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*.* The Names and Signatures of Correspondents are distinguished by Small Capitals
or Italic: as different Correspondents have often adopted the same signature, some an-
biguity in the references will upavoidably arise ; but this is an inconvenience necessarily
attached to anonymous communications.

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Algiers, war between Great Britain
d, poetry by, 174, 242, 296, 349, and, 498. Bombardment of, 562.
415, 551, 614, 679. Ou doctrinal Treaty with, ib.


704 Allen, Mr. on the British and Foreign
Ai Ai's animadversions on Mr. Gil School Society,

christ's Sermon, 16. Mr. Gilchrist's Alliance, the “ holy," 112, 125, 499.
reply to,

Anecdotes of its origin,

4. B. on the report of Kentucky le Almanacks, Imperial and Royal French,
gislature on the Sbakers,

review of,
4. B.C. on Hume's argument against Alphonso the Fourth's soliloquy, 296

Ambition, Spanish, 223. Mr. Howe
Abraham's sacrifice, observations on, 661 on,

A. Ci's verses to a crocus, 242. America, proclamation of a fast-day

Translation of Voltaire's impromptu in, 79. On the Shakers in, 207.

on the beauty of the heavens, ib. On the Peace Society in, 332, 347.
Acosta on the Spaniards in America, 716 Education in, 366. Public affairs
Activity a source of human happiness, of, 372, 500, 563, 628, 691. Ac-

349 count of an Unitarian church in, 685
Adam, on the fall of, 261,515, 649 Amory, Dr. anecdotes of,

Adam, Right Hon. W. his speech at Ancients and moderns,

the first meeting of the New Jury Angels, explanation of the word, in
Court, Scotland,

Rom viii. 28,
Adams, John, of Pitcairn's Island, ac Annihilation, on the doctrine of, 278,
count of,

383, 474,

Ælian controversy, statement of it, Answer to the question, What is


A. F. on Sir Isaac Newton's MSS. Anti-baptists, questions to, .

143, 220. On Dr. Bekker, 594. Archer's Sermon on Universal Bene-
Replies to, 654, 655,714. On theo volence, reviewed,

Uuitarian Baptists at York, 715 Arianism, remarks on, 75,411. Mr...
Agony of Christ, reasons for it, 342 Carpenter on,
Agriculture, a demand for books on, Articles of the Church, on subscrip-
a good symptom, 629, (note).

tion to,

Ainsworth, Henry, account of, 237 Aspland, Mrs. Hannah, obituary of, 111
Alcoran, was it created or uncreated ? 596 Aspland's Funeral Sermon for 'Mr.
Aldridge, Mr. account of,
846 Hennell, extract from,


5 C




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Aspland's Funeral Serion for Mr. Bennet, Mr. analysis of his work on

James Drover, extract from, 244 Sacrifices,
Assembly of Divines, on the 394 BENNETT, Mr. on the Rheimish ver-
Astruc, Dr. account of,

713 sion,
Athenian Mercury, account of it, 595. Benson, Dr. account of, 344. On
Curious questions in,

596 Socrates' sacrifice of a cock,
Athenian Oracle, extracts from it, 392 Bentham, Dr. account of,
Atonement, B. S.'s letter on, 260. Bethnal Green Bible Association,

Appointed in the Levitical law for Beverley, Thomas, account of,
various crimes;

. 717--721 B. F. on Southey's Poem “The Great
Auto de Fé, narrative of one, 576, 658 Victory,"

B. Gi's account of the opening of the

new Unitarian chapel at Oldham, 121

Bible. Sce Scriptuics.
B.'s narratire of an Auto de Fé in Bible Association of Betbnal Green,

Logrono, 576, 658. Obituary of and the rector,
Mrs. E. Carslake, 610. Auswer to

Bible Societies, Chalmers on,

· the question What is blasphemy? 708 Bible Society, statement of its ac-
Bacon, Lord, estimate of the philo-

sophical character pf, 501, 631 BIBLICAL CRITICISM, 402, 532,
Ball, Mr. John, account of,

346 661,
Bandon, Presbyterian Association at, 623 Biblicus, his account of Callender's
Baptism, controversy on, 249. Mr. translation of the Epist. to the
Severn on, 266. On the neces.

sity of, previous to marriage, 591. Bigotry, recent case of, in private
Marsh on,

598 life, 320. Editor on,
Baptist Chapel, York, opening of, 684,715 Biography. See HISTORY AND
Baptists, on the, 167. Review of the

“ Vindication" ot, 170. General,

Biriningham, on the riots at,
origin and history of the English, Birstal, the birth-place of Dr. Priest-
237. Annual Assembly of the

ley, visit to,
Old General, 351. Unitarian in Blackburne, Archdeacon, Mr. Bel-
York, 393, 494, 684. A. F. on

sham on,
those at York,

715 Blackburne, Rev. Francis, obituary
Bardadoes, insurrections in,

871 of,
Barebone, Praise-God, account of, 239 Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit,
Barhanı Court, prosecution for illegal queries respecting,

religious worship at, 558-562 Blasphemy, what is it? an answer to
Barrow, Dr. philosophical character the question,


695 Blenheim, Southey's ode on the battle
Basanistes' New Way of deciding Old of, 106, 155,
Controversies, reviewed,

288 Bligh, Captain, account of,
Baxter on future punisbment, 325 Blyth, Mrs. Ann, obituary of,
Becket, St. Thomas à, miracles per Bock's aocount of Crellius,

formed by,

Bradshaw, President, anecdote of, 160
Bedlam, anecdotes of,

Bragge, Mr. Robert, anecdotes of, 413
Bekker, Dr. queries respecting, 594. Brain, the, described,
Accounts of, 654, 655,

714 Brechfa, Mr. Wright's labours at, 688
Belfast Academy, on the parliament BREVis on the treatment of the insane
ary proceedings respecting,

in 1561, 385. On Dr. Priestley's
Belfast Meeting, its resolutions re-

ill-treatinent at Warwick, 592
specting the persecution of the British and Foreign Scbool Society
French Protestants, 50,

Report and Meeting,
Belsha, Rev. T. attack on in the Brombent's Sermour before the Uni-
Quarterly Review, 221. His reply

tarian Fund, review of,
to the animadversions of the Rev. Brooks, Mrs. obituary of,

Reginald Heber, 257. His Notes Brougham, Mr. his speech on the
on Paul's Epistles, 471, 628. Ac-

French Protestants,
count of an Unitarian church in Brown, Rev. Robert, account of, 236
America, in a letter to,

Brown, Sir Thomas, on future pu-
Belsham's Letter to the Unitarians of nishment,
South Wales, reviewed,

Browne, Simon, account of,
Benefit of clergy, origin and history Brownists, their history,

444 Brown's Prize Essay, extract from,
Benevolence, a source of human bap-

437–444. Review of, 536-588,


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B. T. his proposal for the abolition of Castlereagh, Lord, his speech on the
tithes, 207. On Sir G. Hill's at-

French Protestants, 364,

tack on Dr. Priestley's character, 330 Catechism, the Genera, reviewed, 235
Bunvan, John, anecdotes of,

547 Chalmers on Bible Societies, reriew of, 171
Buonaparte, on, 28, 96, 216,
280 (handler, Dr, notices of,

Burgess, Bishop, on, 272. On bis Channing, Rer. W. E. on the Ame-
controversy with l'nitarians, 541.

rican Peace Society,

Mr. Belsbain's remarks on, 663 Chapone on future punishment, 461
Burnett, John, Esq. of Dens, memoir Character, on the formation and im-
relative to,
437 provenent of,

«« But," on the use of the word, 23, 204 Charity, Cardale on,

Cbarity schools, in London,

Chauncey, Dr. his paraphrase on
Rom. v. 12, 69. His opinion of


the future state, 205,
Caermarthenshire, Mr. Wrigbt's la-
hours in,

Cheeks, the human, described, 201

Cæsar, Octarius, parallel between,

Children, Mr. Wakefield on the love
and William Pitt,

Calamy on the Assembly of Divines,

Chinese, origin of their use of tea,

Chitty's Practical Treatise on the Cri-
394, (note).
Calamy, Edmund, Esq. obituary of, 300

minal Law, extract from,

Calder, Dr. account of,

Christ. Sce Jesus Christ.

Callender's translation of the Epistle

Christian, Fletcher, account of,
to the Ephesians,

Chris:ianity, on the origin and spread
Calvin on future punishment, 324

of, 7. Its adınirable adaptation to
Calvinism, on the poctical system of,

the human mind, 29. Simpson's
158, 217, 278, 383, 508. State

Essay on the Effects of, reviewed,
of, at Geneva, 235. Remarks on,

224. Syllabus of an estimate of
261. On the philosophy of, 276

the doctrines of,

Calvinists in France,

Christian Tract Society anniversary, 245
Cambridge University, on the literary

Church-authority, Dr. Morell on, 7

Churcbinan, definition of one,
and scientific pursuits at,

Cantabrigiensis on the resurrection,

Churchmer, Mr. Carpenter's descrip-

tion of, 480. Their liberality,


Capitein, the Negro, his Latin verses

Church of England, the, secessions
on the death of his nuaster,


CAPPE, Mrs. on the adaptation of

Cicero, examples of tautology in, 657
revelation to the buman mind, 29.

Clarendon's character of the Emperor

On the ultimate perfection and
bappiness of mankind,

a go Clarke, Dr. Adam, Mr. Wright's re-
Cappe's Discourses, review of, 102

marks, on two of his Notes on
Cardale, Mr. Paul, account of, 343,


Cardiganshire, state of Unitarianism

Clayton, Mr. Jobn, account of, 419
in, 691. Mr. Wright's labours in, ib.

Clergy, a wen on the body politic,
Carpenter, Rev. Benjamin, obituary

207. Benefit of, explained, 444.

Their liberality, 511. Complaints
CARPENTER, Dr. on his plan for re-

against them in 1530,


Cobbett's Parliamentary History of
publishing important works, 33,


England, extract from,
To the reviewer of Arma-

geddon, Mr. Frend, Dr. Lloyd, &c.

Cochrane, Lord, case of,

Cogan, Dr. Air, Cappe on, 80, Mr.
34. Dr. Lloyd's reply to, on the

Gilchrist on,
Greek article, 281. His account

of a Roman Catholic's letter to

Cogan, Mr. on Hume's argument
him complaining of the Repos. 198, 320

against miracles, 644. A. B. C.

Carpenter's Sermons on Christian
Peace and Unity, review of, 476

Collins, Rev. Micbael, his curious
Carryl, Mrs. Mary, epitaph on,

dialogue with Mr. O'Driscol,

Carslake, Mrs. Elizabeth, obituary of, 616

Collyer, Dr. his report of the Schools
Carter, Mr. his protest against the

for All,


Colyton, Mr. Cornish on the Dissent-
marriage ceremony,
Carter Lane Chapel, bistory of, 671

ing interest at,



Comedy, spiritual, at Rome,
Cary, Rev. Samuel, additions to the

Complexion, on the human,

obituary of,
Cashel, Archbishop of, his refusal to

Conscience, Dr. Brown's description
consecrate a church at Caher,


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· on,

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712 Di

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CONSTANT READER, A, on building Devon and Cornwall annual meeting
Unitarian chapels,
704 of Unitarian Christians,

Controversy, on preaching subjects Digby, Sir Kenelm, on future punish-
of, 456, 584, 585,
704 ment,

Convent, singular, at Rome,

Dissent, Dr. Estlin on, -
Cooper, Mr. missionary labours of, Dissenters, Wilson's History of, re-

492 viewed, 166, 236, 290, 342, 411,
Cooper, Mr, on impressing seamen, 593 546, 670, 722. On the state of
CORDELL, Mr. on Mr. Rutt's edition

learning among, 405, 470. Mr.
of Dr. Priestley's Works, 386,

Carpenter's description of,
589. Mr. Rutt in reply to, 470 Dissenting Ministers of the West Ri.
CORNISH, Mr. his communication of ding of Yorkshire Association,

a curious letter from four ministers D. N.'s obituary of Mrs. Lewin, 109
to him, &c.

649--654 Dock-yards, anecdotes of persecution
Cornwall, Messrs. Wright and

in, 197, (note).
Cooper's mission into,

491 Dodderidge, Sir John, account of, 643
CORRESPONDENCE, 64, 128, Doddridge, Dr. his account of the Mo-

188, 308, 372, 436, 564, 628 ravian brethren, 65. On future
Coupland's Sermon before the Gene- punishment,
ral Baptists, reviewed,

106 Dodson, Mr. on impressing seamen, 593
Coventry, meeting of ministers at, 558 Dolet, Stephen, the Unitarian martyr, 716
Cowper's Poems, review of,

161 Doolittle, Thomas, account of,
Credo on the resurrection, 25, 141 Downer, Swan, Esq. obituary of,
T. P.'s remarks on,

138 Drawbridge, Mr. Natbaniel, obituary
Creed of the Jews,

Crellius, remarkable providence in Drover, Mr. James, obituary of, 184.

the life of, 633. , Anecdotes of, 639 Additions to the obituary of,
Criminal, anecdote of a Scotch, 1 42 Dudley Double Lecture,

Christophe, the Haytian chief, on Duelling, on a late instance of,

6 Dyer on the philosophy of eril, 615
Crito's syllabus of an estimate of
the doctrines of Christianity,

Cromwell's policy with regard to the

E.'s obituary of Mrs. Elizabetb Earley, 184
French Protestants,

Eames, Mr. account of,

Cruso, Timothy, account of,


Earley, Mrs. Elizabeth, obituary of, 184
C. S.'s lines to Spring,


Eastern Unitarian
Cudworth, estimate of the philosopbi-

Society yearly

cal character of,

E. C.'s account of the Irish Presbyte-
Cumberland, Bishop, philosophical

rian Association,
character of,


Edinburgh, fund for building a new
Unitarian church at, 620,


Editor on the American proclamation
Darnley, Earl of, on the British and of a fast-day, 78. On an American
Foreign School Society,

367 correspondent, 573. On the bar-
Daventry Academy, Mr. Townsend rative of an Auto de Fé, 576. Ou
on, 34. On the,

410 a free speech on reformation in
Day, Mr. on his religious opinions, 381, 1580, 697. On the answer to the
D. D.'s account of the South Wales question What is blasphemy? 708

Unitarian Society quarterly meeting, Education, report of the British and
123. Inquiry for Mr. Belsham's

Foreign School Society on, 366.
Notes on Paul's Epistles, 471, 628 of the poor, 397. Mr. Matthews
D. E. on the marriage ceremony, 22,


212 Eedes, Mr. Joseph, obituary of, 243
Denham, Mr. Richard, account of, 671 E. H. Pi's obituary of Miss S. Mog.
Deputies of the Three Denominations,

list of the committee,

125 Elba, ancient description of,
Desmond, Rev. O. persecution of, 179 Elegy written at Thorpe Hall,
Despair, lines on,

551 Eloquence, singular specimen of pulpit, 724
DETECTOR on the outcry against the Employment, a source of buman hap-
revision of popular works, 150. His

piness, 315,
reply to Mr. Norris on the serision England, public affairs of, 64, 127,
of Dr. Watts's Hymns,

185, 251, 304, 371, 600, 364,
Devil, the, described, 658, (note).


Turned orthodox preacher among Enmore, account of the school at,
the Indians,

16 Ephesians, Callender's translation of, 13

Epitaph on Mrs, Mary Carryl,

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Louis XV. his persecution of the Pro-

versal restoration, 700. On South-

267 ampton chapel, 714. His Sermon
Lubeck, expulsion of the Jews from, 369 for Dr. Powell, review of,

Latberans in France,

94 Framlingbam, Rector of, bis gene-
Estlin's General Prayer-Book, review

of, 340. Discourse on Persecution, France, on tbe persecution of the
review of, 549. Discourse in De-

Protestants in, 15, 38, 48-63,
fence of Unitarianism, review of, 544 115, 175, 228, 303, 304, 355—
ETYMOLOGUS on synonimes,

657 365, 395, 428. State of religion
Etymology, Mr. Gilchrist on,

in, at present, 24. Public affairs
Evans, Rev. David, obituary of, 350 of, 61, 126, 187, 249, 304, 371,
EVANS, Mr. J. on the field of Wa-

499, 562, 627, 691. Present cc-
terloo, 155. His tribute to the clesiastical state of, 94. Protestant
memory of Mr. Vidler, 552. His persecution in, in 1755, 267.
account of Sir John Dodderidge, Granville Sharp on the revolution
643. His Thanksgiving Sermon in, 337. Editions of the Scriptures

239 in, ib. 396. Persecution of the
Evans, Mr. w. on the Greek article, 448 Protestants of, in 1655, 395.
Evil, whether natural be the cause of

State of religion in 1801 in,
moral, 323, 474. On the nature Frankfort, meeting of deputies at, 690
of, 605. The philosophy of, 615 Franklin Manuscripts, account of


FRATERNUS, elegy by,


Free-Thinking Christians, on Mr.
F. on the Lord's supper, 85. His

· Wilson's account of them, 677
obituary of Mr. Maullin,


Frend, Mr. inquiry on his view of the
Face; the human, described,

Faith, Wesleyan doctrine of,



Fullagar's Sermons on Unitarianism,
Fall of man, on the, 515,

review of,

Fanaticism, instances of French, 301

Fuller, Rev. Andrew, memoirs of,
Fast-day, American proclamation of, 79

Fuller, Francis, account of,

Father's Reflections on the Death of

Fund anniversary, 350.
bis Child, review of,


495. A charitable, proposed in
Favell's Speech on the Christian

Unitarian congregations,
Treaty, review of


Futurity, thoughts on, 172. Dr.
Feeling, on the sense of,
Fellowship Fund, Dr. Thomson's pro- '

Chauncey on,


Felton, anccdote of,

Feyjoo's observations on missionary Gale, Theophilus, account of, 722
sermons, 636,

705 General Baptist Society annual as-
Field-preaching, on,

sembly, 351. See Baptists.
Fisher, Bishop, his speech on the Gen. xxii. criticism on,

complaints against the clergy in Geneva Catechism), reviewed,

697 George III. magnanimity of, 839.
Fisher, Miss Frances, obituary of, 350 His view of the sacrament, 595
Fleming, Dr. Caleb, account of, 674 Germany, public affairs of, 127, 187,
FLOWER, Mr. in reply to A. F. on

372, 562, 628,

Dr. Bekker, 654,

714 Gibbons's Discourses on the Protes-
Folger, Captain, his account of the tant persecution in France in 1755, 267
mutineers of the Bounty,

2 Gibbs, Mrs. Mary, obituary of, 48
Forms of Prayer, review of,

610 Gifford's “ Illucidation of the Unity
Foster, Dr. James, notices of, 674 of God,” account of, i 148
Foster, Sir Michael, on the Life of, 592 GilCHRIST, Mr. animadversions on
FOSTER, Mr, on a “ Quaker creed,"

his sermon preached at Southamp-
88. His letter to Ratcliff Monthly ton, 16. His reply to tbe animad:
Meeting, 153. On the Belfast versions, 89. Prospectus of his

205 Rational Grammar and Dictionary,
Fox, C. J. a character of, tu carly

182. Ou the Greek article, ques.

tions on national wealth and so-
Fox, John, the martyrologist, anec cial institutions, 528. On the Re-
dote of,

view of his Grammar, 588. On
Fox, Mr. Joseph, poetical tribute to etymology, 710. His Philosophic

the memory of, 295. Obituary of, Etymology, review of, 538, 588

397 Gipsies, singular account of them, 524
Fox, Rev. W. J. remarks on bis argu Glasgow, Dr. Williams's bequest to
ment from the Scripture for uni the College of,


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