Jermoloff, general, administration of the LOROK'S CAUCASUS, review of, 17. ,
Caucasus by, 176.

Louvre, sketches in the, 332.
Jewsbury, Miss, the novels of, 561. Lowe, captain, at Balaklava, 118
Jones, general, 615.

Lucretia, remarks on, 227.
Jones, brigadier general H. D., 650. Lumber trade, increase in the, 446
Juvenile labour, effects of, on education, Luxembourg gallery, the, 334.

Lyman, Levi, 195.
Kamieth bay, position, &c. of, 113. MacCulloch, Horatio, Glencoe by, 591.
Kasi Mullah, a Caucasian chief, 177. Machin, the discoverer of Madein,
Katherine Ashton, novel of, 562.

Mackenzie, Mr W. Lyon, 442.
Kavanagh, Miss, the novels of, 559. M‘Nab, sir Allan, 441.
Kay, Mr, on education abroad, 33.

M'Neill, sir John, mission of, to the
KAYE'S LIFE OF LORD METCALFE, review Crimea, 377.
of, 202.

Madeira, the discoverer of, 693.
Keewenaw Point, 708.

Malakoff hill, &c., the, 620
Kelly, colonel, capture of, 616.

Malmesbury, lord, on the militis, 172
KINGSLEY, THE REV. CHARLES, 625. Maltravers, remarks on, 227.
KNIGHT'S ONCE UPON A TIME, reviewof,685. Mammelon hill, the, 620-French attack
Kioje bay, the Baltic fleet in, 646.

on the, 498-attacks on it, 614 dm
Kiosk, the, an hospital at Scutari, 356. Mammon, novel of, 555.
Knapsack of the soldier, the, 395.

Man, original condition of, as regru
Knowing and Being, various schemes of, civilisation, 309.

Manantial, a fandango at, 302.
Knowledge, the uses of, 161-modern ex Manhood, period of, 501.
altation of it, 311.

Manitoulin, island of, 579.
La Cloche, islands of, 581.

Manitowaning, Indian village of, 579.
Lahore, mission of Lord Metcalfe to, 209. Manufacturing system, effects of, on edi
Laing, Mr, on education on the Continent, cation, 24.

Marquette, village of, 707.
Lake of the mountain, the, 446.

Marquette, the Jesuit missionary, 707
Land, the, as the basis of wealth, 65. Mars, mademoiselle, anecdote of, 548.
La Pointe, village of, 712.

Marsh, Mrs, the novels of, 556.
Last days of Pompeii, the, 227.

Martin Chuzzlewit, remarks on, 460.
Last of the Barons, the, 227.

Mary Barton, remarks on, 560.
Latham, Dr, his proposed system of edu. Materialism, what, 165.
cation, 32.

Mathew Paxton, novel of, 568.
LAVERGNE'S Rural EcoxOHY OF GREAT Matsys, Quentin, 333.

Maude, captain, wound of, 117.
Ledsund, the Baltic fleet in, 647.

Mechi, Mr, on farming, 81.
Legislative Assembly of Canada, the, 440. Memory, relations of the brain to, 103,
Lehmann, painting from the Prometheus 405.
by, 337.

Menier, a French actor, 344.
Lempriere, captain, death of, 742.

Menschikoff, reported death of, 615
LENGTH OF HUMAN LIFE, THE, 499, Metaphysic, definition of, 159—its Les
Lesghians, tribe of the, 176.

Lessio's Art of enjoying perfect health, METCALFE, LORD, LIFE OF, 202.
remarks on, 499.

Metcalfe, Theophilus, 205.
Le Sueur, the works of, 333.

Metcalfe, sir Thomas, 202.
Lever, the novels of, 565.

Lévy, M., the French medical inspector Michigan, the state of, 709.
general, 357.

Middle class, Dickens the novelist of water
Libraries, establishment of public, 313. 451.
Life, the census returns on duration of, Military costume, sketch of the history

21-the means of prolonging it, &c., 879 et seq.--the modern system,
499-its different periods, 501.

- the shako, 386, 391 the stock
Light brigade, the charge of the, at Bala 387, 393-the coat, trousers, &c, Boy
klava, 118.

393 - the boot, 394 — the knapsacs,
Liprandi, general, at Balaklava, 117. greatcoat, &c., 395.
Liquid manure, how employed in England, MILITIA, STATE OF THE, 467.

Militia, negleot of the, by the ministry
Lissanewitch, general, death of, 177.

735-theirinefficient state, defective
London, the early watching and lighting state of, in Scotland, 469_its unpopus
of, 696.

larity, and causes of this, 470"
Longevity, the census returns regarding old and the present systems,
21-means of attaining, 499.

change of it to a movable force, td.

Militia acts, errors in principle of the, 8 Northern railroad, Canada, the, 448.
-the various, 469—the former ones, Nortike, fort, Bomarsund, and its capture,

648 et seq.
Milk, consumption of, in England, 69. Notre Dame, improvements at, 338.
Milo, statue of, 334.

Novel-writers, modern, 87.
Milton on the drama, 315.

* Mind, relations of the brain to the, 402.

Minié rifle, failure to provide the, 13. Nude sculpture, objections to, 583.
s Ministerial changes, the, 359.

Occupation, time required for, 31.
e Mocker, a French actor, 341.

Odier, scene from the Moscow retreat by,
A Moderation, Cornaro on, 499, 500.

fb MODERN NOVELISTS, GREAT AND SMALL, Old age, how to be attained and enjoyed,
41 554.

500-period of, 501-its characteristics,
Mohiloff, action at, 539.

502-is it desirable ! 504.
Moira river, the, 446.

Old Curiosity Shop, remarks on the, 458.
và Monet, general, 498.

Oligarchy, tyranny of, 601.
6 Monneret, lieutenant, 538, 541.

Oliver Twist, remarks on, 456.
Montague, captain, 616.

Omer Pasha, a reconnoissance under, 743.
» Montdidier, a French actor, 344.

Montreal, journey from Quebec to, 445. Ontonagon, village of, 710.
Montreal telegraph company, the, 445. Opera Comique, a visit to the, 340.
Moral training, neglect of, 35.

Opposition, patriotic conduct of the, 104.
Moredun, the romance of, 201.

Orillia, settlement of, 448.
Morgarten, the battle of, 174.

Orleans, the duke of, his death, 482.
Morgue, M., 357.

Osborne, Mr, on the character of the sol-
Morgue, the, at Paris, 339.

dier, 312, note.
Morin, Mr, Canadian minister, 441. Ossetines, the, a Caucasian tribe, 176.
Moscow, the entry of the French into, 543. Painters, patronage enjoyed by, 584.
Moscow campaign and retreat, sketches Palace hospital at Scutari, the, 356.
of the, 538.

Palmerston, lord, principles of, on educa-
Motion, relation of the nerves and brain tion, 22-negotiation of Lord Derby
to, 403.

with, 367--errors of, in the construc-
Mountainous countries, defensibility of, tion of his cabinet, and with regard to

the war, 726 et seq.
My Novel, remarks on, 229.

Palmerston ministry, composition &c., of
Napier, sir W., on the foreign enlistment the, 369 — secession of the Peelites
bill, 19.

from, 377.
Napoleon, anecdote of, 537.

Napoleon III., improvements in Paris by, Pancratieff, general, 177.
338—his empress, 342.

Panmure, lord, as war minister, 372.
Nathalie, remarks on, 559.

National wealth, land as the basis of, 65. Paris, the battle of, 552
Nervous system, relations of the brain to Park, Patric, busts by, 596.
the, 403.

Parliament, meeting of, in connection
Newcastle, the duke of, on the conduct with the conduct of the war, l.

of the war, 10, 12-Lord John Russell Parr, Thomas, longevity of, 503.
on him, 360—his career as war minis Pashubike, a Caucasian princess, 178.
ter, 371.

Paskiewitch, general, in the Caucasus,
Newman, sir R., death of, 239.

NICHOLAS, THE DEATH OF, 481-his death, Paston letters, the, 697.

and its probable results, 467-estimate Paton, Noel, his paintings, 593—his Pur-
of his character, &c., 481 et seq.-cir suit of Pleasure, ib.
cumstances of his death, 482-his in Patriotic fund, the, 97-the Canadian
sanity, 483his accession, and circum vote to it, 441.
stances attending it, 486-his domestic Patriotism, changing meanings of, 98-
character, 488—his first proposals to what it is, 99.
England, 489.

Patronage, evils of, in the army, 399.
Nicholas, fort, 619.

Paul, the emperor, madness of, 484.
Nicholas Nickleby, remarks on, 456. Paul, fort, 620.
Nightingale, Miss, and her nurses, 356. PEACE AND PATRIOTISM, 97.
Nolan, captain, death of, 118.

Peace Society, the, 103—responsible for
Norfolk rotation, origin of the, 71.

the war, 126.
Normans, military dress among the, 382. Peel, sir Robert, Lavergne on, 80-the
North and South, novel of, 559.

official adherents of, &c., 373-circum-
North American Indians, the, 571, 713. stances of his death, 482.

Peelites, secession of the, from the Palmer. Reade, Mr, Christie Johastane by, 5.
ston ministry, 377.

Reconnaissance at Sebastopol, a, 4.
Pelham, remarks on, 224.

Recruiting, difficulties of, 6.
Pendennis, remarks on, 89.

Redan fort, the, Sebastopol, 114, 69
Penetanquishene, town of, 574, 575. Reduction, dangers arising from, 123
Pennefatber, general, at Inkermann, 239. Religious returns of the census, the. E'
Penrose's Journal, history of, 268.

Renfrew militia, state of the, 475.
Pera, the French hospital at, 357.

Repose, time required for, 31.
Perigord, the count de, 537.

Resistance, loss of the, 245.
Periola, captain, 543

Reveillée on old age, 505, 506.
Peter the Great, subjugation of the Cau- REVELATIONS OF A SHOWMAN, 187.

casus by, 170-tbe crimes of, 485. Richmond, railway junction at, 440
Peterborough, Canada, town of, 446. Riding, passion for, in England, til.
Petit Courant, Indian village of, 580. Roebuck, Mr, his motion for commita
Philosophy, definition of, 162.

inquiry, 359-his speech, 363.
Phrenology, sir Benjamin Brodie on, 404. Romans, dress of the soldier among -
Physiology.deductions of, as to the length 982.
of life, 503.

Rome, estimation of the drama in, 31
Pickwick Papers, remarks on the, 453, 454. Rose and Ring, the, 8a.
Pic-nics, Quebec, 442.

Rosen, general, in the Caucasus, 175
Pig, breeding, &c., of the, in England and Rostopchin, governor of Moscow, 544.
France, 70.

Routine, influence of, in the adminis
Pigtails, abolition of, in the army, 385. tion of the war, 374-results of a
Plato, Ferrier on, 170.

the army, 398.

Poland, probable necessity for the restor Rubens, paintings of, in the Louvre,

ation of, 18-the persecutions in, 484 Runciman the painter, 588.

-- Palmerston's conduct to, in 1831, 730. Runjeet Singh, mission of Lord Metti:
Polish legion, question of a, 18.

to, 209.
Portland, t.s, city of, 438.

Poulet, general lord W., 358.

Pradier, Nymph by, 334.

Russell, lord John, statement of the views
Preedy, commander, 656, 657.

of the cabinet on the war by,
Presqu'ile, bay of, 446.

deference to the peace party, 6-3
Press, character of the, in America, 199 the treaty with Austria, 16-on Our

-state of the, in India, 214-language, creased naval expenditure, 66-hist
&c. of the, on the campaign, 350.

signation, 359_his explanation, 361
Presto, fort, Bomarsund, and its capture, attempt by him to form a ministry, 363
648 et seq.

-at the Vienna conference, 728.
Price's candle company educational esta. Russia, under-estimate of, by the
blishment, the, 29.

deen ministry, 10—the failure of,
Prince, loss of the, 245.

the Caucasus, 173-extent and pota
Property, Lavergne on the constitution, of, 482—the campaign of 1812 in, 32
&c. of, 77.

acquisition of the Aland islands by, 6**
Prussia, the educational system of, 34-

---policy of, at the Vienna conference,
agitation in, after the Moscow retreat, 728.

Russian war, influence of, on the spin
Prussian system of costume and drill, of the country, 99, 125.
the, 383.

Ruth, novel of, 560.

St Cyr, the military school of, 537.
Public libraries, dangers attending, 317. St Ernest, a French actor, 344.
Quarantine battery, the, Sebastopol, 115. St George, the monastery of, 114
Quebec, sketches in, 440.

St Germain l'Auxerrois, church of, o
Queechy, novel of, 567.

St John's, N. B., trade between Por
Quinté, bay of, 445.

and, 439.
Raeburn, sir Henry, 589.

St Joseph, island of, 581.
Ragged-school teachers, description of, 24. St Lawrence distributing alms, pain
Raglan, lord, influence of his age on, 375. of, 264.
Railway at Balaklava, the, 497.

St Lawrence, winter passage of the, *
Railway journey from Portland to Que St Louis, the river, 713.
bec, a, 439.

Salmacis, statue of, 334.
Rama, Indian village of, 450.

Sam Ward, a voyage in the, 706 ersche
Ramsay, Allan, the painter, 588.

Sam Weller, the character of, 453.
Ramsay, captain, 656.

Santa Cruz, señor, 717.
Raphael, paintings of, in the Louvre, 332. Sass, general, 177.



Baile , Saugeen, town of, 576, 577.

Stall-feeding of cattle, on the, 81.
Sault Ste. Marie, the, 582, 702.

Stephenson, R., the Victoria bridge de-
Scarlet letter, novel of the, 563.

signed by, 445.
SCHAMYL AND THE WAR IN THE CAUCASUS, Stirling militia, state of the, 475.

Stock of the soldier, the, 387.
Sohamyl, rise and extraordinary escapes Story of the campaign, see Campaign.

of, 177, 178—his character and ex- Sugar-beet, cultivation of the, 75.
ploits, 179 et seq.-the alleged murder Summons to the victims of the Reign of
of his mother, 182 et seq.

Terror, painting of, 336.
Schools, proportion of, to population, 25. Sunday schools and scholars, numbers of,
Schools of art, results of, 323.

24-advantages and disadvantages of,
Scotland, Lavergne on the agriculture of, 30.

83—the militia act for, state of the Superior, lake, 701.
militia, &c., 7, 469 et seq.-history of Supreme council of India, the, 211.
art in, 588.

Sweden, the Aland islands under, 644.
Sculpture, modern, in the Louvre, 334. Swiss, military costume among the, 382.
Scutari, the military hospitals at, 353,

Sydenham, town of, 575, 578.
355, 496.

Talpa, notices of, 71.
Sealy, T. H., 693.

Tcherkesses, the, 175.
Sebastopol, conduct of the allies at, 9— Tchetchenzes, tribe of the, 176.

peculiarities of the siege of, 11-the THACKERAY AND HIS NOVELS, 86.
position before, 112 - commencement Theatre, importance of the, in national
of the siege, 114 — sufferings of the education, 313.
troops before, 349 — progress of the Theatrical amusements, value of, 315.
siege, 614—view of the works round, Thomson, John, the painter, 589.
619--the second cannonade of, 740— Thought, relations of the brain to, 402.

subsequent operations before, 743. Tillotson, archbishop, on the drama,
Selim Pasha, death of, 498.

Sensation, relations of the nerve and brain Times, the, on the supply of men for the
to, 402, 403, 404.

army, 6-on the condition of the army,
Seville, the alleged outrage on Protestants 15-on the aristocracy, 600 et seq.
at, 715 et seq.

Toboggining in Canada, 443.
Seymour, Mr, on flax, 74.

Tom Thumb, the dwarf, 198.
Shah Allum, the emperor, 210.

Toronto, sketches at, 446.
Shako, the, 386.

Trade, dishonesties of, 24.
Sheep, influence of the attention paid in Transmutation, the novel of, 555.
England to, 67.

Transport, deficiency of means of, at
Shooting a rapid, 570, 704.

Balaklava, 351.

Travelling, pleasures and disagreeables
Sidney, Algernon, 98.

of, 331—former modes of, &c., 697.
Sidney, sir Philip, and his Arcadia, &c., Trench's Alma, review of, 532.

Trenton, town of, 446.
Silent highway, the, 694.

Trollope, Mrs, the novels of, 656.
Simcoe, lake, 448, 569.

Trousers of the soldier, the, 388.
Sisters of Charity, the, at Scutari, 356. Tryon, lieutenant, death of, 248.
Sleep, time required for, 31.

Tsee, fort, Bomarsund, and its capture,
Sleighing in Canada, 443.

648 et seg.
Smith, Adam, on the basis of wealth, 65. Tull, Jethro, 71.
Smith's war sonnets, review of, 532. Tyndall, professor, his proposed system
Sobriety, Cornaro on, 499, 500.

of education, 33.

Ulysses, the beggar's disguise of, 256.
Soldiers, the letters from the, 106. Umritzur, sketches of, 209.
Sonnets on the war, review of, 532. United States, first impressions of a tra-
Soulie's les Closerie des Genêts, 342.

veller in the, 438.
Spanish bonds, proceedings of the Cortes Upper Canada, recent progress of, 447.
regarding, 719 et seq.


Venus of Arles, the, 333.
Speech, relations of the brain to, 406. Verduzco, Thomas, a Mexican bravo, 297
Spence, Mr, views of, on foreign com et seq. passim.
merce, 65.

Vernet, Horace, massacre of the Mame-
Spinal chord, effects of injury to the, 104. lukes by, 337.
Spirit-rapping, Ferrier on, 170.

Vicar of Wrexhill, novel of the, 556.
Stage, importance of the, in national Vicars, captain, death of, 616.
education, 314.

Victoria bridge, the, Montreal, 445.

3 c

Victoria redoubt, the, Sebastopol, 621. Youth, period of, 501.
Vienna conference, results of the, 728. ZAIDEE, a romance, Part II. chap. vii.,
Village communities of India, the, 213. Percy, 40 — chap. viii., The young
Villette, remarks on, 558.

ladies' room, 42-chap. ix., A country
Volition and Will, identity of, 410.

party, 44-chap. X., Family history, 47
WAGNER'S SCHAMYL, review of, 173.

-chap. xi., Philosophy, 49—chap. xii.,
Wales, Lavergne on, 82.

The Vicaress, 51-chap. xiii., Angelina,
Wandering beggar, sketch of a, 254. 53-chap. xiv., Further consultations,

56-chap. xv., A discovery, 58-chap.

xvi., The first grief, 60—chap. xvii.,
War, influence of, on national character, Despair, 62-Part III. chap. xviii., The

99, 103-dangers and advantages of, clergy, 139–chap. xix., Family pro-
125-errors of the ministry in the con spects, 141-chap. xx., Another dis-
duct of it, 362-prospects of it, 467 — covery, 143--chap. xxi., A family mis-
moral influences of, 532.

fortune, 145-chap. xxii., What every
Warlike spirit, increase of, 532.

one must do, 148—chap. xxiii., A new
Warren, the novels of, 223.

idea, 151-chap. xxiv., Delay, 152-
Waterford, patriotic banquet at, 104. chap. xxv., Schemes, 154-chap. xxvi,
Wellesley, lord, sketches of, 208.

A letter, 156--Part IV. chap. xxvi,
Wellington, lord, demolition of pigtails Preparations, 272-chap. xxviii., Mar-

by, 385-on the army, 470-circum garet, 274--chap. xxix., Going away,
stances of his death, 482

276--chap. xxx., Missing, 278-chap.
Westward ho! review of, 625.

xxxi., Lost, 280—-chap. xxxii., Philips
WHENCE HAVE COME OUR DANGERS! 123. fête, 282-chap. xxxiii., Suspense, 284
Whig ministry, attempt to form a, 369. --chap. xxxiv., Guilt, 286-chap. XXXV.,
White mountains, railway journey through Changed days, 288— Part V. Book IL
the, 439.

chap. i., Bedford Place, 420-chap. ii.,
Wide Wide World, novel of the, 567. Mrs Disbrowe, 423-chap. iii., The nur-
Widow Barnaby, remarks on the, 556. sery, 425—chap. iv., A family party,
Wiliaminoff, general, 177.

428 -- chap. v., Miss Francis, 430-
Will and Volition, identity of, 410.

chap. vi., An examination, 433-chap
Wilson, George, the late Professor Edward vii., Alone, 435—Part VI. chap. viii,
Forbes by, 234.

School, 509-chap. ix., Sympathy, 511
Wilson, Mr, educational establishment -chap. x., Failure, 513_chap. si., An-
originated by, 29, 30.

other trial, 516--chap. xii., An audience,
Wooded countries, difficulties of subjugat 518-chap. xiii., Another occupation,
ing, 174.

520-chap. xiv., A visit, 523-chap.
Wool, attention to, in England, 68.

XV., A friend, 526—chap. Ivi, Per-
Word in Season, notices of, 71.

plexity, 528 — Part VII. chap. xvii.,
Wrottesley, lieutenant, death of, 657. The dawning, 660-chap. xviii., A fare-
Yankee, character of the, 100.

well, 662-chap. xix., Going away, 665
Yeast, remarks on, 625, 627, 628.

--chap. xx., First impressions, 667–
Yeomen, disappearance of the, in Eng chap. xxi., A young critic, 670—chap
land, 76.

xxii., Friendship, 672- chap. xxiii.,
Yorke, colonel, 119.

Education, 675-chap. xxiv., Theories,
Young, Arthur, improvements in English 677 — chap. XXV., A new life, 680–

agriculture by, 71 -- on the electric chap. xxvi., Jane, 682.
telegraph, 76.

Zittau, action at, 549.



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