Toasting, or drinking healths, ii, Tring, co. Hertford, cruelties exer-
cised at, upon supposed witches,
iii, 33.


Toasts of bits of riband, ii, 340.
Tobacco, smoked in Charles the Se-
cond's time by women as
well as men, ii, 350.
Burton's Encomium on and
Invective against, ii, 363.
King James the First's invec-
tives against, ii, 363-4.
panegyrics on, ii, 364-5.

IN ALEHOUSES, ii, 362-6.

Tobirnimbuadh, consecrated well of,

ii, 381.

Token, bent, ii, 94.

Tokens, funeral, ii, 244.

Trinity, the, how designated in toll-
ing the soul-bell, ii, 211.
College, Oxford, Christmas
Prince at, i, 498.
Sunday, first observance of, in
England, i, 284.

i, 284-6.

Eve of Thursday after Trinity
Sunday, i, 293.

Gask, co. Perth, noted well at,
ii, 373.

Trololey, or Troleray, i, 458.

Tolfrædic mode of computation, ii, TROULE-IN-MADAME, ii, 445.

[blocks in formation]

Tongue, co. Sutherland, funeral cus- Trump, ii, 449.

[blocks in formation]

Day, i, 44-5.

at weddings, ii, 157.

[blocks in formation]

Torches consecrated on Candlemas TRUNDLING THE HOOP, ii, 446.

TRUNKS, GAME OF, ii, 447.

Tuck, explanation of the term, i, 84.

and lights at funerals, ii, 276- TUCK, FRIAR, i, 257, 262.


TUMBRELL, iii, 103-4.

Tottenham, co. Midd., holy wells at, Turkeys eaten on St. Martin's Day in

ii, 369.

Town-tops, ii, 448.

Transubstantiation, ii, 322.
Trappola, ii, 450.
Tray-trip, ii, 445.

TREBUCHET, or TRIBUCH, iii, 103-4.
Tredwell's Loch, St., ii, 382.
Trees, reverence paid to, by the
Gauls, ii, 261.

Trefoil, or clover grass, an omen of
weather, iii, 247.

Paris, i, 368.

Turkish marriages, torches used at, ii,

Turks do not permit the use of bells,
ii, 213.

fond of astrology, iii, 348.

the coal; a countercharm to
the evil eye, iii, 44.
Turquoise, the, iii, 281.
Tutbury, co. Staff., bull-running at,
ii, 65.

"Trefoir, ou le tison de Noël, i, 468. Tutelar spirits, opinion of, i, 366-7.

Tribuch, iii, 103-4.

Twelfth cake, i, 22-3.

TWELFTH DAY, i, 21, 34.

custom in Staffordshire on the
eve of, i, 22.

at Pauntley, in Gloucester-
shire, i, 33.

lines on, in the " Popish King-

dome," i, 27-8.

wassailing custom on, in De-
vonshire, i, 29.

in Herefordshire, i, 30.
"Twelfth Night, or King and Queene,"
from Herrick's Hesperides, i, 26.
Twickenham, ancient custom at, on
Easter Day, i, 165.

Twisted tree, or with, anciently
fetched in before Easter, in
London, i, 120.

the practice forbidden, i, 120.
Tying the point, ii, 170.

"Ule, Ule, Ule," "cry of, i, 476.
ULRIC'S DAY, ST., i, 339.
Ululatus, ii, 269.

Unburied persons, ghosts of, wander
up and down the banks of the Styx,
iii, 68.

| Valentine's Day, choosing valentines
an early sport in England,
i, 53-4.

how observed in France, i, 55.
nothing in the legend of St.
Valentine that could have
given rise to the ceremonies
of the day, i, 56.

Gay's description of ceremonies
on, i, 57.

verses on, by Buchanan, i, 57.
in Poor Robin, i, 60.
divinations practised on, i, 58.
extract from Pepys's Diary on,
i, 58-9.

custom on, in Norfolk, i, 60.
in Oxfordshire, i, 60.
Misson's observations on, i, 59.
number of letters posted in
London on, in 1847, i,

Vanes on church steeples, origin of,
ii, 56.

Vanora, called also the British Helena,
iii, 274.

Vato, evil spirit so called, iii, 240.

Uncumber, St., oats offered to, at St. Vegetables, omens from, iii, 247.

Paul's, i, 360.

UNDER THE ROSE, ii, 345.
Under-bearers of a corpse, formerly
of a higher order, ii, 284.
"Ungirt, unblessed," proverb of, ii,

UNICORN, iii, 375.

Unreason, Abbot of, i, 504-5.

"U, P, K, spells May Goslings," i,

Upsie-Freeze, ii, 330.
Uptide Cross, i, 127.
URBAN'S DAY, ST., i, 272.

Urine, dipping the feet in, a preser-
vative against charms, iii, 286.
Urisks, a kind of fairies, ii, 514.

Vacina, or Vacuna, the goddess to
whom rustics anciently sacrificed at
the conclusion of harvest, ii, 17.
Valentine, St., i, 357-63-5.
VALENTINE'S DAY, i, 53, 62.

Veil, yellow, worn by brides, ii, 169.
Venice, St., Mark the patron saint of,
i, 365.

espousal of the Adriatic by the
doge of, i, 209.

Venisa, St., i, 357.
Vervine, offering of, for the New Year,
i, 17.

used as a charm, iii, 301.
Verulam, Lord, reflections of, on
witches, iii, 36.

VESSEL-CUP, THE, i, 454.
"Vexilla pro Rogacionibus," i, 200.
Vienna, custom of "washing the feet"
at, on Maunday Thursday, i, 143.
Vigiliæ, or festival evens, ii, 1.
Vigils, four nocturnal, in the church
of Rome, i, 54.
Vinalia, feast of, i, 401.
VINCENT'S DAY, ST., i, 38.
Vines, superstition in Minorca re-
lating to, iii, 315.

Vineyards, vulgar error relating to the Wakes, coutinuance of, desired at Exe-

planting of, iii, 380.

Vintners, custom of the, upon St.

Urban's Day, i, 272.

Violets, presages drawn from, iii,


Viper, druidical superstitions relating
to the, iii, 286.

vulgar error relating to, iii,

Virgin lady's funeral, rites of a, mi-
nutely described, ii, 306.
Virgin Mary, legend intended to
honour her memory, ii, 303.
Virgin Mary's nut, iii, 46.
Virginity, garlands used in honour of,
at funerals, ii, 302.

Virgins, St. Nicholas the protector of,
i, 419.

"Virgula divina," epigram on the,
iii, 332.

VITUS'S DAY, ST., i, 297.

Vitus's, St., dance, charm against, i,

"Vizards for a momerie," i, 465.
Vortigern and Rowena, i, 2.
VULGAR ERRORS, iii, 379-81.

Wace, Maître, metrical life of St.
Nicholas by, i, 417.
Wad-shooting, i, 519.
Waddle, meaning of, in Somerset-
shire, i, 51.

Wadds, a Scottish game, ii, 440.
Wafers used at funeral entertain-
ments, ii, 244.

Waff, explanation of, iii, 228.
Waits, i, 194.

Wake, origin and etymology of the,
ii, 1.

day, Tusser's notice of the, ii, 3.
description of a, given in the
Spectator, ii, 8.

lines entitled The, from Her-
rick's Hesperides, ii, 12.
Irish, account of the, ii, 227-8.
Wakening mallet, ii, 214.
Wakes, country, i, 276.

Stubs's description of keeping
them, temp. Eliz., ii, 5, 6. |

ter and in Somersetshire,
where they were ordered
to be suppressed in 1627
and 1631, ii, 4.

King Edgar's canon enjoining
decent behaviour at, ii, 6.
Wales, thrashing of hens in, i, 81.
custom in, on the eve of Thurs-

day after Trinity Sunday,
i, 293.

custom in, on the eve of St.

John Baptist, i, 307.
custom of making fires in, on

All Saints' Eve, i, 389.
custom of bundling in, ii, 98.
newly-married persons beg

cawsa or cheese in, ii,

marriages of, contribution in,
ii, 146-7.

watching with the dead in, ii,

consecrated yews in, ii, 262.
singing psalms in, before a
corpse, ii, 268.

funeral doles in, ii, 289.
dancing in churchyards in, ii,

custom of blessing in, ii, 303.
kneeling and saying the Lord's

Prayer on the graves of
deceased friends, ii, 307.
strewing flowers at funerals in,
and over graves in, ii, 309-

funeral customs in, ii, 309-

well of St. Tecla in, at Llan-
degla, ii, 375.

spitting at the name of the

devil in, iii, 261.

North, ceremony of heaving
retained in, i, 184.
superstition in, on St. Mark's
Day, i, 193.

superstition in on Corpus

Christi Day, i, 297.
autumnal fire in, on the 1st
November, i, 380.

Wales, North, custom in, on the Sun- | Wassailing, ceremony of, as practised

day after marriage, ii, 177.
custom in, of committing
a body to the ground, ii,

South, riding full speed at

weddings in, ii, 155.

custom of whitening houses
in, ii, 521.

Walnut tree, miraculous, at Glaston-
bury, i, 293.

having plenty of blossom, a
sign of a fruitful year of
corn, iii, 248.
Walsingham, co. Norf., wishing well
at, ii, 370.

Waltham, co. Leic., paper garlands
suspended in the church of, ii, 303.
WANDERING JEW, iii, 360.
Warblington parsonage-house, ac-
count of the appearance of an
apparition at, iii, 76-7.
Ware, great bed of, ii, 339.
Warkworth, harvest customs in the
liberty of, in the county of North-
ampton, ii, 31-2.

Warren, William, Earl of, founder of
the bull-running at Stam-
ford, ii, 64.

at court on Twelfth Night,
temp. Henry VII, i, 6.
on Twelfth Day, i, 29, 30-1.
Wassel-bread, i, 7.

candle, i, 2.

Wat, phenomenon so called, iii, 402.
Watch, London, on the vigils of St.
John Baptist and St. Peter,
i, 326-7.

a similar watch kept up on
Midsummer Eve, at Not-
tingham, till the reign of
Charles I, i, 328.

Watching on St. Mark's Eve, i, 192;
iii, 236.

on St. John's Eve, i, 331; iii,

WATCHING With the Dead, ii, 225,

Water, divinations by, iii, 330.
Water-fowls, omens of weather, iii,218.
Water-kelpy, spirit so called in Caith-
ness, ii, 513.

Wax used in the formation of gar-
lands, ii, 306.

Weasel, a bad omen to meet one, iii,

arms of the Earl of Warren, Weather, prognostications of the, on
ii, 355.
St. Paul's Day, i, 39, 40-1.
Weathercocks on steeples, ii, 56-7.
WEATHER OMENS, iii, 241-7.

Warton, Madame, represented Lady
Godiva, at Coventry show fair,
1848, i, 292.

Warts, charms for, iii, 276, 300.

cure for, in Devonshire, iii,

on New Year's Eve, i, 10.
on New Year's Day, i, 42.
on Candlemas Day, i, 51.
on Shrove Tuesday, i, 95.

Warwickshire, customs in, on Easter WEATHER'S BELL, iii, 244.

Monday, i, 181-3.

Was-haile, explanation of the term,
i, 1, 3.

Washing the feet, custom of, on
Maunday Thursday, i, 143-9.
Wassail, explanation of, by Robert de
Brunne, i, 2.

bowl on New Year's Eve, i, 4.
a gewgaw so called, i, 6.

Wassailers' songs on New Year's Eve,

i, 5.

Wechts, "To win three wechts o'
naething," i, 383.

Wedding cake, verses on the, ii, 166,

[blocks in formation]
[ocr errors]

Wedding ring, divination by fishing, Wells, praying and singing psalms at,

for, with a ladle, i, 222.
how worn, ii, 104-5.
superstitions relating to the,
ii, 105.

hieroglyphic of the, ii, 103.
Prometheus the supposed
inventor of, ii, 102.
placing of the, ii, 104.

used by the Romans at their

marriages, ii, 104.
hallowing of the, ii, 106.
Wedding sermons, ii, 138, 142, 146,

Welsh, ii, 146.

month of May avoided for, ii,
ceremonials at, among the
Jews, ii, 138.
among the Moors, as de-
scribed by Mungo Park,
ii, 152.

Weddings, ceremonials at, among the
gipsies in Calabria, ii, 157.
torches used at, ii, 157-8.
lamps and flambeaux used at,

among the Japanese, ii, 158.

music at, ii, 158-9.
sports at, ii, 160-1.
divinations at, ii, 165.
lucky omens at, ii, 167-8.

Week, days of the, homely rhymes
on, ii, 41.

Weep Irish, to, ii, 269.

Well of St. Keyne, ballad of, ii, 384.
form of benediction for a new,
ii, 373.

and Superstitions concern-
ing, ii, 366.

several in London formerly

noted, ii, 369.

ladles of iron affixed to, ii, 386.
Bourne's enumeration of, in
his Antiq. Vulgares, ii, 366.
laws and canons relating to,
ii, 372-5.

ii, 378.

leaving rags at, ii, 380-3.
Welsh main, description of the, ii, 60.
Welshman, a, formerly burnt in ef-
figy in England on St. David's
Day, i, 105.

Wembdon, co. Somerset, St. John's
well at, ii, 383.

Wenlock, custom at, in the Whitsun
week, i, 284.

Wens and tumours, how cured, iii,

Werington, co. Devon, harvest cus-
tom at, ii, 20.
Weststellum, i, 7.
Western Islands of Scotland, game
in, on New Year's Eve, as
related by Dr. Johnson,
i, 8.

Candlemas Day, custom in
the, i, 50.
harvest-home song in the,
ii, 27.

lustration in, round women
after childbearing, and
round about children be-
fore they are christened,
ii, 77.

superstition of the evil eye
in, iii, 45-6.

charms used in, iii, 274.

Westminster Abbey, coronation stone

in, iii, 294.

Hall, lawyers in, pleaded "in
harness," during Wyatt's
rebellion, iii, 385.

Westminster school, Shrove Tuesday
custom at, i, 83.

custom at, on the admission of
a new junior, i, 433.
Pædonomus of, at Christmas,
i, 440.

Westmoreland, custom in, on New
Year's Day, i, 12.

boys beg eggs in, on Easter

Eve, i, 172.

riding for the riband in, ii,


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