winning the, ii, 153.

Kalends of January, profane sport on
the, among the heathens, i, 510.
Karr, freytag, i, 113.
Kall, or child's caul, iii, 114-9.
Kelley, Edward, the philosopher, pro-
fusion of, in giving away wedding-
rings, ii, 106.

Kail, pulling of, on Hallow E'en, | Keyne, St., well of, ii, 384.
i, 380.
Kichall, god's, ii, 82.
Kidderminster, custom on the elec-
tion of a bailiff at, i, 355.
Kidlington, co. Oxford, custom at, on
the Monday after Whitsun week,
i, 283.

Kelpies, spirits so called, ii, 513.
Kelso, barbarous sports at, iii, 40.
Kemping, ii, 33.

Kempton, custom of eating figs at,
on Palm Sunday, i, 124.
Kemps shoes, iii, 168.
KENELM'S, ST., DAY, i, 342-4.

custom of "crabbing
the parson" prac-
tised at Clent on,
i, 342.

Kendal, co. Westmoreland, inscrip-
tion on the fifth bell at the church
of, ii, 160.

Kenilworth Castle, celebration of a
solemn country bridal at,
for Queen Elizabeth's
amusement, in 1575, ii,

bear-baiting at, ii, 396.
Kenethmont, co. Aberdeen, singular
fair at, iii, 470.

Kent, sport of Holly-boy and Ivy-
girl in, i, 68.

custom of pudding-pieing in,
at Easter, i, 180.

custom in, on St. James's Day,
i, 346.

custom of "Gooding," re-
tained in, i, 456.
quintain used in, at weddings,
ii, 163.

Kern baby, ii, 20.

KERN or CHURN SUPPER, ii. 16, 21.
Keston, co. Kent, custom at, in Ro-
gation week, i, 207.
Ketches, wakeful, on Christmas Eve,
i, 470.

Kettle pins, ii, 354.

Kilbar village, in the western islands

of Scotland, Michaelmas custom
at, i, 372.

Kilda, St., custom of the islanders of,

on St. Michael's Day, i, 372.
cake baked by the inhabitants
of, on All Saints' Day, i,

sacrifice to a sea-god called
Shony at, at Hallow-tide,
i, 391-2.

Kildare, Earl of, in 1527, engaged at
shovel groat, when the warrant for
his execution arrived, ii, 441.
Kilfinan, co. Argyle, superstition at,

relating to baptism, ii, 79.
Kilfinichen and Kilviceven, in Argyle-
shire, superstition at, con-
cerning burials in the
churchyard, ii, 299.
concerning touching for the
evil at, iii, 303.

Kilkenny, Ireland, breaking-up school
custom at, i, 450.
King of the Bean, i, 22-4-6.

of Misrule, i, 497.

of Cockneys, i, 536.

and queen, custom of choosing,
on Twelfth Day, i, 24.
Kingfisher, superstitions concerning
the, iii, 240.

King-game, at Kingston, co. Surrey,
i, 260.

Kings, the festival of, i, 22.
Kings of Cologne, i, 24.

charm from the, iii,
Kings and queens, feast of, i, 24.
King's evil, touching for the, iii, 302,


King's Norton, maypoles set up at, i,

Kingston, co. Surrey, ducking of a
common scold at, iii, 106.
curfew bell at, ii, 222.
extracts from the church-
wardens' accounts of, re-
lating to Easter Day, i, 163.
extracts from the chamber-
lain's and churchwardens'

Kirkmichael, co. Banff, custom at, on
the 1st of January, i, 9.
appearance of the first days of
winter, how observed at, i,


accounts of, illustrating the " Kitra, ou baiser d'amour des Grecs,"
May-games, i, 260.
ii, 141.
celebration of the kyngham at," Knack," harvest figure so called, ii,

i, 260.

a cucking-stool anciently kept Knave child, urine of a, used as a
at, iii, 103-4.
charm, iii, 285-6.
Kinnoul Hill, superstitious games
celebrated in a cave called the
Dragon Hole at, on the 1st
May, i, 226.


Kirkby Stephen, monument of
Thomas first Lord Wharton at, ii,

Kirkaldy, co. Fife, persons burnt at,
in 1633, for witchcraft, iii, 31.
Kirkcudbright, Martinmas custom at,
i, 399.

drinking custom at, ii, 344.
St. Michael's well at, ii, 376.
belief in fairies at, ii, 505.
superstition relating to witch-

craft at, iii, 65.
superstitions relating to the
moon at, iii, 147.

Kirkwall and St. Ola, co. Orkney,

Kiss, nuptial, ii, 139, 140.
Kissing, custom of, anciently, at the
beginning of dances, ii, 161-2.
KIT-CAT, GAME OF, ii, 423.
Kitch-witch, iii, 43.
KITES, superstitions relating to, iii,

superstitions at, relating to
the moon, iii, 148.
Kirriemuir, co. Forfar, a witchpool
at, iii, 31.
Kirtling, co. Cambridge, portrait of
Queen Elizabeth at, ii, 346.

Knells, nine for a man, six for a wo-
man, three for a child, ii, 211.
Knitting cup, ii, 138.


given away at Croyland Abbey
on St. Bartholomew's Day,
i, 351.

bride, ii, 131.

Knolles, Sir Robert, dole at his fune-
ral, ii, 287.

Knot, true-love, ii, 108.
divination, ii, 110.
Korrail, auld rude of, i, 325.
Koskivoμavretá, iii, 351-2.
Kraekis-blinda, ii, 398.
Kyles and Dams, ii, 407.


Kyngham," or King-game, i, 260.
Kyng play, at Whitsuntide, i, 278.
Kyrle, Mr., the Man of Ross, ii, 200.

Ladder, unlucky to walk under a, ii,

Ladies' bed-straw, plant so called, ii,66.
superstition at, as to un-Ladles of iron, custom of affixing, to
lucky days, ii, 50.
superstitions at, relating to
marriage and baptism, ii,

wells, ii, 386.

Lady of the May, i, 221.

at Whitsuntide, 1621, i, 280.
of the lamb, i, 283.
ceremony of a, taking her
chamber, ii, 66.

young, wins the broos, ii, 154.
LADY IN THE STRAW, ii, 66, 70.
BUGS, superstitions concerning
the, iii, 193.


Lady's thistle, invention of the dark | Launceston, superstition at, on Christ-
ages concerning, i, 48.
mas Eve, concerning the oxen,
i, 473.

Lætare, or Midlent Sunday, i, 116.
La-ith-mas, i, 349.

Laurel, a defensative against thunder
iii, 316-7.
Laurence's well, St., at Peterborough,
ii, 378.

LAKE-WAKE, or Liche Wake, deriva-
tion of, ii, 225.
Bourne's complaint at the
drinking at the, ii, 230.
Lamb, lady of the, i, 283.
Lamb-ale, i, 279.

Law, Societies of, performed shows at
Christmas, i, 498-9.

BODY, ii, 231-6.

Lambeth, boy-bishop at, i, 429.
LAMBKINS, omens of weather,

Lamb's-wool, i, 1, 31, 396.

iii, Leabharfein, iii, 394.

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mode of making in Ire-
land, i, 396.

Lameness, charm for, iii, 285.
LAMMAS DAY, i, 347-8.

etymology of the name, i,
Lanark, old custom at, on the Satur-
day before Palm Sunday,
i, 121.

riding the marches at, i, 208.
Lancashire, custom of lifting retained
in, i, 182.

soul-mass cakes in, i, 392.
death-bed superstitions in, ii,


Landsmark, or Langemark Day,i, 208.
Lansquenet, ii, 450.
Lantern fly, Indian, iii, 405.
Lapland witches, iii, 4, 5.

Lapwing, of unlucky omen, iii, 216.
Largess, ii, 17.

Lastres, co. Hereford, singular tenure
at, i, 369.

Late-wake, ii, 225.

Latimer, Bishop, his description of
Robin Hood's Day, i, 258.
Laud, Archbishop, the first who framed
a canon for bowing toward
the communion table, ii,

receives an omen from the fall
of his picture, iii, 234.
Launceston, co. Cornwall, gathering
of fern seed at, on Midsum-
mer Eve, i, 315.

LEAP-CANDLE, game of, ii, 424.
Leaping over fires, a vestige of the
ordeal, i, 301-2.

over Midsummer bon-fires, i,

Leaves flying in the wind, a sign of
tempest, iii, 248.

Leek, worn by the court on St. David's
Day, in honour of the ancient
Britons, i, 103.

Welsh custom of wearing, on St.
David's Day, i, 104-5.
custom of wearing, among the
Welsh, amusing account of its
origin, i, 108.

Lee-penny, or lee-stone, iii, 327.
Leet ale, i, 279.
Leicestershire, Mothering Sunday ob-
served in, i, 112.
wakes kept in, ii, 12.

riding for the bride-cake in,
ii, 155.

custom of putting a plate of

salt on corpses, retained in,
ii, 235.


Lengten-tide, the Saxon name for
doles at funerals in, ii, 288.
Lent, origin of, i, 95.
Spring, i, 95.

"To keep a true Lent," from
Herrick's Hesperides, i, 99.
Sundays of, enumerated, i, 116.
custom at Lisbon, on the Sunday
and Monday preceding, to play
the fool, i, 139.
Lenten crosse, i, 127.
Lenton Stuff, ballad of, i, 101.

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Leodagar, St., i, 365; iii, 310.
Leonard, St., i, 363-5; iii, 310.
Letters, number of, posted in London
on Valentine's Day, 1847, i, 61.
at the candles, iii, 181.
LEVEL COIL, ii, 425-6.
sice, ii, 426.

Lewis, Isle of, custom at, on the 1st
of May, i, 226.

custom at, at Hallowtide, i, 391.
Liber Festivalis, account of Easter
Sunday from the, i, 161.
Liberius, St., i, 364.

Lictors act as mourners among the
Romans, ii, 283.

LITTLE JOHN, one of the characters
of the morris dance, i, 266.
first mentioned by Fordun
the Scottish historian, i,

Lituus of the ancient Romans, iii,

Livery, meaning of the word, i, 248.
Lizard, iii, 381.


Lightning superstitions, iii, 245-6.
Lights, Christmas called the feast of,
i, 471.

Llanasaph, N. Wales, custom preva-
lent at, on Corpus Christi Day, i,


Liesse, Abbé de, i, 504.


Llandegla, spring at, visited by sick
persons, ii, 375.
Llanvetherine, co. Monmouth, singu-
lar funeral custom at, ii, 283.

Lion, antipathy of, to the cock, ii, 56.
Lisbon, ceremonies at, on the 1st of
April, i, 139.

St. Vincent the patron saint
of, i, 365.

Litanies, or Rogations, give name to
Rogation-week, i, 202.
Litany cloths, i, 200.
Little Colan, ceremony at, at our
Lady Nants well, i, 130.

LOADUM, GAME OF, ii, 426.
Loaf-stealing, i, 465.

Lochcarron, co. Ross, rain supersti-
tions at, iii, 245.

used on all festive occasions,
i, 471.

Loch nan Spoiradan, ii, 377.
Lochsiant well, in Skye, ii, 384.
LOGGATS, ii, 426.

at funerals, ii, 276-9.
Limousin, St. Martial the patron saint Logierait, co. Perth, Beltan custom
of, i, 365.

at, i, 225.

Lincoln, superstition at, on New
Year's Day, i, 15.

- fool's fair at, ii, 469.

superstitions at, ii, 49.

superstition at, relating to
baptism, ii, 79.

Lincolnshire, customs at Croyland,
in, i, 351.

- yule block burnt in, i, 468.
morris drama performed in, Lombard merchants, arms of the, ii,
i, 506.
Lincoln's Inn Fields, burning of Guy Lombards, belief of the, in witch-
Fawkes in, i, 397.
craft, iii, 13.
Linnæus, anecdote of, relating to the
divining wand, iii, 333.

custom at, immediately before
the marriage ceremony, ii,

London, Easter holiday amusement
at, as described by Fitz-
stephen, i, 177.

May-day customs at, i, 215-18,


enumeration of certain laws
and customs of, i, 221.
mode of celebrating May Day

in, i, 231.

-watch in, on the vigils of St.
Peter and St. John Baptist,
i, 307, 326.

London, Midsummer Eve watch in, | Lustration of children newly baptized,
temp. Hen. VIII, i, 327. ii, 77-8, 80; iii, 259-60.
roods taken down in the Lydgate, John, poetical devices of,
churches of, i, 353.
i, 54.
curfew bell at, ii, 222.

Lying for the whetstone, iii, 389-93.
archery among the early pas- Lying-in woman, charm or charect
times of, ii, 392.

for a, ii, 67.

Lyke-wake dirge, ii, 275.

stone, accounts of, iii, 294.
Long-how, disuse of the, ii, 392.
Long bullets, game of, ii, 406.
Longforgan, co. Perth, harvest cus-
tom at, ii, 25.

Looking-glass omens, iii, 169-70.
Looks, divination by the, iii, 355.
Lord of harvest, ii, 18.

LORD OF MISRULE, i, 497-505.

account of the, from
Stubbs's Anatomie of
Abuses, i, 501.

Lothian, riding the stang in, ii, 189.
LOVE CHARMS, iii, 306-7.
practised on the Conti-

nent in Advent, i, 54.
on Midsummer Eve, i,
314-15, 330-31.

Loving cup, i, 4.
LOW SUNDAY, i, 271-2.
Loy, St., i, 361, 364.
Loy's well, St., ii, 369.

Lubrican, a spirit so called, iii, 58.
Lucian, St., i, 364.

Ludi Compitalii of the Romans, i,
302, 511-14.

"Ludus Corporis Christi," or Ludus

Conventriæ, Sir Wm. Dugdale's
mention of a MS. so entitled, i,

Ludlow, custom of rope-pulling at,
on Shrove Tuesday, i, 92.
Luggies, three, or dishes, charm with,
i, 210, 384.

Luke's Day, St., love divinations on,
i, 375.

Lunar superstitions, noticed from
Hudibras, iii, 150.
from Naogeorgus, iii, 151.

Mab, Queen, Shakespeare's portrait
of, ii, 496-7.
description of, from Poole's
English Parnassus, ii, 497.

Macbeth, spot upon which the inter-
view of, with the weird sisters took
place, iii, 32.
Macclesfield, occasional wedding cus-
tom at, ii, 156.

MACE MONDAY, i, 347.
Macham, a game at cards, ii, 227.
Macke, ii, 450.
Mackerel, Macquereau, meaning of,
i, 139.
Macquerela, i, 90.

Madern well, in Cornwall, ii, 369.
Madness cured in the river Fillan,
ii, 381.

singular methods of curing,
iii, 295.

Magdalen College, Oxford, ancient
custom at, at Hoc-tide,
i, 187.
performance of music on
the tower of, on May
1st, i, 213, 232.
sermon from a stone pulpit
at, formerly, on St. John
Baptist's Day, i, 335.
Magi, Eastern, Twelfth-day customs
in honour of the, i, 21.
MAGICIAN, or SORCERER, iii, 55-67.
mirrors used by the, iii, 60.
MAGPIE, superstitions concerning the,
iii, 214-15.

Magot-pie, the original name

of the, iii, 215.

Maid, lines upon a, who died the
day she was married, ii, 157.

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