29 Saying, This is all the People, at least all the chief A.D. 63 the blood of the testa. Heads and Representatives of them ; ment which God hath saying, This is the Blood of the Coveenjoyned unto you. nant which God hath enjoined to you ; i. e. by this Ceremony used in making Covenants and Con tracts, God on His Part engages to perform the Promises, and you on your Part to observe the Laws of this Covenant.

21. Moreover, he 21. In like manner, after the Tabersprinkled with blood nacle was built, he sprinkled the whole both the tabernacle, Tabernacle, and all i he Utensils of Diand all the vessels of vine Service belonging to it*. the ministry.

22 And almost all 22. And, you know, that accordthings are by the law ing to That Law, all kind of Vessels purged with blood :. and Appurtenances of the Tabernaand without shedding cle whatever, were Purified and Conof blood is no remis. secrated by being sprinkled with Blood

(excepting fome Veflels of Metal that would abide the Fire, and Ctogths that were washed in Water.) And that no Person whatever was Cleansed, and Legally Abfolved from his Sins or Defilements, without a Bloody Sacrifice.

23 It was therefore 23. Thus Men obtained Admiffinecessary that the pa. on to that Sanctuary here Below : terns of things in the But as to Heaven self, we can heavens should be pu- gain no Entrance into That, but by rified with these, but being Redeemed and

Purified by the , the heavenly things

, in a Perfacrifices than these.

feet and Effe&tual Manner, as Jewish
Things and Persons were in a Figu.

rative one. 24 For Christ is

24. And this Christ has done, by not entered into the his Ascension into Heaven, and beholy places made with coming our Advocate with the Father hands, which are the there; in Comparison of which, the figures of the true, but Entrance of the High Priest into the


themselves with better Great Sacrifice of Chris

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* Ver. 21. Sprinkled the Tabernacle. See and compare what is said in Exod. xxiv. and xl. Chapters ; in which laji Chapter, Ver.

5.9.-11. the Word Sprinkling is not indeed expressed, but is (most probably) included in the Phrases Hallowing, Sanctifying, &C - Compare also Ver, 12 & 13 of that Chapter with Exod. Xxvii. 40, xxix, 1.---20, 21, ard Levit, xvi. 16--20,

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A.D. 63. into heaven itself, now Second Tabernacle, the Most Holy to appear

in the pre- Place, was nothing but a mere Shasence of God for us.

dow, and a figurative Resemblance. 25 Nor yet that he 25 & 26. And so effectually suffhould offer himself of- ficient is this his Entrance into Heae ten, as the high priest den, to present himself to God for entereth into the holy

us, that neither it, nor his Death in place every year with order to it, need ever be repeated, as The blood of others :

26 For then mult those of the Legal Priests were, every
he often have suffered Year. For the Oine Attonement he
fince the foundation has made, in this last * and great
of the world : but Dispensation of the Gospel, by the

now once in the Sacrifice of Himself, is abundantly
end of the world, hath enough for the Pardon and Salvation
he appeared to put a. of All Mankind.
way fin by the facri-
face of himself.
27 And as it is

ap- 27 & 28. And thus, so far, the
pointed unto men once Death of Christ is like that of all o-
to die, but after this ther Men, viz. That as They Die
the judgment :
28 So Christ was

but Once, and are then to receive an
once offered to bear Eternal Recompence for what they
the fins of many; and have done in this Life ; so Chrif, af.
unto them that look ter Once dying for our Sins, has no
for him shall he ap- more Sufferings to undergo, no fur-
pear the second time, ther Sacrifice † to make, and is to ap-
* without fin, unto fal- pear no more upon Earth, till, at

the Solemn Day of Judgment, he comes to Crown and Reward all his true Disciples.

* Now in the End of the World: ini outingą tão é sávar. In
the last Age or Dispensation.

Ibid. Ver. 26. Now once : rat, Once for all; in the same
Sense with ápárat, it being so used in this, and in many other
Pafiges of the New Testament and LXX, with this Emphasis,
not tiken Notice of by Interpre.ers. Compare 1 Pet. iii. 20.
Jude ver. 3. Heb. vi. 4. vii. 27. -X. 10. Pfal. lxxxix. 36.
Job. xl. 4. Efter iv. 11.

+ Appear without Sin; Zapis de porgríac, Without any fur-
ther Offering for Sin. As in 2 Gor. v. 21. Or else referring
these Words to Texdexonérons, Those that look for him without Sin,
are, good and pure Christians, if this be not too hard a Tran po-
sition. Beside that, zápis i paprice is naturally connected to ck
Oduree, as Ávexymas de papróas is to ürat foregoing.

CH A P. X.

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The second Argument still continued, viz. Judaism was but

a Figurative Introduction to Christianity. The Infuffi
ciency of the Legal Sacrifices, for the Compleat Attonement
of Sin. The Death of Christ, the full and final Sacri-
fice further proved, from the Old Testament. It gives
all good Christians a full Asurance of Heavenly Happi-
ness, and is the most comfortable Argument for their final
Perseverance in their Profession. The Jewish Christians
again particularly exhorted to Constancy and Patience un-
der their Sufferings; from the great Danger of wilful
Apostacy; from the sense of their former Courage, and

Prospect of their certain and speedy Deliverance from
their Persecutions.

OR the ha-
F ving a Shadow of

EL L then, it plainly ap- 1. D. 63.

pearstby what I have algood * things to come, ready * said, that the Mosaical

Priest- i Cascii. So and not the very image hood and Sacrifices were nothing but 24.

ix. 8,9..23 of the things, can ne Types and Shadows of a future and ver with those facrifices which they offer more perfect Attonement for the Sins ed year by year con

of Mankind : And therefore, though tinually, make the never so often repeated, they could comers thereunto per- not of themselves, Cleanse any fewfert.

in Worshipper from his Sins, and o

pen the Way to Heaven for him.
2 For then would 2 & 3. For indeed, had those
they not have ceased Sacrifices (particularly that upon
to be offered ? because the great È xpiation Day) any real
S 3



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* Of good things to come- That is, say moft Interpeters, of

- ,
the Blessings of the Gospel-Religion : Some understand it of Heaven,
the true Holy of Halies. I have expreffed bath Senses.

Ibid. Not the very Image : évtyju Txjo lixord, The:Original, the
very Truth of the Thing. Chrysos. Syr. KerfRom. i. 23..

A.D. 63. that the worshippers Virtue to that Effect, they need not

once purged, hould have been * repeated so often; when have had no more the thing once perfectly done, had been conscience of sins,

done for ever. And again, if that 3 But in those fa Repetition were effectual

, there could crifices there is a remembrance again made

be no Occasion to abrogate them, of sins every year..

and introduce another in their Room.

Whereas, upon that great Annual Day, the High Priest commemorates and deplores the past Sins, both of that, and the foregoing Years; a plain Demonstration that they were not perfectly attoned for by the former Sacrifices.

4 For it is not pof- 4. And the Truth is, there is nofible that the blood thing in the Blood of any Beast, that of bulls and of goats can answer the Divine Wisdom and should take away sins. Justice in demanding an Attonement


for the Sins of Mankind. 5 Wherefore when 5, 6 & 7. Accordingly the Pfal. he cometh into the miff (Psal. xl.) prophetically repreworld he faith, Sacri- senting Christ, as coming into the fice and offering thou World, brings Hith in thus addressing wouldest not, but I a to God the Father. That whereas body

hást thou prepa- the Sacrifices of the Jewish Law were 6 In burnt offerings þut merè Figures, no way acceptable and sacrifices for fin to Him as a Propitiation for the Sins thou hast had no of Mankind; the Time was now come, pleasure :

wherein He (the Son of God) was now 7 Then said I, Lo, fully to accomplish it by being made I come (in the vo- Man, and by yielding himself to Suflume of the book it is fer, in perfect Submission and

Obediwritten of me) to do

ence to the Divine Will of the Father thy will, O God.

And that he was actually most ready, and free to do it, as the Scriptures had foretold I.

8. Above

red me.

* For then would they not have ceased to be offered. The xx is not in scme Copies ; but it makes no material Alteration in the Senfe, which I have expressed both Ways.

I A body bast thou prepared me. See Dr. Alix Sense of the Jewish Church, &c. "Chap. 27. And Bishop Kidder, Deń. Mell. Vol

. II. p. 268, 269, &c. for a full Vindication of this Påffage, from the Exceptions of the Jews. See also the Note on Chap. xi. 21.

8 Above, when he 8 & 9. Now these Words are a 4. D. 63
faid, Sacrifice, and of- plain Declaration of the utter Insuf-
fering, and burnt of- ficiency of the Jewish Sacrifices;
ferings, and offering when Christ puts his own Suffering
for fin thou wouldest

and Sacrifice to supply their Defects.
not, neither hadd plea-
fure therein (which are And, by doing the one, he abrogates
offered by the law :)

all further Use of the other.
9 Then said, he, Lo, I come to do thy will, O God. He,
away the first, * that he


establish the second. 10 By the which

10. And, consequently, we are not
will we are fanctified, to regard them as the Means of our
through the offering justification and Happiness; but to
of the body of Jesus rely upon this obedient Act of Christ
Christ once for all. +

suffering in our Flesh; an Act that
need never be repeated ; having, once † and forever, pro-
cured the Pardon and Salvation of all true Believers.
u And every priest

11, 12, 13 & 14. Consider a-
ftandeth daily s mi. gain, therefore, the great Difference
niftring and offering between the happy and glorious Ef-
oftentimes the fame fa- fects of this Office of Chris and that
crifices, which can
never take away fins :

of the Jewish Priests. They were
12 But this man obliged to repeat their Sacrifices every
after he had offered Day or Year. A clear Evidence that
one sacrifice for fins, their Efficacy for the perfect Pardon
for ever sat down on of Sin, was but small: Whereas
the right hand of Christ, by once offering his own Life,

was fo acceptable to God, as to be
13 From hence raised again from the Dead, exalted
forth expecting till
his enemies be made

to the highest Degree of heavenly
his footstool.

Glory and Majesty, invested with
the full Dominion over all his and

$ 4
* Ver..... Taketh away the first ; i.e. He abrogates the firit
Will or Law of God, viz. the Law of Jewish Sacrifices, and
establishes the second Will, viz. the Sacrifice of Chrif-By the
which Will we are fan&tified, &c. in the following Words. Thus
the ingenious Mr. Pierce has connected the Senle ; with which
my Paraphrafe fully agrees, though the Emphasis be not laid up-
on the same Subftantive.

† Note. Once for all. See Chap. ix. 26.
Piet. i. 12. — iii. 18, 20. Jude ver. 3.

Ver. 11. Daily Ministring Kebespar, from Time to Time
şi. e. yearly upon the great Expiation Day.



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X. IQ.

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