12 He hath swallowed down flow away in the day of his riches, and he shall vomit them wrath. up again : God shall cast them 24 This is the portion of a out of his belly.

wicked man from God, and the 13 He shall not see the rivers, heritage appointed unto him by the floods, the brooks of honey God. and butter.

25 Even as I have seen, they 14 That which he laboured that plough iniquity, and sow for shall he restore, and shall wickedness, reap the same. not swallow it down: according 26 By the blast of God they to his substance shall the resti- perish, and by the breath of his tution be, and he shall not re- nostrils are they consumed. joice therein.

27 For what is the hope of 15 Because he hath oppressed, the hypocrite, though he hath and hath forsaken the poor; gained, when God taketh away because he hath violently taken his soul ? away an house which he builded 28 Will God hear his cry when not;

trouble cometh upon

him? 16 Surely he shall not feel 29 Will he delight himself quietness in his belly, he shall in the Almighty? will he always not save of that which he de- call


God? sired.

30 I will teach you by the 17 There shall none of his hand of God : that which is meat be left; therefore shall no with the Almighty will I not man look for his goods.

conceal. 18 In the fullness of his suf. 31 Behold, all ye yourselves ficiency he shall be in straits : have seen it; why then are ye every hand of the wicked shall thus altogether vain ? come upon him.

32 This is the portion of a 19 He shall flee from the wicked man with God, and the iron weapon, and the bow of heritage of oppressors which they steel shall strike him through. shall receive of the Almighty.

20 It is drawn and cometh 33 If his children be multiout of the body; yea, the glit- plied, it is for the sword: and tering sword cometh out of his his offspring shall not be satisfied gall : terrors are upon him. with bread.

21 All darkness shall be hid 34 Those that remain of him in his secret places : a fire not shall be buried in death; and blown shall consume him : it his widows shall not weep. shall go ill with him that is 35 Though he heap up silver left in his tabernacle.

as the dust, and prepare raiment 22 The heaven shall reveal as the clay; his iniquity; and the earth shall 36 He may prepare it, but rise up against him.

the just shall put it on, and the 23 The increase of his house innocent shall divide the silver. shall depart, and his goods shall 37 He buildeth his house as

him in the way.

a moth, and as a booth that the 51 For he is cast into a net keeper maketh.

by his own feet, and he walketh 38 The rich man shall lie upon a snare. down, but he shall not be ga- 52 The gin shall take him by thered: he openeth his eyes, the heel, and the robber shall and he is not.

prevail against him. 39 Terrors take hold on him 53 The snare is laid for him as waters, a tempest stealeth in the ground, and a trap for him away in the night.

40 The east-wind carrieth 54 Terrors shall make him him away, and he departeth; afraid on every side, and shall and as a storm hurleth him out drive him to his feet. of his place.

55 His strength shall be hun41 For God shall cast upon ger-bitten, and destruction shall him, and not spare: he would be ready at his side. fain flee out of his hand.

56 His confidence shall be 42 His roots shall be dried rooted out of his tabernacle, up beneath, and above shall his and it shall bring him to the branch be cut off.

king of terrors. 43 His remembrance shall perish from the earth, and he

LESSON LXXV. shall have no name in the street. 44 He shall be driven from Can the rush grow up

without light into darkness, and chased mire ? can the flag grow without of the world.

out water? 45 He shall neither have son 2 Whilst it is yet in his nor nephew among his people, greenness, and not cut down, nor any remaining in his dwell- it withereth before any other ings.

herb. 46 They that come after him 3 So are the paths of all that shall be astonished at his day, forget God, and the hypocrite's as they that went before were hope shall perish : affrighted.

4 Whose hope shall be cut 47 Surely such are the dwell- off, and whose trust shall be a ings of the wicked, and this is spider's web. the place of him that knoweth 5 He shall lean upon his not God.

house, but it shall not stand : 48 Yea, the light of the wick- he shall hold it fast, but it shall ed shall be put out, and the spark not endure. of his fire shall not shine.

6 He is green before the sun, 49 The light shall be dark in and his branch shooteth forth in his tabernacle, and his candle his garden. shall be put out with him. 7 Hisroots are wrappedabout

50 The steps of his strength the heap, and seeth the place of shall be straitened, and his own stones. counsel shall cast him down. 8 If he destroy him from his place, then it shall deny him, 21 A dreadful sound is in his saying, I have not seen thee. ears: in prosperity the destroyer

9 Behold, this is the joy of shall come upon him. his way, and out of the earth 22 He believeth not that he shall others grow.

shall return out of darkness; and | 10 Behold, God will not he is waited for of the sword. cast away a perfect man, neither 23 He wandereth abroad for will he help the evil doers. bread, saying, Where is it? he

11 I have seen the foolish knoweth that the day of darktaking root; but suddenly I ness is ready at his hand. cursed his habitation.

24 Trouble and anguish shall 12 His children are far from make him afraid : they shall safety, and they are crushed in prevail against him, as a king the gate, neither is there any to ready to the battle. deliver them.

25 For he stretcheth out his 13 He dwelleth in desolate hand against God, and strengthcities, and in houses which no eneth himself against the Alman inhabiteth which are ready mighty. to become heaps. 14 He shall not be rich, nei.

LESSON LXXVI. ther shall his substance continue, neither shall he prolong REMEMBER, I pray thee, who the perfection thereof upon the ever perished being innocent ? earth :

or where were the righteous cut 15 He shall not depart out off ? of darkness; the flame shall dry 2 The hand of our God is up his branches, and by the upon all them for good that seek breath of his mouth shall he go him : but his power and his away.

wrath is against all them that 16 Let not him that is de- forsake him. ceived trust in vanity : for va- 3 Envy thou not the opnity shall be his recompense.

pressor, and choose none of his i7 It shall be accomplished ways. before his time; and his branch 4 For the froward is abomishall not be green.

nation to the Lord: but his 18 He shall shake off his un- secret is with the righteous. ripe grape as the vine, and shall | 5 The curse of the Lord is cast off his flower as the olive. in the house of the wicked; but

19 For the congregation of he blesseth the habitation of the hypocrites shall be desolate; and just. fire shall consume the taberna- 6 Let not thine heart envy cles of bribery.

sinners: but be thou in the fear T20 The wicked man travails of the Lord all the day long. eth with pain all his days, and 7 For surely there is an end; the number of years is hidden and thine expectation shall not to the oppressor.

be cut off.

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98 The labour of the righte- 21 Lay not wait, 0 wicked ous tendeth to life: the fruit of man, against the dwelling of the wicked to sin;

the righteous; spoil not his 9 For they eat the bread of resting-place: wickedness, and drink the wine 22 For a just man falleth of violence.

seven times, and riseth up again: 10 But the path of the just but the wicked shall fall into is as the shining light, that mischief. shineth more and more unto the 23 The wicked shall be a ranperfect day.

som for the righteous, and the 11 The way of the wicked transgressor for the upright. is as darkness : they know not 24 The sacrifice of the wickat what they stumble.

ed is abomination : how much 12 The righteous man wisely more, when he bringeth it with considereth the house of the a wicked mind ? wicked: but God overthrow- 25 He that soweth iniquity eth the wicked for their wicked- shall reap vanity: and the rod

of his anger shall fail. 13 Fret not thyself because 26 The wicked flee when no of evil men, neither be thou en- man pursueth; but the rightevious at the wicked :

ous are bold as a lion. 14 For there shall be no re- 27 For the upright shall dwell ward to the evil man; the can- in the land, and the perfect shall dle of the wicked shall be put remain in it: out.

28 But the wicked shall be 15 There is no peace, saith cut off from the earth, and the the Lord, unto the wicked. transgressors shall be rooted out

16 Evil shall slay the wicked: of it. and they that hate the righteous 29 The great God that shall be desolate.

formed all things, both reward17. The face of the Lord is eth the fool and rewardeth transagainst them that do evil, to cut gressors. off the remembrance of them 30 The eyes of the Lord prefrom the earth.

serve knowledge, and he over18 Happy is the man that throweth the words of the transfeareth alway : but he that gressor. hardeneth his heart shall fall 31 Many sorrows shall be to into mischief.

the wicked : but he that trust19 Say ye to the righteous eth in the Lord, mercy shall that it shall be well with him :

compass him about. for they shall eat the fruit of 32 When the wicked rise, their doings.

men hide themselves; but when 20 Wo unto the wicked; it they perish, the righteous inshall be ill with him : for the reward of his hands shall be 33 When the wicked are mul. given him.

tiplied, transgression increaseth;


but the righteous shall see their not stand in the judgement, nor fall.

sinners in the congregation of 34 Whoso walketh uprightly the righteous. shall be saved: but he that is 6 For the Lord knoweth the perverse in his ways shall fall way of the righteous : but the at once.

way of the ungodly shall perish. 35 Evil men understand not 7 Blessed is the man that judgement: but they that seek feareth the Lord, that delighteth the Lord understand all things. greatly in his commandments. 36 He that turneth


his 8 His seed shall be mighty ear from hearing the law, even upon earth : the generation of his prayer shall be abomination. the upright shall be blessed.

37 Whoso causeth the righte- 9 Wealth and riches shall be ous to go astray in an evil way, in his house : and his righteoushe shall fall himself into his own ness endureth for ever. pit: but the upright shall have 10 Unto the upright there good things in possession. ariseth light in the darkness:

38 When righteous men do he is gracious, and full of comrejoice, there is great glory : passion, and righteous. but when the wicked rise, a man 11 A good man sheweth fais hidden.

vour, and lendeth: he will guide 39 A righteous man falling his affairs with discretion. down before the wicked, is as a 12 Surely he shall not be troubled fountain, and a corrupt moved for ever : the righteous spring

shall be in everlasting remem


13 He shall not be afraid of

evil tidings : his heart is fixed, BLESSED is the man that walk- trusting in the Lord. eth not in the counsel of the 14 His heart is established, ungodly, nor standeth in the he shall not be afraid, until he way of sinners, nor sitteth in see his desire upon his enemies. the seat of the scornful.

15 He hath dispersed, he hath 2 But his delight is in the given to the poor ; his rightelaw of the Lord : and in his law ousness endureth for ever; his doth he meditate day and night. horn shall be exalted with ho

3 And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, 16 Blessed are the undefiled that bringeth forth his fruit in in the way: who walk in the his season : his leaf also shall law of the Lord. not wither, and whatsoever he 17 Blessed are they that keep doeth shall prosper.

his testimonies; and that seek 4 The ungodly are not so: him with the whole heart. but are like the chaff which the 18 They also do no iniquity : wind driveth away.

they walk in his ways. 5 Therefore the ungodly shall 19 Blessed iş every one that

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