On the night of the 1st of May, the The valley was filled with a luxuriant French attacked and carried a counter- growth of grass, quite hiding the guard before the central bastion cover- marshy soil, and alive with frogs, ing the town, in which the Russians whose croakings filled the air ; and were preparing to place guns, and the trees which fringe the course of from whence some small mortars had the Tchernaya were in full leaf. Passbegun to throw shells into the trenches. ing beyond the farthest French sentiThe musketry fire was very hot dur- nel, we came, amid the bushes on the ing the conflict. At four o'clock on face of the steep, on the shallow grave the following afternoon, the Russians of a Russian, where was visible, proattempted to retake the work, but truding from the thin covering of soil, were repulsed with loss, some French a withered clenched hand. The dead guns having been brought to bear on man's belt still encircled his bones, them. In the two affairs, the French and the bayonet-sheath rested outside lost about 100 men killed, and double the earth. A little farther down was that number wounded ; and 160 Rus- a skeleton in Russian uniform, lying sian bodies were left on the ground. on its face; some light-coloured locks Nine of the small mortars were among still clung to the skull, and through a the trophies secured by our allies, and hole in the trousers the fleshless leg five Russian officers were made pri was visible. Thus it happened, that soners. On both occasions the ene my friend, who had read in England, my's officers are said to have display- months before, an account of the bated great gallantry in leading on and tle, and had learned almost to class it animating their men.

with the famous actions of history, Early in May, I accompanied a was now face to face on the battlefriend, who had just joined from Eng- field with the corpse of a soldier slain land, over the battle-field of Inker. in the combat. While we looked at mann, now gaily sprinkled with flow. it, a rifleman, on the other side of the ers, blue, red, and yellow. From the valley, sent a bullet' at us, which Two-gun Battery we descended the dropped among the bushes some yards face of the hill, where the Russians below, and some others followed with had climbed up to attack the Guards. no better aim.


Aberdeen, lord, Lord John Russell on, Arnault, Naptal, a French actress, 344.

360--the war due to him, 370—his ap- Art, schools of, effects of, 323.
propriation of the Garter, 371.

Articulation, how performed, 406.
Aberdeen Ministry, review of the con- Artillery, superiority of the Rassians in,

duct of the war by the, 1-general 131-deficiency of the army in, 552.
distrust of them, ib.-divisions among Artists, present position of, 583 a seq.
them, 3-review of their conduct of Assyria, dress of the soldier in, 382
the campaign, 4 et seq.--their failure to Atotonilco, the river, 301.
provide a reserve, 5-their neglect as Auckland, lord, as governor-general a
regards the militia, 7 - their under- India, 212.
estimate of Russia, 10—their neglect Austria, conduct of the Government with
of the army, 15-their conduct regard regard to, 16-policy pursued by, in
ing Austria, 16-their Foreign Enlist 1813, 553efforts of Russia to secure,
ment Bill, ib.--their conduct with re 738.
gard to it, 104 - Roebuck's motion Backwoods, an election in the, 449.
against them, 359 - Lord John Rus- Bagration, general, 539.
sell's resignation, ib. — previous dis. Bakewell, Mr, improvement of the breed
sensions among them, 361-their con- of sheep by, 68.
duct of the war, 362—their resigna- Balaklava, losses of the Allies at the
tion, 364.

battle of, 10— position, &c. of, 113–
Absolute power, tendency of, to produce the battle of, 117-bringing up pro-
madness, 485.

visions, &c. from, 349-improved con
Achulko, the capture of, 178, 180.

dition of, 496.
Adulteration, prevalence of, 24.

Ballot, necessity of, for the militia, 8, 472
Agatha's husband, novel of, 560.

Baltic in 1854, the, 644.
Agra, Metcalfe governor of, 212.

Baltie fleet, the, and sketch of its opera-
Agriculture, British, superiority of, 67. tions, 646.

Baraguay d'Hilliers, general, 650.
Aland Islands, history, &c. of the, 644. Barbarism, origin and progress of, 309.
Albert Shako, the 386.

Barnaby Rudge, remarks on, 459.
Alexander, the Czar, the attempted ame Barnum, T. P., LIFE OF, 187.
liorations of, 485.

Barrack battery, Sebastopol, the, 115, 028.
Alison, sir A., on Lord Palmerston, 730. Basil, the novel of, 566.
Allan, David, the painter, 688.

Beet, proposed cultivation of, 75.
Allan, sir William, 589.

Beggar, social position, &c. of the, 251.
Allix, captain, 238.

Alma, conduct of the Allies at the, 9 Beggars, anecdotes of, 257-rules of tb
Trench's lines to the, 532.

community, ib. et seq.
Alton Locke, remarks on, 625, 627.

Bell, sir Charles, on articulation, 400
Amalthea, statue of, 334.


Amir Hadji Yar, siege, &c. of, 177.

CAINE, 292.
Angelico, St Lawrence distributing alms Bellavene, general, 537.
by, 264.

Belleville, town of, 445, 446.
Animal appetites, connection of, with the Bellot, lieutenant, the death of, 48,199
nervous system, 404.

Bentinck, lord George, the death of, 10-
Animals, the intelligence of the, 409. Bentinck, lord William, 211.
Antonina, the novel of, 566.

Bleak House, remarks on, 462.
Arabs, military dress of the, 382.

Blind Beggar's daughter of Bednali greu
Arfet, Anne, 693.

the, 262.
Aristocratic influence, on the alleged Blythedale Romance, novel of the, una
effects of, 600 et seq.

Bois de Boulogne, the, 342...
Army, inefficiency of the, as to numbers, Bomarsund, the capture of, 647 et son

3-on the supply of men for the, 6– Bonheur, Rosa, a French painter, so
conduct of the, in the Crimea, 9-their Boot, the soldier's, 394.
sufferings there, 15-causes of the state Borodino, heroism of the battle of, os
of the, 351,

sketches of it, 540.

Bosphorus, the hospitals on the, 353. Cathcart, sir George, at Inkermann, 240.
Bosquet, general, at Inkermann, 241. Cattle, superiority of, &c. in England, 69.
Boston, increased trade of, 439.

Caucasus, failure of Russia in the sketches
Boulevards of Paris, the, 338.

of the war, &c., 173 et seq.
Boulogne, the camp at, 346.

Cavalry, deficiency of the army in, 351.
Boxer, admiral, at Balaklava, 618. Cavalry action at Balaklava, the, 118.
Boyhood, period of, 501.

Caxtons, the, remarks on, 228.
Brain, functions, &c. of the, 402 et seq. CHARLES DICKENS, 451.
Brigham, Dr, on education, 31.

Charles O'Malley, the novel of, 565.
Bristol, libraries, &c. in, 319.

Chapman's battery, Sebastopol, 620, 623.
British agriculture, superiority of, 67. Chebonaning, Indian village of, 581.
BRODIE, SIR B., PsycHOLOGICAL ENQUIRIES Cheshire, cheese produced in, 69.
BY, 402.

Chicory, cultivation of, 75.
Brodie, Mr, statue of Corinna by, 596. Children, right management of, 26, 27.
Bronte, Miss, the novels of, 557-death Chippeway Indians, the, 450.
of, 568.

Christie Johnston, the novel of, 567.
Brown, J. C., painting of Glencoe by, 591. Church catechism, the, 37.
Browne, captain, death of, 616.

Cicero on old age, 504.
Bruce copper-mines, the, 581.

Buckwheat, Lavergne on, 73.

TION, 21.
Buffon on the length of human life, 502, CIVILISATION—THE CENSUS, 309.

503-praises of old age by, 505--on the Clairvoyance, Ferrier on, 170.
average quantity of life, 506.

Cliff copper mines, the, 709.
BULWER, 221.

Clothing, the supply of, for the army, 374.
Burgess, lieutenant, 655.

Coaches, history of, in London, 695.
Burgoyne, sir John, 615.

Coalition, see Aberdeen ministry.
Burial truce at Sebastopol, the, 616. Coat of the soldier, the, 388.
Burns, the career, &c. of, 221."

Coburg, town of, 446.
Butter, consumption of, in England, 69. Coffee, the supply of, to the army, 374.
Calcutta, sketches in, 207.

COLD SHADE, THE, a dialogue, 598.
Cambridge, the duke of, at Inkermann, Collingwood, town of, 448, 575, 577.

Collins, Mr, the novels of, 566.
Cambyses, the madness of, 483.

Camel, duration of life in the, 503.

CAMPAIGN, STORY OF THE, Part II.chap.ix., Commerce, relations of, to wealth, 65.

The Position before Constantinople, 112 Commercial classes, effects of the peace
-chap. x., Commencement of the Siege, on the, 102.
114 - chap. xi., Attack on Balaklava, Commissariat, inefficient state of the,
117-chap. xii., First Action of Inker- 131—failure of the, in the war, 399.
mann, 120-Part III. chap. xii., con- Common things, on the teaching of, 27,
tinued, 236-chap. xiii., The Battle of 313.
Inkermann, 237-chap. xiv., Winter on CONDUCT OF THE WAR, THE, 1.
the Plains, 244-Part IV.chap. xv., Cir Connecticut, morality in, 192.
cumspective, 349—chap. xvi., The Hos Conservatives, attempt of the, to form a
pitals on the Bosphorus, 353—Part V. ministry, 394.
chap. xvii., Exculpatory, 492-chap. Constance Herbert, novel of,'561.
xviii., The Progress of the Siege, 496– Constantine, the Archduke, 486.
Part. VI. chap. xviii., continued, 614 Constantine, fort, 620.
chap. xix., The Burial Truce, 616 Constantinople, winter view of, 354.
chap. xx., View of the Works, 619- Contract system, evils of the, in the
Part VII. chap. xxi., The Second Can army, 396.
nonade, 740-chap. xxii., Subsequent Coolali, the hospital at, 356.
Operations, 743.

Copper mines of Lake Superior, the, 705.
Campaign of 1812, sketches of the, 638. Cornaro, praises of old age by, 504, 505.
CAMPAIGNS OF A FRENCH HUSSAR, THE,536. Cornaro's Discourses, remarks on, ex-
Campbell, sir Colin, 497.

tracts from, &c., 499.
CANADA AND THE NORTH-WEST STATES OF Cortes, proceedings of the, regarding

AMERICA, NOTES ON THE, 438- Part II. Protestants, 714-and the Spanish

569-Part III. Lake Superior, 701. bonds, 719 et seq.
Canada, Metcalfe's administration of, Coryat, Tom, the English Fakir, 255.

217--trade through the United States Cossacks, sketches of the, 541.
with, 438.

Coulter, Joseph, at Inkermann, 185.
Canteen of the soldier, the, 395.

Country life, Lavergne on, 77.
Cap, proposed, for the soldier, 392. Court, Antony haranguing the people by,
Carew, Peter, 695.


Craigie, captain, death of, 615.

Emigration, indacements presented b
Crime, connection of, with ignorance, Canada to, 447.

21-and criminals, increase of, 36, 320. Emilia Wyndham, remarks on, 556.
Crimes, the expedition to the, determined England, statistics of education in, 25,

on, the force for it, &c., 4-conduct of social life in, compared with France
the army in the, 9.

101-the militia bill for, 469, 41- ;
Cristobal, Tadeo, 293.

history of art in, 588.
Cromwell and the dead body of Charles, Englishman travelling, the, 100
painting of, 336.

Ensebados of Mexico, the, 294.
Daghestan, subjugation of, by Russia, 176. Esmond, rernarks on, 91.
Daisy Burns, remarks on, 559.

Eupatoria, battle of, 497.

Europe, joy in, on the death of the Czas
Daniel Bey, a Circassian chief, 178.

Dargo, defeat of the Russians at, 180. Eusebius, letters to, Civilisation, 1
Daubeny, Dr, his proposed system of Census, 21, 309.
education, 32.

Evans, general Sir de Lacy, at lok:
David Copperfield, remarks on, 461.

mann, 241.
Death, different circumstances in which Evil May-day, the, 697.
it comes, 481.

Exercise, time required for, at difference
Defensive armour, passion for, 381.

ages, 31.
Dela roche, the works of, 336.

Factory system, effects of the, on edes-
Delhi, jietcalfe as resident at, 210, 213. tion, 25.
Democracy, tyranny of, 601.

Faed, John, Reason and Faith by, 591,
Derby, lord, his attempt to form & Family relations, effects of the fieber

ministry, 364-his speech on the sub- system on, 26.
ject, 365- his negotiation with Pal- Fandango in Mexico, a, 302.
merston, 307—on the militia, 472. Farmer, position, &c of the, 76.
Dery, general, death of, 542.

Diana, statue of, 334.


Field-sports, passion for, in England, 7!
Dickson, colonel, 241.

Flagstaff battery at Sebastopol, the, 6:3
Diner de Paris, the, 340.

Flax, culture of, in Ireland, 74.
Dishley sheep, origin, &c. of the, 68. Flourens on human longevity, 499
Disraeli, Mr, on the foreign enlistment the duration of life, 500, 503-on 1.

bill, 17-the tales and novels of, 223- average quantity of life on earth, 9.
his conduct on Lord Derby's attempt Fond du Lac, the, 713.
to form a ministry, 366.

Doinbey and Son, remarks on, 459. Foreign enlistment bill, remarks on the
Draina, importance of the, 314, 343.

6, 16, 104.
Dreams, peculiarities of, 407 et seg. Foreign mercenaries, danger of emplos
Dresden, sketches at, 1813, 514-the ment of, 19.
battle of, 549.

Four-year rotation, the, 71.
Dress of the soldier, remarks and sug Fowls, breeding of, in England 23
gestions on the, 379 et seq.

France, 70.
Drill, the Prussian system of, 383.

France, comparison of climate, agricu
Duncan, Thomas, the painter, 589.

ture, &c. of, compared with England;
E. C. M., to an Italian beggar-boy, by, 137. 67 et seq.-social life in, compare
Economical reduction, national dangers with England, 101.
arising froin, 123.

Francisco de Assis, Don, anecdote of, i

Frederick the Great. military costume,
Education, importance of, 22-necessity &o. introduced by, 383.

for gradations in, 23-recent progress Freedom, the passion for, 101.

of, 24-necessity of, in India, 214. French, estimation of the theatre by my
Educational returns of the census, de 314-their condition before Sebastopol,
fects of the, 318.

Educational system, the census, 28. French Economists, views of the, 25
Educational systems, the modern, and national wealth, 65.
their defects, 311.

French hospital, visit to a, 236.
Egerton, colonel, death of, 742.

Egypt, dress of the soldier in, 382. French school of art, the, 335.
Electric telegraph, Arthur Young on the, French travellers, characteristics ille
76--in Canada, 444.

Frith, Mr, the proceedings at se
Elgin, lord, the reciprocity treaty con regarding, 715 et seq.
cluded by, 440.

Ganglionic system, relations of sensas
Elizabeth, death of, a painting, 336.

to the, 402.

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the, 314.

Galathée, a French drama, 341.

Heir of Redcliffe, remarks on, 562.
Gambier, colonel, at Inkermann, 241. Henri IV. man-of-war, loss of the, 245.
Garden river, the, 581.

Herbert, Mr Sidney, on enlistment for the
Gaskell, Mrs, the novels of, 559.

army, 7-on the conduct of the war, 13
Georges, Mademoiselle, 549.

-his conduct with regard to it, 15-
Georgian bay, 448, 579.

on the treaty with Austria, 16.
Germans, appreciation of the theatre by Herbilin, madame, a French painter, 337.

Heth, Joyce, 194.
Germany, probable recruiting of the for. Hewett, Mr, at the first battle of Inker-

eign legion from, 18 — feeling with mann, 121.
which England is regarded in, 100— High farming, on, 81.
social life in, 102 — influence of the Highland bonnet, the, 386.
death of the Czar on, 490-efforts of Highland deer-forests, defence of the, 70.
Russia to secure, 728.

Highlands, failure of recruiting in, 6.
Gibon, lieutenant, at Bomarsund, 653. Himri, storming, &c. of, 177, 178.
Gigot, lieutenant, 655.

Hincks, Mr, member of the Canadian as-
Gilbert, Mr G., portrait of Sir J. Watson sembly, 441.
Gordon by, 596.

Hodgson, Dr, his proposed system of edu-
Gladstone, Mr, views of, on the war, 3 cation, 33.

on the strength of the army before Hop, culture of the, in England, 74.
Sebastopol, 364.

Horses, attention paid to, in England, 69.
Glencoe, two paintings of, 591.

Hospital tents, the, at Sebastopol, 353.
Gleyre, Charles, a Swiss painter, 337. Hospitals of the Bosphorus, the, 353.
Goat, Lavergne on the, 82.

House of Raby, remarks on the, 561.
Gomm, sir William, 216.

House of Seven Gables, novel of, 563.
Gordon's battery, Sebastopol, 620.

Household Words, remarks on, 465.
Gore, Mrs, the novels of, 555.

How To Dress Him, 379.
Görlitz, action at, 549.

Howden, lord, proceedings of, in Spain,
Government, neglect of the militia by, 715 et seq.
468 et seq.

Grabbe, general, in the Caucasus, 180. Huron, lake, scenery, &c. of, 581.
Grace Lee, remarks on, 559.

Huxtable, Mr, on liquid manure, 82.
Grand trunk-railway, Canada, 445. Hyacynthus, statue of, 334.
Grasspoint, village of, 448.

Hypatia, review of, 625.

Ignorance, connection of, with crime, 21.
Great Britain, recent wars in which en- India, dangers to, from the reduction
gaged, 128.

system, 124.
Greatcoat of the soldier, the, 395.

Infancy, period of, 501.
Greeks, dress of the soldier among the, Infant schools, the census on, 31-effects

381, 382-high estimation of the drama of, on family affections, 26.
among them, 315.

Inkermann, first action of, 120-battle of,
Grekoff, general, death of, 177.

237-meeting of Parliament after it, 2
Grenadier cap, the, 386.

-conduct of the Allies at it, 9.
Grouchy, general, during the Moscow Instinct, definition of, 412.
campaign, 538, 539.

Intellect, natural gradations of, 23.
Guanajato, town and mines of, 298. Ireland, failure of recruiting in, 6-flax
Guards, the, at Inkermann, 239.

culture in, 74-Lavergne on the agri-
Gustavus Adolphus, military costume

culture of, 85—the militia bill for, 472
adopted by, 383.

-neglect of government with regard
Guzmán de Alfarache, extracts from life to it, 7.
of, 257.

Hadji Murad, a Caucasian, 178.

Hall, Mrs S. C., the Irish sketches of, 555. Irus, the beggar in Homer, 256.
Haller on the length of life, 503.

Isabella of Spain, anecdote of, 722.
Hamilton, sir W., on the use of meta Istamin, admiral, death of, 615.
physic, 167.

Hamsad Bey, a Caucasian, 178

Italy, social life in, 102.
Hard Times, remarks on, 453.

Ivan the Terrible, the crimes of, 485.
Harold, Bulwer's, remarks on, 227. Jamaica, Metcalfe's administration of,
Harry Lorrequer, remarks on, 566.

Havresack of the soldier, the, 895. Jamesone the Scottish painter, 588.
Hawthorne, Mr, the novels of, 562.) Jane Eyre, remarks on, 557.
Head of the Family, novel of the, 560. Jarochos of Mexico, the, 302.
Heart's Ease, remarks on, 562.

Jenny Lind, Barnum's contract with, 199.

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