink thy water altars; and they shall say to with trembling and with care- the mountains, Cover us; and fulness;

to the hills, Fall on us. 2 And say unto the people 8 I will scatter them also of the land, Thus saith the Lord among the heathen, whom neiGod of the inhabitants of Jeru- ther they nor their fathers have salem, and of the land of Israel; known: and I will send a sword They shall eat their bread with after them, till I have consumed carefulness, and drink their wa- them. ter with astonishment, that her 9 And they shall know that land may be desolate from all I am the Lord, when I shall that is therein, because of the scatter them among the nations, violence of all them that dwell and disperse them in the countherein.

tries. 3 And the cities that are in- T10 But I will leave a few habited shall be laid waste, and men of them from the sword, the land shall be desolate; and from the famine, and from the ye shall know that I am the pestilence; that they may deLord.

clare all their abominations 4 And I will make void the among the heathen whither counsel of Judah and Jerusalem they come; and they shall know in this place; and I will cause that I am the Lord.


11 And I will make Jerusa- for they have refused my judge. lem heaps, and a den of dragons; ments and my statutes, they and I will make the cities of Ju. have not walked in them. dah desolate, without an inha- 3 Therefore thus saith the bitant.

Lord God; Because ye have 12 But the cormorant and not walked in my statutes, neithe bittern shall possess it; the ther have kept my judgements, owl also and the raven shall neither have done according to dwell it: and he shall stretch the judgements of the nations out upon it the line of confusion,

that are round about you; and the stones of emptiness. 4 Therefore thus saith the

13 They shall call the no- Lord God; Behold, I, even I, bles thereof to the kingdom, am against thee, and will exebut none shall be there, and all cute judgements in the midst her princes shall be nothing. of thee in the sight of the na

14 And thorns shall come up tions. in her palaces, nettles and bram- 5 And I will do in thee that bles in the fortresses thereof: which I have not done, and and it shall be an habitation of whereunto I will not do any dragons, and a court for owls. more the like, because of all

15 The wild beasts of the thine abominations. desert shall also meet with the 6 Therefore the fathers shall wild beasts of the island, and eat the sons in the midst of thee, the satyr shall cry to his fellow; and the sons shall eat their fathe screech owl also shall rest thers; and I will execute judge. there, and find for herself a place ments in thee, and the whole of rest.

remnant of thee will I scatter 16 There shall the great owl into all the winds. make her nest, and lay, and 7 Wherefore, As I live, saith hatch, and gather under her the Lord God, surely, because shadow: there shall the vul- thou hast defiled my sanctuary tures also be gathered, every with all thy detestable things, one with her mate.

and with all thine abominations,

therefore will I also diminish LESSON CLXI.

thee; neither shall mine eye

spare, neither will I have any Taus saith the Lord God; This pity. is Jerusalem : I have set it in 98 A third part of thee shall the midst of the nations and die with the pestilence, and with countries that are round about famine shall they be consumed her.

in the midst of thee: and a third 2 And she hath changed my part shall fall by the sword round judgements into wickedness about thee; and I will scatter a more than the nations, and my third part into all the winds, and statutes more than the coun- I will draw out a sword after tries that are round about her: them.


pass by.

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9 Moreover I will make thee

LESSON CLXII. waste, and a reproach among the nations that are round about And the word of the Lord came thee, in the sight of all that unto me, saying,

12 Son of man, set thy face 10 So it shall be a reproach toward the mountains of Israel, and a taunt, an instruction and and prophesy against them, an astonishment unto the na- 3 And say, Ye mountains of tions that are round about thee, Israel, hear the word of the when I shall execute judgements Lord God; Thus saith the Lord in thee. I the Lord have spoken God to the mountains, and to it.

the hills, to the rivers, and to 911 What aileth thee now, the valleys; Behold, I, even I, that thou art wholly gone up will bring a sword upon you, to the house-tops?

and I will destroy your high 12 Thou that art full of stirs, places. a tumultuous city, a joyous city: 4 And your altars shall be thy slain men are not slain with desolate, and your images shall the sword, nor dead in battle. be broken: and I will cast down

13 All thy rulers are fled to your slain men before your gether, they are bound by the idols. archers : all that are fuund in 5 And I will lay the dead thee are bound together, which carcases of the children of Ishave fled from far.

rael before their idols; and I 14 Therefore said I, Look will scatter your bones round away from me; I will weep about


altars. bitterly, labour not to comfort 6 In all your dwelling-places me, because of the spoiling of the cities shall be laid waste, the daughter of my people. and the high places shall be 15 Oh that my head were

desolate; that

your waters, and mine eyes a foun- be laid waste and made deso tain of tears, that I might weep late, and your idols may be day and night for the slain of broken and cease, and your the daughter of my people! images may be cut down, and

16 Oh that I had in the your works may be abolished. wilderness a lodging-place of 7 And the slain shall fall in wayfaring men; that I might the midst of you, and ye shall leave my people, and go from know that I am the Lord. them !

18 Yet will I leave a rem17 For death is come up in- nant, that ye may have some to our windows, and is entered that shall escape the sword into our palaces, to cut off the among the nations, when ye children from without, and the shall be scattered through the young men from the streets. countries.

9 And they that escape of you shall remember me among

altars may



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the nations whither they shall upon thee, and will judge thee be carried captives: and they according to thy ways, and will shall loathe themselves for the recompense upon thee all thine evils which they have committed abominations. in all their abominations.

4 Thus saith the Lord God; 10 And they shall know that An evil, an only evil, behold, is I am the Lord, and that I have not said in vain that I would do 5 An end is come, the end is this evil unto them.

come: it watcheth for thee; be11 Thus saith the Lord hold, it is come. God; Smite with thine hand, 6 The morning is come unto and stamp with thy foot, and thee, O thou that dwellest in say, Alas for all the evil abo- the land : the time is come, the minations of the house of Is- day of trouble is near. rael! for they shall fall by the 7 And mine eye shall not sword, by the famine, and by spare, neither will I have pity: the pestilence.

I will recompense thee accord. 12 Then shall ye know that ing to thy ways and thine aboI am the Lord, when their slain minations that are in the midst men shall be among their idols of thee; and ye shall know that round about their altars, upon I am the Lord that smiteth. every high hill, in all the tops 8 Behold the day, behold, it of the mountains, and under is come: the morning is gone every green tree, and under forth ; the rod hath blossomed, every thick oak, the place where pride hath budded. they did offer sweet savour to 9 Violence is risen up into a all their idols.

rod of wickedness: none of them 13 So will I stretch out my shall remain, nor of their multihand upon them, and make the tude, nor of any of theirs: neiland desolate, yea, more deso- ther shall there be wailing for late than the wilderness to- them. ward Diblath, in all their habi- 10 The time is come, the day tations : and they shall know draweth near: let not the buyer that I am the Lord.

rejoice, nor the seller mourn: for

wrath is upon all the multitude LESSON CLXIII.


11 For the seller shall not MOREOVER the word of the Lord return to that which is sold, came unto me, saying,

although they were yet alive : 2 Also, thou son of man, for the vision is touching the thus saith the Lord God unto whole multitude thereof, which the land of Israel; An end, the shall not return; neither shall end is come upon the four cor- any strengthen himself in the ners of the land.

iniquity of his life. 3 Now is the end come upon 12 They have blown the trum, thee, and I will send mine anger pet, even to make all ready;


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