II. The Articles of the Church of Ireland.

1. Of the Holy Scripture, and the Three Creeds.

2. Of Faith in the Holy Trinity. 3. Of God's eternal Decree, and Predestination.

4. Of the Creation and Govern

ment of all things.

12. Of our Duty towards our Neighbours.

13. Of the Church, and outward Ministry of the Gospel.

14. Of the Authority of the Church, General Councils, and Bishop

of Rome.

5. Of the Fall of Man, Original 15. Of the State of the Old and New

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IV. The Chapters of the Assembly at Westminster.

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Just as the very last sheet of the present edition is about to pass through the press, the Editor has seen it stated, on the authority of that strange and rare tract of Martin Mar-Prelate, entitled, Oh Read over Doctor John Bridges, for it is a Worthy Work, 1588, 4to, that the Harmony of Confessions was translated into English by the Printer, Thomas Thomas, of Cambridge. The passage, he is bound to add, contains several inaccuracies; perhaps this, among others.



This whole Harmony of Confessions, gentle Reader, is parted into nineteen Sections, which we have taken, sometimes out of more, sometimes out of fewer Confessions in number, as each seemed, every one in his own place, to handle one and the same matter, or chief point of doctrine.*

But in rehearsing the context of every Confession, because we were to have regard to the order of things and doctrines, rather than either to the time or worthiness of the Churches and authors that wrote them, or other such like circumstance: therefore it seemed good, without any envy or prejudice of other Confessions, either more ancient or more famous, to give the first place to the Latter Confession of Helvetia; both because the order thereof seemed more fit, and the whole handling of doctrine more full and convenient, and also because that Confession was publicly approved and subscribed unto by very many Churches of divers nations. Further, upon this do the rest fitly follow, to wit, the Former Confession of Helvetia, and then all other, (without any other choice, indifferently, save that we had rather join together the Confessions of Germany, then sever them each from other,) according to the argument of every Section. Yet we were enforced to put that Confession of the Four Cities, as received somewhat late, in the last place. Which order, notwithstanding, if it shall not seem fit and convenient to any, it may easily be altered in the second edition; as other Confessions also, if any such besides these shall be wanting, may in their due place be adjoined.

To conclude, that the godly reader may want nothing, and that no man may suspect any thing to be taken from, or added to, any of these Confessions, we have here set down the Articles, or chief points, in the order wherein they were first written. Which things we desire every man favourably to interpret, and to enjoy this our labour, rather seeking peace and agreement, than maliciously hunting after occasions of dissensions.

A paragraph here follows in the orginal, descriptive of an Analytical Summary of true and false doctrines prefixed to each Section, but omitted, as very intricate and of no value, in the former and present editions of the translation.-Editor.





Of Holy Scripture being the true word of God; and of the
interpretation thereof.

This Section consisteth of cleven Confessions: to wit,-

[blocks in formation]

Of God, in Essence One, in Persons Three; and of His true Worship.

This Section consisteth of twelve Confessions: to wit,-

[blocks in formation]

This Section consisteth properly of five Confessions only: to wit,—

But these four, to wit,-

Of the Former of Helvetia,

Of England,

Of Augsburg,

And of Wirtemburg,

Do only by the way make mention, both of the Providence of God, and

also of the Creation of the world, in the Article of God, as is to be seen in

the Second Section.

The others, to wit, of Bohemia, of Saxony, and of Sueveland, have
altogether omitted this part of doctrine.

Of the Fall of Man, of Sin, and of Free-will.

This Section consisteth of eleven Confessions: to wit,-

Of the Former and Latter of Helvetia.

Of Basle.

Of Bohemia.

Of France.

Of England.

Of Scotland.

Of Belgia.

Of Augsburg.

Of Saxony.

And of Wirtemburg.

This Section consisteth of five Confessions only: to wit,-

Of the Restitution or Deliverance of man from his Fall, by Jesus Christ alone:
also, of His Person, Names, Office; and of the works of Redemption.

This Section consisteth of twelve Confessions: to wit,-

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