Sutbollet, M. on the augmentation of Cattle, horned, exper, relative to a disease
weight which fulphur, phosphorus, and among them, in Italy, 378.
arsenic receive, when they are changed Cavern, remarkable subterraneous one, un-
into acids, 498. On the spontaneous der the city of Paris, 414.
decomposition of certain vegetable acids, Cbais, M. Cbarles, his excellent character,
ib. On the caufticity of alcalies, and 565.-
of lime, ib.

Cbauffier, M, on the methods of deftroying
Beryl, observations on that ftone, 497 the chrysalis of Glk-worms, 507. On
Bew, Mr, his observ. on blindness, 252. a cataract, accompanied with a diffolu.
Billing fey, Mr, his methods of cultivat. tion of the vitreous humour, 508.
ing the potatoe, 124.

Cicero, obferv. on bis Tulculan queftions,
Blancbard's iwo aerial voyages, 269. See

City genius poetically described, 312.
Bogle, Mr, recommends the practice of cleanliness recommended in a sermon
transplanting wheat, 172.

preached on that virtue, 239.
Bones, remarkable petrified ones, dug up Cloacina, Goddess, the mephitic vapours

at Chatham, 458. Of elephants, found arising from her temples, philosophie
in various parts of Europe, 459, 462. cally and usefully investigated, 528.
Account of a large bone found in the Close, Rev. Mr. his method of promoting
earth at Paris, 495.

the growth of potatoes, 125. His ex-
Borelli, Mr. his mem. on certain para periments on the culture of lucerne,
doxes in eloquence, 488.

171. On planting wheat, in rows, al.
Bo:any Bay, an improper place for a thief. ternately with potatoes, 417.

colony, 475. The island of Tristan da Colonies, and settlements of European na.
Cunba recommended for that purpose, tions in other parts of the world, en.

quiry into the earliest accounts of, 528.
Britons, ancient, remarks on their landed Historical deduction of, 529.

and commercial policy, 28. Of the Conception, or idea, explained, 332.
fame under the government of the Ro. Cook, Capt. narrative of his death, by the
mans, 29. Under the Anglo-Saxons, Surgeon of Tbe Discovery, 96.
30. Under the Normans, 36. In Copper Vessels, &c. 'exper. on the danger
later times, 38.

of using them in pharmaceutical and
Brogny, cardinal, his low origin, 360. " chemical preparations, 270.
Brunoy's Greek tbeatre, improved edit. Corn, in what manner hurtfully affected
of, 515.

by different plants growing among it,
Buck zubeat, ite uses in husbandry, 172.

Burns, a Scottish ploughman, his poetical Cornetre, M. on the adion of phosphoric

talents, 440. Specimens of his compo acid upon oils, &c. 497.
fitions, ib.

Corbenius, M. his inquiry into the nature
Bull, Mr. John, bis exper. on sowing and qualities of the red quinquina, 483.
turnips with beans, 170.

Cotie, F. his meteorological observations,
Bush-velcb, a plant not fufficiently noticed

by Farmers, 171.

Cotter's Saturday-night, a. Scottish poem,
Adwalader, the Welsh prince, his fu. Cow, obf. rel, to the nat. hift, of, 410.
perstitious weakness, zi

Crimes, and punishments, obf, rel. t0,413.
Calvin, his chara&ter, 561.

Cromwell, Oliver, genealogical view of the
Carcers, cured by eating lizarde, in New family of, 26.
Spain, 534

Curl, a disease among potatoes, obferv, on,
Canterbury, account of the three archiepif. 127.

copal hospitals at or near that city, 23. Currie, Dr, his memoirs of Dr. Bell, 414.
Carrere, M. his acc, of a man who had a

periodical bloody Aux, from his little D Aubenton, M. his obf. on a large bone
finger, 533. Of the method of curing found in the earth ac Paris, 494.
cancers in New Spain, 534.: On a pre On the causes of berborizations delineat-
servative against contagious diseases, ed on certain ftones, 495. On purga.

tive remedies for sheep, . 539. .
Carrier, by sea and by land, how far an. Defiumions of the breast, contagious, 505.

{werable for the loss of goods, 381. De la Lande, M. on the duration of the
Carrots, the culture of not yet fully under. solar year, 503.
ftood, 128. -

Denina, Abbé, on the causes of the diver.
Castle, beep, &c. remarks on the different fity of languages, 489. On the origin
kinds and breede of, 130..

of the German, '491, -



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Doucet, Dr. his method of curing a ter. Fixlmillner, M. his acc, of the planet see
rible puerperal fever, 532.

discovered by Herschel, 481.
Dover, remarks on its antiquity, 272. Fluxions, first invented by Newton, 328.
Durande, M. his method of propagating Formey, M. his philof. confiderations on

foreiga trees, 506. On the cure of a the Tusculan questions of Cicero, 486.
cholic, complicated with sciatica, ib. Forbergill, Dr. Antony, recommends the

application of chemistry to agriculture,
FArth, thoughts on its original forma- . 174. His obl. on longevity, 253.
en tion and component parts, 13. Pro- Fougeroux, M. on the mephiticism of

cess of the separation of land and wa. privies, 494.
ter, &c. 14. Generation of fire, 15. Franklin, Dr. B. bis letter on the different
Universal Deluge, 16. Marine animals, quantities of rain that fall at different
37. Seasons of the year, 18. Strata, 19. heights, on the same spot of ground, 412.
Volcanos, Giant's causeway, &c. 21,22. Free Masonry, curious sermon in praise of,
Antiquity of, inferred from petrifactions

of animal substances, 458.

Furnaces, portable. See More
East India Company, their shipping invef.
tigated, 308.

GAberlunzie-man, an ancient Scottila
Education, observations on, 254.

poem, account of, 287.
Edward III. his tyrannical behaviour to Galen, the prince of anatomists, 324.
the Welsh princes, 5. ..

Geneva, learned men produced there, 5632
Edwards, Dr. his illuftrations of Xeno 565

phon's Socrates, 291. Farther account Gentil, M. le, on the origin of the zodiac,
of, 427.

Egype, Tome account of, 298. Pyramids, Gerbard, M. his account of the properties

299. Climate, 3c0. The plague never of a new kind of flexible stone, 484.
originates there, ib.

Giant's Causeway composed of bafeltes, 280,
Elastic Atone. See Gerbard.

Foffils found in, 281.
Ele&rical machines, made of taffeta, with Girod, Dr, on abuses in the practice of
out glass, 521.

inoculation, 538,
Electricity, obí, on the different methods Godart, M. on the origin of the bodies of

of adminiftering it medicinally, 540. ice that are carried down great rivers, in
Ellis, Mr, the naturalist, account of his hard frosts, 508

ftudies, 211. His natural history of Gold, said to be really diffoluble in the
curious zoophytes, ib.

nitrous acid, 508.
Eloquence confidered, 483. Paradoxes in, Grange, M. dela, mathematical papers by,

in the Berlin Memoirs, 485.
Encaufic painting, with wax, method of Greece indebted to the Hetrurians for her
operating in, 540.

skill in the fine arts, 569.
Epidemic diseases, curious mem. rel. to, by Greeks, ancient, accountof them, in private
'Dr. Raimond, 536. M. Carrere's acc. life, 491.
of a preservative against, 538.

Green, method of preparing a new kind of
Eternity of future punishments, the doce that colour, 351.
trine of, objected to, 367.

Greenland, observ.on the health of persons
Esber, vitriolic and nitrous effects of, who have wintered there, 252.
in the animal economy, 540.

Grenville, Mr. his description of an appaa
Erbics, an important point in, discussed, ratus for enabling blind persons to per-

form arithmetical operations, 422. .

Gry ffydıb ap Cynan, the Welh prince, his
Ti Alconer, Dr. bis rem, on the knowledge character, 3.

of the ancients, 256. Inquiry into
the influence of the scenery of a country HAII, Mr. his attempt to fhew that a
on the manners of its inhabitants, 4.1. ^ caste for the beauties of nature, &c.
On the ftyle and taste of gardening has no infuence favourable to morals,
among the ancients, 412.

348. i
Fever, puerperal, acc. of a remarkableone Hallé, M. his Inquiry into the nature and

which raged in France, 5;2. Succeff. effe&ts of the mephitic vapour arising
ful method of treating it, ib. Mil:ary, from necessary-houses, 525.
enquiry into the existence of, effential in Harriot, Mr. his method of inclosing
iis principle, and with what characteris. Ruthley island, described, 419.
tics, 537.

Hazard, Mr. his successful method of cul-
Fire, elementary nature of, 463. Its af. tivating potatoes, 125.
finity with pure air, 518.

Heal, remarks on the compofirion of, 352,
Рp 2


Philof. exper. relative to, 483. On Kirshaw, Mr. his paper on the compare
augmenting the action of fire and heat, e merit of the ancients and moderns,
in chemical operations, 499. Experi- with respect to the imitative arts, 254.
ments on the elasticily and distribution
of heat, 543.

Anguages, inquiry concerning the di.
Hebrides, general view of the forlorn fitua.

D versity of, 491.
tion of their inhabitants, 259. Reme- Landen, Mr. his paper on the rotatory
dies for, suggested, 265.

motion of bodies, 213.
Henderson, the actor, anecdotes of his life, Lavoisier, M. on the nature of elaftic
&c, 356.

aeriform fluids, 494. On a method of
Henry, Mr. his obf. on literature and phi considerably augmenting the action of
lofophy, 343.

fire and heat, in chemical operations,
Herbaldown, hospital, rome account of, 23. 499. On the effets produced on pre-
Herodotus, his character, as drawn by Dr. cious stones, by a violent degree of heat,
Gillies, 7.

coo. On the combination of nitrous
Herschel, Mr. his planet (so called) ob with respirable air, 501. On other

served by former astronomers, 481. chemical subjects, 502. On the effects
Hetrurians, ancient, the masters of the of vitriolic ether, and nitrous ether, ia

Greeks, with respect to the fine arts, the animal economy, 547..

Le Clerc, John, his great character, as a
Hipparchus, the first astronomer who prea critic, 504.

cisely determined the duration of the Life, animal, physiologically and philofo.
tropical year, 503.

phically investigared, 509.
Hippocrates the first author who treated Linnæus,'his differtation on the sexes of
anatomy scientifically, 324.

plants, gains the prize offered by the
Hippopotamus, supposed remains of (petric Imperial Academy of Petersburgh; 267,

fied), dug up, near Chatham, 458. Literature, &c. advantages of, 342.
Hifory, universal, the study of, how ren. Lizards, American, used for the cure of
dered easy and agreeable, 511,

cancers, &c. 534.
Horfes, for ihe road, rem, on the most use- Llewelyn ap Gryffydıb, a Welsh prince, his

ful breed of, 130. Crolling the breed humiliating submission to Edw. III.4.
recommended, ib.

Lobelia Sypbilitica, its efficacy in the cure
c e the nature of the saliva of, chemin of the venereal disease, &c. 535.
cally investigated, 534.

Locke, Mr. his acc. of the origin of our
Howard, Mr. encomium on the scheme ideas controverted, 331. His hypothesis

for erecting a fatue in honour of him, concerning judgment, 336.

Long, Dr. history of his publication on
Hunter, Dr. W. his fruitless application to astronomy, which was near 50 years in

government, for a piece of ground, for the press, 273. Review of its contents,
the foundation of an anatomical school, 274.

Longevity, obf. on, 253.
Hunting, and shooting, apology for, 349. Love, ancient and modern, poetically con-

traited, 43.
YAmes V. of Scotland, his poetry, 287. Lucerne, exper, on the culture of, 171.
Ideas of the human mind, different Lues Venerea cured by a plant growing in
theories of, 244.

Çanada, 535
Jeffries, Dr. his narrative of what passed

in two balloon voyages, in company M Aclaine, Dr. difference between him
wich Blanchard, 269.

and M, Vanden Bosch, relative to the
Infinite, in mathematics, wha', 328. subject of one of the Teylerian Prize.
Fobnion, Dr. Samuel, remarks on his cha. differtations, 399.

raéter, and on his writings, 455., remarks on the several methods
Fobnfione, Dr. his account of the life of of cure for the bite of, 77.
Dr. Gregory, 256.

Man, the intellectual powers of, general
Fordan, Mıs, compared with Mrs. Siddons, divisions of, 196. Investigations of,

199, 241.
Ireland, some interesting periods of the Mango-tree, by whom brought into the

hiftory of, reviewed, 39. Present po. West Indies, 427. Thrives well in Ja-
pulation of, estimated, 145.

maica, 427.
Isand, curious method of inclosing a small Naro!, M. on the contagious quality of

one, to resist the violence of the sea, fome kinds of fuxions on the breast,

505. On the great mit in the summer
Judgment, metaphysically confidered, 335. of 1783. 507.



Matter, and space, philof, notions concern. Percival, Dr. his observations on the dif,

ing, 249250. Animal matter, origin ferent quantities of rain that fall, from
• and nature of, 510.

different heights, over the same spot of
'Mauduye, M. on medicinal electricity, ground, 411.

Period, lunar, of 19 years. See Co:te. See
Mephiticism of privies. See Fougeroux. Meteorology.
See Lavoisier. See Halle.

Petrifastions, of animal substances, obser.
Mercalf, John, a blind man, employed as vaiions on the vast space of time requin

a lurveyor of highways, 253. His ex. fire to their becoming totaliy changed in
traordinary fagacity, ib.

their texture, 458.
Meteorological obi.rel, to the lunar period Picca, M. on the deadly effects of the

of 19 years, 533. To two Chaldean Agaricus conicus, 535.
periods, 552.

Place, M. de la, bis theory of the attrac,
Meusnier, M. his improvement on the hy: . tion of spheroids, &c. 502.

draulic bellows of Lavoisier, 500. Plague, useful hint relative to, 527.
Mind, of man, the operations and facul. Poetry confidered, as distinguished from
ities of, 199. Subject continued, 241. prose, 343.

On the pleasure which it receives from Polier, Mr. his essay on the pleasure which
contemplating scenes of distress, 347. the mind receives from the exercise of
Of the power of mind over bodily sensa. its faculties, 345. Tribute to the meo
tion, 415.

mory of the author, 346.
Min, experimental acc. of the remarkable Polype, a singular one described, 121.

one that happened in June and july Pope's Temple of Fame, transated into Latin
- 1783, 507.

by Mr. Murphy, 374. Specimen of,
Monnier, Mile, on opposite currents of ib.

air, by which aeroftatic machines are Potatoes, experiments relative to the cul-
affected, 502.

ture of, 124. Method of curing a par.
Morals, first principles of, 337.

ticular disease to which that vegetable is
More, Mr. his improvement of portable liable, 127.
· furnaces, 421.

Prali, Mr, characterized as a poet, 289.
Murpby, Mr. translates Vida's Game of Prevoff, M. his comparifon of the econo,

Chefs, into English, 372And Pope's my of ancient and modern states, 487.
Temple of Fame into Latin, 374. His
tragedy of The Rival Sisters (never acted) RAikes, Mr. (of Glocefter) the original
account of, 375. His works collected,

4 inftitutor of Sunday schools, 52.

Rem, philosophical observations relative
Mushroom, instances of the deadly effects to, 412.
of a species of, 535.

Reasoning, that faculty philosophically con-
- how cured, ib.

ficered, 338.
Music, critical observ. on several points Rees, Dr. his improvements in the Cyclo.

relative to the art of 103-112. The pedia of Mr. Chambers, 323–331.
subject resumed, 174.

The subject continued, 401. Criticism

on a particular passage, 406.
NAture, Mr. O'Gallagher's notions of Regeneration, observations on that of ani.
4 the first principles of, 189. i mal substances, 253

-, the secrets of, revealed, 573 Retirement, poetical address to, 290.
Negro Navery, controversy rel. to, 317.564. Rbodes, Miss, her curious methods of ma.
Nostock, account of that subance, 506. naging silk worms, 422.
Nova Scotia, present state of, 282. Free. Rbubarb, its uses, exclusive of medicinal

dom, in respect to the government of, purposes, 524.
strongly recommended, 285.

Robins, Mri obtains a prize medal, for

raising the greatest quantity of turnip,
Richalcum, account of, 255.

rooted cabbage, 418.
Ojian, translated from Macpherson's Romans, ancient, account of them in pri,
edition, into Italian, specimens of, 557. vate life, 491.

Roxfeau, 1. j. his strange character, 565.
PAinring, encaustic. See Sfiori. Roy, General, his account of the meaiure.

Perception, philosophical explication ment of a base on Hounslow Heach, 217.
of, 199. Organs of, 241. Different Rush, Dr. his observations relative to
hypotheses concerning, 242. Reflexions fevers, 258.
on, 245. Objects of, 248. Some mis. Ruffia, the present Empress of, her grand
takes that have prevailed on this subject, and extensive plans of empire and civil,
pointed out, 249,

ization, 575



,, of, 373.

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SAs, M. his observations on the Aqua Tung flen, experiments relative to the con-

Marina, 499. His analysis of the fulo fituent parts of that metal, 542.
phureous ore of bismuth, ib. On the Turner, Mr. bis essay on crimes and pu-
arsenical ore of antimony, ib. Ona nishments, 413.
new kind of iron ore, 498. On a new Turnip-rooled cabbage, best mode of culti-
kind of mercurial ore, ib.

vating, 171. Its excellence as food for
Sandford and Merton, good story from, 361. cattle, 171, 418. Peculiarly valuable
Savary, M. extracts from his observations for setting ihe severity of winter, ib.
on Egypt, 298.

Turnips, the proper culture of, 179.
Scheele, M. on che conftituent parts of
Tungsten, 542.

1 Anden Boscb, M. his correspondence
Scurvy, excited by sea salt, 252.

with thé Montbly Reviewers, 399.
Sensation, mental, philosophical explica. Vapours, an hypochondriac disorder, in-

tion of, 200. The subje&t farther con quiry into the cause of, 514. Mepbi-
fidered, 246.

tic, see Hallé. In rarified air, lee
Senses, pbilosophically investigated, 250. Wilke.
Sensibility, animal, philosophically investi. Vernisy, F. his account of the Noftoch,

gared, 509.
Sbakspeare, account of Reed's edit. of, 81. Vida's Game of Cbels, tranlated into Eng.
Farther account of, 161.

lith by Mr. Murphy, 372. Specimen
Sbeer. See Daubenton.
Sbipping. See East Indies. See Carrier. Understanding, how influenced by the ima.
Sils-evorms, great improvements in the gination, &c. 408.

management of, 43. On the methods Volcanos, remarkable vestigia of ancient
employed to destroy the chrysalis of, eruptions of, in Italy, 377.

Voluptuary's soliloquy, 206,
Skin, account of a remarkable alteration
• in the colour of, from disease, 533. W Agfaf, Mr. his experiments on cui.
Small.pox, abuses in the practice of inocu. tuvaung beatby, &c. foils, 418.
lation, 538.

Wales, a good history of, 1. See allo Cad.
Soliloquy of a voluptuary, 206.

walader, Gryfideb, &c.
Spallanzari, his controversy with Lin Water, curious experiments on, to deter.
næus, 266,

mine whether it undergoes any decom.
Spkeroids, theory of the attraction of, 502, pofition, in paffing through hot tubes,
Steam engine, as improved by Messrs.

Wait and Boulton, account of, 402. , philosophical experiments relative
Stones, on which trees, plants, &c. appear 10, 482.

to be delineated, confidered, with a view Warjon, Dr. his acc. of orichalcum, 255.
to account for the causes of such be: boe Watt, Mr, his ißvention of the feam ca.
rizations, 496.

gine, 401.
Sunday schoois recommended, 51, 237, Wedgwood, Mr, his mortars recommended,

for the use of Chemifis, &c. 271.

Wefuelin, M, his memoir concerning
TAfte' considered and illustrated, 339. clear and obscure notions relative to
- Defined, 411. See also, Polier, and history, 486. His account of Thuanus,

Telescope. See Wollafton.

Wbear, the pra&tice of planting and trans-
Tefier, Abbé, his experiments relative to planting recommended from experi-

the manner in which corn, &c. is at ments, 172.
fected by different plants which grow White, Mr. his observations on a thigh.
arrongft it, 536.

bone, cf uncommon length, 257.
Thucydides, his character, by Dr. Gil. ,Mr. C, bis paper on the regenera.
lies, g.

tion of an mal (ubftances, 253. On the
Toniine, plan, of a periodical scheme of nat, hist, of the cow, 410.

that kind, for the benefit of persons of Mr. Thomas, kis excurfion through
all ages, 232.

a fubterraneous cavern at Paris, 414.
Trees, for timber, account of a very great Mr. of Notungbamshire, obtains a

number pianted by Ms. Whire, in Dure prize-medal for pianting the greater
ham, 416. Foreign trees, method of number of timbes-trees, 416.
multiplying, 506.

Wbirmore, Mr. his account of drilled croga
Tristan da Cunha, iftand of, recommended of Bariey, &c. 4:8.

as a proper place to selule convifts upon, Wilke, M. bis experiments on the elafticity,
47 56

&c. of heat, saprui,&. 53......



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