more entire reliance on his atonement and righteousness, and to a more habitual dependance on the Holy Spirit in seeking conformity to the divine image, and in endeavouring to have practical respect unto all the divine commandments ;-to Him, in this case, be the whole glory ascribed, without whom, nothing is strong, nothing is holy,' and to whose grace and blessing this feeble and imperfect effort is humbly commended. Whilst, however, deeply conscious of that weakness, imperfection, and sinfulness so inseparable from human duties and services, and of that alloy which is mixed with the purest motives, it will afford consolation and thankfulness to the writer to feel that he is not altogether useless, though no longer able, in person, to feed the sheep of his blessed Master; and the glory of God in the gospel of his dear Son being thus promoted in ever so humble a degree, his object in the present volume will be effectually attained.

The writer's state of health rendering it inexpedient for him to revise the proofs, several sheets were printed without receiving his corrections; and this he trusts will be kindly received as an apology for the errata in the former part of the volume.


Such names as have no place of residence attached to them, are those

of persons in Gloucester and its vicinity. The Cheltenham subscribers are distiuguished by an asterisk.

Adey, Mr. Richard
Agg, Mrs. Hewletts
*Allan, John, Esq.
* Alder, Mr. John

Alder, Mr. J. Oxford
Andrews, Mr. J.
Ansell, Miss, Foxcote
Arden, Rev. Thomas, Pitchcomb
Ashmore, Mrs. Didbrook
Ashwin, Mrs. Chedworth
*Ayland, Miss


Baron, Dr. M. D.
Barnard, Mrs. Alkerton-six copies
Barnfield, Mr.
Barry, Rev. Martin-three copies

Barry, Miss M.
* Bartley, E. Esq.
Bayley, Miss
Banks, G. Esq. Hanbury
Banaster, Mrs. Tewkesbury

Banaster, Mr. Charles, Tewkesbury
* Beavan, J. G. Esq.-three copies
* Beavan, Mrs. Theophilus--two copies
Beavan, Major, Hereford
Bishop, Rev. John
Bishop, Rev. William
*Billings, Mrs.
Blackford, Mr.
Blake, Miss, Cliftonthree copies
Blencowe, Rev. C. Northleach
Blencowe, Miss, Northleach
Blizard, Mr. Tewkesbury
* Boisragon, Dr. M. D.-two copies
Bowden, Miss-three copies
Bowden, Mrs.
*Bowyer, John, Esq.--two copies
*Bowyer, H. J. W. Esq.-three copies
*Boissier, Peter, Esq.
Bowley, — Esq. Cirencester
Brydges, Mr. E. Tewkesbury
Bradshaw, Mrs. Charlton
Bristow, Mrs. Farnham, Surrey
Broughton, Rev. Mr. Farnham
Browning, Mr. J. Stroud
Burge, Mr. Robert, Northleach
Burrup, John, Esq.-two copies
Burrup, Miss
Burder, Rev. J. Stroud
Buchanan, Mrs.

[ocr errors]

Caddick, Thomas, Esq. Tewkesbury Campbell, Mrs. Spa *Camps, Mr. *Capper Robert, Esq.-two copies

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