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The Apostle's Third Argument, for encouraging the Christi

ans of Judea to Perfeverance in their Profesion, under
all their Persecutions, viz. The numerous Examples of all
the Patriarchs and Holy Men recorded in Scripture, or in
the Apocryphal Writings, as the most eminent Servants of
God." That they all were justified by the fame Principle of
Faith in God's Revelation ; for suffering under the same
Hopes of future and invisible Blessings, that Christianity
now propofeth: And, for the very fame, mall they, and all
good Christians, be finally and compleatly rewarded toge-
ther at the Great Day of Judgment.

OW faith is the Said 1, it was a steddy Faith in A. D. 63.
substance * of

Chris, and a refolute Profefthings hoped for, the fion of his Religion, that must pro- Chap. X. evidence of things not seen.

cure your Salvation. And whereas 29.

the Jewish Zealots are wont to affright you, by confidently affirming, That to embrace Christianity, is to Apoftatize from Moses and from God : It will be enough to filence that vain Pretence, to confider, that to be a Christian, is the Exercise and Résult of no other Principle of Faith, but what justified all the Patriarcbs and holy Men of Old; viz. Such a rational and feddy Belief, either of Things long since past, cr of the invisible Blefings of a future Life, proportionable to the Evidences God has given us of them, as will actuate us into Obedience, and make us ready to suffer for the Profession of such a Belief,

2 For

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* Ver. 1. The substance of things hoped for: üróseos, TL firm Asurance, or Expectation. So this Word is truly render'd Pfalxxxix. 7. Ruth i. 12. Ezek. xix, 5. in the LXX: and Chap. iii. 14. of this Epiftle.

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which do appear.

A. D.63. 2 For by it the el- 2. For this great Virtue the An

ders obtained a good cestors of your Nation stand recordreport.

ed, as such eminent Examples of

Piety and true Religion. 3 Through faith

3. What is it, but Divine Revewe understand that lation, that makes us absolutely's ásón the worlds were fra- tain, that the World * was not by

med by the Word of Chance, nor a fortuitous Jumble of God, so that things pre-existing Matter, but made in

which are seen were + Aphpezo not made of things t of God, and put into this

beauteous Time, by the Power and Command

Form wherein we now see it, by
1. Geni;!; Christ || the Word and Son of God, who governs all the
&c. Jobni.2,
3, 4. 1676. Dispensations of it?
4. By faith Abel of-

4. The serious Belief of Divine
fered unto God a Revelation rendered the Sacrifice of
more excellent facri- Abel acceptable, and the Want of it
fice than Cain, by caused Cain's to be rejected. God
which he obtained
witness that he was

demonstrating his Acceptance of him
righteous, God tefti- as a pious and good Man, by causing
fying of his gifts: and Fire from | Heaven to consume his
by it he being dead, Sacrifice. And though Abel be dead,
yet speaketh.

yet is his Sacrifice a standing Evidence,

That this is the Principle that makes
Our Services acceptable to God.

5. By faith Enoch 5. As a Reward of this very fame
was translated, that he Virtue, was Enoch translated from
should not see death, Earth, without dying according to
and was not found, the common Course of Nature.
because God had tran-
Nated him : for before


V. 22, 24
his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.

6 But without faith 6. And indeed, nothing is plainer,

it is impossible to than that a firm Perswafion of the * Sa ver. I, please him: for he Existence of God (tho’ he be * invi

that cometh to God, fible to us) and à lively Hope and
must believe that he

Aflurance, proportionable to the
is, and that he is a re-
warder of them that Knowledge Men have of his Na-
diligently icek lin, ture and Will, that he will reward


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I 'Erempaus. Verfion. Theodos. See Gen, xv. 17. Lev, ix, 24,

Plal. xx. 3.

all his true and sincere Worshippers (tho' that Reward be A. D. 63. he:

future and at a distance) is the first and most neceflary Tech

Principle of all true Religion.
7 By faith Noah be-

7. Upon this it was, that Noah
ing warned of God prepared the Ark, saved himself from

of things not feen as the Destruction of this World, and
yet, moved with fear, obtained the Happiness of the next;

prepared an ark to the while the rest of Mankind were juft-
saving of his house,
by the which he con-

ly left to perish in their unreasonable
demned the world, and Infidelity.
became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.

8 By faith * Abra- 8 & 9. By this, Abraham left his -
ham when he was cal- native Country, went and dwelt as
led to go out into a

a Stranger, in a mean and obscure
place which he should Manner, in a foreign Land; even
after receive for an before he knew what the Land was,
inheritance, obeyed,
and he went out, not

or was acquainted with the Promise,
knowing whither he that his Posterity should fully postess

and enjoy it, Gen. xii. with
9 By faith he fo- Gen. xxvi. 3. ---xxviii. 13.

journed in the land
of promise, as in a strange country, dwelling in tabernacles with
Isaac and Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise.

10 For he looked 10. It was sufficient to that rea-
for a city which hath sonable and good Man, that God had
foundations, whose

promised him, in general, To be his builder and maker is field and exceeding great reward, God.

Gen. xv. 1. And his Eye was upon the certain and unchangeable State of future Happiness.

11 Through faith 11 & 12; In Reward of the same
also Sarah herself re- Faith in the repeated Promise of God,
ceived strength to con- Sarah was enabled to conceive and
ceive seed, and was bear a Son, when both she and her
delivered of a child Husband were naturally incapable of

when she was paft age, such a thing, through their great

Age :





Ver. 8. Abraham when he was called, or xanguera
A pacepe, He that was called Abraham. The Words have a great
Emphasis ; He whom God was pleased to call The Great Father,
The Father of many Nations, The Father of the Faithful. See
Gen. xyii, 3, 4, 5, 6, with my Paraphrase and Note there.

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4. D. 63. because the judged him Age: And from them came an in

faithful who had pro- numerable Pofterity, which, with mised.

out an extraordinary Act of Divine 12 Therefore sprang Power, could no more have been there even of *

one, and him as good as

expected from two such Superanuated dead, so many as People, than if they had been actuthe Atars of the sky in ally Dead *. multitude, and as the fand which is by the sea shore innumerable. 13 These all died

13 & 14. All these forementioned in faith, not having Worthies died in this noble Principle; received the promi- full of the Hopes, and poffefs'd with ses, but having seen them afar off, and the Prospect of future and Eternal were perswaded of Felicities. Upon these Diftant Joys them and embraced they acted; for Thefe they gave up them, and confeffed all Worldly Enjoyments, and looked that they were ftran- upon the present Life as nothing but gers and pilgrims on a Paslage into a better State. the earth.

14 For they that say such things, declare plainly that they seek a country

15 And truly if 15 & 16. For it is very clear, it they had been mind- could not be Temporal Hopes, these ful of that country, great Souls were acted by ; because from whence they Abraham, for Instance, had a much came out, they might more fal and natural Prospect of have had

to have returned :

That Kind, in his own Native Coun16 But now they try, than he could be supposed to desire a better coun- have in a Foreign Land, among, a try, that is an hea- barbarous and uncultivated People. venly: : wherefore God Nor could it amount to much, for is not ashamed to be God to stile Himself Their God *, called their God; for i. e, in an Eminent Sense, their Great he hath prepared for Protector and Rewarder ; if he had


See Mar.

xxii. 32.

them a city.

* Ver. 1.2. Even of one, úsc, from that fingle Person, and forom Him in a manner dead.

So the Word šis is used Galat. iii. 20, and in many other Passages.

+ Ver. 14. That thry seek a Country- A very flat Translation! It is Dateida, À Country of their Father's, their native and proper Home : So Heaven is the proper Country or Habitation of Good Men, the Place where (God) their Father dwells.

nothing to bestow on them but a few Temporal Blessings ; A.D.63.
and those too, mix'd up with many Troubles and Af-
flictions common to Human Life. All their Proceedings,
therefore, bespeak their main and ultimate Hopes to have
been, in the Future and invisible Glories of another World;
even the very fame that the Gospel now more explicitly
proposes to us Chriftians.
17 By faith Abra-

17 & 13. To proceed therefore:
ham when he was tri- This serious Perswasion of the Di-
ed, offered up Isaac : vine Truth and Providence, made
and he that had re- Abraham, at the Instance of the
ceived the promises, Divine Command, ready, with his
offered up his only
begotten Son :

own Hands, to Sacrifice the very
18 Of whom it was Son, in whom alone he expected to
said, that in Ifaac see the Great Promise fulfilled to
shall thy seed be called. him.

19 Accounting that 19. Most dutifully and rationally
God was able to raise considering, that the same Divine
him up, even from the Power, that caused Ifaac to be Con-
dead from whence ceived and Born, in a Manner as
also he received him
in a figure.

wonderful as that of raising the Dead

to Life again, could either restore him to him again, or else fulfil the Promise in some other Way, that would be as good and happy for Him. And accordingly, as the Birth of Ifaac from the dead Womb of Sarah was a Gift of new and miraculous Life ; fo the Rescue of Isaac, by the Voice of an Angel, was the same Thing to Abraham as if he had been actually flain, and then restored to Life.

20 By faith Isaac 20 & 21. With this firm Affu-
blessed Jacob and Efau rance, That God would make good
concerning things to all his Benedictions (tho' perhaps he

knew not precisely When) did Ifaac,
21 By faith Jacob in a Prophetical Way, and with
when he was dying,
Eleffed both the fons Religious Reverence, pronounce the
of Joseph, and wor- Blessings on his Sons Jacob and Esau ;
shipped * leaning up-

as Jacob did afterwards upon Ephraim
on the top of his ftaff. and Manases ll.

ll Gen. xlvii. 22 By

* Ver. 21. Leaning upon the Top of his Staff. In the Hebrew
it is, Israel bowed himself upon his Bed's Head. The Word
7100, by the change of one point, fignifying either a Bed, or

a Staff,



22 So

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