sacrificing sheep and oxen, that spake with his mouth unto Da. could not be told nor numbered vid my father, and hath with for multitude.

his hand fulfilled it, saying, 6 And the priests brought in 14 Since the day that I the ark of the covenant of the brought forth my people Israel Lord unto his place into the out of Egypt, I chose no city out oracle of the house, to the most of all the tribes of Israel to build holy place, even under the an house, that my name might wings of the cherubim.

be therein; but I chose David 7 There was nothing in the to be over my people Israel. ark save the two tables of stone 15 And it was in the heart which Moses put there at Ho- of David my father to build an reb, when the Lord made a house for the name of the Lord covenant with the children of God of Israel. Israel, when they came out of 16 And the Lord said unto the land of Egypt.

David my father, Whereas it 8 And it came to pass as the was in thine heart to build an trumpeters and singers were as house unto my name, thou didst one, to make one sound to be well that it was in thine heart. heard in praising and thanking 17 Nevertheless thou shalt the Lord, and when they lifted not build the house; but thy up their voice with the trum- son that shall come forth out pets and cymbals and instru- of thy loins, he shall build the ments of music, and praised the house unto my name. Lord, saying, For he is good;

18 And the Lord hath perfor his mercy endureth for ever ; formed his word that he spake, that then the house was filled and I am risen up in the room with a cloud, even the house of of David my father, and sit on the Lord;

the throne of Israel, as the Lord 9 So that the priests could promised, and have built an not stand to minister because of house for the name of the Lord the cloud : for the glory of the God of Israel. Lord had filled the house of the 19 And I have set there a Lord.

place for the ark, wherein is 10 Then spake Solomon: the covenant of the Lord, which The Lord said that he would he made with our fathers, when dwell in the thick darkness. he brought them out of the land

11 I have surely built thee an of Egypt. house to dwell in, a settled place 20 And Solomon stood be. for thee to abide in for ever. fore the altar of the Lord in the

12 And the king turned his presence of all the congregation face about, and blessed all the of Israel, and spread forth his congregation of Israel: (and all hands toward heaven : thecongregation of Israelstood;) 21 And he said, Lord God

(13 And he said, Blessed be of Israel, there is no God like the Lord God of Israel, which thee, in heaven above, or on


earth beneath, who keepest 28 And hearken thou to the covenant and mercy with thy supplication of thy servant, and servants that walk before thee of thy people Israel, when they with all their heart:

shall pray toward this place : 22 Who hast kept with thy and hear thou in heaven thy servant David my father that dwelling-place; and when thou thou promisedst him : thou hearest, forgive. spakest also with thy mouth, 29 If any man trespass and hast fulfilled it with thine against his neighbour, and an hand, as it is this day.

oath be laid upon him to cause 23 Therefore now, Lord God him to swear, and the oath come of Israel, keep with thy servant before thine altar in this house : David


father that thou pro- 30 Then hear thou in heaven, misedst him, saying, There shall and do, and judge thy servants, not fail thee a man in my sight condemning the wicked, to bring to sit on the throne of Ísrael; his way upon his head; and so that thy children take heed justifying the righteous, to give to their way, that they walk him according to his righteousbefore me as thou hast walked before me.

31 When thy people Israel 24 And now, O God of Is- be smitten down before the ene. rael, let thy word, I pray thee, my, because they have sinned abe verified, which thou spakest gainst thee, and shall turn again unto thy servant David, my to thee, and confess thy name, father.

and pray and make supplication 25 But will God indeed unto thee in this house : dwell on the earth? behold, the 32 Then hear thou in heaven, heaven and heaven of heavens and forgive the sin of thy peocannot contain thee; how much ple Israel, and bring them again less this house that I have unto the land which thou gavest builded ?

unto their fathers. 26 Yet have thou respect | 33 When heaven is shut unto the prayer of thy servant, up, and there is no rain, because and to his supplication, O Lord they have sinned against thee; my God, to hearken unto the if they pray toward this place, cry and to the prayer, which and confess thy name, and turn thy servant prayeth before thee from their sin, when thou afflict. to-day :

est them : 27. That thine eyes may be 34 Then hear thou in heaven, open toward this house night and forgive the sin of thy serand day, even toward the place vants, and of thy people Israel, of which thou hast said ; My that thou teach them the good name shall be there : that thou way wherein they should walk, mayest hearken unto the prayer and give rain upon thy land, which thy servant shall make which thou hast given to thy toward this place.

people for an inheritance,


35 If there be in the land 42 If thy people go out famine, if there be pestilence, to battle against their enemy, blasting, mildew, locust, or if whithersoever thou shalt send there be caterpillar; if their ene- them, and shall pray unto the my besiege them in the land of Lord toward the city which their cities; whatsoever plague, thou hast chosen, and toward whatsoever sickness there be; the house that I have built for

36 What prayer and suppli- thy name; cation soever be made by any 43 Then hear thou in heaven man, or by all thy people Israel, their prayer and their supplicawhich shall know every man tion, and maintain their cause. the plague of his own heart, 44 If they sin against thee, and spread forth his hands (for there is no man that sintoward this house :

neth not,) and thou be angry 37 Then hear thou in heaven with them, and deliver them to thy dwelling-place, and forgive, the enemy, so that they carry and do, and give to every man them away captives unto the according to his ways, whose land of the enemy, far or near; heart thou knowest; (for thou, 45 Yet if they shall bethink even thou only, knowest the themselves in the land whither hearts of all the children of they were carried captives, and men ;)

repent, and make supplication 38 That they may fear thee unto thee in the land of them all the days that they live in that carried them captives, saythe land which thou gavest unto ing, We have sinned, and have our fathers.

done perversely, we have com39 Moreover concerning a mitted wickedness; stranger that is not of thy peo- 46 And so return unto thee ple Israel, but cometh out of a with all their heart, and with far country for thy name's sake; all their soul, in the land of

40 (For they shall hear of their enemies which led them thy great name, and of thy away captive, and pray unto strong hand, and of thy stretch- thee toward their land which ed-out arm ;) when he shall thou gavest unto their fathers, come and pray toward this the city which thou hast chosen, house ;

and the house which I have 41 Hear thou in heaven thy built for thy name; dwelling-place, and do accord- 47 Then hear thou their ing to all that the stranger call- prayer and their supplication eth to thee for: that all people in heaven thy dwelling-place, of the earth may know thy and maintain their cause ; name, to fear thee, as do thy 48 And forgive thy people people Israel; and that they that have sinned against thee, may know that this house, and all their transgressions which I have builded, is called wherein they have transgressed by thy name.

against thee, and give them



compassion before them who 56 And he stood, and blessed carried them captive, that they all the congregation of Israel, may have compassion on them: with a loud voice, saying,

49 For they be thy people, (57 Blessed be the Lord, that and thine inheritance, which hath given rest unto his people thou broughtest forth out of Israel, according to all that he Egypt, from the midst of the promised : there hath not failed furnace of iron :

one word of all his good pro50 Th.

thine eyes may be mise, which he promised by the open unto the supplication of hand of Moses his servant. thy servant, and unto the sup- 58 The Lord our God be with plication of thy people Israel, us, as he was with our fathers ! to hearken unto them in all that let him not leave us nor forsake they call for unto thee. 51 For thou didst separate 59 That he


incline our them from among all the people hearts unto him, to walk in all of the earth, to be thine inheri- his ways, and to keep his comtance, as thou spakest by the mandments, and his statutes, hand of Moses thy servant, and his judgements, which he when thou broughtest our fa- commanded our fathers. thers out of Egypt, O Lord 60 And let these my words, God.

wherewith I have made suppli52 Now, my God, let, I be- cation before the Lord, be nigh seech thee, thine eyes be open, unto the Lord our God day and and let thine ears be attent unto night, that he maintain the the prayer that is made in this cause of his servant, and the place.

cause of his people Israel at all 53 Now therefore arise, 0 times, as the matter shall reLord God, into thy resting- quire : place, thou and the ark of thy 61 That all the people of the strength : let thy priests, 0 earth may know that the Lord is Lord God, be clothed with sal- God, and that there is none else. vation, and let thy saints rejoice 62 Let your heart therefore in goodness.

be perfect with the Lord our 54 O Lord God, turn not God, to walk in his statutes, away the face of thine anointed: and to keep his commandments, remember the mercies of David as at this day. thy servant.

63 Now when Solomon T55 And it was so, that when had made an end of praying, the Solomon had made an end of fire came down from heaven, praying all this prayer and sup- and consumed the burnt-offerplication unto the Lord, he arose ing and the sacrifices; and the from before the altar of the glory of the Lord filled the Lord, from kneeling on his knees house. with his hands spread up to 64 And the priests could not heaven.

enter into the house of the

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Lord, because the glory of the and they shall become as woLord had filled the Lord's men : a sword is upon her trea, house.

sures, and they shall be robbed. 65 And when all the children 6 A drought is upon her of Israel saw how the fire came waters, and they shall be dried down, and the glory of the Lord up: for it is the land of graven upon the house, they bowed images, and they are mad upon themselves with their faces to their idols. the ground upon the pavement, 7 Therefore the wild beasts of and worshiped, and praised the desert, with the wild beasts the Lord, saying, For he is of the islands, shall dwell there, good; for his mercy endureth and the owls shall dwell therein: for ever,

and it shall be no more inhabi.

ted for ever; neither shall it be LESSON CXLIV.

dwelt in from generation to

generation. Destruction of Babylon.

T 8 Behold, a people shall The word that the Lord spake come from the north, and a against Babylon and against great nation, and many kings the land of the Chaldeans by shall be raised up from the Jeremiah the prophet.

coasts of the earth. 2 Declare ye among the 9 They shall hold the bow nations, and publish, and set up and the lance : they are cruel a standard ; publish, and con- and will not shew mercy : their ceal not: say, Babylon is taken, voice shall roar like the sea, Bel is confounded, Merodach and they shall ride upon horses, is broken in pieces ; her idols every one put in array, like a are confounded, her images are man to the battle, against thee, broken in pieces.

O daughter of Babylon ! 3 For, lo, I will raise and 10 For, lo, I will make thee cause to come up against Baby- small among the heathen, and lon an assembly of great na- despised among men. tions from the north country : 11 Thy terribleness hath de. and they shall set themselves ceived thee, and the pride of in array against her; from thine heart, O thou that dwellthence she shall be taken: their est in the clefts of the rock, arrows shall be as of a mighty that holdest the height of the expert man; none shall return hill: though thou shouldest in vain.

make thy nest as high as the 4 And Chaldea shall be a eagle, I will bring thee down spoil; all that spoil her shall be from thence, saith the Lord. satisfied, saith the Lord.

12 How is the hammer of 5 A sword is upon their the whole earth cut asunder horses, and upon their chariots, and broken ! how is Babylon and

upon all the mingled peo- become a desolation among the ple that are in the midst of her; nations !


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