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Page 15 - The Standard Concert Guide A Handbook of the Standard Symphonies, Oratorios, Cantatas, and Symphonic Poems for the Concert Goer, with a useful List of the Principal English Musical Organisations By GEORGE P. UPTON Author of "Musical Memories," "The Standard Operas,
Page 10 - THE WORLD'S COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS. A Descriptive Account of the Economic Plants of the World and of their Commercial Uses. By WG FREEMAN, B.Sc., FLS, and SE CHANDLER, D.Sc., FLS With contributions by TA HENRY, D.Sc., FCS, CE JONES, B.Sc., FLS, and EH WILSON.
Page 24 - Colonial Families OF THE United States of America In which is given the History, Genealogy and Armorial Bearings of Colonial Families who settled in the American Colonies...
Page 31 - THE RELIGION OF THE OLD TESTAMENT: Its Place among the Religions of the Nearer East. By Karl Marti, Professor of Old Testament Exegesis, Bern. Crown 8vo, cloth.
Page 21 - FRASER, DAVID. THE MARCHES OF HINDUSTAN. The Record of a Journey in Thibet, Trans-Himalayan India, Chinese Turkestan, Russian Turkestan, and Persia. By DAVID FRASER. With Illustrations, Maps, and Sketches. Demy Svo, £1, Is. THE
Page 1 - Crown 8vo., gs. net. THE ADJUSTMENT OF WAGES : a Study on the Coal and Iron Industries of Great Britain and the United States. With 4 Maps. 8vo., 121.
Page 13 - Net, $3.00 and IHLSENG, MC Electricity in Mining. Being a theoretical and practical treatise on the construction, operation, and maintenance of electrical mining machinery. 12mo., cloth .In Press INCANDESCENT ELECTRIC LIGHTING.
Page 21 - The Land in the Mountains. Being an Account of the Past and Present of Tyrol its People and its Castles. With an Introduction by Charles Landis.
Page 15 - ClimaMherapy and Balneotherapy. The Climates and Mineral Water Health Resorts (Spas) of Europe and North Africa. By Sir HERMANN WEBER, MD, and F. PARKES WEBER, MD London, 1907. 8vo. 833 pp. 15s. This volume is a third edition of The Mineral Waters and Health Resorts of Europe, much enlarged in respect to medical climatology.
Page 31 - Hammond (Frederick Stam). History and genealogies of the Hammond families in America, with an account of the early history of the family in Normandy and Great Britain 1000-1902.

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