Our Antipodes; Or, Residence and Rambles in the Australian Colonies: With a Glimpse of the Gold Fields, Volume 2

R. Bentley, 1852
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Pagina 280 - And if thou saidst I am not peer To any lord in Scotland here, Lowland or Highland, far or near, Lord Angus, thou hast lied!
Pagina 109 - I cannot too much impress upon your mind that labour is the condition which God has imposed on us in every station of life — there is nothing worth having, that can be had without it, from the bread which the peasant wins with the sweat of his brow, to the sports by which the rich man must get rid of his ennui.
Pagina 237 - How these rude savages had contrived in a few weeks, and without mechanical appliances, to prepare the massive materials of their stockade and to place them in their proper positions, deeply sunk in the earth and firmly bound together, is inconceivable. To be sure, the timber and flax grew on the spot, and the labourers engaged in the work were working and preparing to fight for their native land and for liberty — what more need be said ? The pah was studded with subterranean cells, into which...
Pagina 147 - I've wish'd that little isle had wings, And we, within its fairy bowers, Were wafted off to seas unknown, Where not a pulse should beat but ours, And we might live, love, die alone ! Far from the cruel and the cold, — Where the bright eyes of angels only Should come around us, to behold A paradise so pure and lonely ! Would this be world enough for thee...
Pagina 135 - The entire design originated with the natives, who formed this spacious building without rule or scale, and with no other tools than their adzes, a few chisels, and a couple of saws.
Pagina 136 - Gothic shape, were fetched from Tauranga, on the coast, a distance of seventy-five miles, by fourteen men, who carried them on their backs over mountains and through forests without any pay whatever. The whole tribe, amounting to about six or seven hundred, are now nearly all Christianised.
Pagina 132 - Their calm and grave looks were rixcd full of attention upon the preacher, who, on his part, enforced his doctrine with a powerful and persuasive voice, and with a manner and gesture replete with energy and animation. The sermon was apparently extempore, but there was no poverty of words or dearth of matter. It was delivered with the utmost fluency, and with occasional rapid reference to and quotation from the Scriptures. The wild locale of this outdoor worship (in the lap, as it were, of a mountain...
Pagina 287 - But, gentlemen, talk of corruption ! talk of jobbery ! why if all the corruption which has defiled England since the expulsion of the Stuarts were gathered into one heap, it would not make such a sum as this ; if all the jobs which have been done since the days of Sir Robert Walpole, were collected into one job, they would not make so big a job as the one which Mr.
Pagina 253 - ... firm, with his eye fixed on that of his adversary, but with a careless guard. From the manner in which the old man held his staff, we all imagined that his visitation would be in the shape of No. 5 or 6 of the broadsword exercise with the oar-shaped end of it; when suddenly, and with a vigour whereof he seemed quite incapable, old...
Pagina 81 - THE BISHOP OF NEW ZEALAND. ON the departure of the Bishop of New Zealand for his diocese Smith recommended him to have regard to the minor as well as to the more grave duties of his station — to be given to hospitality — and, in order to meet the tastes of his native guests, never to be without a smoked little boy in the bacon-rack, and a cold clergyman on the sideboard. " And as for myself,

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