9. KENILWORTH, a Romance. By the AUTHOR of WAVERLEY, IVANHOE, &c. 3 Vols. Post octavo. 11. Ils. 6d. boards.

10. WAVERLEY; or 'Tis Sixty YEARS SINCE. 3 Vols. 1l. 1$. boards.

11. GUY MANNERING; or, The AstroLOGER. 3 Vols. 11. ls. boards.

12. The ANTIQUARY. 3 Vols. 11. 4s. boards.

13. ROB ROY. 3 Vols. 11. 4s. boards.

14. TALES OF MY LANDLORD, First Series, containing “ THE BLACK DWARF,” and “OLD MORTALITY. 4 Vols. ll. 8s. boards.

15. TALES OF MY LANDLORD, Second Series, containing “ THE HEART OF MIDLOTHIAN." 4 Vols. 11. 128. boards.

16. TALES OF MY LANDLORD, Third Series, containing “ The Bride of LAMMERMOOR,” and “ A LEGEND OF MONTROSE. 4 Vols. 1l. 12s. boards.

17. IVANHOE, a Romance. 3 Vols. post 8vo. 1l. 10s. bds.

18. The MONASTERY, a Romance. 3 Vols. 12mo. ll. 4s. boards.

19. The ABBOT. 3 Vols. 12mo. 11. 4s. boards.

20. MELMOTH the WANDERER, a Tale. By the Author of “ BERTRAM, a Tragedy." &c. 4 Vols. 1 2nio. Il. 8s. bds.

21. THREE MONTHS passed in the MOUNTAINS EAST of ROME, during the Year 1819. By MARIA GRAHAM, Author of a Residence in India. Octavo. With Engravings. 108. 6d. boards.

22. MEMOIRS of the LIFE of NICHOLAS POUSSIN. By MARIA GRAHAM. With a Portrait of Poussin, and an Engraving of his House. In One Vol. 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards.

23. HISTORICAL ACCOUNT of DISCOVERIES and TRAVELS in ASIA, from the earliest ages to the present time. By Hugh MURRAY, F.R.S. E. Author of “ Historical Account of Discoveries in Africa." Three Volumes 8vo. With three Maps. 21. 2s. in boards.

24. An ESSAY on the PRINCIPLES of EVIDENCE, and their Application to Subjects of Judicial Inquiry; with a view to Illustrate the Rules of Evidence, recognised in the Law of Scotland. By James GLASFORD, Esq. Advocate. Octavo. 18s. boards.


By Sir George StewART Mackenzie, Bart. F. R. S. L. & E. &c. Illustrated by Seventeen Engravings. Octavo. 158. boards.

26. The LIFE of the late GEORGE HILL, D.D. Principal of St Mary's College, St Andrew's. By George Cook, D.D. With a Portrait of Dr Hill. Octavo. 10s, 6d. boards.



27. NORTHERN MEMOIRS, CALCULATED MERIDIAN OF SCOTLAND. Wherein most of the Cities, Citadels, Sea-ports, Castles, Forts, Fortresses, Rivers and Rivulets, are Compendiously described. Together with Choice Collections of Various Discoveries, Remarkable Observations, National Intrigues, &c.; lineally drawn from Antiquaries, and other Noted and Intelligible Persons. THE CONTEMPLATIVE and PRACTICAL ANGLER, by way of Diversion. With a Narrative of that Dexterous and Mysterious Art Experimented in England, and Perfected in more Remote and Solitary Parts of Scotland. By way of Dialogue. Writ in the year 1658. By RICHARD FRANCK. Octavo. 15s. boards.

28. The PLANTER'S KALENDAR ; or the Nurseryman's and Forester's Guide, in the Operations of the Nursery, the Forest, and the Grove. By the late Walter Nicol. Edited and Completed by EDWARD SANG, Nurseryman. Second Edition, improved and enlarged. 8vo. With three Engravings. 15s. boards.

29. The GARDENER'S KALENDAR; or Monthly Directory of Operations in every Branch of Horticulture. By WALTER Nicol. 8vo. Third Edition. 14s. boards.

30. The VILLA GARDEN DIRECTORY; or Monthly Index of Work to be done in Town and Villa Gardens, Shrubbries, and Parterres ; with Hints on the Treatment of Shrubs and Flowers, usually kept in the Green-room, the Lobby, and the Drawing-room. By Walter Nicol. Third Edition. Foolscap 8vo. 75. 6d. boards.

31. PRIZE ESSAYS and TRANSACTIONS of the HIGHLAND SOCIETY of SCOTLAND. Vol. V. 8vo. 15s. boards. Also Vols. III, & IV. separately. 158. each boards.

1. The WORKS of JOHN PLAYFAIR, F. R. S. L. & E. late Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh : with an Account of the Author's Life. ' 4 Vols. 8vo.

II. The WORKS of JOHN HOME, Esq. Author of “ Douglas, a Tragedy," &c. To which is prefixed, an Account of his Life and Writings. By HenrY MACKENZIE, Esq. F. R. S. E. 3 Vols. Svo.

An Edition of The LIFE will also be printed for separate sale.

III. FLORA SCOTICA; or a Description of the Plants Indigenous to Scotland and the Isles. By W. J. HOOKER, LL. D. F. R. S. L. & E. Regius Professor of Botany in the University of Glasgow. One volume octavo.

IV. MANUAL of MINERALOGY. By Robert JAMEson, Regius Professor of Natural History in the University of Edinburgh. One volume octavo.

V. HISTORICAL SKETCHES of the HIGHLANDS of SCOTLAND; With Military Annals of the Highland Regi. ments. By DavID STEWART, Colonel in the Army. 2 Vols. octavo.

VI. The WORKS of JOHN DRYDEN, Illustrated with Notes, Historical, Critical, and Explanatory, and a Life of the Author. By Sir Walter Scott, Bart. Second edition, revised and corrected, 18 vols. 8vo, handsomely printed by Ballantyne.

VII. SUBSTANCE of LECTURES on the ANCIENT GREEKS, and on the Revival of Greek LEARNING in EuROPE, delivered in the University of Edinburgh, by the late ANDREW DALZEL, Professor of Greek, A.M. F. R.S. E. Published by John Dalzel Esq., Advocate. 2 Vols. 8vo.

This Work consists of Four Parts ;- the subject of the First Part is the Political Situation of the Greeks, -of the Second, their Manners and Character, -of the Third, their Language and Polite Learning, embracing comparisons with, and Criticisms upon Roman and Modern Authors,—and of the Fourth Part, the Revival of Greek Learning in Europe after the dark Ages.

VIII. JOURNAL of a HORTICULTURAL TOUR in the NETHERLANDS and NORTH of FRANCE, in the Autumn of_1817. By P. Neill, J. Hay, and JAMES MACDONALD, a Deputation of the Caledonian Horticultural Society. Octavo.

IX. REMARKS on some FUNDAMENTAL DOCTRINES in POLITICAL ECONOMY ; illustrated by a Brief Inquiry into the Commercial State of Britain since the year 1815. By John CRAIG, Esq. F. R. S. E. Author of • Elements of Political Science.' 8vo.

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