French Protestants. ment had not been forbidden by a Royal Prosecution being religioas, and not Ordonnance, the statement is trne ; but political,-at least only political as far if it was designed to convey'an assur. as the intolerauts have endeavoured to ance that the salarie liad been regui- deprive the Protestants of those poliIarly paid, it is a false and unworthy tical rights and advantages which since effort to stifte the sympathy and be the Revolution they have enjoyed. nevolence of the British Public, while. The intervention of the Catholic the ministers are at this moment at Priesis, where they have been well.dis. Jeast nine months in arrears. By as it posed, at the same time proves, that was nevés mentioned as a proof of the Protestants could not have conperscoutinis trop the government; but ducted themselves inproperly towards as an aguravating rircumstance in the the professors of the Catholic religion ; calarnity which has befallen the Ree and that tiyir authority as priests was formed Charolais, that while tļie ir ffochs important in preventing or lessening brave heon scattered-their merchants evils which religious fury had inspired. and manufacterers' exiled-and their The additional Accounts which we resources draind by foreign troops anil now finish, will prove that your Conheavy imposts, their ministers should 'tributions (our intention to solicit u hich, have been destitute of that stipend on was, in the first instance, submitted to which for so many years they had re. the Prime Minister of his Royal Highgolarly depended for their ministerial ness the Prince Regent) are cven more support ;-and though this defalcation necessary than we could have anticihas been common to the ministers of all pated, from the authentie letters we religions, it must be considered, that had received, but which suppressed, the Protestant ministers have not those thro' fear, many important details; and means of obtaining vioney, which the as the efforts of our enemies have occa. Catholic priests, by their varions cere. sioned a serious increase in our expenmonies, always possess.

diture, we must re-urge on you the proAnother Letter has been published' priety of making those Contributions as in the same Journal, which had beeu early, and as liberally as your conveni

sent to is by M. Marron, President of ence will allow. -'the Consistory of Paris, decliving our As it will not be possible for us to aid and censuring our interference; 'provide an antidote to the poison daily bnt 'yon will, douhtless, bave seen by diffused, we shall be content to assure other Jonrials, that another letter was 'you, that whenever any Intelligence received by the same conveyance, from arrives which alters our opinion, or the same person, stating, that our exu. renders your exertions unnecessary, you tions had made a strong sensatiou in shall have immediate information. Paris, and were likely to produce the By Orrier of the Committee, most beneficial results: 'in addition to

THOMAS MORGAN, Sec. which, it is now evident, that the letter in question was written by M. Marron,

RESOLUTIONS. atter an examination by the Police, and

Williams's Library, Red Cross Street, under the fi ar otivdividuat persecution."

January 12, 1816, The effect of the Public Meetings which at a Meeting of the Committee, appointed by have been held, has been highly impor- the General Boily of Protestant Dissenting Mi. tant, and the arrival of the report of the

nisters of the 'Three' Denoininations, for the

Pwposo of Inquiry, Superintendance, and Proceedings of the Cominoir Council of Distribution of the funds which may be con. London in Paris, was the commenee. tributed for the Relief of the French Protest. ment of exertions by the French autho. auts, sudering for ('onscience-sake;' rities, which had not been previously It wus unanimously Resolved, made. While some persons have depre- 1. That this Committee have ob. cated these Meetings and Disenssions, served, with astonislıment and regret, it will always be a subject of satisface that attempts are making, through the tion to us, that they origiuated with the medium of the Press, to defeat their Dissenting Dlinisters of London ; and object, by misrepresenting their me

the paper which we had the hononr to tives ;' and altho' the Committee know 1. address to you, and which was produced too well what is due to that respectable

in Court by all the speakers, was the body, by which they are deputed, to endocument on which the pablic proceed. gage in useless warfare with those who ings of that day were founded, which are labouring to stifle that public symhave been succeeded by similar pro- pathy, which it is the wish of the body cedings in Hull, Edinburgh, Glasgow, to excite, they yet owe it to their own Gosport, Newcastle, Plymouth, and characier, and to the cause they have other places.

uudertaken, to state candidly, onre for No doubt, we presume, can now reist all, the motives by which they have be. ou your minds, as to the fact of be, guided and the end they have iu vi'w.


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French Protestants. 2. That this Committee, therefore, their own Government, or rather, lest utterly disclaim for themselves and their it should expose them to the fury of a Constituents all party feelings ou a faction, which sets the Government question which they conceive to be itself at defiance; and the Committee purely and exclusively Religions; but are of opinion, that it complaints are that if they must be ranked with a cautiously uttered, they deserve, the Party, they are happy in ranking, on more, the consideration and sympathy this occasion, with that of the Govern- of those wlio are aware of the cause in ment which listened so candidly to their which this caution originates. representations, - entered so warmly 6. That while they have been acting into their feelings, – and pledged itself consistently with their own principles, so readily to employ its goost offices for in expressing their abhorrence of all the same humane purpose to which their religious persecution, bywhonisoever interference has been directed.

practised or countenanced, they cannot 3. That if any man, calling himself but suppose that in contributing to ala Protestant, can impute to Dissenting leviate the distresses of the French ProMinisters, as a crime, that they have testants, they are coinciding with the inshewn themselves peculiarly forward, tentions of the French Government, on this occasion, he should remember which bas beeu taking measures to sap. that they are the descendants of those press those outrages, wbicli, it not supwho, for conscience-sake, suffered the pressed, must occasion its own disgrace, spoiling of their goods, and the loss of and compromise its own safety. their lives; and to whose constancy, 7. That, in the subscriptions and collec. under persecution, it is chicfly owing tions already made,- in the spirit which that religious liberty is now firmly esta- is spreading throughout the kingdom, blished in this favoured land.

and in the prospect that this spirit will 4. That, foeling the value of this ultimately enable them to grant imporinestimable blessing, they could not tant Relief to their suffering bretlirent, but be deeply interested by any occur. and to the widows and orphans of the rence which might threaten its loss to victims of Persecution, the Committee those expecially, with whom they are have the most flattering encouragement united by the tie of a common faithi, to persevere. They do, therefore, earand a common worship; nor could they nestly request the unremitting co-oper. refuse their sympathy or their relief to ation of Protestants of every denomi. men bleeding in the same canse which vation, but especially of Protestant Disrendered the memory of their fathers senters, in this labour of love; and they immortal.

express their confident assurance that 5. That thongh litters have been re. in contributing to this object, without ceived from Ministers in France, ex. suffering their zeal to be damped by pressing objections to the interference any insinuatious or assertions whatever, of their Protestant brethren in England, they are promoting the spread and es. the Committee bave ascertained, from tablishment of that Christian Liberty unquestionable evidence, that some of which is the greatest earthly boon that those letters have been written under fleaven can bestow on man. constraint, and that others have been

Siglied (by order of the Committee) dictated by an apprehension (it is hoperi erroneons) lest such an interference

THOMAS MORGAN, should injure them in the estimation of



Collections and Donations.

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f. 8. d.

£. & d. R.H. Dow. Count. of Albemarle 5 0 0 Rev. Mr.Marsh's Cong. Hythe 2 0 0 Rev. Dr. Disney, Hyde 5 0 0 Farmer's do Leeds

6 2 1 Mr. Bickerdike's Con.Wool.

Gooding's do. Lenham

2 10 0 wich

7 7 0 Independent Cong. Marden 2 127 Browne's do. Gloucester 94 0 0 Rev.Mr. Moon's do. Deptford 25 0 0 Trcleavan's do.Dorchiester 7.0 0

Murch's do, Froome 7 0 0 Browne's do. N. Walsbam 7 0 0 Whitehead's do. Creaton 10 00 Morris's do. Amersham 15 00 Mr. Nethersole, Clop-bill

1 1 0 Glover's do. Tring

11 1 6 Palmer's Cong. Romsey 14 6 7 Weybridge's do. Cheshunt 7 11 1

Belsham, London

5 0 Dr. Smith's do. Hackney 38 9 7

Mr. G. Lloyd, by the Rev. Dr.
Deane's do, Chalford

1 0 0

Honeywell's Con. Melksh. 13 00
Roote's do. Soham

2 2
Morris's do. Woodbridge 10

0 0 Walker's do. Preston 16 2 6 Williams's do. Stone

10 11 0 Mountford's do. Wincanton 5 0 0 Mark Wilks's do. London 50 5 6 Paul's do. Castle Cary 7 14 63 Bains's do. Potter's Str.

3 12 0



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Collections, fc. for French Protestants.
f. 8. d.

£. s. d. Rev. Mr. Kays's Con. Kendal 9 13 Rev.Mr.Sharp's Con.Bradnin. 2 0 8 Kemp's do. Tarling 10)

Humphry's do Collumpton 1 12 6 Smith's do. Siiby

0 0 Pickers's do. Iogham 7 4 3 Williams's do, Edmonton 4

Burnett's do. Woolwich 6 1 6 Marsball's do, Si. Alban's 6 0 0 Giles's do. Lymington - - 12 3 Brown's do. Buntingford 4 14

Field and Keynes's do. Yockney's de. Strins 6 0


17 0 Harsant's do. Beaconsfield 12 0 Liddon's do. Hemel HempAllcock's do. Berkhampst. 8 0


10 8 8 Chapman's do Daman`s-land 9 0

Scott's do. Cleck heaton 5 6 6 Giles's do. Eythorne 5 6 0 Holmes's do. Wantage 3 5 Wright's do. Wisbeach and

Manning's do. Exeter 33 8 0 Lutton

10 7

Thomas's do. Entield 14 5 2 Mr. Jas. Manning

1 1 0 Trevor's do, and Friends, Rev. Mr. Boliwul's Cong. Wore


9 10 6 thing

12 12
Millar's do. Oakham

0 R.Spear, Esq. Midbank, Manc. 20

Fox's do. Chichester SO 10 0 Rev. Mr. Mack's Con.Clipstone 5 5 10 Heare's do. Manstield 5 5 0 Clark's do. Worstead 6

Donoghue's do. Lydiate 5 0 0 Thodey's do. Ryde


Yates's do. Liverpool - 20 11 0 Surmau's, Sexton's, and

Adkins's do. Southampton 26 6 Tomiin's du.Chesham 25 16 0 Johnston's do. Lewes 6 12 6 Chamberlain's do. Summers

Roger Lee, Esq. Clapham - 5 0 0 near Bilingharst 2 14 6 R. Wainwright, Esg. Londop 10 10 Honwicke's do, Kelvedon 7

Rev.Mr.Haris's Con. Horsham 7 19 6 Newman's do. Gainsbro' 8 2 8

Holland's do. Preston - 6 0 0 Wilkinson's do. Howden 2

Chadwick's do. Preston • 5 3 Cloutt's do. Staplehurst o 0 Mr. Luke Gilbert, W.Bromwich 1 Holdeu's do. Tenterden 12 0 0 Rev.Mr.Knight'sCon.Staughton 4 Seymour's do. Beckington 10 0 0 Jones's do. Chaitord. 11 11 Tozer's do. Taunton 11

Parker's do. Stockport

0 Golding's do. Poupsford

0 White's do. Lymington 12 5 0 Winton's do. Bishop's Hull 8 0

Cobbin, London

1 0 0 Wallace's do. Chesterfield 13 4 6 Clare's Cong. Downton 2 7 0 Ferrard's do. Coventry 0

Harris's do. Fordham 3 2 0 Newion's do. Witham 12 15 0 A Lady, anonymous

2 0 0 Mess. W'edd and Nash, Royston S 0 0 A Gentleman, ditto

0 0 Rev. Mr. Taylor's Con. Yeovil 6 2 0 Mr. Barnes, Whitchurch

2 0 0 Culver's do. Woolwich 6 0 0

A Gentleman, anonymous.

0 0 Cloutt's do. London

8 0 0 Rev. Mr.Hawkes's Con.Lincoln 4 7 2 Mr. Gillaspie, by Mr.Cloutt 5 5 0 Berry's do. Leicester . So 0 0 Independent Con. Westbury,

Hoppus's do. Yardly, Hast. 6 8 3 by Mr. F. Evans

9 11 11

Hiomere's do. Whitchurch 2 0 0 Rev. Mr. Heinekin's do. Gains

Rogers's do. Eyntord 10 0 0 borough

4 10 0 Carver's do. Mílbourne 10 0 0 Towne's do. Royston 8 8 8 Blomtield's do. Canterbury? 7 0 Young Ladies in Mre. Towne's

Burgess's do. Chestertield 7 4 5 Seminary

1 7 6 Priestley's do. Fordingbr. 7 Rev. Mr. Smellie's Cong. Great

Mr. Worsley, London

3 0 0 Grimsby


Mr. J. H. Merivale, Loudon 1 1 0 Higgs's do. Witney


Rev. Mr. Yarnold's Con.Romsey 3 5 0 Townsend's do. London 24 5 6 Trickell's do. Bramley Hartley's do. Lutterworth 20 W. Wansey, Esq. London 1 0 Finel's do. Lyon

6 0 J. Pearson, Esq. London 2 0 Brooks's do. Tutbury 5 0 Rev.Mr.Williams's Con.MansCraig's do. Bocking S4 6


19 5 Bishop's do. Gloucester 9

Adamson's do. Patriccroft t 0 Parker's do. Ashburton 11 13

Jones's do. Whitchurch 8 12 Mr. Miles's and Miell's do.

Linslewood's do. Rochdale 8 5 0 Wimborne

3 2 0 Hlowes's do. Bridport 40 0 0 Geary's do. Brentford 6 6 0 Robertson's do. StrattonGeary's do. Beaconstield


15 12 Rees's do. St. Thomas's,

Robinson's do. Hallford 2 2

22 8

Stuart's do. SawbridgeLangdon's do. Leeds 14 0


3 13 6 Bowden's do. Leeds 30

0 0 Hawksley's do. London 31 5 6 Zicbards's do S. Petherton 4 1

Franklin's do Coventry

10 0 waris's do. Cullumpton 7 0 0 Independant do. Leicester 17 7 78

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Collections, Sc. for French Protestants.
8. d.

f. 6. d. K. School Meet. Hayes, Sussex 6 0 0 Rev. Dr. Collyer's Con. PeckRev. Mr. Ree's Con. Rodboro' 17 0 O


40 15 0 Flower's do. Titchfield 3 0

Dr. Stulis & Fr. Brighton 20 0 Hopkins's do Christ Church 5 14 8 Crisp'o do. Brighouse 5 5 Varder's do. Caw.

Syken's clo. Gnastuick 5 0 0 sand 14 16 16 0 0 Hubhard's clo. Banbury

6 6 Children at ditto 1 4 0

Hatch's do. do.

4 R. Langton, Est

1 1 0 Wood's do Jewin St. Lond. 13 0 () Rev. Mr. Parson's Con. Chorlev 8 7

Mather's do. Beverley 5 0 0 Bakewell's so. Crester 24

Palmer's do. Shrewsbury 8 6 Yates's do. Glasgow 14 3 0 Mr. Morrell & Friends, Baddow 5 7 6 Rothami's do. Willingham 2 0 0 Rev. Mr. Priee's Con. Veovil 1 3 14 Slatterie's do. Chatham 33

Morrison's do. Stebbing

6 Hope's do. do. 8 10 0 Edward Swaines, Esq.

10 0 Drew's do. Sirond 0 Baptist Con. Horstorth

3 11 7 Chester's do Vitoxeter

Rev. Mr. Dean's do, Stand 10 Barnes's Con. Westbury 4 9 6

Reynold's do. Chester 30
Wilks's do. Norwich 10 4 Rev. Mr. Barkiti's Con. Kennel-
Wilks, Norwich


10 0 @ Mess. Davey and Son, do. 5 5

Gleed's do. Teignmouth Miss Davey, do.


Mantell's do, Swindon 7 2 Mess. Cozens and Copeman, do ś 5 0 Bennett's do. Brighion 9 14 3 Mr. Spurgeon & Fr. Neatishead 4 15 6 Do. do. Ditchling

5 3 6 Mrs. Calwell, by the Rev. dir.

Jarvis's do. Leeds

51 7 0 Hughes


() 0 Anderson's do. Chalfont 11 o Rev.Mr. Corhishley's Con, Ab

Kerby's do. Lewes

4 7 2 -bott Rooting 7 09 Hudson's do. Roiberkam 1 12 0 Sprague's do. B. Tracey 6 15

Edwards's do. Nortliam Green's do. East Budleigh 5 0 0 Welsh Cong. Wilderness Row, Scarlett's do. Gildersome 14 3 1 Depitore, & Woolwich 12 0 0 Steill's do. Wigan

12 () 0 Anonymous, by Rev. Mr. Tracy 5 0 () Garthwaite's do, Cratfield 5 0 Rev. Mr. Ely's Con. Rochdale 5 10 o Hincliffe's do. Stockton 3 0 4 K pight's do. Yelvertoft 5 0 0 Sbarpe's do. Skipton 4 0 0 Mr. Ludiord, Newton

1 0 0 Pende-red's do. Royston 22 0 Rev.Mr. Ford's Con. Bridlingt. 4 0 Dr. Phillip's do. Sheffield 19 9 8 Greatbatch's do. N. Meols 2 0 0 Mr. Cluirenili and Fr. T.

Grendy's do. Ullesthorpe 12

0 0 Ditton

3 3 0) Mr. Field and Fri, Warwick 10 0 B. T.

1 0 0 Rev. Mr. Dymott's Con. Hill. Rev. Mr. Norman's Con. Sobam 2


3 0 Bounsali's do. St. Colunib 2 5 6 Hawthorne's do. Dartford 6

4 o W. Russell, Esq. Upton 5

Mr. Joyce, Highgate

1 1 0 J. Gillemarde, Esq. London 5

Rev. Mr. Morrisou's Con. Chel. Rev.Mr. Lewio's Con. Liverp. 195

sca, London

5 0 Overbory’s doll'estbury L. 12 13 0 Right Hon. Earl Crawford and Fuller's do. Hand-Cross 4 0


10 0 0 Dr. Lindsay's do. London 80 0 Rev. Mr. I. Browne, Tiverton 2 0 0 Merryett's do. Ripley 5 0 Scott, Portsinouth

5 0 0 Deer's do. Clutton

2 0 Independent Cong. Warcham Reynal's do. Wellingboro'ó 7 6 Rev. Mr. Bull's do. Bassin. Stuart's do. Sa wbridge


6 8 st worih, in addition 0 6 6 Rogers's do. Fleet

5 0 0 Ewing's do. Glasgow 57 13 10 Dr. Rees's Con. London 600 Davidson's do. Newcastle

Campbell's do. Laurieston,
upon Tyne
15 90

20 0 Middleditch's do Battlesden3 3 0 Brown's do. Enfield 16 0 Matthew's do, South Sbields 9 26 Groser's do. Watford 12 0 Hinmer's do. Guisboru' 4

0 Williams's do. Uffculm 1 10 Hollis's do. Shiffual 5 7 9 Jos. Hill, Esq. Uffculm

3 0 Harris's do. Whitchurch 7 0 0 Rev.Mr.Fall's Coog. Rugby 6 13 3 (Bidlake & Wella's do.

Jolin Hollis, Esq. Wycombe 5 5 0 South Petherton 8 0 0 Rev.Mr.Barrett's Con. London 30 1 6 Harris's do. Walliugtord 10 0 0 Charrier, Liverpool 5 5 Blackburn and Friends at

Kershaw's Con. Abingdon 9 14 0 Finchintield


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8 12

Perrott's do. Guernsey 150 0 Rev.Mr. Hicks's do. Doncaster j 8 0

Esans's do. London 10 10 Sheplieri's do. Gataker 15 ( 0

Chapman's do. Greenwich 20 12 6 Morley. Old Chapel 5 0 Durant's do. Poole

19 12


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Account of the Mutineers in the Boun- driven from the ship, the twenty-five ty, 1789.

mutineers proceeded with her to Too(From the Quarterly Review.) bouai, where they proposed to settle;

1789 his Majesty's armed vessel little encouragement, they returned the Bounty, while employed in con. to Otaheite, and having there laid veying the bread fruit tree from Ota- in a large supply of stock, they once heite to the British colonies in the more took their departure for TooWest Indies, was taken from her com- houai, carrying with them eight men, mander, Lieutenant William Bligh, nine women and seven boys, natives by a part of the crew, who, headed of Otaheite. They commenced, on by Fletcher Christian, a master's their second arrival, the building of mate, mutinied off the island of To- a fort, but by divisions among themfoa, put the lieutenant, with the re- selves and quarrels with the natives, mainder of the crew, consisting of the design was abandoned. Chriseighteen persons, into the launch, tian, the leader, also very soon diswhich after a passage of 1200 leagues, covered that his authority over his providentially arrived at a Dutch set- accomplices was at an end; he thereilement on the Island of Timor. The fore proposed that they should return mutineers, twenty-five in number, to Otaheite ; that as many as chose were supposed, from some expres- it should be put on shore at that sions wbich escaped them, when the island, and that the rest should prolaunch was turned a-drift, to have ceed in the ship to any other place made sail towards Otaheite. As soon they might think proper. Accordas this circumstance was known to ingly they once more put to sea, and the Admiralty, Captain Edwards was reached Matavai on the 20th of Sepordered to proceed in the Pandora to tember, 1789. that Island, and endeavour to discover Here sixteen of the five and twenty and bring to England the Bounty, desired to be landed, fourteen of with such of the crew as he might whom, as already mentioned, were be able to secure. On his arrival in taken on board the Pandora ; of the March, 1791, at Matavai Bay, in other two, as reported by Coleman, Otaheite, four of the mutineers came (the first who surrendered himself to voluntarily on board the Pandora to Captain Edwards) one had been made surrender themselves ; and from in- a chief, killed his companion, and formation given by them, ten others was shortly afterwards murdered him(the whole number alive upon the self by the natives. island) were, in the course of a few Christian, with the remaining eight days taken; and with the exception of the mutineers, having taken on of four, who perished in the wreck of beard several of the natives of Otathe Pandora, near Endeavour Strait, leite, the greater part women, put conveyed to England for trial before to sea on the night between 21st and a court martial, which adjudged six 220 September, 1789; in the mornof them to suffer death, and acquitted ing the ship was discovered from the other four.

Point Venus, steering in a north-wesFrom the accounts given by these terly direction; and here terminate men, as well as from some documents the accounts given by the mutineers that were preserved, it appeared that who were either taken or surrendered as soon as Lieutenant Bligh had been themselves at Matavai Bay. They


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