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French Protestants.

Proecedings of the Committee of Ministers of the Three Denominations,

resident in and about London. In accomplishing the important ob- addressed the assembly. At Berwick jects confided to them by the General and Sheerness, Meetings have been likeBody, the Committee of Dissunting Mi. wise held; and at Edinburgh and other misters of London, have had to encounter places, thes have been summoped. unesperted opposition from varions quar. The propriety of these continued and ters, and especially from certain Journal- extended exertions, is confirined by the inists, who have attempted to jovalidate the formation which the Committee are cogstatements that have been published, and stantly receiving, and which convinces to maisrepresent the motives by which the them that the disposition to persecute is Committee have been actuated in the more general and systematic than many whole of their proceedings.

persons have supposed. With Undiminished zeal, and on. While the storin has raged with signal, daunted by the clamour of their op. but upexhausted violence in the Depart. ponents, they have, however, perse. ment of the Gard, containing 322,000 invered in the plain path of duty; and habitants, a portentous gloom has over they new record with pleasure and grati. spread the Reforined Churches in gene tude, top capport and approbation they ral; and in towns far distant from the have ri crice from a very large portion south, the sound of vengeance has been of their enlightened contremen, and par. heard, and the inost offensive treatment ticularly from those with whom they are has been experienced, by the Professors more immediately copnected, the Dis. and Mipisters of the Protestant Religion. senters of various denominations.

On the 12th of November last, on to addition to the Congregational Col. the assurance given to the pastors of the tertions which have already been con. Reformed Church, that they might retributed, the Committee have information open their Terples, which had been of many others which are in progress, to strat about five months, that they had a corsidérable amount; while public pothing to fear, and that all necessary meetings have been held and subscriptions measures were taken for their security. comienced in several of the largest cities they determined to open the smallest of and towns of the Kingdom.

their Temples; but searcely were they The eloquent, liberal, and Christian assembled, when a great multitnde of appeals, which have been addressed to men and women, armed with stones and assembled multitudes, and reported by sticks, and other weapons, began to the pres, cannot but intimidate perse. menace them, and to pour forth against cutors abroad, and excite benevolence at them the most horrible imprecations. komp: oor will they be less beneficial in The faithful assembly dispersed, and diffusing those sertiments, which the ig- even as they retired they were so overnorant ought to learn, the instructed whelmed with insults and blows, that should never forget, and all should fre many are since dead. The assassins en. "quently heat.

tered in a crowd into the sanctwary, turnAt Hall, the Rev. Messrs. Bromley ed out every thing they could find, tore and Dykes, Clergymen, and the Rev. in pieces the Bible and prayer-books,&c, Mr. Bini, and Dr. Alderson, Mr. Sykes, They went with full intention to mas. and others of the dissenting body, took sacre the pastors, who were expecting a distinguished part in the discussions of certain death, when eight officers surthe day.


rounded them with drawn sabres, to At Newcastle, the proceedings were repel the attacks of the murderers; conducted by the Rev. Messrs. Turner, they escorted them into their houses, Pringle, Meindoe, Clarke, Syme, and but not without having heard a thousand Pengilly; and also by Mr. Alderman times, these barbarons words, “ Kill, Reed, James Losb, and Joseph Clark, kill, these chiefs of Brigunds !” During

this tumult, General le Gard arrived Át Glasgow, tlie Rev. Drs. Dick and with some troops : he begau to employ Aliichell, and the Rev. Messrs. G. Ewing, his force to disperse the traitors, when R. Brodie, and J. Carment, were the a soldier of the nutional guurd fired im. principal speakers.

mediately at him. The assassin escaped, At Gosport, the Rev. James Collins, and has not yet been discovered,'*. of the Established Church, and Messrs. After tlic attack on the Royal General Minchin, B. Goodere, Cruickshaok, J. Le Garde, a Royal Proclamation was Beasley, and J. Hoskins, displayed equal issued against the assassin and his abet. - zeal and ability.

tors, and soldiers were quartered upon the At Plymouth, the Rev. Messrs. Wor. inhabitants till he should be surrendered sley and H. Mends, with Messrs. Prance, to justice. That the intentions of the head Collier, de. submitted Resoiutions, and of the Goveroinent must have been pero

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French Protestants. verted is however evident; for the assas- from Uzes, near Nismes, of the 10th of sin has not yet been arrested, and the December :--. soldiers who, by a Royal Ordonuance of “The chief persons of the Protestant the 10th inst, were removed from Nismes, families have fled from their habitations, were quartered during their stay in that which had considerably suffered. Our city, principally, if not solely, on the church is now in the most deplorable conProtestant inhabitants. The weight of dition: no public worship is celebrated. the extraordinary contributions, by the Ministers of our persnasion at Paris, who most partial and arbitary exactions, has are so near Government, forget not your been also made to fall on the Protestants, brethren of the South !-We have lost though equally protected and assessed AI. Ricourt, President of the Consistory. by the Charter promulgated by the King. The late events bave hastened his end;-he Thus out of 940 thousand francs, the con- had been obliged to desert first his house tingent of the Gard, 600 thousand were in town, and then that in the country: laid on the Protestants, 200 thousand on the latter has been pillaged.', the Jews, 140 thousand only on the Ca From Uzes, same date :tholics ; though these last form nearly B- informs us, that his son set. the two-thirds of the population of the tled at Arpaillargues, near Uzes, after departinent. The Marquis de Calvieres, basing fled, and wandered in the woods a Catholic gentleman, enjoying a landed for two months, has been arrested, and estate of 60,000 livres a year, is assessed conducted into the prison of Uzes, where at 600 livres; while M. Brosse de Pier- be still remains. A great many other don, a Protestant, whose income amounts Protestants continue in the same predica. to about 10,000 livres, has paid within ment,' this last year the sum of 15,000 livres to. The efforts of the people, and the press wards those contributions.

of this country, aided by the additional The following facts, on which full re- energy of the French Government, caused liance may be placed, will prove that in the temples at Nismes to be opened, by the order of time, up to the date of our order of the anthorities of that city, on latest accounts, the Protestants have been the 21st December; but it was necessary the victins of bigotry and persecution to the possession of tbis boon, that the

In consequence of the King's Ordon. Protestants should comply with terms nance of the 21st November, which was directly contrary to the spirit of the promulgated at Nismes on the 291h, seve- Constitutional Charter. The following ral of the murderers of the Protestants is the Notice of the Mayor, so remarkable and depredators of their property, were that it is worthy of a careful perusal. It taken into custody ; but on the 6th of acknowledges that Europe accuses the December they were all set at liberty. Catholics of great crimes, it endeavours On the 7th they spread over the neigh- to charge them on a few women and bouring country. A party of them re- childien, and it acknowledges that the paired to the house of a Monsieur Pey- worship of the Protestants is to be resumron, a rich farmer at Brossan, who, from ed, less as a consequence of the Royal ay. the beginning of the persecutions, had thority, than the result of a negociation been greatly exposed to the fury of the pacifying to the Catholics :fanatics : not finding him, they command

NOTICE ed his three sops either to give up the father, or pay a sum of 50,000 livres.

be To the Inhabitants of the City of Nismes. As the young men could not comply with

Nismes, December 19, 1815. either demnod, they were dreadfully 'The laws of the realm and the will beaten by these villains (one of them of the King, secure the exercise of the heing left for dead) and both house and Protestant worship. I tell you so,-1, farm were pillaged.

who am your Magistrate, your Mayor“On the same day, another party, of I, who have surely some claims to your the same description, went to a country confidence. The Protestant Churches house inhabited by three respectable old will be opened on Thursday next; and men, brothers. After having offered them that day will prove to the King, to every indignity that fanaticism could suge France, and to Europe, who are our acgest, they proceeded to acts of violence. cusers, that the blindness of a few women Upon these unfortunate men attempting and children is not the crime of the city to resisi, they were instantly charged with of Nismes, which has distinguished itself rebellion to the King; and, upon this on so inany occasions, and even recently, pretence, seized, and carried by these by its fidelity and devotion to the King. fanatics before the King's Attorney Ge. "Women, who are blinded by your neral; who, indignant at the mutrage, zeal, and perhaps, excited by your enerefused to commit them. They were then mies, you will not once more ruin your dragged before the Prefect, who ordered city, and gratify by your errors the enethem to prison, par mesure de suretè, mies of the royal cause. whirh was immediately executed, amid I am assured, and for that reason I Shouts of Vice le Roi !''

have a pleasure in informing you, that


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French Protestants. minated, with the Consistory of the Pro. Sunday again, the 24th of this month, testant worship. Their object is to re. there were fresh troubles at Sommieres, store, by common consent, to the worship four leagues from Nismes. I must supof the State, the churches which have pres8 details for the reasons I have been conceded to the Protestant worship. mentioned. Many persons, pillaged Two churches will be built, and that and injured at Nismes and other places, very shortly, in lieu of that concessiou. have great need of the succours which During that short interval, the Protestants you have offered in so Christian a man. may enjoy updisturbed the churches thus ner. conceded. The people of Nismes need "Blessed be God, who has put our only know the isill of the King, and ingratitude to shame by the love of our hear the voice of the Royal Authorities. respectable brethren of England. The to do their duty. . (Signed)

comfort we derive from it is as indeMarquis de VALLONGLES, Mayor.' scribable as our gratitude. I embrace The Temples which the Protestants re

with affection all our dear benefactors.' linquished, were not parochial churches,

One of the most fearful symptoms in bat conventual; and as all the property of

the more recent events, is the public Abbeys and Convents had been confiscat.

notification, in the papers of Le Gard ed at the Revolution, one of these was

and Paris, of the abjaration of the Propurchased by the Protestants twenty

testant faith, by many families in the years since, and the other was given to

south. The Journal des Debats of the them eleven years back, by the Head of

10th instant, contained the following the then existing Government. "

article, extracted from the Journal du At the very time that apparent security

Gard, published at Nismes :was given to the Protestants, they were

An interesting ceremony took place actually exposed to fresh injuries. The on the 26th ult. in the church of St. Royal troops which infested the environs Paur, at Nismes. Two Protestant of Nismes, exercised continual vexations milies, forming altogether about 20 per on the Protestants. On the 22d of Decem- sons, made a public abjuration between ber. a detachment of about fifty men the hands of the curè of the parish, broke into the house of M. Mourier, a and returned to the bosom of the Rogentleman of property at St. Blancard, mish church. Some families had allately returned from emigration, who ready given an example of this in the had just time to effect his escape. Fail-parish of St. Baudille ; and others are. ing in their main object, these brigands It is said, preparing to follow.' completely pillaged the premises, and Paris papers of the 18th inst. contain daily continue their depredations in the also additional notice on this subject. neighbourhood.

They say,' Many Protestant families At Sommieres, the Protestants have of the south embrace the Catholic reattempted to celebrute their worship on ligion.' the 24th of December, the power of On this subject we have authentie which they had been deprived of since accounts, which must demonstrate to the month of July. They met with the the most incredulous and prejudiced most barbarous treatment on that ac- the prevalence of a religious persecu. count.

tion. The persccution at Sommieres is

One letter has the following passage: mentioned by two more Correspondents.

Several families at Nismes have ab. A letter from a distinguished Pro. Jured their religion, the motive of testant of the Department of the Gard. is evident. They are families of me. dated so late as the 28th of December,

chanics arrd workmen, who are without states, that tranquillity was not esta.

bread in consequence of the persecu. blished. He says,

tions they have undergone. The ProI have seen the Letter and the Re. testant manufacturers have for the most solutions of the Nonconformist minis. part fled, and the Catholics will not em. ters, who have bad the true Christian ploy Protestant workmen ;- besides charity to interest themselves in the which, the looms and frames of the disasters of the poor unfortunate peo- latter have been destroyed, and they ple, devastated by the popular perse

are reduced to the alternative of recanteutions at Nismes and elsewhere."

ing or starving. I have received, with singular con This system of persecution has ex. solatiou, your letter. This town is attended to Bourdeaux and its neighbour, present quiet, but we cannot say that hood). Its effects have also been felt at Furions persons have returned to chari. Nantz, the President of the Consistory table and Christian" sentiments towards of that city having been sent into cxile.' the Protestants. The troops only re. The following Extract of a Letter from strain them ; but if they'should be re- Nismes, received from a most respect. moved to other places, no one would able Protestant Lady, and on which be safe from the return of disorders."' 'the utmost confidence may be placed,

da :- ha solo mi bi ve. Kengd sabria sua bar f 6.1 ,. uro


French Protestants. will further illustrate the above cited Since this paper was put to pritss, a articles :

mass of important documents hus been Vismes, January 3. transmitted in the Committre, by prirate ! One's mind is weighed down at hunds, from eye-uitnesses, and persons of · seeing the oppression and misery to unblemished reputation, not only coufirm. which the Protestants are subjected, ing the facis they hure already published,

and from which they cannot reliere but detailing enormitics which surpass i themselves. We are, however, allowed former accounts, tad such as the vineteenth

to pray to God with some tranquillity. century could unt crpect to hure witnessed ! The first time the Mayor, appointed by the Kins, expressly ordered is to ring To oppose the prevalence of the bell, I said to my husband.' This is sircir evils, to endeavour to annibilate done to turwish an article for the jour-' thenr, or at least to alleviate their ef. nals.' I was not mistaken, and it has fects; is so evidently, the duty of all gone forth to France and to foreign Christians, and especially of all Christian coustries that we are as happy as we can Alinisters, that the Dissinting Ministers

be The police, on the other hand, will Ive not reased to prosecute it since 1s not suffer what has happened at Sonntheir preparatory meeting, held on the un mieres to be spoker of. There the Secont of November last, nor can the - vilest of the mob, instigated by our per. Coimnittee but persevere, approying

secutors, attacked the assembly of the themselves the Minister of God, by faithful at the moment of their perfor- evil report and good report, by honour mance of Divine Worship. The Officers and chslonour, as deceivers, and yet of the Regiment of Maria Theresa en- tra!

leavonred to re-establish order ;-one. This determination the Committee of the fanatirs in the crowd snapped a have solemnly proclaimed to their conmusket three times at one of the officers; nections, and to the world, by the cirI but it misscd fire, and the officer's life cular leitor, and tlie Resolutions which "Was saved. The man who attempted immediatily follow,

this assassination is hown, but he has • Bot been arrested ; on the contrary, two

. Library, Red Cross Street, veaceable individuals, known to be re- Sir,

hun. 15, 1816. spectable, llave been arrested, one of the events wlich have taken place p'r whoin is acensed of having cried lire since our last communication, have i l'Emperenr, as if it were probable that rendered expedient the adoption of the ; persons capable of crying Fixe l'En annexed Resolutions; and in transmit

pereur! would derlare against the Pro- ting them to you, we avail ourselves of

testants. You will reaclily believe, the opportunity of conveying to you si that a department i whicle abomds in iuformation, which will abaudantly de. 18° assassins and robhers, will not be found , 'monstrate the litility of our past exerI wanting in false witnesses. Persons tious, and the demand which exists for I are always to be fomuck who are ready vigorous and liberal efforts on the part

to atfirm any thing, no matter salat; of all who are interested for the security : mand tirese people call themselves »Chris. of the Protestant taith. Attempts, as -1', tians, par excellence! Every thing done disgraceful as unexpected, have oca

acainst a Protestant is regarded as a casioned is additional labour and ex. propibus act by those who are in ottice pence; but happily they lave led to "1.0"The Protestants have been very un- results directly contrary to the designs

fortunate in having taken from them of our oppouents, who have stood for

* what ther had enjaved for 5 years. -- ward as the calummiators of the Dissent. *»• Twenty Protestants' wore employed in -ers, of England, and the apologists of **** the receipt of thr imposts: these have the persoontors of France.-Aletter ."* all been disinisse'l. The old and vener. from the Duke of Wellington, written **q* able Laune Praid the posts: his place in acknowledgment of a commitnication birlia's been taken from him. He demand- from the Secretaries of another Body,

od of the Mayor a certificate, that he has been publislied in the Times News. had always acted with bonour in that paper, as a document of importance,

situation, and it was refused kim. When improperly suppressed. , Wiibont en-;' the wives and children of those detain- tering at all into the policy of withituted in custody supplicate for their li- holding from the Public the entire 4berty, they are told that they must turn contents of that document, we cannot *..' Catholics! You have no idea of the, but inform you that the only part

" thousand petty vexations that are beap- which in die least contradicts our preated in every shape upon our poor bre- vious statements, was printed in parat threu, · When will our miseries be at an graphs in all the Journals, by the per. 1, end ?: God ovly knows! Our oppres, sons who received it. It stated, That

sors are supported by the fanatics, and the salaries of the Protestant Ministers by persons who live by disorder. Gen. had not been discontinued by the King." la Garde has been for some days worse." If, by this was intended, that the pay

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