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13 At the noise of the taking for the Lord hath both deof Babylon the earth is moved, vised and done that which he and the cry is heard among spake against the inhabitants the nations.

of Babylon.

9 O thou that dwellest upon LESSON CXLV. many waters, abundant in trea

sures, thine end is come, and Flee out of the midst of Baby- the measure of thy covetouslon, and deliver every man his soul : be not cut off in her ini. 10 The Lord of hosts hath quity; for this is the time of sworn by himself, saying, Surethe Lord's vengeance; he will ly I will fill thee with men, as render unto her a recompence. with caterpillars; and they shall

2 Babylon hath been a gold- lift up a shout against thee. en cup in the Lord's hand that 11 Behold, I am against made all the earth drunken: thee, O destroying mountain, the nations have drunken of her saith the Lord, which destroywine, therefore the nations are est all the earth : and I will

stretch out mine hand upon 3 Babylon is suddenly fallen thee, and roll thee down from and destroyed : howl for her; the rocks, and will make thee take balm for her pain, if so a burnt mountain. be she may be healed.

12 And they shall not take 4 We would have healed of thee a stone for a corner, nor Babylon, but she is not healed : a stone for foundations ;

but forsake her, and let us go every thou shalt be desolate for ever, one into his own country: for saith the Lord. her judgement reacheth unto 13 Set ye up a standard heaven, and is lifted up even in the land, blow the trumpet to the skies.

among the nations, prepare the 5 The Lord hath brought nations against her, call togeforth our righteousness : come, ther against her the kingdoms and let us declare in Zion the of Ararat, Minni, and Ashchework of the Lord our God. naz; appoint a captain against

6 Make bright the arrows; her; cause the horses to come gather the shields : the Lord up as the rough caterpillars. hath raised up the spirit of the 14 Prepare against her the kings of the Medes: for his nations with the kings of the device is against Babylon to Medes, the captains thereof, and destroy it.

all the rulers thereof, and all 7 A sound of battle is in the the land of his dominion. land, and of great destruction. 15 And the land shall trem

8 Set up the standard upon ble and sorrow : for every purthe walls of Babylon, make the pose of the Lord shall be perwatch strong, set up the watch- formed against Babylon, to men, prepare the ambushes : make the land of Babylon a


desolation without an inhabi. 4 Therefore, behold, the days tant.

come that I will do judge16 The mighty men of Baby- ment upon the graven images lon have forborne to fight, they of Babylon: and her whole land have remained in their holds : shall be confounded, and all their might hath failed; they her slain shall fall in the midst became as women : they have of her. burned her dwelling-places; her 5 Then the heaven and the bars are broken.

earth, and all that is therein, 17 One post shall run to shall sing for Babylon : for the meet another, and one messen- spoilers shall come unto her ger to meet another, to shew from the north, saith the Lord. the king of Babylon that his 6 As Babylon hath caused city is taken at one end, the slain of Israel to fall, so at

18 And that the passages are Babylon shall fall the slain of stopped, and the reeds they all the earth. have burned with fire, and the 7 Ye that have escaped the men of war are affrighted. sword, go away, stand not still :

19 Therefore thus saith the remember the Lord afar off, and Lord; Behold, I will plead thy let Jerusalem come into your cause, and take vengeance for mind. thee; and I will dry up her 8 Though Babylon should sea, and make her springs mount up to heaven, and though dry.

she should fortify the height of 20 And Babylon shall be- her strength, yet from me shall come heaps, a dwelling-place spoilers come unto her, saith for dragons, an astonishment the Lord. and an hissing, without an in- 9 A sound of a cry cometh habitant.

from Babylon, and great de

struction from the land of the LESSON CXLVI.

Chaldeans :

10 Because the Lord hath How is Sheshach taken! and spoiled Babylon, and destroyed how is the praise of the whole out of her the great voice; earth surprised ! how is Baby- when her waves do roar like lon become an astonishment great waters, a noise of their among the nations !

voice is uttered : 2 T'he sea is come up upon

11 Because the spoiler is Babylon: she is covered with come upon her, even upon Bathe multitude of the waves bylon, and her mighty men are thereof.

taken, every one of their bows 3 Her cities are a desolation, is broken : for the Lord God of a dry land, and a wilderness, a recompences shall surely reland wherein no man dwelleth, quite. neither doth any son of man 12 And I will make drunk pass thereby.

her princes and her wise men,

be weary.

her captains and her rulers, and her gods hath the Lord broken her mighty men: and they shall to the ground ! sleep a perpetual sleep, and not 4 He who smote the people wake, saith the King, whose in wrath with a continual stroke, name is the Lord of hosts. he that ruled the nations in

13 Thus saith the Lord of anger, is persecuted, and none hosts ; The broad walls of Ba- hindereth. bylon shall be utterly broken, 5 The whole earth is at rest, and her high gates shall be and is quiet: they break forth burned with fire; and the peo- into singing. ple shall labour in vain, and the 6 Yea, the fir-trees rejoice folk in the fire, and they shall at thee, and the cedars of Leba

non, saying, Since thou art 14 And Babylon, the glory laid down, no feller is come up of kingdoms, the beauty of the against us. Chaldees' excellency, shall be 7 Hell from beneath is moved as when God overthrew Sodom for thee, to meet thee at thy and Gomorrah.

coming: it stirreth up the dead 15 It shall never be inhabited, for thee, even all the chief ones neither shall it be dwelt in from of the earth; it hath raised up generation to generation : nei- from their thrones all the kings ther shall the Arabian pitch tent of the nations. there; neither shall the shep- 8 All they shall speak and herds make their fold there. say unto thee, Art thou also be

16 But wild beasts of the come weak as we? art thou bedesert shall lie there; and their come like unto us? houses shall be full of doleful

9 Thy pomp is brought down creatures ; and owls shall dwell to the grave, and the noise of there, and satyrs shall dance thy viols: the worm is spread there.

under thee, and the worms 17 And the wild beasts of

cover thee. the island shall cry in their (10 How art thou fallen desolate houses, and dragons in from heaven, O Lucifer, son of their pleasant palaces : and her the morning! how art thou cut time is near to come, and her down to the ground, which day shall not be prolonged. didst weaken the nations !

11 For thou hast said in LESSON CXLVII.

thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt


throne How hath the oppressor ceas

above the stars of God: I will ed! the golden city ceased! sit also upon the mount of the

2 The Lord hath broken the congregation in the sides of the staff of the wicked, and the north. sceptre of the rulers.

12 I will ascend above the 3 Babylon is fallen, is fallen, heights of the clouds ; I will be and all the graven images of like the Most High.

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13 Yet thou shalt be brought LESSON CXLVIII. down to hell, to the sides of the pit.

Destruction of Tyre. 14 They that see thee shall The burden of Tyre. narrowly look upon thee, and ( 2 Howl, ye ships of Tarconsider thee, saying, Is this shish; for it is laid waste, so the man that made the earth to that there is no house, no entertremble, that did shake king- ing in: from the land of Chitdoms?

tim it is revealed to them. 15 That made the world as 3 Be still, ye inhabitants of a wilderness, and destroyed the the isle; thou whom the mercities thereof, that opened not chants of Zidon, that pass over the house of his prisoners ? the sea, have replenished.

16 All the kings of the na- 4 And by great waters the tions, even all of them lie in seed of Sihor, the harvest of glory, every one in his own the river, is her revenue; and · house.

she is a mart of nations. 17 But thou art cast out of 5 Be thou ashamed, O Zidon: thy grave like an abominable for the sea hath spoken, even branch; and as the raiment of the strength of the sea, saying, those that are slain, thrust I travail not, nor bring forth through with a sword, that go children, neither do I nourish down to the stones of the pit; up young men, nor bring up as a carcase trodden under feet.' virgins.

18 Thou shalt not be joined 6 As at the report concernwith them in burial, because ing Egypt, so shall they be thou hast destroyed thy land, sorely pained at the report of and slain thy people: the seed Tyre. of evil-doers shall never be 7 Pass ye over to Tarshish; renowned.

howl, ye inhabitants of the 19 Prepare slaughter for his isle. children for the iniquity of their 8 Is this your joyous city, fathers; that they do not rise, whose antiquity is of ancient nor possess the land, nor fill days ? her own feet shall carry the face of the world with her afar off to sojourn. cities.

9 Who hath taken this coun20 For I will rise up against sel against Tyre, the crownthem, saith the Lord of hosts, ing city, whose merchants are and cut off from Babylon, the princes, whose traffickers are name and remnant, and son the honourable of the earth? and nephew, saith the Lord. 10 The Lord of hosts hath

21 I will also make it a pos- purposed it, to stain the pride session for the bittern, and pools of all glory, and to bring into of water : and I will sweep it contempt all the honourable of with the besom of destruction, the earth. saith the Lord of hosts.

11 Pass through thy land as


a river, O daughter of Tarshish; and with chariots and with there is no more strength. horsemen and companies and

12 He stretched out his hand much people. over the sea, he shook the king- 8 He shall slay with the doms: the Lord hath given a sword thy daughters in the commandment against the mer- field; and he shall make a fort chant city, to destroy the strong against thee, and cast a mount holds thereof.

against thee, and lift up the

buckler against thee. LESSON CXLIX.

9 And he shall set engines

of war against thy walls, and The word of the Lord came with his axes he shall break unto me, saying,

down thy towers. T2 Son of man, because that 10 By reason of the abun. Tyrus hath said against Jeru- dance of his horses their dust salem, Aha, she is broken that shall cover thee: thy walls shall was the gates of the people : shake at the noise of the horse. . she is turned unto me: I shall men, and of the wheels, and of be replenished, now she is laid the chariots, when he shall enwaste :

ter into thy gates, as men enter 3 Therefore thus saith the into a city wherein is made a Lord God, Behold I am against breach. thee, O Tyrus, and will cause 11 With the hoofs of his many nations to come up against horses shall he tread down all thee, as the sea causeth his waves thy streets: he shall slay thy to come up.

people by the sword, and thy 4 And they shall destroy the strong garrisons shall go

down walls of Tyrus, and break down to the ground. her towers: I will also scrape 12 And they shall make a her dust from her, and make spoil of thy riches, and make a her like the top of a rock. prey of thy merchandise : and

5. It shall be a place for the they shall break down thy walls, spreading of nets in the midst and destroy thy pleasant houses: of the sea : for I have spoken and they shall lay thy stones and it, saith the Lord God: and it thy timber and thy dust in the shall become a spoil to the na

midst of the water. tions.

13 And I will cause the noise 6 And her daughters which of thy songs to cease; and the are in the field shall be slain by sound of thy harps shall be no the sword; and they shall know more heard. that I am the Lord.

14 And I will make thee like 17 For thus saith the Lord the top of a rock: thou shalt be. God; Behold, I will bring up- a place to spread nets upon; on Tyrus Nebuchadnezzar king thou shalt be built no more : of Babylon, a king of kings, for I the Lord have spoken it, from the north, with horses saith the Lord God.


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