FRUITS OF THE GOSPEL IN RAROTONGA. The following statements from the Missionary Journal of our devoted brother, the Rev. Charles Pitman, of Rarotonga, received under date of November last, contain delightful intelligence of the progress of the work of God in this Island :

— AFTER service visited a few sick people the whole chapter. My soul was filled with -one of them near Jordan, waiting the coming fear and hope. I said, Read it again and of his Lord. Had a delightful season of spi. again. It was completely fixed in my mind, ritual enjoyment whilst sitting on the mat of and it was not easy to erase it. I now went another dying man. When speaking of Ma- to the house of God with different feelings. retu, my native fellow-labourer, he seemed How eagerly I listened to every word that was almost to forget his weakness : he told me, spoken! From that time till the present the with much feeling, that after his baptism he word of God has had such hold on my affec. had acted inconsistently with his public pro- tions, and wrought such a change in me, as fession, and that, when Maretu heard of it, could be effected by nothing else.” This must he visited and conversed with him on the have been the work of God. What a blesssubject. Maretu said to him, “ You are a ing is the Bible Society wherever they assist Demas-you have forsaken the Lord-you the servants of God to translate and publish have turned your back against Jesus !" “1 the Sacred Volume ! was dumb," said he; my soul was filled - Rode to Titikaveka. Examined a class with anguish—as soon as I could speak 1 of candidates for baptism, with all of whom I said, Tika rae (it is so); Va oti ua (that is was much pleased, and do hope they are enough). No more will I walk in that path- taught of the Spirit: they have been nearly I will return to Jesus—be is the only pathway eighteen months candidates.

Had some to the kingdom. I did so, and through grace pleasing conversation with the sick. One have been enabled to walk in it till this day. poor man, who has been ill for more than Oh! Pitimani, I forsook the Lord.” His ex. four years, is near death. He was just able pression of countenance, mode of speaking, to answer a few questions, which indicated a and tone of voice, gave palpable evidence of mind renewed by divine grace. Christ alone the feelings of abhorrence with which he is his hope for pardon, peace, and salvation. thought of that period of his life. When He is, I trust, near the heavenly inheritance. talking of the re-union of the soul with the The good effects of the friendly visits of the body, he asked, “ And is it possible that the church-members, who almost daily visit the soul will again enter into such a vile body?” sick, are very apparent. They are also asHe was greatly diseased. I said, “ It would sisting Iro, by using every endeavour to bring then be a glorified body.Yes," he said, the thoughtless youth and others to Christ. "it would be so ;' and then he spoke at some May God, in his infinite mercy, bless their length of the amazing love of Christ to sin- and our united efforts ! ful creatures. Occasionally, he expressed Many of our poor people have been cut fear that Jesus would not receive him; but, down by death ; amongst them, two more when reminded of the love of Christ to sin- members of the church, one of whom I ners, he again committed his soul without visited, and who, I trust, died in Christ; the wavering into his hands, as his only Redeemer. other is Pureiau, a man who was sent a few I left his humble cottage blessing God for years back to obtain, if possible, a landing such manifestations of his grace to poor sin- on Savage Island, but could not. He was ners in this once heathen land.

taken in the Missionary Ship to the Navi- Spent some time conversing with the Na- gators Islands, where he resided, until a few tive Evangelist Iro, his wife, and people. We months ago, when he returned in an ill spoke of the various methods of divine grace state of health. This morning his spirit dein the conversion of sinners. “ Ah !” said parted to be with Christ, and is now, I trust, the wife of Iro, “that is true; for many before the throne, with many of his brethren years I went, like others, to all the religious who have preceded him from the Churchservices, &c., and thought myself a real dis- militant. With him I have had repeated and ciple. One day, opening the New Testament, most pleasing interviews. He also mentioned I read part of the 25th Chapter of Matthew. the comfort he had experienced from various Like a flash of lightning my mind was struck conversations with Maretu. Last evening I with amazement. What is this? I read it elicited from him his views of divine truth again. Though I had read it so frequently, in prospect of death, and have reason to beit never awakened such feelings in me before. lieve that he was firmly fixed on the Rock of Not being able to read fluently, I fetched Salvation. Speaking of our near separation, Sini, [a young woman in our school, now a he said, “Teacher, grieve not. The will of member of the church,) and said, Read me God is good and right." I said, “ We shall this portion of Sacred Scripture. She read ere long meet again in a world of joy."

Yes, oh yes!” he said, his eyes filling with tears, which gently trickled down his furrowed cheeks. I was much affected at his earnestness, and then he said, “ Shall I not see Pitimani-vaine (Mrs. Pitman) again? shall we meet no more in this world?" I said, that the weather was so very stormy, and she was suffering so much from pains in her face, that I feared she would not be able to come out that evening. He felt it much; and twice after repeated, “Oh, I shall not see her again!" After prayer, taking me by the hand, looking most earnestly, and scarcely able to articulate, he said, “I am waiting the coming of the Lord;" and wished me farewell, till we meet in the world of spirits.

- Fresh cause for thankfulness. Many of our young people, over whose state we have long mourned, are coming out from the wicked, and express a wish to unite in our classes. With them I have conversed faithfully. They all say, that, separated from the people of God, they are not and cannot be happy. A young member came to state his desire to go and labour among the heathen, and I conversed with him on the all-important subject. A young Mangaian came from Arorangi, in the absence of Mr. Gill at the Navigators Islands, expressly to enter into spiritual conversation. He was convinced of sin under the ministry of Maretu at Mangaia. The subjects on which he wished to converse were of vital importance. I was much delighted with this young man, and hope he is taught of the Spirit. A deacon coming in at the time, he talked with him in reference to the conversion of his soul through Maretu. It was truly soul-cheering to hear him relate the wonderful ways of God in gradually bringing him out of darkness.

Maretu has been greatly blessed in the con. version of sinners to God. There are at present eight or ten Mangaians, that I know, in this Island, some of them in the Institution on probation, who attribute their change of heart to bis labours on their own island. “Bless the Lord, O my soul !"

I could mention other facts equally grati. fying with the above, but suffice it to say, there now appears to be a great awakening amongst the people, Maretu and the dea. cons have visited all the districts, and held conversation with all who would listen to them ; so has Iro, with the assistance of some church-members. Wherever they go, so soon as it is known, nearly all who had been previously careless and indifferent, assemble and listen to what they say, and, in many in. stances, prepare food for them. Many wish to come to chapel, but say, “ Can we go in these ragged garments? We have largely planted-we have potatoes for sale ; but no ships come to our Settlement to purchase." The result of these visits has exceeded our expectations, and, at present, there appears to be in very many a real thirsting after the living waters. If the work be of God, it will stand. Let us patiently wait, with earnest prayer, that it may not be as the morning. cloud or early dew, which quickly passes away. Nearly fifty young persons, during the last three months, have joined our classes in this station, are now constant attendants at the house of God, and desirous to obtain the Scriptures, which they have had granted them, to be paid for in arrow-root. Much of our time is also occupied with applicants and candidates for baptism and church cotemunion.

DEPARTURE OF THE MISSIONARY SHIP. On Tuesday Evening, the 5th instant, a Valedictory Service will be held at the Tabernacle, Moorfields, on occasion of the departure of the “ John WILLIAMS" on her Second Voyage to the South Sea Islands. In the course of the Meeting addresses will be delivered by several Missionaries and Ministers who are expected to attend.-Service to commence at six o'clock precisely.

The sailing of the Ship has been fixed for the 12th instant.

*** The Rev. JAMES READ, of Kat River, offers his most grateful acknowledgments to those numerous friends in England who kindly presented, through the medium of the London Missionary Society, parcels and boxes of clothing and other useful articles for the relief of the sufferers by the Caffre War, belonging to the Kat River Settlement. The packages have been safely received, and their contents are now in course of distribution among the people, whose severe distress will be greatly alleviated by these timely and valuable presents.-Kat Riner, May 26, 1847.


From the 18th August to the 16th September, 1847, inclusive.

8, d.
£ &. d.

£ s.d. Proceeds of Arrowroot and


SCOTLAND. Cocoa Nut Oil, brought

Stroud, Bedford-street.... 700 from the South Seas, in

Per Rev. G. Christie. the Missionary. Ship,

Aberdeenshire. John Williams" .... 2435 15 9


Kintore, Free Church, Rev,
Tonbridge, W. Gorham,
The late Mr. James Madge

J. Simpson ...

1 1 10 Esq., for the College at Inverury, IndependentCha. wick, per Messrs. E. &T,


100 pel, Rev. J. Millar...... 2 0 0 Madgwick........... 50 00

Missionary Prayer MeetCraven Chapel, for Native


ing Box

1 12 0

Other Missionary Boxes 0 9 0 Teacher, John Craven.. 15 0 0 Prescot

3 19 6

Culsalmond, Rev.J.Rennie 2 10 0

Duncanstone, Rev.P. MorKingsland, Miss Bibbins,


rison for a girl in Mrs. Sug

7 0 5 Auxiliary Society, per R.

Monthly den's School, to be called


Prayer Meetings 8 5 7 Mary Elizabeth ....... 300 Morley, Esq.

Keith, Independent Chapel 3 10 0 Moor Green

1 3 0 Middleton Chapel, Dalston,


0 15 6 Collection at United


35 1 6

Elginshire. Communion for Widows'

For the College at Cal

Knockando, Rev. John and Orphans' Fund ..., 9 17 10 cutta ..

12 190

1 15 6 491. 198.

Elgin Missionary Society, Robert-street, Grosvenor

one-third of the dispossquare, in addition to 50%.

able fund ....

9 15 0 acknowledged in July .. 46 Bensington, Miss Green

Two Ladies' Lists in 050 Town.......

6 4 0 New Tottenham Court, col

For the Ship

05 0

From Knockando, per lected by Mrs. Fletcher 511 6

Messrs. Monro


4 6 6 Mr. J. Snow, for the Sea


Elgin Congregational men's Chapel, Apia 0 10 0

1 13 5

Juvenile Society, per
0 5 0 Barton, St. David ...,
Dr. Davies, for ditto ....
Wincanton, Young Ladies'

A. Allen, jun., for the

"John Williams" 2 9 4 Working Party at Miss T. Thompson, Esq., for

Collected by Mrs.

Phillips's, for Children
5 00
in India, to be called John

M'Kean, for the "John
Gay and Annie Webb .. 600


5 14 0 Buckinghamshire.

Collected by Mr. M'Neil, South Auxiliary Society,

for an Orphan at BerStaffurdshire.


3 0 0 per Mr. W. Butler... 302 3 For Teachers in the South


6 0 0 Congregational Chapel,
Seas ..

Rev. N. M'Neil, col-

3 8 6 401. 2s. 3d.

Great Missenden, Mrs.

United Pres. Church,
Leamington, A Friend, by

Rev.John Pringle, col-
1 0 0
Mrs. Smith, for Huahine 10 0 0 lection

1 3 2 Stratford-on-Avon, Mrs, M.

United Pres. Church,
Caston, for Huahine.... 1 0 0

Rev. Adam Lind, col.
West Wratting British


3 10 1 Schools,


Free Church, Rev, Alex, For Africa .......... 0 8 0 Bridlington, Zion Chapel,

Topp, collection 3 9 2 For Rarotonga ....... 04 0 (not Bridlington Quay, as

Forres United Pres. 12s.



published last month) 7 10 0
Also a Box of Clothing,

Stark, collection... 5 3 6 Cumberland. from the Ladies' Work

Mr. John Wood, Cow Auxiliary Society, per W. ing Society, for Huahine,

Green, for Caffre Mis., Wilson, Esq.valued at 81.


1 0 0 Whitehaven

33 16 4 Hull and East Riding AuxBootle

2 I9
iliary, per A. Levett,

For China

0 10 6

Esq., on account..... Maryport

.226 16 0 Nairn, Cong. Chapel, Rev. 1 19 6

J. Howie

4 8 0 Wigton 8 13 3 Pickering

11 70
9 16 10

Collected at Mis. Prayer
For the College at Cal-
Alston ........... 12 1 6


1 15 7 cutta

6 3 9 Rillington

Collected by the Sabbath
4 70

1 0 0 Cockermouth .......... 19 15 1

167, 148.
947. 178. 9d.

Free Church, Rev. A.

3 7 10 M'Kenzie, collection.. 3 0 0
For the College at Cal-

United Pres. Rev. J, Biscutta.

0 12 4 Brassington, by Miss Tuck 0 16 0

set, collection

3 3 0 Middlesborough

10 5 10

Ditto, public meeting .. 2 2 9
For the College at Cal-

Boghole, United Pres.

0 5 0

Church, Rev. J.White, Dartmouth, on account 20 00


1 10 0 Mrs. Pearson, for Mrs.

14 11 0 Porter's School, Madras 2 0 0 Less Expenses..... 1 1 6 222.


13 9 6 Avock, Cong. Chapel, Rev.
Daniel Dewar

1 166 Hartlepool .... 24 8 0 Scarborough

39 100 Ditto, Sabbath School.. 017 0


£ s. d. 1

£ 8. d.

Alexandria, Free Church, Edinburgh, the little boys
Rev. Mr. Campbell 0 15 0 Innes

Free Church, (Waterside),
Rev. Mr. Thorburn 4 14 9
United Pres., Rev. Mr.

Miss Campbell, for Hua-

3 0 0 hine United Pres., Rev. J. Scott 3 50

100 East Free Church, Rev. Mr. Sutherland

298 10 8 Glasgow, West Nile-street 2 1 0 Independent Chapel, Rev.

Less Expenses.... 0 16 6 Youths' Association, for J. Kennedy

two Native Teachers.... 20 0 0 8 0 0 Rev. James kennedy..(A.) 1 0 0

297 14 2

SpringburnSabbath School,
Per Rev. C. Rattray.

for Mr. Moffat...

0 14 0 Caithness-shire. Forfar

8 16 4 Collection, Rev.W.Lowe 2 0 0 Irvine, Subscriptions...... Wick, Cong. Chapel, Rev.

Missionary Prayer Meetings 0 5 0

Mr. Hugh Watt
James Sime

8 8 0
Missionary Boxes ...: 1 0 8

Ditto, for Chapel at
A Member of the Church,

Benares Collection, Free Church, for the good of the Hea

10 00 Rev. W. Clugston... 6 16 10

Mr.J, H. Watt then, a donation........100 0 0

Collected in Par. Church,
Juv. Mis. Society, connect-

by Rev. W. Buyers 5 O 6 ed with the United Pres. Collections, United Pres

Ditto, U. Pres. Church, Church, Pultenay, Wick 1 0 0 byterian Church, Rev.

Rev. W. Drummond.. 9 10 0 Thurso, Cong. Chapel, Rev.

Mr. Hiddles..

4 5 0 Geo, Robertson 5 10 4 Congregational Church 1 0 0

51 6 10 A Donation ............ 0 10 6 East Free Church, Rers.

Less Expenses.....
Messrs.M'Cosh&Parker 4 1 0


Friockheim Kirkwall, United Pres.

Congregational Church 100 Dalry, United Presbyterian

Church, for China..... Church, Rev. R. Paterson 16 15 0

Letham Free Church, Rev. Mr.

Methlick Association ... Sinclair

0 9 9 2 2 0

Congregational Church . Cong. Church, Rev. D.

Free Church, Dr.Gardner 0 14 1

Collected by Rev. W. Buyers and Rer. Ramsay

1 10 0

W. Mills.
Rendall, Cong. Church,
Rev. A. Smith.

1 15 2
Congregational Church, 1 6 0 Glenluce, U. Pres. Church,

Rer, J. Pullar ..

172 Stromness, United Pres.

Cathedral, Rev.Mr. Wilson 2 0 11

Church, Rev. W. Stobbs,

Juvenile Missionary Soc. 011 7 collection, including ll. Congregational Church,

Ivy-placeU.Pres.Church, for China

10 3 8
Rev. Mr. M.Laren.... 111 0

Rev. R. Hogarth
Free Church, Rev. Mr.

Free Church, Rev. G. Learınonth 3 14 0


5 @ BlairgowrieCongregational Church 5 100

Belleville U.Pres. Church,

Rev. W. Smellie......

Late J.K., for the London
Missionary Society 0 5 0

Sheuchan Free Church,

Rev. R. Donald ..... 1 17 10
Leven, Free Church, Rev.
Mr. Foreman
2 3 8 Coupar Angus

Parish Church, Rev. W.
Collection, United Pres.

M. Simpson

I 169 byterian Church, Rev.

181. 5. 7d. Dumbartonshire.

Mr. Marshall

0 13 6


Auxiliary Society, per W.
Helensburgh, United Pres.

H. Ropes, Esq.
Church, Rev. Mr. Mc.

Juvenile Misssionary Society.

For Native Girls in India, Ewing.

4 4 0 Missionary Boxes & Cards 1 18 9 E.Gellibrand, S. N. Mir. Cong. Chapel, Rev. Mr.


5 6 6 rielees, E. Harvey, s. Arthur 9 30 Sermons and Public Meet

Knill, A. E, Mirrielees, Juv. Mis. Society, per

ing, Cong. Church 6 14 9 C. C. Ropes, M. Ropes, Miss Reeves

6 14 2 Family Missionary Box.. 0 10 0 M. Mirrielees, and F. E. Mrs. M'Gilp, for the Chi.


25 10 nese Mission.. 1 0 0

47 8 9 For Native Teachers, W. Dumbarton, United Pres.,

Less Expenses

0 11 0 Swan and Alexandroffsky 3 1 3 Rev. Mr. Halley... 2 5 0

For Widows' and Orphans' Free Church, Rev. Mr.

46 17 9 Fund Smith. 1 16 0

145). 198. 21

74 3 11

Contributions in aid of the Society will be thankfully received by Sir Curling Eardly Smith, Bart., Treasurer, ***

Rev. John Arundel, Home Secretary, at the Mission House, Blomfield-street, Finsbury, London; by G. Puls, Esq., Broughton Hall, Edinburgh; J. Risk, Esq., Cochran-street, Glasgow ; and by Rev. John Hands, Society House, 32, Lower Abbey-street, Dublin .


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