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be like the unjust judge; “ One that neither feared GOD, nor regarded man?. And yet, odious as such a character would be, it is no worse than that governor of a family deferves, who thinks himself obliged only to save his own soul, without paying any regard to the souls of his houshold. For (as was above hinted), every house is as it were a parish, and every master is concerned to secure, as much as in him lies, the spiritual prosperity of every one under his roof, as any minister whatever is obliged to look to the spiritual welfare of every individual person under his charge.

What precedents 'men who neglect their duty in this particular, can plead for such omiffion, I cannot tell. Doubtless not the example of holy Job, who was so far from imagining that he had no concern, as governor of a family, with any one's foul but his own, that the scripture acquaints us, « When the days of his childrens feasting were gone about, that Job sent and sanctified them, and offered burnt-offerings, according to the number of them all; for Job said, It may be that my fons have finned and curfed God in their hearts : thus did Job continually.” Nor can they plead the practice of good old Hofbua, whom, in the text, we find as much concerned for his houshold's welfare, as his own. Nor lastly, that of Cornelius, who feared God, not only himself, but with all his house : and were christians but of the same spirit of

Job, Hofhua, and the Gentile centurion, they would act as Job,
Fofbua, and Cornelius, did.

But alas ! if this be the case, and all governors of families ought not only to serve the LORD themselves, but likewise to see that their respective housholds-do so too ; what will then become of those who not only neglect serving God themselves, but also make it their business to ridicule and scoff at


of their house that do? Who are not content with « not entering into the kingdom of heaven themselves; but those also that are willing to enter in, they hinder." Surely such men are factors for the devil indeed. Surely their damnation flumbereth not: for although God, in his good providence, may suffer such stumbling-blocks to be put in his childrens way, and fuffer their greatest enemies to be those of their own housholds, for a trial of their fincerity, and improvement of their faith ; yet we cannot but pronounce a woe against those



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..masters by whom such offences come. For if those that only

take care of their own souls, can scarcely be saved, where will such monstrous profane and wicked governors appear?

But hoping there are but few of this unhappy stamp, proceed we now to the

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recue Second'thing proposed; To thew after what manner a governor and his houhold ought to serve the LORD no 1 And he first thing I fall mention, is, reading the word of GOD This is a duty, incumbention; every private perfon.

Search the scriptures A for in them yetthink ye have eternal life," is a precept given by our blessed LORD indifferently sto

: but much more for ought every governor of a family to think it in a peculiar manner {poken to himself, becadsefas hath been already proved) he ought to look upon himself as a prophet, and therefore, gagreeablytro such a character, bound to instruct thofe under his charge in the knowledge of the word of God.

Pagina 6 dyuodtub 6 21 21 This we find was the order God gave to his peculiar people Ifrael: for thus speaks his representative Mofes, Deut. vi. 6,7. “ These words," that is, the scripture words, " which I command thee this day, shall be in thy heart, and thou thalt teach them diligently unto thy children,” that is; as it is generally explained, servants, as well as children, and thalt talk of them when thou fittest in thy house," From whence we may infer, that the only reason, why so many negle&t to read the words of scripture diligently to their children is, because the words of feripture are not in their hearts a far if they were, out of the abundance of the heart their mouth would speak.

* 1919 riguc ol bra 29110 dodiru sonor Besides, servants as well as children, are, for the generality, b pery ignorant, and mere novices in

nd mere novices in the laws of Gods and how shall they know, unless some one teach them? And what more proper to teach them by, than the lively cracles of God, " which are able to make them wise unto falvationi's And who

proper to infruct them by these lively oracles, than

and masters, whg (as hath been more than once obferved) are as much concerned to feed them with spiritualy as

with bodily bread, day by day, 1696 1:00:36:19 250 19. 2010 ibongo!

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1 [+€57) ] But if these things befo, what a milerablecondition are those unhappy governors tin, who are fo far from feeding those

committed to their care with the fincere milk of the word, to - rhę įqtent they may grow thereby, that they neither search the fcriptures themselves, nor are careful to explain them to must be in

indeed so do také

to know one imagine that they had turned converts to the Church of Romec; that they thought ignoranee to be the mother of devotion ;rrand that those were to be condenined as

heretics who read their Bibles Rut And yet blow few families ware'i dhere amongst us, i who do not act after this unseèmily o manner ! But fhalloh praise them in thisier praise them not: 2 Brethren, this thing ought not fo to be...!!!! 00013 $ 2520 Hafs we on now to the feednd means whereby every go5 vernor and his shoushold ought to ferve the LORD, familyprayers use on antolatu 21.1 15biu 3'9113 Datinos

This is a duty, though as much neglected, yerás absolutely neceffáry as the former. Reading is a good preparative for * prayer, as prayer is an excellent means to render reading efsi fectual . And the reafon why févery governor of a

a family is fhould join both these exercifes together, is plain," because a ei governor of a family cannot perform his priestly office (which "we before observed he is in fome degree invested with) with9 out' performing this dury of family prayeristiwa itt is as it gi fWe finde if therefore temarked,' when mention is made of

Gain and Abel's offering' facrifices; that they brought them. v Bat to whom did they bring them? Why, in all probability, b to their father Adam, who, as priest of the family, was to offer sacrifice in their names. And so ought every spiritual To

of vehe second Adam, who is entrusted with the care of an hourbhold i to offer up the spiritual facrifices of supplications and Ethanksgivings; acceptable to God through Jesus CHRIST,

in the presence and name of all who wait upon, or eat meat at Whis table.O.invis' oldu 4,5 Wed Thus we read our blefred Lord behaved, when he tabernacled -camiongst 'us': for it'is' faid orden, what he prayed with

his twelve disciples, which was then his little family. And he himself has promised a particular blessing to jo'nt fupplications: * Wheresoevci two or three are gathered together in my


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name, there am I in the midst of them.” And again, “ If two or three are agreed touching any thing they thall ask, it thall be given them." Add to this, that we are commanded by the Apostle to “ pray always, with all manner of supplie cation,” which doubtless includes family prayer. And holy Joshua, when he set up the good resolution in the text, that he and his houshold would serve the LORD, certainly resolved to pray with his family, which is one of the best testimonies they could give of their ferving him to preis

Besides, there are no families but what have some common blessings, of which they have been all partakers, to give thanks for ; fome common crosses and afflictions, which they are to pray againft; some common fips, which they are all to lament and bewail : but how this can be done, without joining together in one common act of humiliation, fupplication, and thanksgiving, is difficult to devised

From all which confiderations put together, it is evident, that family prayer is a great and neceffary duty; and consequently, those governors that neglect it, are certainly without excuse. And it is much to be feared, if they live without family prayer, they live without God in the world.

And yet, such an hateful character as this is, it is to be feared, that was God to send out an angel to destroy us, as he did once to destroy the Egyptian first-born, and withal give him a commiffion, as then, to fpare no houses but where they faw the blood of the lintel, sprinkled on the door-post, fa now, to let no families escape, but those that called upon him in morning and evening prayer; few would remain unburt by þis'avenging sword. Shall I term such families christians or heathens ? Doub:less they deserve not the name of chriftians; and heathens will rise up in judgment against such profane families of this generation ; for they had always their houshold gods, whom they worshipped, and whose affiftance they frequently invoked. And a pretty pass those families surely are arrived at, who must be sent to school to pagans. But will not the LORD be avenged on such profane housholds as these? Will he not pour out his fury upon those that call not upon his name? 1-3. But it is time for me to hasten to the third and last means I fhall recommend, whereby every governor ought with his houfhold to serve the LORD, catechizing and inftruere ing their children and servants, and bringing them up in the nurture and admonition of the LORD.

That this, as well as the two former, is a duty incumbent on every governor of an house, appears from that famous encomium or commendation God gives of Abraham : “ I know that he will command his children and his houshold after him, to keep the way tot the LORD, "to do juftice and judgment.” And indeed scarcelany thing is more frequently pressed upon us in holy writ, than this duty of catechising. Thus, fays God in a passage before cited, 16. Thou shalt teach these words diligently unto thy children.. And parents are commanded in the New Testament, to - breed up their children in therinurture and admonicion of the LORD.” The holy Pfalmift acquaints us, that one great end why God did such great wonders for his people, was, 16 to the intent that when they grew up, they fhould thew their children, or fervants, the fame. And in Drutuvi. at the 2oth and following verses, GODystrictly commands his people to įnstruct their childrent in the true nature of the ceremonial worship, when they fhould enquire about it, as he supposed they would do, in time to come. And if servants and children were to be instructed in the nature of tifewish siteszi much more ought they now to be initiated and grounded in the doctrines and first prins opkes o

of the gospel of CHRIST : not only, because it is a revelation, which has brought life and immortality to a fuller and clearer light, but also, because many feducers' are gone abroad into the world, who do their utmoft endeavour to destroyindt only the superstructure, but likewise to fap the very foundation of our most holy religion.

Would then the prefent generation have their pofterity be frue lovers and honourers of God; masters and parents must take Sodomon's good advice, and train up and catechise their respective boufholds in the way wherein they should

I am aware but of one objection, that can, with any shew. of reason, be urged against what has been advanced; which

that such a procedure as this will take up too much time, and hinder families too long from their worldly businessa But it is much to be questioned, whether persons that start such an objection, are not of the same hypocritical fpirit as the traitor Judas, who had indignation against devout Marys



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