Willemer, M. his reflections on the proper. YEnopbon's Memorabilia. See Edwardse

ties of the agaric of oak, 507. Wimmington, acc. of the parish of, 23. Ear, solar, duration of, settled, 802. Wimpey, Mr. on economical registers, Young, Mr. Arthur, his essay on hoca

346. On the impropriety of allowing ing turnips animadverted on, 169. On a bounty on corn, 347.

the culture of the clustered potatoe, Wollaston, Mr. on a new system of wires

421. in the focus of a telescope for observing the comparative right ascenfions and de. Zodiac, inquiry into the origin of the clinations of celestial objects, 216.

figures and figris of, 503.

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· ERRATA in this Valume. P. 277, par. 2, 1. 8, for 'partial,' r, impartial. - 318, 1. 1, for • The Earl of Chefterfield,' s. The ears of Lord Chesterfield, - 351, 1 6, from the bottom, for , r. 3*. - 268, in the last line of Matthews': Article, for veracity,' r. truth - 418, 1. 4, from the bottom, for healthy,' r. braiby.



In Two large Volumes Octavo, Price 155. in Boards, GENERAL INDEX

TO THE MONTHLY REVIEW; From its Commencement, to the End of the Seventieth Volume.


IN THE BRITISH MUSEUM. Containing a Catalogue of the Books and Pamphlets character

ized, with the Size and Price of each Article, and References to the Reviews wherein the Account of them, with the Book-, sellers' Names, ate inserted. Also an Index to the principal Extracts, Observations, and remarkable Passages.

Sold by T. Becket, Pall Mall. • AT length this Compilement, so long and frequently called for

* by our Readers, hath made its appearance; and we hope it will answer the expectations of those who have been so desirous of such a publication.–Of the manner in which the Work hath been executed, some idea may be formed, by attending to the following extract from the Compiler's Preface.

" The First Volume contains an Index to the Titles, AUTHORS' Names, Sizes, and prices of all the Books and Pamphlets (digested under their respective classes) which are characterized in the Re. views, from the beginning of the Work, in 1749, to the end of the Seventieth Volume, which was finished in the year 1784.

" In respect to the Prices of Books and Pamphlets, they are given as they stand in the Reviews ; and it must be observed, that they are sometimes the prices bound, or in boards, or Jewed; which it was not possible to distinguish, in every instance, with perfect accu. racy. The names of the Booksellers and Publishers will be found in the Reviews ; to which the reader is constantly directed, by the First Volume, or Catalogue part, as we may term it, of this work.

“ For the accommodation of those who may wish to know what hath been written by or concerning any particular Author, during the period of the Reviews, an INDEX (O ALL the Names is added to the Table of Contents, of which the First Volume consists.

os In the Second Volume is given an Index to the principal Extracts, Observations, and remarkable Passages. As these materials could not be so properly arranged in Classes as those of the First Volume, they are wholly comprehended under one General Alphabet; and the particulars are literally copied from the original Indexes, subjoined to the different Volumes of the Review.”

"To what Mr. A. hath observed, we need only to add one remark, viz. That even to readers who are not possessed of sets of the Review, these volumes will be of great use, as they may, with ftri&t truth, be affirmed to comprehend the most general, and most com. plete priced Catalogue that ever was offered to the Public.

• It may be further observed, with respect to those whose sets of the Review are incomplete, that to such persons the publication before us will be found peculiarly useful, as it will, in some measure, rupe

che want of those volumes of the Review in which their sets are .."71, and which, perhaps, are no where to be procured.'

Rev. March, 1786.

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